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Rick Astley (1995) The Very Best Of Rick Astley
Rick Astley (2000) Singles & Remixes
Rick Astley (2002) Keep It Turned On
Rick Astley (2004) Platinum & Gold Collection
Rick Astley (2005) Portrait
Rick Wakeman & Mario Fasciano (1999) Stella Bianka
Rick Wakeman (1973) The Six Wives Of Henry VIII
Rick Wakeman (1974) Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
Rick Wakeman (1975) Lisztomania
Rick Wakeman (1975) The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur
Rick Wakeman (1976) No Earthly Connection
Rick Wakeman (1976) White Rock
Rick Wakeman (1977) Rick Wakeman's Criminal Record
Rick Wakeman (1979) Rhapsodies
Rick Wakeman (1981) 1984
Rick Wakeman (1985) Live At Hammersmith [live]
Rick Wakeman (1987) The Family Album
Rick Wakeman (1988) Time Machine
Rick Wakeman (1989) Sea Airs
Rick Wakeman (1990) Night Airs
Rick Wakeman (1991) 2000 A.D. Into The Future
Rick Wakeman (1991) Aspirant Sunrise
Rick Wakeman (1991) Aspirant Sunset
Rick Wakeman (1991) Aspirant Sunshadows
Rick Wakeman (1991) Rock N' Roll Prophet Plus
Rick Wakeman (1991) Silent Nights
Rick Wakeman (1991) The Classical Connection 1
Rick Wakeman (1992) Country Airs
Rick Wakeman (1992) The Classical Connection 2
Rick Wakeman (1993) African Bach
Rick Wakeman (1993) Heritage Suite
Rick Wakeman (1993) Wakeman With Wakeman
Rick Wakeman (1995) Softsword) King John And The Magna Charter
Rick Wright (1996) Broken China
Ricky Maltese (1987) Mama
Ricky Martin (1991) Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin (1993) Me Amaras
Ricky Martin (1995) A Medio Vivir
Ricky Martin (1998) Vuelve
Ricky Martin (1999) Livin La Vida Loca [single]
Ricky Martin (1999) Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin (1999) She's All I Ever Had [single]
Ricky Martin (2000) Sound Loaded
Ricky Martin (2001) La Historia
Ricky Martin (2003) Almas Del Silencio
Ricky Martin (2005) Life
Right Said Fred (1991) Don't Talk Just Kiss [single]
Right Said Fred (1992) Up
Right Said Fred (1993) Sex And Travel
Right Said Fred (2001) Fredhead
Right Said Fred (2002) Living On A Dream [single]
Right Said Fred (2002) Stand Up
Righteous Boy (2002) I Sing Because of You
Rihanna (2005) Music of the Sun
Rihanna (2006) A Girl Like Me
Rihanna (2006) SOS [single]
Rihanna (2006) SOS-Remix [single]
Rimini Project (2001) Dance balance
Rimini Project (2002) Heartbeats
Ring Of Fire (2001) The Oracle
Ring Of Fire (2002) Burning Live In Tokyo CD1 [live]
Ring Of Fire (2002) Burning Live In Tokyo CD2 [live]
Ring Of Fire (2003) Dreamtower
Ringo Starr (1970) Beaucoups of Blues
Ringo Starr (1992) Time Takes Time
Ringo Starr (1998) Vertical Man
Ringo Starr (2003) Ringorama
Ringtailed Snorter (1992) Revealing Obstacles
Ringtailed Snorter (1993) Sexual Child Abuse
Rippingtons ft Russ Freemen (1999) Topaz
Ritchie Blackmore (1998) Take It Sessions 1965-1968
Riva (2001) Stringer [single]
RJD2 (2002) Deadringer
RJD2 (2003) Rjd2 is god
RJD2 (2004) Since we last spoke
RMB (1995) This World Is Yours
RMB (1998) Widescreen
RMB (2002) Mission Horizon 2.0
RMB (2003) A Tribute To RMB
RMB feat Talla 2XLC (2003) Spring [single]
Rob Dougan (2003) Clubbed To Death [remixes]
Rob Dougan (2003) Furious Angel
Rob F & Impulse (2002) Live At Proper 04-02-2002
Rob F & Impulse (xxxx) [unknown album]
Rob F & Impulse (xxxx) Live In The Lab
Rob Tognoni Band (1995) Stones And Colours
Rob Zombie (1998) Hellbilly Deluxe
Rob Zombie (1999) American Made Music To Strip By
Rob Zombie (2001) The Sinister Urge
Rob Zombie (2003) House Of 1000 Corpses
Rob Zombie (2003) Past, Present & Future [compilation]
Rob Zombie (2006) Educated Horses
Robben Ford (1972) Discovering The Blues
Robben Ford (1976) Antology - The Early Years (1972-1976)
Robben Ford (1976) Shizophonic
Robben Ford (1979) The Inside Story
Robben Ford (1988) Talk To Your Daughter
Robben Ford (1989) Minor Elegance
Robben Ford (1992) Robben Ford And The Blue Line
Robben Ford (1997) Tiger Walk
Robben Ford (1999) Supernatural
Robbie Williams (1997) Life Thru A Lens
Robbie Williams (1998) Angels [single]
Robbie Williams (1998) I've Been Expecting You
Robbie Williams (1998) Let Me Entertain You I [single]
Robbie Williams (1998) Let Me Entertain You II [single]
Robbie Williams (1999) She's The One - It's Only Us [single]
Robbie Williams (1999) Strong [single]
Robbie Williams (2000) Kids (single with Kylie Minoque)
Robbie Williams (2000) Sing When You're Winning
Robbie Williams (2002) Escapology
Robbie Williams (2003) Live At Knebworth [live]
Robbie Williams (2004) Radio [single]
Robbie Williams (2005) Intensive Care
Robert Cray (1985) False Accusations
Robert Cray (1986) Bad Influence
Robert Cray (1986) Strong Persuader
Robert Cray (1988) Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
Robert Cray (1990) Midnight Stroll
Robert Cray (1995) Some Rainy Morning
Robert Cray (1997) Sweet Potatoe Pie
Robert Cray (2003) Time Will Tell
Robert Cray (2005) Twenty
Robert Fripp & League of Crafty Guitarists (1985) God Save the King
Robert Fripp & League of Crafty Guitarists (1991) Intergalactic Boogie Express - Live in Europe
Robert Fripp & League of Crafty Guitarists (1991) Show Of Hands
Robert Fripp (1994) 1999 (Soundscapes - Live)
Robert Fripp (1994) The Bridge Between
Robert Fripp (1995) A Blessing Of Tears - 1995 Soundscapes - Volume Two - Live in California
Robert Fripp (1997) November Suite - Soundscapes Live at Green Park Station 1996
Robert Fripp (1997) The Gates of Paradise
Robert Miles (1996) Children
Robert Miles (1996) Dreamland
Robert Miles (1996) Fable
Robert Miles (1996) One & One (feat. Maria Nayler) [single]
Robert Miles (1997) 23 A.M.
Robert Miles (1997) Freedom (feat. Kathy Sledge) [single]
Robert Miles (1997) In The Mix
Robert Miles (1997) Renaissance. Worldwide CD 1
Robert Miles (1997) Renaissance. Worldwide CD 2
Robert Miles (1998) Children
Robert Miles (1998) Worldwide
Robert Miles (2001) One And One [single]
Robert Miles (2001) Organik
Robert Miles (2001) Organik Remixes
Robert Miles (2004) Miles Gurtu [Robert Miles & Trilok Gurtu]
Robert Palmer (1976) Some People Can Do What They Like
Robert Palmer (1995) The Very Best Of
Robert Palmer (1998) Woke Up Laughing
Robert Palmer (2003) Drive
Robert Plant (1982) Pictures At Eleven
Robert Plant (1983) The Principle Of Moments
Robert Plant (1985) Shaken'n Stirred
Robert Plant (1988) Now And Zen
Robert Plant (1990) Manic Nirvana
Robert Plant (1993) Fate Of Nations
Robert Plant (1993) I Believe [single]
Robert Plant (1993) In The Mood CD1
Robert Plant (1993) In The Mood CD2
Robert Plant (2002) Dreamland
Robert Plant (2003) Sixty Six to Timbuktu [compilation]
Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation (2005) Mighty Rearranger
Robert Rich (1983) Trances
Robert Rich (1987) Inner Landscapes (only tracks #1,8)
Robert Rich (1989) Rainforest
Robert Rich (1990) Strata [with Steve Roach]
Robert Rich (1991) Gaudi
Robert Rich (1993) Numena
Robert Rich (1994) Geometry
Robert Rich (1995) Stalker [with Lustmord]
Robert Rich (1995) Yearning [with Lisa Moscow]
Robert Rich (1996) A Troubled Resting Place
Robert Rich (1997) Fissures [with Alio Die]
Robert Rich (1998) Below Zero
Robert Rich (1998) Seven Veils
Robert Rich (2000) Sunyata
Robert Rich (2001) Bestiary [compilation]
Robert Schroeder (1979) Harmonic Ascendant
Robert Schroeder (1980) Floating Music
Robert Schroeder (1983) Paradise
Robert Schroeder (1984) Computer Voice
Robert Schroeder (1985) Brain Voyager
Robert Schroeder (1986) Time Waves
Robert Schroeder (1988) Driftin'
Robert Schroeder (1990) Pegasus
Robert Wyatt & Brian Eno (1997) Shleep
Robert Wyatt (1970) The End Of An Ear
Roberta Flack (1993) With These Songs
Robie Rivera (2001) Robie Rivera Set
Robin Cook (1997) Land Of The Sunshine
Robin Gibb (1982) How Old Are You
Robin Gibb (1984) Secret Agent
Robin Gibb (1985) Walls Have Eyes
Robin Gibb (2003) Magnet
Robin S (1993) Show Me Love
Robin Trower (1974) Bridge Of Sighs
Robin Trower (1976) Robin Trower Live!
Robin Trower (1994) 20Th Century Blues
Robin Trower (2004) Living Out Of Time
Rob'n'Raz (1992) Clubhopping
Rob'n'Raz (1993) Spectrum
Rob'n'Raz (1996) Circus
Rob'n'Raz feat Leila K (1990) Rok The Nations [single]
Rob'n'Raz feat Leila K (1990) The Album
Rockets (1976) Rockets
Rockets (1977) Sound Of The Future
Rockets (1978) On The Road Again
Rockets (1979) Plasteroid
Rockets (1980) Galaxy
Rockets (1981) Pi 3,14
Rockets (1982) Atomic
Rockets (1984) Imperseption
Rockets (1986) One Way
Rockets (1992) Another Future
Rockets (1996) Astral World
Rockets (2003) Dont Stop
Rocky M (1986) Disco Lady
Rocky M (1986) Fly With Me To Wonderland [single]
Rod Stewart (1969) The Rod Stewart Album
Rod Stewart (1970) Gazoline Alley
Rod Stewart (1971) Every Picture Tells A Story
Rod Stewart (1972) Never A Dull Moment
Rod Stewart (1974) Smiler
Rod Stewart (1975) Atlantic Crossing
Rod Stewart (1976) A Night On The Town
Rod Stewart (1977) Foot Loose & Fancy Free
Rod Stewart (1978) Blondes Have More Fun
Rod Stewart (1980) Foolish Behaviour
Rod Stewart (1981) Tonight I'm Yours
Rod Stewart (1983) Body Wishes
Rod Stewart (1984) Camouflage
Rod Stewart (1986) Every Beat Of My Heart
Rod Stewart (1988) Out Of Order
Rod Stewart (1991) Vagabond Heart
Rod Stewart (1992) You Wear It Well [compilation]
Rod Stewart (1993) Rod Stewart Lead Vocalist [compilation]
Rod Stewart (1993) Unplugged And Seated
Rod Stewart (1995) A Spanner In The Works
Rod Stewart (1996) If We Fall In Love Tonight [compilation]
Rod Stewart (1998) When We Were The New Boys
Rod Stewart (2001) Human
Rod Stewart (2002) It Had To Be You … The Great American Songbook
Rod Stewart (2003) As Time Goes By -The Great American Songbook 2
Rod Stewart (2004) Stardust) The Great American Songbook 3
Rod Stewart (2005) Thanks For The Memory) The Great American Songbook 4
Rofo (1988) Rofo's Theme [single]
Rofo (1988) Tonight Is The Night
Rofo (1990) Rofo's Theme 2 [single]
Rofo (xxxx) I Want You [single]
Roger Eno & Peter Hammill (1999) The Appointed Hour
Roger Glover (2002) Snapshot
Roger Hodgson (1984) In The Eye Of The Storm
Roger Meno (1986) What My Heart Wanna Say [single]
Roger Meno (1987) Loving All The Time [single]
Roger Meno (1988) I Find The Way
Roger Meno (2001) The Singles Collection
Roger Sanchez (2001) First Contact
Roger Sanchez (2002) Live At Dance Valley
Roger Sanchez (2002) Live Dance Department [live]
Roger Taylor (1981) Fun In Space
Roger Taylor (1984) Strange Frontier
Roger Taylor (1994) Happiness
Roger Taylor (1998) Electric Fire
Roger Waters (1984) The Pros & Cons Of Hitch Hiking
Roger Waters (1987) Radio K.A.O.S.
Roger Waters (1992) Amused To Death
Roger Waters (2000) In The Flesh [live] CD1
Roger Waters (2000) In The Flesh [live] CD2
Roger Waters (2002) Flickering Flame
Roger Waters (2005) Ca Ira CD1
Roger Waters (2005) Ca Ira CD2
Rogue Traders (2005) Here Come The Drums
Roland Grapow (1997) I Remember [single]
Roland Grapow (1997) The Four Seasons Of Life
Roland Grapow (1999) Kaleidoscope
Roland Orzabal (2000) Tomcats screaming outside
Roll Deep (2005) In At The Deep End
Rollergirl (1999) Now I'm Singing
Rollergirl (2001) Superstar
Rolling Stones (1964) 12x5
Rolling Stones (1964) Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones (1965) December's Children
Rolling Stones (1965) Out Of Our Heads
Rolling Stones (1965) The Rolling Stones Now!
Rolling Stones (1965) The Rolling Stones №2
Rolling Stones (1966) Aftermath
Rolling Stones (1966) Got Live If You Want It
Rolling Stones (1967) Between The Buttons
Rolling Stones (1967) Flowers
Rolling Stones (1967) Their Satanic Majesties Request
Rolling Stones (1968) Beggars Benquet
Rolling Stones (1968) Rock & Roll Circus
Rolling Stones (1969) Let It Bleed
Rolling Stones (1970) Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!
Rolling Stones (1971) Singles Collection (1968-1971)
Rolling Stones (1971) Sticky Fingers
Rolling Stones (1972) Exile On Main Street
Rolling Stones (1972) Jamming With Edward
Rolling Stones (1972) Welcome to New York
Rolling Stones (1973) Goats Head Soup
Rolling Stones (1974) It's Only Rock'n'roll
Rolling Stones (1976) Black And Blue
Rolling Stones (1977) Love You Live
Rolling Stones (1978) Some Girls
Rolling Stones (1980) Emotional Rescue
Rolling Stones (1981) Tattoo You
Rolling Stones (1982) Still Life - part 1
Rolling Stones (1982) Still Life - part 2
Rolling Stones (1983) Undercover
Rolling Stones (1986) Dirty Work
Rolling Stones (1989) Steel Wheels
Rolling Stones (1991) Flashpoint
Rolling Stones (1993) Jump back - The Best Of 1971-1993
Rolling Stones (1994) Voodoo Lounge
Rolling Stones (1995) Like A Rolling Stone
Rolling Stones (1995) Stripped
Rolling Stones (1997) Bridges To Babylon
Rolling Stones (1998) No Security
Rolling Stones (2001) Uncut Magazine - Gimme Shelter [A Tribute To Rolling Stones]
Rolling Stones (2002) Forty Licks CD1
Rolling Stones (2002) Forty Licks CD2
Rolling Stones (2005) A Bigger Bang
Rolling Stones (2005) Flashpoint Live
Rolling Stones (2005) Rarities 1971-2003
Rolling Stones (2005) Streets Of Love [single]
Rollins Band (1988) Do It [live]
Rollins Band (1988) Life Time [edition '99]
Rollins Band (1989) Hard Volume [edition '99]
Rollins Band (1992) The End Of Silence
Rollins Band (1994) Weight
Rollins Band (1997) Come In And Burn
Rollins Band (2000) Get Some) Go Again
Rollins Band (2001) Nice
Romanthony (2001) Never Fuck [single]
Romazz feat Ken Laszlo (2003) Tonight [single]
Ron Boots (1987) Dream Weaver
Ron Boots (1987) New Dream
Ron Boots (1989) Bookworks
Ron Boots (1991) Ghost Of A Mist
Ron Boots (1993) Different Stories And Twisted Tales
Ron Boots (1994) Backgrounds
Ron Boots (1994) Detachment Of Worldly Affairs
Ron Boots (1995) Cutting Branches
Ron Boots (1996) Out There Lies The Truth
Ron Boots (1996) Screaming Whispers
Ron Boots (1996) The Truth Is Twisted
Ron Boots (1997) Current
Ron Boots (1998) Offshore Islands [with John Kerr]
Ron Boots (1998) Tainted Bare Skin
Ron Boots (1999) By Popular Demand [with Eric Van Der Heijden & Friends]
Ron Boots (1999) Phase 3 [with Ian Boddy & Harold Van Der Heijden]
Ron Boots (2000) Moments
Ron Boots (2000) Odd & Ends
Ron Boots (2000) Wind In The Trees
Ron Boots (2002) Liquid Structures In Solid Form
Ron Boots (2002) Livelines [with Aerts & Van Der Heijden]
Ronan Hardiman (1996) Michael Flatley's Lord Of The Dance
Ronan Hardiman (1998) Michael Flatley's Feet Of Flames
Ronan Hardiman (1999) Solas
Ronan Hardiman (2000) Anthem
Ronan Keating (2000) Ronan
Ronan Keating (2002) Destination
Ronan Keating (2003) Turn It On
Ronan Keating (2004) 10 Years Of Hits
Rondo Veneziano (1980) Rondo Veneziano
Rondo Veneziano (1981) La SerenissimaVenice in Peril
Rondo Veneziano (1982) Casanova
Rondo Veneziano (1982) Scaramucce
Rondo Veneziano (1984) Concerto Futurissimo
Rondo Veneziano (1984) Odissea Veneziana
Rondo Veneziano (1985) Masquerade
Rondo Veneziano (1985) Venezia 2000
Rondo Veneziano (1986) Fantasia Veneziana
Rondo Veneziano (1987) Arabesque
Rondo Veneziano (1987) Misteriosa Venezia
Rondo Veneziano (1988) Poezia Di Venezia
Rondo Veneziano (1989) Visioni Di Venezia
Rondo Veneziano (1991) Concerto Per Mozart
Rondo Veneziano (1991) Concerto Per Vivaldi
Rondo Veneziano (1991) Magica Melodia
Rondo Veneziano (1992) Stagioni Di Venezia
Rondo Veneziano (1993) Concerto Per Beethoven
Rondo Veneziano (1993) Musica … Fantasia
Rondo Veneziano (1994) Il Mago Di Venezia
Rondo Veneziano (1995) Weihnachten Mit Rondo Veneziano
Rondo Veneziano (1996) Interlude
Rondo Veneziano (1997) In Concerto
Rondo Veneziano (1998) Fantasia d'Inverno -Fantasien zur Winterzeit-
Rondo Veneziano (1998) Zodiaco (Sternzeichen)
Rondo Veneziano (1999) Attimi Di Magia
Rondo Veneziano (1999) Marco Polo
Rondo Veneziano (1999) Preludio All'amore
Rondo Veneziano (2000) La Storia Del Classico [UK-Import]
Rondo Veneziano (2000) Very Best of
Rondo Veneziano (2001) Papagena
Rondo Veneziano (2002) La Piazza
Roni Griffith (1982) Desire
Roni Griffith (1982) The Best
Roni Size (2000) In The Mode
Roni Size (2005) Return To V
Room 5 (2003) Music & You
Room 5 feat Oliver Cheatham (2003) Make Luv [single]
Rooster (2005) Rooster
Rory Gallagher (1972) Live In Europe
Rory Gallagher (1973) Tattoo
Rory Gallagher (1974) Irish Tour'74
Rory Gallagher (1976) Calling Card
Rory Gallagher (1979) Top Priority
Rory Gallagher (1999) BBC Sessions CD1
Rory Gallagher (1999) BBC Sessions CD2
Rosa (2002) Rosa
Rosana (1996) Lunas Rotas
Rose (1984) Magic Carrilon [single]
Rose (1988) Fairy Tale
Rose (1988) Memories
Rosemary Clooney & Duke Ellington (1956) Blue Rose
Roses Are Red (2006) What Became Of Me
Rosetta (2005) The Galilean Satellites CD1
Rosetta (2005) The Galilean Satellites CD2
Rossomahaar (xxxx) Imperium Tenebrarum
Rotation (1993) Pomp It Up [single]
Rotation (xxxx) Let The Music Play [single]
Roth & Mirrors (1990) Ritual of Rememberance for a Forgotten Ear
Rotterdam Termination Source (1992) Poing (Remixes) [single]
Rotting Christ (1996) Triarchy of the Lost Lovers
Rotting Christ (2000) Khronos 666
Rouge (1987) Einer von Uns (Body) [single]
Rouge Rouge (2003) Ce Soir Apres Diner
Rowan Blades (2001) Kiss 100 - "Ex-Breeder" Rowan Blades
Roxanne (1988) 12 Inch Collection
Roxette (1987) Pearls Of Passion
Roxette (1988) Look Sharp!
Roxette (1991) Joyride
Roxette (1992) Tourism
Roxette (1994) Crash! Boom! Bang!
Roxette (1995) Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus
Roxette (1997) Ballads En Espanol
Roxette (1999) Anyone [single]
Roxette (1999) Have A Nice Day
Roxette (1999) Stars [single]
Roxette (1999) Stars remix [single]
Roxette (2001) Room Service
Roxette (2004) Roxette In The Mix [megamix]
Roxxy (1995) I'll Never Stop [single]
Roxxy (1997) I'll Never Stop
Roxxy (xxxx) We Can Touch The Sky [single]
Roxy Music (1980) Flesh + Blood
Roxy Music (1986) Street Life
Roy Orbison (1989) Mystery Girl
Roy Orbison (2003) The Very Best of Roy Orbison
Roy Tavare (1996) Arrebatame
Royal Gigolos (2004) Music Deluxe
Royal Hunt (1992) Land Of Broken Hearts
Royal Hunt (1993) Clown In The Mirror
Royal Hunt (1993) The Maxi Single [single]
Royal Hunt (1995) Moving Target
Royal Hunt (1996) Live CD1 [live]
Royal Hunt (1996) Live CD2 [live]
Royal Hunt (1997) Paradox
Royal Hunt (1999) Fear
Royal Hunt (2000) Intervention [single]
Royal Hunt (2001) The Mission
Royal Hunt (2005) Paper Blood
Royal Philarmonic Orchestra (1989) The Music Of Pink Floyd
Royal Philarmonic Orchestra (1996) Plays Queen Collection
Royal Philarmonic Orchestra (xxxx) Classic Music 1
Royal Philarmonic Orchestra (xxxx) Classic Music 2
Royal Philarmonic Orchestra (xxxx) Classic Music 3
Royal Philarmonic Orchestra (xxxx) Classic Music 4
Rozalla (1991) Faith [single]
Rozalla (1992) Everybody's Free
Rozalla (1992) Everybody's Free (Extended Album)
Rozalla (1993) Don't Play With Me [single]
Rozalla (1993) Everybody's Free [single]
Rozalla (xxxx) You Never Love The Same Way Twice [single]
Rozlyne Clarke (1990) Gorgeous
Rozlyne Clarke (1993) Eddy Steady Go [single]
Rozlyne Clarke (1995) Take My Hand [single]
R-Tem (2006) Voiceless Гимн Казантипа
Ruben Blades (2000) La Musica Latina (Grandes Mitos del Siglo XX) EL PAIS Vol. 3
Rudy La Scala (2001) Grandes Exitos
Rue Du Soleil (2003) Dreaming of
Ruff Engine (2000) Promo Mix (09-09-2000)
Rui Da Silva (2001) Touch Me [single]
Run 4 Fun (xxxx) Endless Summer Nite
Run DMC (1986) Raising Hell
Run DMC (1998) Greatest Hits 1983-1998
Run DMC (2001) Crown Royal
Run DMC (2003) Ultimate Run DMC
Run DMC (2005) King of Rock
Run DMC (2005) Tougher Than Leather
Runaways (1977) Live In Japan
Running Man (1972) Running Man
Running Wild (1984) Gates To Purgatory
Running Wild (1985) Branded And Exiled
Running Wild (1987) Under Jolly Riger
Running Wild (1988) Port Royal
Running Wild (1988) Ready For Boarding
Running Wild (1989) Death Or Glory
Running Wild (1991) Blazon Stone
Running Wild (1991) The First Years Of Piracy
Running Wild (1994) Black Hand Inn
Running Wild (1994) Pile Of Sculls [remastering]
Running Wild (1995) Masquarade [remastering]
Running Wild (1998) The Rivalry
Running Wild (2000) Singles Collection
Running Wild (2000) Victory
Running Wild (2002) The Brotherhood
Running Wild (2005) Rogues En Vogue
Rush (1974) Rush
Rush (1975) Caress Of Steel
Rush (1975) Fly By Night
Rush (1976) 2112
Rush (1976) All The World's A Stage
Rush (1977) A Farewell To Kings
Rush (1978) Hemispheres
Rush (1980) Permanent Waves
Rush (1981) Exit… Stage Left
Rush (1981) Moving Pictures
Rush (1982) Signals
Rush (1984) Grace Under Pressure
Rush (1985) Power Windows
Rush (1987) Hold You Fire
Rush (1989) A Show Of Hands
Rush (1989) Presto
Rush (1991) Roll The Bones
Rush (1993) Counterparts
Rush (1996) Test For Echo
Rush (1996) Working Man (A tribute to Rush)
Rush (1998) Different Stages - Live CD1 [live]
Rush (1998) Different Stages - Live CD2 [live]
Rush (1998) Different Stages - Live CD3 [live]
Rush (2002) Vapor Trails
Rush (2004) Feedback
Russ Ballard (1985) The Fire Still Burns
Russ Ballard (1993) Voices - The Best Songs From Russ Ballard
Rustavi Choir (1999) Georgian Voices (Ethnic Music Of Georgia)
Ruts (1979) The Crack
Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban (2003) Mambo Sinuendo
Ry Cooder & UM Bhatt (1993) A Meeting By The River
Ry Cooder (1970) Ry Cooder
Ry Cooder (1972) Into the Purple Valley
Ry Cooder (1985) Paris, Texas
Ry Cooder (1986) Crossroads [soundtrack]
Ry Cooder (1987) Get Rhythm
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals (2005) Cold Roses CD1
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals (2005) Cold Roses CD2
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals (2005) Jacksonville City Nights
Ryan Adams (2000) Heartbreaker
Ryan Adams (2003) Rock'n'Roll
Ryan Adams (2003) Suicide Handbook
Ryan Adams (2005) 29
Ryan Paris (1985) Paris On My Mind
Rygar (2001) The Album
Ryo The Skywalker (2001) Futari Oneman II [single]
Rythm Motion Picture (2003) Superpulse
Ryuichi Sakamoto (1983) Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
Ryuichi Sakamoto (1984) Tibetan Dance
Ryuichi Sakamoto (1985) Esperanto
Ryuichi Sakamoto (1987) The Last Emperor (with David Byrne)
Ryuichi Sakamoto (1990) Beauty
Ryuichi Sakamoto (1990) The Shetering Sky
Ryuichi Sakamoto (1991) Neo Geo
Ryuichi Sakamoto (1996) 1996
Ryuichi Sakamoto (1997) Discord
Ryuichi Sakamoto (1999) Moto.Tronic
RZA (1998) RZA As Bobby Digital In Stereo
RZA (1999) The RZA Hits
RZA (2000) Ghost Dog - The Way Of The Samurai [soundtrack]
RZA (2001) Digital Bullet
RZA (2003) Birth of Prince
RZA (2004) The Formula for The Cure
S Club 7 (1999) S Club 7
S Club 7 (2002) Sunshine
S Club 8 (2003) Sundown
S Punk (2005) Coincidence
Saafi Brothers (2000) Midnight Children
Saafi Brothers (2003) Liquid Beach
Sabres Of Paradise (1993) Sabresonic
Sabres Of Paradise (1994) Haunted Dancehall
Sabres Of Paradise (1994) Septic Cuts
Sabres Of Paradise (1994) Wilmot [single]
Sabres Of Paradise (1995) Sabresonic II
Sabres Of Paradise (1995) Versus
Sabrina (1988) Doctor's Orders
Sabrina (1988) Doctor's Orders
Sabrina (1988) Super Sabrina
Sabrina (1991) Over The Pop
Sabrina (1993) Boys
Sabrina (1993) Boys
Sabrina (1994) Rockawillie [single]
Sabrina (1995) Angel Boy [single]
Sabrina (1999) A Flowers Broken
Sabrina (2000) The Best Of
Sabrina (2000) The Best Of
Sabrina (2003) Boys - The Dance Remixes [single]
Sacred Spirit (1994) Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans
Sacred Spirit (1998) Culture Clash
Sacred Spirit (1998) Spirit Nation
Sacred Spirit (1999) Sacred Buddha
Sacred Spirit (2000) More Chants And Dances Of Native Americans
Sacred Spirit (2003) Classical Spirit
Sade (1984) Diamond Life
Sade (1985) Promise
Sade (1988) Stronger That Pride
Sade (1992) Love Deluxe
Sade (2000) Lovers Rock
Sade (2001) The Best of Sade
Safi Connection (2006) The Remixes
Safri Duo (2001) Episode II
Safri Duo (2001) Presents
Safri Duo (2002) Sunrise (Best Songs)
Safri Duo (2002) The Remix Edition CD1
Safri Duo (2002) The Remix Edition CD2
Safri Duo (2003) 3.0
Safri Duo (2004) 3.5 CD1
Safri Duo (2004) 3.5 CD2 [remixes]
Safri Duo (2005) Labamba (Remix 2005) [single]
Safri Duo feat Harem (2003) Time Of Rhythm
Saft (2001) Repris
SAHB (Sensational Alex Harvey Band) (1972) Framed
SAHB (Sensational Alex Harvey Band) (1973) Next
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Scooter (2002) Push The Beat For This Jam (The Singles) CD2
Scooter (2003) Jigga Jigga [single]
Scooter (2003) The Stadium Techno Experience
Scooter (2004) Mind The Gap CD1
Scooter (2004) Mind The Gap CD2
Scooter (2005) One Hour Trance Party Mix (by DJ Henriko)
Scooter (2005) Suavemente [single]
Scooter (2005) Who's Got The Last Laugh Now
Scooter (2006) Excess All Areas
Scorn (1992) Deliverance
Scorn (1992) Lick Forever Dog [single]
Scorn (1992) Vae Solis
Scorn (1993) Colossus
Scorn (1993) White Irises Blind [single]
Scorn (1994) Evanescence
Scorn (1995) Ellipsis [remixes]
Scorn (1995) Gyral
Scorn (1996) Logghi Barogghi
Scorn (1997) Aurora Remixes [remixes]
Scorn (1997) Whine
Scorn (1997) Zander
Scorn (1999) Anamnesis) Rarities 1994-1997
Scorn (2000) Greetings From Birmingham
Scorn (2000) Imaginaria Award
Scorn (2002) Governor
Scorn (2002) Plan B
Scorpions (1972) Lonesome Crow
Scorpions (1974) Fly To The Rainbow
Scorpions (1975) In Trance
Scorpions (1976) Virgin Killer
Scorpions (1977) Lovedrive
Scorpions (1977) Taken By Force
Scorpions (1978) Animal Magnetism
Scorpions (1979) Blackout
Scorpions (1984) Love At First Sting
Scorpions (1985) World Wide Live [live]
Scorpions (1988) Savage Amusement
Scorpions (1990) Crazy World
Scorpions (1993) Face The Heat
Scorpions (1995) Live Bites [live]
Scorpions (1996) Pure Instinct
Scorpions (1997) Best Ballads
Scorpions (1999) Eye II Eye
Scorpions (2000) Moment Of Glory (Scorpions und Die Berlin Philarmoniker)
Scorpions (2002) Acoustica
Scorpions (2004) Unbreakable
Scotch (1983) Penguin`s Invasion [single]
Scotch (1985) Deliro Mind-Man In The Man [single]
Scotch (1985) Evolution
Scotch (1985) Evolution
Scotch (1985) Loving Is Easy [single]
Scotch (1986) Mirage [single]
Scotch (1987) Money Runner [single]
Scotch (1987) Pictures [single]
Scotch (1987) Pictures of Old Days
Scotch (1987) Pictures Of Old Days
Scotch (1995) Best Of Scotch
Scotch (1995) The Best Of Disco Band
Scotch (1999) The Singles Remixed
Scotch (2003) Disco Band 2003 [single]
Scotch vs Disco DJ (2003) Disco Band '2003 [single]
Scott Henry (xxxx) [unknown album]
Scott Stapp (2005) The Great Divide
Scott Weiland (1998) 12 Bar Blues
Scotty feat Savage (2003) Don't Cry Tonight [single]
Scream Silence (1999) To Die For
Scream Silence (2001) The 2nd
Scream Silence (2003) … Seven Tears
Scream Silence (2004) Elegy
Scritti Politti (1982) Songs To Remember
Scritti Politti (1985) Cupid & Psyche
Sculpture (1999) Sculpture
Sea Of Sin (1995) Watch Out
Sea Of Sin (1997) Illuminate EP
Sea Of Sin (2000) Urban Chemistry
Seabound (2001) No Sleep Demon
Seal (1991) Seal
Seal (1992) At The Point (Live)
Seal (1994) Seal II
Seal (1996) Killer Hits
Seal (1998) Human Being
Seal (2003) Acoustic Album
Seal (2003) Loves Divine [single]
Seal (2003) Seal IV
Seal (2004) Best 1991-2004 CD1
Seal (2004) Best 1991-2004 CD2
Sean Paul (2000) Stage One
Sean Paul (2002) Dutty Rock
Sean Paul (2003) Chronicles
Sean Paul (2005) The Trinity
Sean Treacy Band (2004) Drop In The Ocean
Seb Fontaine (2001) Prototype 01 CD1
Seb Fontaine (2001) Prototype 01 CD2
Seb Fontaine (2001) Prototype 02 CD1
Seb Fontaine (2001) Prototype 02 CD2
Seb Fontaine (2001) Prototype 03 CD1
Seb Fontaine (2001) Prototype 03 CD2
Seb Fontaine (2001) Prototype 04 CD1
Seb Fontaine (2001) Prototype 04 CD2
Second Decay (1994) Taste
Second Disease (1996) Flame The Dark True
Second Disease (2000) Dogma
Second Disease (2001) Am I God (The Dogma Remixes)
Second Nature (Atom Heart, Tetsu Inoue, Bill Laswell) (1996) Second Nature
Secret Garden (1995) Songs From A Secret Garden
Secret Garden (1997) White Stones
Secret Garden (1999) Down Of A New Century
Secret Garden (2000) Relax
Secret Garden (2001) Dreamcatcher
Secret Garden (2002) Once In A Red Moon
Secret Garden (2004) Earthsongs
Secret Service (1979) Oh Susie
Secret Service (1981) Ye Si Ca
Secret Service (1982) Cutting Corners
Secret Service (1984) Jupiter Sign
Secret Service (1985) When The Night Closes In
Secret Service (1986) Hit Singles Collection
Secret Service (1987) Aux Deux Magots
Secret Service (1988) Spotlight
Secret Service (2000) Dance Hits And Remixes
Secret Star (1986) I Need Man
Secret Star (1986) Jump In My Car [single]
Secret Teknology (2000) Hydrogen
Security (1994) I Can Make You Dance [single]
Seduction (1989) Nothing Matters Without Love
Seelenkrank (1996) Silent Pleasures
Seether (2005) Karma and Effect
Seether (2006) One Cold Night
Selena (1989) Timebomb
Senser (1994) Stacked Up
Sentenced (1991) Shadows Of The Past
Sentenced (1993) North From Here
Sentenced (1993) The Trooper [single]
Sentenced (1995) Amok
Sentenced (1995) Love & Death
Sentenced (1996) Down
Sentenced (1997) Greatest Kills (Story - A Recollection)
Sentenced (1998) Frozen
Sentenced (1999) Killing Me Killing You [single]
Sentenced (2000) Crimson
Sentenced (2002) Live Tracks [live]
Sentenced (2002) The Cold White Light
Sentenced (2005) The Funeral Album
Septic Flesh (1994) Mystic Places Of Down
Septic Flesh (1995) Esoptron
Septic Flesh (1997) Ophidian Wheel
Septic Flesh (1998) A Fallen Temple
Septic Flesh (1999) Revolution Dna
Sepultura (1985) Morbid Visions - Bestial Devastation
Sepultura (1987) Schizophrenia
Sepultura (1989) Beneath The Remains
Sepultura (1991) Arise
Sepultura (1993) Chaos A.D.
Sepultura (1996) Roots
Sepultura (1997) Blood Rooted
Sepultura (1997) The Roots Of Sepultura
Sepultura (1998) Against
Sepultura (2001) Nation
Sepultura (2002) Other
Sepultura (2003) Roorback
Sepultura (2005) Live In Sao Paulo
Sequental One (1995) Dance
Sequental One (1997) Energy
Serge Gainsbourg (1970) Cannabis [soundtrack]
Serge Gainsbourg (1989) Vol 1 - Le poinзonneur des Lilas 1958-1960
Serge Gainsbourg (1989) Vol 2 - La Javanaise 1961-1963
Serge Gainsbourg (1989) Vol 3 - Couleur Cafe 1963-1964
Serge Gainsbourg (1989) Vol 4 - Initial B.B. 1967-1968
Serge Gainsbourg (1989) Vol 5 - Je t'aime moi non plus 1969-1971
Serge Gainsbourg (1989) Vol 6 - Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M'en Vais 1972-1973
Serge Gainsbourg (1989) Vol 7 - L'Homme a la tete de chou 1975-1981
Serge Gainsbourg (1989) Vol 8 - Aux armes et caetera 1979-1981
Serge Gainsbourg (1989) Vol 9 - Anna 1967-1980
Serge Reggiani (1998) Boris Vian
Serge Reggiani (1999) Serge Reggiani
Sergio Serano (2003) El Divino - Ibiza 2oo3 CD2
Sertab Erener (2001) Turuncu
Sertab Erener (2003) Everyway That I Can [single]
Sertab Erener (2003) Sakin Ol!
Sertab Erener (2004) No Boundaries
Servant (2003) Servant
Seven Mary Three (1995) American Standard
Seven Mary Three (1997) Rock Crown
Seven Mary Three (1998) Orange Ave
Seven Mary Three (2004) Dis-Location
Sevendust (1999) Home
Sevendust (2001) Animosity
Sevendust (2003) Seasons (Explicit)
Sevendust (2005) Next
SEX Appeal (1996) Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi [single]
SEX Appeal (1997) Life Goes Up - Life Goes Down [single]
SEX Appeal (1998) Dirty Talk [single]
SEX Appeal (1998) Sex Is A Thrill With The Pill [single]
SEX Appeal (2000) Peeping Tom
Sex Pistols (1977) Never Mind The Bollocks
Sex Pistols (1977) Some Product
Sex Pistols (1979) Great Rock'n'roll Swindle CD1
Sex Pistols (1979) Great Rock'n'roll Swindle CD2
Sex Pistols (1980) Flogging A Dead Horse
Sex Pistols (1992) Kiss This CD1
Sex Pistols (1992) Kiss This CD2
Sex Pistols (1996) Filthy Lucre Live [live]
Sex Pistols (2005) Submission CD1
Sex Pistols (2005) Submission CD2
Sezen Aksu (1999) Gulumse
SF Blues Guitar Summit (1993) Volume III
SFDK (2005) 2005
Shaaman (2005) Reason
Shades Of Grey (1997) The Longest Day
Shades Of Grey (2001) All I Have To Give
Shadow King (1991) Shadow King
Shadows (1961) Shadows
Shadows (1963) The Shadows' Greatest Hits
Shadows (2000) Moonlight Shadows
Shadows (2004) Life Story CD1
Shadows (2004) Life Story CD2
Shadows (2005) The Final Collection CD2
Shaggy (1999) Boombastic [single]
Shaggy (2000) Hot Shot
Shaggy (2002) Lucky Day
Shaggy (2005) Clothes Drop
Shah (1994) P.S.I.H.O.
Shahin & Sepehr (1991) E
Shakatak (1982) Invitations
Shakatak (1983) Out Of This World
Shakatak (1986) Into The Blue
Shakatak (1987) Golden Wings
Shakatak (1988) Da Makani
Shakatak (1989) Niteflite
Shakatak (1990) Fiesta
Shakatak (1991) Utopia
Shakatura (2001) Shakatura
Shakedown (2001) Marley Remixed
Shakespear's Sister (1989) Sacred Heart
Shakespear's Sister (1992) Hormonally Yours
Shakespear's Sister (2000) Best Of
Shakila (xxxx) [unknown]
Shakira (1997) The Remixes [remixes]
Shakira (2000) Donde Estan Los La Drones
Shakira (2000) MTV Unplugged [live]
Shakira (2001) Pies Descalzos
Shakira (2002) Grandes Exitos
Shakira (2002) Laundry Service
Shakira (2003) Servicio De Lavanderia
Shakira (2004) Live And Off The Record [live]
Shakira (2005) Fijacion Oral
Shakira (2005) Oral Fixation Vol 2
Shakta (2004) Feed the Flame CD1 [BFLCD71]
Shakta (2004) Feed the Flame CD2 [BFLCD71]
Shakta (xxxx) Out Of Sight
Sham 69 (1980) The Game
Sham 69 (1987) Live and Loud
Sham 69 (1993) Kings & Queens
Sham 69 (1998) If The Kids Are United (7 inch) [single]
Sham 69 (xxxx) Rare & Unreleased
Sham 69 (xxxx) The Punk Singles Collection
Shamall (1986) Collector's Items
Shaman (2002) Ritual
Shamanic Tribes On Acid (1997) 303 To Infinity
Shamansky beat (xxxx) Нет иллюзий
Shamen (1987) Drop
Shamen (1989) Omega Amigo [single]
Shamen (1989) Phorward
Shamen (1990) En-Tact
Shamen (1990) Make It Mine Remix [single]
Shamen (1990) Pro-gen [single]
Shamen (1991) Hyperreal [single]
Shamen (1991) Strange Day Dreams
Shamen (1992) Boss Drum
Shamen (1992) Ebeneezer Goode [single]
Shamen (1992) LSI [single]
Shamen (1993) Different Drum
Shamen (1993) S.O.S. (Comin' On) [single]
Shamen (1993) Show Of Strength [single]
Shamen (1995) Arbor Bona Arbor Mala
Shamen (1995) Axis Mutatis
Shamen (1995) Heal (The Separation) [single]
Shamen (1995) Transamazonia (Deep Dish Remixes) [single]
Shamen (1995) Transamazonia [single]
Shamen (1996) Hempton Manor
Shamen (1997) Collection
Shamen (1998) Remix Collection - Stars on 25
Shamen (1998) UV
Shamen (1999) Phorward
Shamen (2002) Hystericool (The Best Of The Alternate)
Shangri-Las (2002) Myrmidons Of Melodrama
Shania Twain (1993) Shania Twain
Shania Twain (1995) The Woman In Me
Shania Twain (1999) Don't Be Stupid [single]
Shania Twain (1999) Party For Two [single]
Shania Twain (1999) That Don't Imress Me Much [single]
Shania Twain (2000) Come On Over
Shania Twain (2001) The Complete Limelight Sessions
Shania Twain (2002) Up
Shania Twain (2002) Up! Blue CD
Shania Twain (2002) Up! Red CD
Shania Twain (2005) Don't [single]
Shannon Brown (2005) corn fed
Shazam (1994) No Guarantee [single]
Sheek Louch (2005) After Taxes
Sheila Chandra (1994) The Zen Kiss
Shelby Lynne (2005) Suit Yourself
Sheree (1988) Ronnie Talk To Russia [single]
Sheryl Crow (1993) Leaving Las Vegas [single]
Sheryl Crow (1993) Run, Baby, Run [single]
Sheryl Crow (1993) Tuesday Night Music Club
Sheryl Crow (1994) All I Wanna Do [single]
Sheryl Crow (1994) Strong Enough [single]
Sheryl Crow (1995) Can't Cry Anymore [single]
Sheryl Crow (1995) What I Can Do For You [single]
Sheryl Crow (1996) Everyday Is A Winding Road [single]
Sheryl Crow (1996) If It Makes You Happy [single]
Sheryl Crow (1996) Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow (1997) A Change [single]
Sheryl Crow (1997) Hard To Make A Stand [single]
Sheryl Crow (1997) Home [single]
Sheryl Crow (1997) Tomorrow Never Dies [single]
Sheryl Crow (1998) My Favorite Mistake [single]
Sheryl Crow (1998) The Globe Sessions
Sheryl Crow (1998) There Goes To Neighborhood [single]
Sheryl Crow (1998) Tomorrow Never Dies) 17 Great Hits
Sheryl Crow (1999) Anything But Down [single]
Sheryl Crow (1999) Live From Central Park [live]
Sheryl Crow (1999) Sweet Child O'Mine [single]
Sheryl Crow (2002) C'Mon, C'Mon
Sheryl Crow (2003) Very Best of Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow (2004) Cmon America 2003 Live
Sheryl Crow (2005) Wildflower
Shirley Bassey (1997) The Shirley Bassey Collection
Shirley Bassey (2000) POP Collection
Shirley Bassey (2000) The Remix Album ... Diamonds Are Forever
Shiva (xxxx) Shiva's Dance [Shiva feat Magdalena]
Shiva Space Japan (2004) AI (Love) Part 1
Shivaree (1999) I Oughtta Give You a Shot In The Head
Shivaree (2002) Rough Dreams
Shivaree (2005) Who's Got Trouble
Shocking Blue (1969) At home
Shocking Blue (1970) Scorpio's Dance
Shocking Blue (1971) 3rd album
Shocking Blue (1972) 1971-1972 Singles
Shocking Blue (1972) Attila
Shocking Blue (1972) Inkpot
Shocking Blue (1973) Dream On Dreamer
Shocking Blue (1974) Good Times
Shocking Blue (1991) 20 Greatest Hits
Shocking Blue (1994) The Best of Shocking Blue
Shocmachine (1998) Shocmachine
Shotgun Messiah (1989) Shotgun Messiah
Shpongle (2000) Are You Shpongled?
Shpongle (2000) Divine Moments Of Truth [remixes]
Shpongle (2001) Tales Of The Inexpressible
Shpongle (2003) The Remixes [remixes]
Shpongle (2005) Nothing Lasts
Shriekback (1992) Sacred City
Shu-De (1999) Voices From The Distant Steppe (Ethnic Music Of Japan)
Shura (1996) I Love You
Shura (1998) Shura 2
Shura (2002) Благодарю Второе Дыхание
Shy Rose (1990) I Cry For You
Shy Rose (1994) You Are My Desire
Sick Symphonies (2005) Sick Symphoniez) Sickside Stories
Sid Vicious (1979) Sid Visious
Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltof (2002) Out Here. In There
Siechtum (2000) Geselschaft-Mord
Siechtum (2001) Kreuz-X-Feuer
Sigue Sigue Sputnik (1987) Flaunt It
Sigue Sigue Sputnik (1988) Dress for Excess
Sigue Sigue Sputnik (1998) The Ultimate 12' Collection
Sigue Sigue Sputnik (2000) Sci-Fi Sex Stars
Sigue Sigue Sputnik (2001) 21 Century Boys - Singles
Sigue Sigue Sputnik (2001) Piratespace
Sigue Sigue Sputnik (2002) Blak Elvis vs. the Kings of Electronic Rock and Roll
Sigue Sigue Sputnik (2002) House of Cleopatra
Sigue Sigue Sputnik (2003) Grooving with Mr. Pervert [single]
Sigue Sigue Sputnik (2003) Ultra Real
Sigur Ros (1998) Von Brigрi Recycle Bin
Sigur Ros (2002)
Sigur Ros (2006) Saeglopur [single]
Silence (1993) A`Painting Entitled Atlantic
Silent Circle (1986) No. 1
Silent Circle (1993) Best Of Volume II
Silent Circle (1995) Back
Silent Circle (1997) Back II
Silent Circle (1998) Best Of Volume III
Silent Circle (1998) Stories About Love
Silent Circle (1999) The Maxi Singles Collection CD1
Silent Circle (1999) The Maxi Singles Collection CD2
Silent Circle (1999) The Maxi Singles Collection CD3
Silent Voices (1997) Suspicious Words [EP]
Silicon Dream (1988) Andromeda [single]
Silicon Dream (1988) Time Machine
Silicon Dream (1989) Wunderbar [single]
Silicon Dream (1990) I'm Your Doctor [single]
Silicon Dream (1990) Ludwig Fun
Silicon Dream (1991) Wanna Make Love [single]
Silicon Dream (1995) Greatest Hits 1987-1995
Silicon Dream (1995) Marcello The Mastroianni [single]
Silicon Dream (2000) Silicon Dream Project
Silicon Dream (xxxx) Special Maxi Remixes 45 RPM CD1
Silicon Dream (xxxx) Special Maxi Remixes 45 RPM CD2
Silicone Soule (2001) Right On! Right On! [single]
Silly Wizard (1988) The Best
Silver Convention (1995) Get Up And Boogie - The Hits
Silver Pozzoli (1984) Around My Dream
Silver Sun (2005) Disappear Here
Silverchair (1995) Frogstomp
Silverchair (2002) Diorama
Silverchair (2003) Live From Faraway Stables) Act 1 CD1
Silverchair (2003) Live From Faraway Stables) Act 1 CD2
Silvia Coleman (1994) All Around The World [single]
Silvia Coleman (xxxx) Feeling Now The Music [single]
Simon & Garfunkel (1964) Wednesday Morning 3 A.M.
Simon & Garfunkel (1966) Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme
Simon & Garfunkel (1966) Sounds Of Silence
Simon & Garfunkel (1968) Bookends
Simon & Garfunkel (1970) Bridge Over Troubled Water
Simon & Garfunkel (1982) The Concert In Central Park (July 1981)
Simon & Garfunkel (1999) Tales from New York CD1
Simon & Garfunkel (1999) Tales from New York CD2
Simon Foy (xxxx) Insie Out
Simon Webbe (2005) Sanctuary
Simple Minds (1979) Life In A Day
Simple Minds (1979) Real To Real Cacophony
Simple Minds (1980) Empires And Dance
Simple Minds (1981) Song & Fascination) Sister Feelings Call
Simple Minds (1982) Celebration
Simple Minds (1982) New Gold Dream (81, 82, 83, 84)
Simple Minds (1984) Sparkle In The Rain
Simple Minds (1985) Once Upon A Time
Simple Minds (1987) In The City Of Light (live) CD1 [live]
Simple Minds (1987) In The City Of Light (live) CD2 [live]
Simple Minds (1989) Street Fighting Years
Simple Minds (1991) Real Life
Simple Minds (1992) Glittering Prize 81-92
Simple Minds (1995) Good News From The Next World
Simple Minds (1997) The Promised
Simple Minds (1998) Neapolis
Simple Minds (2001) Neon Lights
Simple Minds (2002) Best of Simple Minds
Simple Minds (2002) Cry
Simple Minds (2003) Cry 2003 - Trance Mix [single]
Simple Minds (2004) Silver Box [UK] CD1
Simple Minds (2004) Silver Box [UK] CD2
Simple Minds (2004) Silver Box [UK] CD3
Simple Minds (2004) Silver Box [UK] CD4
Simple Minds (2004) Silver Box [UK] CD5
Simple Minds (2005) Black & White
Simply Red (1985) Picture Book
Simply Red (1987) Men And Woman
Simply Red (1989) A New Flame
Simply Red (1991) Stars
Simply Red (1995) Life
Simply Red (1998) Blue
Simply Red (1999) Love And The Russian Winter
Simply Red (2003) Home
Simply Red (2005) Cuba
Simply Red (2005) Live in Sopot
Simply Red (2005) Simplified
Sin With Sebastian (1995) Golden Boy
Sin With Sebastian (1995) Golden Boy [single]
Sin With Sebastian (1995) Shut Up (And Sleep With Me) [single]
Sina (xxxx) Wisdom Love
Sin-Club (xxxx) (I Wish You A Lot Of) Luck [single]
SinDrom (2005) Это То, Что Мы Делаем
Sinead O'Connor (1987) The Lion And The Cobra
Sinead O'Connor (1989) I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
Sinead O'Connor (1992) I Am Not Your Girl
Sinead O'Connor (1994) Fire On Babylon [single]
Sinead O'Connor (1994) Thank You For Hearing Me [single]
Sinead O'Connor (1994) Universal Mother
Sinead O'Connor (1997) Gospel Oak (EP)
Sinead O'Connor (1997) So Far… The Best Of
Sinead O'Connor (2000) Faith And Courage
Sinead O'Connor (2000) Ghostland
Sinead O'Connor (2002) Sean-Nos Nua
Sinead O'Connor (2003) She Who Dwells In The Secret Place Of... CD1
Sinead O'Connor (2003) She Who Dwells In The Secret Place Of... CD2
Sinead O'Connor (2005) Throw Down Your Arms CD2 Dub Versions
Sing System (1985) Burning Down
Sinitta (1987) The Hit-Album
Sinitta (1987) Toy Boy
Sinitta (1989) Wicked
Sinitta (1990) Sinitta Special
Sinner (1984) Danger Zone
Sinner (1985) Touch Of Sin
Sinner (1986) Comin' Out Fighting
Sinner (1987) Dangerous Charm
Sinner (1992) No More Alibis
Sinner (1993) Respect
Sinner (1994) Germany Rocks) The Best Of
Sinner (1995) Bottom Line
Sinner (1996) In The Line Of Fire
Sinner (1997) Judgement Day
Sinner (1998) The Nature Of Evil
Sinner (1999) The Second Decade
Sinner (2000) The End Of Sanctuary
Sins Of Thy Beloved (1997) All Alone
Sins Of Thy Beloved (1997) Demo
Sins Of Thy Beloved (1998) Lake Of Sorrow
Sins Of Thy Beloved (2000) Perpetual Desolation
Siouxsie & The Banshees (1978) The Scream
Siouxsie & The Banshees (1979) Join Hands
Siouxsie & The Banshees (1980) Kaleidoscope
Siouxsie & The Banshees (1981) Juju
Siouxsie & The Banshees (1981) Once Upon a Time - The Singles
Siouxsie & The Banshees (1982) A Kiss in the Dreamhouse
Siouxsie & The Banshees (1983) Nocturne
Siouxsie & The Banshees (1984) Hyaena
Siouxsie & The Banshees (1986) Through the Looking Glass
Siouxsie & The Banshees (1986) Tinderbox
Siouxsie & The Banshees (1988) Peep Show
Siouxsie & The Banshees (1991) Superstition
Siouxsie & The Banshees (1992) Twice Upon A Time - The Singles
Siouxsie & The Banshees (1995) The Rapture
Sir Mix-A-Lot (1988) Seminar
Sir Mix-A-Lot (1988) Swass
Sir Mix-A-Lot (1992) Mack Daddy
Sir Mix-A-Lot (1994) Cheif Boot Knocka
Sirius & Irina feat Sangit Om (1998) Floating
Sirius (xxxx) This Is My Life [single]
Sisqo (2001) Return Of Dragon
Sissel (2000) All Good Things
Sissel (2003) My Heart
Sistema Rosso (1994) Crazy Feet [single]
Sistema Rosso (1994) Higher And Higher [single]
Sister Bliss (2001) Headliners CD1
Sister Bliss (2001) Headliners CD2
Sister Bliss (2002) Live At Dance Valley
Sister Machine Gun (1994) The Torture Technique
Sister Machine Gun (1997) Metropolis
Sister Machine Gun (1999) ®Evolution
Sister Machine Gun (1999) Bonus [compilation]
Sister Sledge (1995) Live - Greatest Hits
Sisters Of Mercy (1985) First And Last And Always
Sisters Of Mercy (1986) Gift (As The Sisterhood)
Sisters Of Mercy (1987) Floodland
Sisters Of Mercy (1990) Germany 1990 (Live in Heidelberg Nov. 22)
Sisters Of Mercy (1990) Vision Thing
Sisters Of Mercy (1992) Some Girls Wander By Mistake
Sisters Of Mercy (1992) Temple Of Love '92 [single]
Sisters Of Mercy (1993) A Slight Case Of Overbombing
Sisters Of Mercy (1993) Under The Gun [single]
Sixteen Horsepower (2000) Secret South
Sizzla (1998) Freedom Cry
Sizzla (1999) Praise Ye Jah
Sizzla (1999) Royal Son Of Ethiopia
Sizzla (2000) Jet Star Reggae Max
Sizzla (2001) Rastafari Teach I Everything
Sizzla (2002) Blaze Fire Blaze
Sizzla (2002) Blaze Up The Chalwa
Sizzla (2002) Da Real Thing '02
Sizzla (2002) Taking Over
Sizzla (2003) African Children
Sizzla (2003) Ever So Nice
Sizzla (2003) Kalonji 2005 (Promo CD)
Sizzla (2003) Uncut [Promo]
Sizzla (2003) Up In Fire
Sizzla (2004) Jah Knows Best
Sizzla (2004) Kings Of Dancehall 1
Sizzla (2004) Life
Sizzla (2004) Pure Love
Sizzla (2004) Speak Of Jah
Sizzla (2004) Stay Focus
Sizzla (2005) Da Real Live Thing
Skandal (1993) Music City
Skatalites & Friends (1999) Ska Splash CD1
Skatalites & Friends (1999) Ska Splash CD2
Skazi (2000) Animal
Skazi (2001) Storm
Skazi (2004) Zoo 3 CD1
Skazi (2004) Zoo 3 CD2
Skeptic (2000) Diagram, Vapour
SKET (2006) Baikonur
Skid Row (group of Gary Moore) (1970) Skid
Skid Row (new hard rock group) (1989) Skid Row
Skid Row (new hard rock group) (1991) Slave To The Grind
Skid Row (new hard rock group) (1992) B-Side Ourselves [EP]
Skid Row (new hard rock group) (1998) 40 Seasons - The Best Of Skid Row
Skid Row (new hard rock group) (2003) Thickskin
Skindred (2002) Babylon
Skinny Puppy (1985) Bites
Skinny Puppy (1990) Too Dark Park
Skinny Puppy (1996) The Process
Skinny Puppy (2001) Doomsday - Back and Forth, Vol 1
Skinny Puppy (2004) The Greater Wrong of the Right
Skunk (2006) Дурное Влияние
Skunk Anansie (1995) Paranoid & Sunburnt
Skunk Anansie (1996) Stoosh
Skunk Anansie (1999) Post Orgasmic Chill
Skye (2006) Mind How You Go
SLAB (1999) Freeky Speed
Slade (1969) Beginnings
Slade (1970) Play It Loud
Slade (1972) Slade Alive!
Slade (1972) Slayed
Slade (1973) Sladest
Slade (1974) Old New Borrowed And Blue
Slade (1974) Slade In Flame
Slade (1976) Nobody's Fools
Slade (1977) Whatever Happened To Slade
Slade (1978) Slade Alive) volume 2
Slade (1979) Return To Base
Slade (1981) We'll Bring The House Dawn
Slade (1982) Slade On Stage
Slade (1982) Till Deaf Do Us Part
Slade (1983) The Amazing Kamikaze Sindrome
Slade (1984) Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply
Slade (1985) Rogues Gallery
Slade (1987) You Boyz Make Big Noize
Slade (1994) Keep On Rockin!
Slade (2002) Cum On Let's Party
Slam (1994) Back To Music (Remix)
Slam (1994) Back to Music [single]
Slam (1994) We Get Around [single]
Slam (1995) U Got 2 Know [single]
Slam (1996) Big Fun [single]
Slam (1996) Crazy [single]
Slam (1997) If I Had a Hammer [single]
Slash's Snakepit (1995) It's Five O'clock Somewhere
Slash's Snakepit (2000) Ain't Life Grand
Slavik … Kemmler (1995) Close To Heaven
Slick Idiot (2002) DickNity
Slim Line (2006) Slim House. Зима 2006
Slinky Wizard (2002) Live At Trip 25-05-2002
Slipknot (1992) Basement Session
Slipknot (1999) Slipknot (part 1)
Slipknot (2001) Clan
Slipknot (2001) IWOA
Slipknot (2002) Mate Feed Kill Repeat
Slipknot (2004) Duality [single]
Slipknot (2004) Vermilion
Slipknot (2004) Vol 3 (The Subliminal Verses)
Slipknot (2005) Heretic in Sydney [bootleg]
Slipknot (2005) Vol 3 (The Subliminal Verses) (Bonus CD)
Slits (1979) Cut
Smalta (2005) 10
Smash! (2003) Freeway
Smash! (2004) 2 Nite
Smash! (2005) 2day
Smash! (2006) Evolution
Smashing Pumpkins (1991) Gish
Smashing Pumpkins (1993) Siamese Dream
Smashing Pumpkins (1994) Pisces Iscariot
Smashing Pumpkins (1995) Down To Dusk
Smashing Pumpkins (1995) Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness
Smashing Pumpkins (1995) Twilight To Starlight
Smashing Pumpkins (1996) Lost Highway [soundtrack]
Smashing Pumpkins (1996) The Aeroplane Flies High) Disc 1) Bullet With Butterfly Wings
Smashing Pumpkins (1996) The Aeroplane Flies High) Disc 2) 1979
Smashing Pumpkins (1996) The Aeroplane Flies High) Disc 3) Zero
Smashing Pumpkins (1996) The Aeroplane Flies High) Disc 4) Tonight, Tonight
Smashing Pumpkins (1996) The Aeroplane Flies High) Disc 5) Thirty-Three
Smashing Pumpkins (1996) Zero
Smashing Pumpkins (1997) Batman & Robin [soundtrack]
Smashing Pumpkins (1998) Adore
Smashing Pumpkins (1999) Stigmata [soundtrack]
Smashing Pumpkins (2000) Machina II) The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music CD1
Smashing Pumpkins (2000) Machina II) The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music CD2
Smashing Pumpkins (2000) Machina) The Machines Of God
Smashing Pumpkins (2001) Greatest Hits CD1) Rotten Apple
Smashing Pumpkins (2001) Greatest Hits CD2) Judas O
Smashing Pumpkins (2002) Earphoria
Smiths (1984) Hatful Of Hollow
Smiths (1984) The Smiths
Smiths (1985) Meat Is Murder
Smiths (1986) Ask [single]
Smiths (1986) The Queen Is Dead
Smiths (1986) The World Won't Listen
Smiths (1987) Louder Then Bombs [compilation]
Smiths (1987) Strangeways, Here We Come
Smiths (1988) Rank
Smiths (2004) Singles
Smokie (1975) Changing All The Time
Smokie (1975) Pass It Around
Smokie (1976) Midnight Cafe
Smokie (1977) Bright Lights & Back Alleys
Smokie (1978) The Montreux Album
Smokie (1979) The Other Side Of The Road
Smokie (1981) Solid Ground
Smokie (1982) Midnight Delight
Smokie (1982) Strangers In Paradise
Smokie (1988) All Fired Up
Smokie (1989) Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Smokie (1990) Whose Boots Are These
Smokie (1992) Chasing Shadows
Smokie (1993) Burning Ambition
Smokie (1994) Celebration
Smokie (1994) Single B-Sides 1975-1978
Smokie (1995) The World And Elsewhere
Smokie (1996) Light A Candle
Smokie (1998) The Nashville Album
Smokie (1998) Wild Horses
Smokie (2000) The 25th Anniversary Album
Smokie (2002) Uncovered Too
Smokie (2002) With Love
Smokie (xxxx) Very Best Of Smokie
Smokin' Jo & Tim Sheridan (2005) NastyDirtySexMusic CD2
Smokin' Joe Kubek Band (1994) Texas Cadillac
Snakefinger (1979) Chewing Hides The Sound
Snakefinger (1980) Greener Postures
Snakefinger (1983) Against The Grain
Snakefinger (1984) Snakefinger's History Of The Blues (Live In Europe 1984)
Snakefinger (1985) Live In Chicago 1985
Snap! (1990) Colour Of Love [single]
Snap! (1990) Cult Of Snap [single]
Snap! (1990) Ooops Up [single]
Snap! (1990) The Power Remix [single]
Snap! (1990) World Power
Snap! (1991) Mega Mix [single]
Snap! (1992) Rhyhtm Is A Dancer (Remix CDM)
Snap! (1992) The Madman's Return
Snap! (1994) The First The Last Eternity (Till The End) [single]
Snap! (1995) The Essential Mix Show CD1 [dj set mixed by Snap!]
Snap! (1995) The Essential Mix Show CD2 [dj set mixed by Snap!]
Snap! (1995) Welcome To Tomorrow
Snap! (1996) Snap! Attack! The Best Of Snap!
Snap! (1996) Snap! Attack! The Remixes CD1 [remixes]
Snap! (1996) Snap! Attack! The Remixes CD2 [remixes]
Snap! (1997) The Best Of Snap! Remixes
Snap! (2000) Gimme A Thrill [single]
Snap! (2002) Rhythm Is A Dancer 2002 [single]
Snap! (2002) This Is Snap! [compilation]
Snap! (2003) The Best Of Snap!
Snap! (2003) The Cult Of Snap CD1 [compilation]
Snap! (2003) The Cult Of Snap CD2 [compilation]
Snap! (2003) The Power Of Bhangra [single]
Snap! (2004) The EP vol. 1 [single]
Sneaker Pimps (1997) Becoming X
Sneaker Pimps (1999) Splinter
Sneaker Pimps (2002) Bloodsport
Snipers (1994) Fire [single]
Snog (2003) Beyond the Valley of the Proles
Snoop Dogg (2000) Pleezbaleevit (feat Doggys Angels)
Snoop Dogg (2002) Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$
Snoop Dogg (2004) Doggy style hits
Snoop Dogg (2005) The One and Only
Snow (1993) Informer [single]
Snow (1993) The Twelve Inches Of Snow
Snow (1995) Murder Love
Snow (2000) Greatest Hits Of Snow
Snow (2000) Mind On The Moon
Snow (2003) Two Hands Clapping
Snow Patrol (2003) Final Straw
Snowy White (1983) White Flames
Snowy White (1984) Snowy White
Snowy White (1987) That Certain Thing
Snowy White (1989) Change My Life
Snowy White (1989) Open For Business
Snowy White (1994) Highway To The Sun
Snowy White (1995) Goldtop [selected tracks]
Snowy White (1996) Little Wing
Snowy White (1996) No Faith Required
Snowy White (1999) Keep Out - We Are Toxic
SOD (1985) Speak English Or Die
SOD (1992) Live At Budokan [live]
SOD (1999) Bigger Than The Devil
Sodom (1984) In The Sign Of Evil
Sodom (1986) Obsessed By Cruelty
Sodom (1987) Expurse Of Sodomy [single]
Sodom (1987) Persecution Mania
Sodom (1988) Mortal Way Of Live
Sodom (1989) Agent Orange
Sodom (1989) Ausgebombt [single]
Sodom (1990) Better Off Dead
Sodom (1991) The Saw Is The Law [single]
Sodom (1992) Tapping The Vein
Sodom (1993) Aber Bitte Mit Sahne! [single]
Sodom (1994) Get What You Deserve
Sodom (1994) Marooned [live]
Sofa Surfers (xxxx) Encounters
Soft Machine (1968) In The Beginnings (Jet Propelled Photographs)
Soft Machine (1968) Volume One (The Soft Machine) And Two
Soft Machine (1970) Live In Europe '70 [live]
Soft Machine (1970) Noisette
Soft Machine (1970) Third
Soft Machine (1971) Fourth
Soft Machine (1972) Fifth
Soft Machine (1973) Six
Soft Machine (1974) Seven
Soft Machine (1975) Bundles
Soft Machine (1976) Rubber Riff
Soft Machine (1976) Softs
Soft Machine (1978) Alive And Well In Paris [live]
Soft Machine (1981) Land Of Cockayne
Soft Machine (1989) Volume One and Two
Softcore (1994) Untitled
Software (1985) Chip-Meditation
Software (1985) Phancyful-Fire
Software (1986) Electronic-Universe Part I
Software (1988) Digital Dance
Software (1989) Chip-Meditation Part II
Software (1989) Electronic-Universe Part II
Software (1989) Syn-Code
Software (1990) Fragrance
Software (1990) Ocean
Software (1990) The Third Dimension) Live [live]
Software (1991) Modesty-Blaze
Software (1991) Visions
Software (1992) Modesty-Blaze Volume II
Software (1993) Cave
Software (1993) Space Design
Software (1994) Ten-Years
Software (1995) Heaven-To-Hell
Software (1997) Sky-Dive
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Software (1998) Fire-Works
Solar Quest (1994) Acid Air Raid [EP]
Solar Quest (1994) Orgship
Solas (2003) Another Day
Solid Base (1994) Dance To The Beat [single]
Solid Base (1994) Together [single]
Solid Base (1995) In Your Dreams [single]
Solid Base (1995) Mirror Mirror [single]
Solid Base (1995) Stars In The Night [single]
Solid Base (1996) Finally
Solid Base (1996) You Never Know [single]
Solid Base (1997) All My Life [single]
Solid Base (1997) Fly To Be Free [single]
Solid Base (1998) The Take Off
Solid Base (1998) Ticket To Fly [single]
Solid Base (1999) Express
Solid Base (2000) Come On Everybody [single]
Solid Base (2001) I Like It
Solid Base (2002) In Action
Solid Base (2002) Stay with me (remix) [single]
Solid Base (2003) Prison Wall
Solid Base (xxxx) Come'N'Get Me [single]
Solid Base (xxxx) I Like It [single]
Solid Base (xxxx) Sha La Long [single]
Solid Base (xxxx) Sunny Holiday [single]
Solid Base (xxxx) This Is How We Do It [single]
Solid Strangers (1984) Music In The Night [single]
Solid Strangers (1985) My Delight [single]
Solid Strangers (1985) Vision (Of The Night) [single]
Solid Strangers (1986) Gimme The Light [single]
Solitary Experiments (1999) Final Approach
Solitary Experiments (2001) Paradox
Solitary Experiments (2002) Final Assault) The Remix War
Solitary Experiments (2002) Obstacle [remixes]
Solitary Experiments (2003) Advance Into Unknown
Solo (2004) Songs & Sounds
Son Of Dork (2005) Welcome To Loserville
Sonar (1998) Connected
Sonar (1998) Overdose Stimulation
Sonar (1999) Voodoo Vision
Sonar (2000) Remote Assault
Sonata Arctica (2000) Ecliptica
Sonata Arctica (2000) Successor
Sonata Arctica (2001) Orientation
Sonata Arctica (2001) Silence
Sonata Arctica (2002) Broken
Sonata Arctica (2002) Songs Of Silence) Live In Tokyo CD1
Sonata Arctica (2002) Songs Of Silence) Live In Tokyo CD2
Sonata Arctica (2003) Takatalvi
Sonata Arctica (2003) Winterheart's Guild
Sonata Arctica (2004) Don't Say A Word
Sonata Arctica (2004) Reckoning Night
Sonata Arctica (2005) The End of this Chapter
Sonia (1989) Everybody Knows
Sonia (1991) Only Fools
Sonia (1996) This Is The Time [single]
Sonic Beat (xxxx) I Can Fly (Cabballero Remixes) [single]
Sonic Dream Collective (1995) Gravity
Sonic Dream Collective (1995) Gravity
Sonic Dream Collective (1995) Oh Baby All [single]
Sonic Dream Collective (1999) Dustproof
Sonic Surfers (1994) Don't Give It Up [single]
Sonic Surfers (1994) Making Waves
Sonic Syndicate (2005) Eden Fire
Sonic Youth (1985) Bad Moon Rising
Sonic Youth (1986) EVOL
Sonic Youth (1987) Sister
Sonic Youth (1988) Daydream Nation
Sonic Youth (1992) Dirty
Sonic Youth (1994) Experimental Jet Set, Trash & No Star
Sonic Youth (1997) The Best Of Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth (2002) Murray Street
Sonic Youth (2004) Sonic Nurse
Sonic Youth (2006) Rather Ripped
Sonique (2000) Hear My Cry
Sonique (2003) Born To Be Free
Sonny Terry (1960) Sonny's Story
Sonny Terry (1963) Sonny is King
Sonny Terry (1995) Whoopin' The Blues The Capiltal Recordings 1947-50
Sonora (1994) An Italian Progressive Music Magazine
Sophie (1989) My World
Sophie (1991) The Only Reason
Sophie (2001) Stop The Music
Sophie (xxxx) Tales To Tell
Sophie Ellis-Bextor (2002) Read My Lips
Sophie Ellis-Bextor (2003) Shoot From The Hip
Sophie Zelmani (2005) Decade of Dreams
Sophya (2000) The Age Of Sophya
Sophya (2003) Dream
SOS Band (1986) Sands Of Time
Soul Asylum (1992) Grave Dancers Union
Soul Asylum (1995) Let Your Dim Light Shine
Soul Asylum (1998) Candy From A Stranger
Soul Asylum (2000) Black Gold The Best Of Soul Asylum
Soul Ballet (1997) Soul Ballet
Soul Ballet (1998) Trip the Night Fantastic
Soul Ballet (1999) Sity Of Desire
Soul Ballet (2000) Vibe Cinema
Soul Ballet (2002) Dial it In
Soul Central (2004) Strings Of Life [single]
Soul Providers (2000) Rise [single]
Soular Records (xxxx) Awakening
Soulfly (1998) Soulfly
Soulfly (1998) Soulfly (bonus CD)
Soulfly (2000) Primitive
Soulwax (1999) Much Against Everyone's Advice
Soulwax (2004) Any Minute Now
Soulwax (2005) Nite Versions
Sound Of RELS (1995) Sound of R.E.L.S
Sound Of RELS (1996) Crazy Music
Sound Of RELS (1997) Extra Album
Soundgarden (1988) Ultramega OK
Soundgarden (1989) Louder Than Love
Soundgarden (1990) Screaming Life-Fopp
Soundgarden (1991) Badmotorfinger
Soundgarden (1994) Superunknown
Soundgarden (1996) Down On The Upside
Soundgarden (1997) A-Sides
Soundlovers (1997) People
Soundlovers (2003) 96-03 - The Album
Soundlovers (2003) Hyperfolk [single]
Sounds (2005) Dying To Say This To You
Sounds Of Nature (1997) Caribbean Shores
Sounds Of Nature (1997) Country Sunrise
Sounds Of Nature (1997) Lighting, Thunder And Rain
Sounds Of Nature (1997) Meditations
Sounds Of Nature (1997) Mountain Stream
Sounds Of Nature (1997) Rainforest Paradise
Sounds Of Nature (1997) Tropical Rainforest
Sounds Of Nature (1997) Whales Of The Pacific
Sounds Of Nature (2000) Благородные Морские Великаны
Sounds Of Nature (2000) Ослепительные Грозы
Sounds Of Nature (2000) Под Пологом Сельвы
Sounds Of Nature (2000) Сияние Зимы
Sounds Of Nature (2000) Таинственный Крик Гагары
Sounds Of Nature (2000) Тропические Пассаты
Soundtrack Of Our Lives (2005) A Present From The Past CD1
Soundtrack Of Our Lives (2005) A Present From The Past CD2
Space (1977) Deliverance
Space (1977) Magic Fly
Space (1978) Just Blue
Space (1980) Deeper Zone
Space (1990) Space
Space (1994) Magic Concerts
Space (1996) Space Opera
Space (1998) The Very Best
Space (2002) Symphonic Space Opera
Space Monkey (2004) Psychotic Episode
Space Tribe (2002) Heart Beat
Space UK (1998) Tin Planet
Spacekees & Terilekst (2005) Spacekees en Terilekst
Spagna (1987) Dedicated To The Moon
Spagna (1989) You Are My Energy
Spagna (1991) No Way Out
Spagna (1993) Matter Of Time
Spagna (2001) La Nostra Canzone
Spandau Ballet (1981) Journeys To Glory
Spandau Ballet (1982) Diamond
Spandau Ballet (1983) True
Spandau Ballet (1984) Parade
Spandau Ballet (1985) The Singles Collection
Spandau Ballet (1986) The Twelve Inch Mixes
Spandau Ballet (1986) Through The Barricades
Spandau Ballet (1989) Heart Like A Sky
Spandau Ballet (1996) Musclebound
Spandau Ballet (2000) Gold (The Best Of)
Sparks (1972) Sparks
Sparks (1973) A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing
Sparks (1974) Kimono My House
Sparks (1975) Propaganda
Sparks (1976) Indiscreet
Sparks (1979) Big Beat
Sparks (1979) No. 1 In Heaven
Sparks (1980) Terminal Jive
Sparks (1981) Whomp That Sucker
Sparks (1982) Angst In My Pants
Sparks (1983) In Outer Space
Sparks (1984) Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat
Sparks (1986) Music That You Can Dance To) The Best Of Sparks
Sparks (1988) Interior Design
Sparks (1988) Just Got Back From Heaven
Sparks (1993) The Heaven Collection
Sparks (1994) Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins
Sparks (1997) Plagiarism
Sparks (2000) Balls
Sparks (2002) Lil' Beethoven
Speedy (2005) Nueva Generacion
Spell Inside (1995) Visions From The Inside
Sphinx (1983) Sphinx
Spice Girls (1996) Spice
Spice Girls (1997) Spiceworld
Spice Girls (1997) Stop (Live) [live]
Spice Girls (1998) Goodbye
Spice Girls (1998) The Best Of
Spice Girls (1998) Viva Forever [single]
Spice Girls (2000) Forever
Spin Doctors (1991) Pocket Full Of Kryptonite
Spin Doctors (1992) Homebelly Groove [live]
Spin Doctors (1994) Turn It Upside Down
Spin Doctors (1996) You`ve Got to Believe in Some
Spin Doctors (2004) Two Princes - The Best Of
Spin Doctors (2005) Nice Talking To Me
Spiritual Cramp (2000) Time
Spiritual Cramp (2004) To Say Goodbye
SPK (1986) Lamia Lehmanni
SPK (1987) Off The Deep End
Splash (1994) Just A Party
Spliff (1980) Spliff Radio Show
Spliff (1982) 85555
Spliff (1982) Herzlichen Glьckwunsch!
Split Mirror (1993) 1999
Split Second (1990) Kiss Of Fury
SPOCK (1992) Never Trust A Klingon [single]
SPOCK (1993) Five Year Mission
SPOCK (1993) Strange Dimensions [single]
SPOCK (1994) Astrogirl [single]
SPOCK (1994) Never Trust A Klingon - 2294 A.D. [single]
SPOCK (1995) A Piece Of The Action CD1
SPOCK (1995) A Piece Of The Action CD2
SPOCK (1995) Alien Worlds
SPOCK (1997) Assignment Earth
SPOCK (1997) E.T. Phone Home [single]
SPOCK (1997) Earth Orbit Live [live]
SPOCK (1998) Dr. McCoy [single]
SPOCK (1998) Official Fanclub
SPOCK (1998) Speed Of Light [single]
SPOCK (1999) 1999
Spock's Beard (2004) A Flash Before My Eyes
Spoken (2005) Last Chance To Breathe
SpoonPhase (2005) Nightmare
SPORT (2005) Смысл Жизни
Sqeezer (1996) Drop Your Pants
Sqeezer (1998) Streetlife
Sqeezer (xxxx) Blue Jeans [single]
Sqeezer (xxxx) Sweet Kisses [single]
Sqeezer (xxxx) Tamagotchi [single]
SquarePusher (1996) Feed Me Weird Things
Squarepusher (1997) Hard Normal Daddy
SquarePusher (1998) Music is Rotted One Note
SquarePusher (1998) Music is Rotted One Note [single]
SquarePusher (1999) Maximum Priest [EP]
SquarePusher (1999) Selection Sixteen
Squarepusher (2001) Alive In Japan
Squarepusher (2001) Go Plastic
Squarepusher (2002) Do You Know Squarepusher
SquarePusher (2004) Squarewindow [EP]
SquarePusher (2004) Ultravisitor
Squarepusher (2006) Hello Everything
Squeak (2005) Groove
SRC (1968) Milestones
St Germain (2000) Tourist
St Germain (2002) Boulevard
St Tropez (xxxx) You're My Heart, You're My Soul [single]
Stabbing Westward (1998) The Darkest Days
Stacey Q (1986) Better Than Heaven
Stacey Q (1988) Hard Machine
Stacey Q (1989) Nights Like This
Stachursky (1994) Taki Jestem
Stachursky (1996) 1996
Stacie Orrico (2003) Stacie Orrico
Stahlhammer (1999) Feind Hoert Mit
Stakka Bo (1993) Supermarket
Stakka Bo (1995) The Great Blondino
Stakka Bo (2001) Jr.
Stanley Clarke & George Duke (1981) The Clarke & Duke Project
Stanley Clarke & George Duke (1983) The Clarke & Duke Project II
Stanley Clarke & George Duke (1990) The Clarke & Duke Project 3
Stanley Clarke (1973) Children Of Forever
Stanley Clarke (1976) School Days
Stanley Clarke (1980) Rock, Pebbles And Sand
Stanley Clarke (1984) Time Explosure
Stanley Clarke (1985) Find Out!
Stanley Clarke (1986) Hideaway
Stanley Clarke (1993) East River Drive
Stanley Foort (1994) Heaven Is Here Remixes [single]
Stanley Foort (xxxx) Find You Anyway [single]
Stanley Foort (xxxx) Love Makes The World Go Round [single]
Stanley Foort (xxxx) You Make Me Believe In Magic [single]
Stanton Warriors (2004) Essential Mix 24-07-2004
Stars On 45 (1990) The Best Of Stars On 45
Stars On 45 (2002) Medley
Starship (1989) Love Among The Cannibals
Statemachine (1998) Breakdown
Static Icon (1997) Slave
Status Quo (1969) Spare Parts
Status Quo (1974) Quo
Status Quo (1975) On The Level
Status Quo (1976) Blue For You
Status Quo (1977) Rockin' All Over The World
Status Quo (1978) If You Can't Stand The Heat
Status Quo (1981) Never Too Late
Status Quo (1982) 1982
Status Quo (1983) Back To Back
Status Quo (1986) In The Army Now
Status Quo (1988) Ain't Complaining
Status Quo (1989) Perfect Remedy
Status Quo (1992) Live Alive Quo [live]
Status Quo (1994) Thirsty Work
Status Quo (1996) Don't Stop
Status Quo (1999) Under The Influence
Status Quo (2000) Famous In The Last Century
Status Quo (2001) Got You Covered [compilation]
Status Quo (2002) Heavy Traffic
Status Quo (2002) The Tecnicolour Dreams Of The Status Quo CD1
Status Quo (2002) The Tecnicolour Dreams Of The Status Quo CD2
Status Quo (2004) XS All Areas CD1
Status Quo (2004) XS All Areas CD2
Status Quo (2005) The Party Ain't Over Yet
Steeley Span (2004) They Called Her Babylon
Stef (2000) Mental Voicez
Stef (2000) Mistyk
Stef (2000) Trance Summer
Stef (2000) Trancefloor Blue
Stef (2002) Trancefloor Red
Stefano Secchi feat Taleesa (1993) A Brighter Day (Vinyl) [single]
Steffanie (1985) Hideaway
Steffanie (1986) Pink Noise
Stella Getz (1994) Dr Love [single]
Stella Getz (1994) Forbidden Dreams
Stella Getz (1994) Friends [single] (1994)
Stellar Kart (2005) All Gas No Brake
Stephanie (1986) Irrisistible
Stephanie (1987) Rendez-Vous
Stephanie (2001) Collection
Stephen Endelman (1995) The Englishman Who Went up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain
Stephen Endelman (1998) The Proposition
Steppenwolf (1968) Steppenwolf
Steppenwolf (1968) The Second
Steppenwolf (1969) At Your Birthday Party
Steppenwolf (1969) Early Steppenwolf
Steppenwolf (1969) Monster
Steppenwolf (1970) Steppenwolf Seven
Steppenwolf (1971) For Ladies Only
Steppenwolf (1974) Slow Flux
Steppenwolf (1975) Hour Of The Wolf
Steppenwolf (1976) Skullduggery
Steps (1998) Heartbeat-Tragedy [single]
Steps (1998) Step One
Steps (2000) Buzz
Steps (2000) Steptacular
Steptime (2003) Steptime
Stereo MC`s (xxxx) Ground Level [EP]
Stereo MC's (1990) Supernatural
Stereo MC's (1992) Connected
Stereo MC's (1992) Step It Up [single]
Stereo MC's (2000) DJ Kicks
Stereo MC's (2001) Deep Down & Dirty
Stereo MC's (2003) Best Of Stereo MC'S
Stereo MC's (2003) Retroactive
Stereolab (1992) Peng!
Stereolab (1994) Mars Audiac Quintet
Stereolab (1996) Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Stereolab (1997) Aluminium Tunes CD1 [compilation]
Stereolab (1997) Aluminium Tunes CD2 [compilation]
Stereolab (1998) The Groop Played Space Age Bachelor Pad Music
Stereolab (1999) Cobra and Phases Group play Voltage in the Milky Night
Stereolab (2000) Dots & Loops
Stereolab (2001) Sound-Dust
Stereolab (2004) Margerine Eclipse
Stereolab (2005) Oscillons From The Anti-Sun CD1
Stereolab (2005) Oscillons From The Anti-Sun CD2
Stereolab (2005) Oscillons From The Anti-Sun CD3
Stereoliza (2005) X.Y.Z. [single]
Stereonerds (2003) HD Endless
Stereophonics (1997) Word Gets Around
Stereophonics (1999) Performance And Cocktails
Stereophonics (2001) Just Enough Education to Perform
Stereophonics (2003) You Gotta Go There 2 Come Back
Stereophonics (2005) Language, Sex, Violence, Other
Steve Gerrard (2004) Thinking Out Loud CD1 Breaks
Steve Gerrard (2004) Thinking Out Loud CD2 Progressive
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel (1974) The Human Menagrie
Steve Hayward (2002) Set [DJ set]
Steve Jablonsky (2005) The Island [soundtrack]
Steve Jones (1989) Fire And Gasoline
Steve Lawler (2001) Nubreed Global Underground CD1
Steve Lawler (2001) Nubreed Global Underground CD2
Steve Mason (2001) Steve Mason
Steve Miller Band (1968) Sailor
Steve Miller Band (1969) Brave New World
Steve Miller Band (1969) Your Saving Grace
Steve Miller Band (1970) Number 5
Steve Miller Band (1972) Anthology
Steve Miller Band (1973) Living In The U.S.A
Steve Miller Band (1973) The Joker
Steve Miller Band (1976) Fly Like An Eagle
Steve Miller Band (1977) Book of Dreams
Steve Miller Band (1978) Greatest Hits (1974-1978)
Steve Miller Band (1981) Circle Of Love
Steve Miller Band (1982) Abracadabra
Steve Miller Band (1984) Italian X Rays
Steve Miller Band (1986) Living In The 20th Century
Steve Miller Band (1989) Children Of The Future
Steve Miller Band (1990) The Best Of 1968-1973
Steve Miller Band (1993) Wide River
Steve Miller Band (1998) Greatest Hits
Steve Stevens (1989) Atomic Playboys
Steve Stoll (1999) Live At Fuse 20-03-1999 CD1
Steve Stoll (1999) Live At Fuse 20-03-1999 CD2
Steve Stratton (2006) JJJ Mixup FM 11-03-2006
Steve Vai (1984) Flexable
Steve Vai (1990) Passion And Warfare
Steve Vai (1993) Sex & Religion
Steve Vai (1995) Alien Love Secrets
Steve Vai (1996) Fire Garden
Steve Vai (1998) Flex-Able Leftlovers
Steve Vai (1999) The Ultra Zone
Steve Vai (2000) The 7-th Song
Steve Vai (2002) The Elusive Light & Sound - volume 1
Steve Vai (2005) Real Illusions) Reflections
Steven Ferguson (2004) Dancin' Upon The Stars
Stevie Ray Vaughan (1993) Hats Off to Stevie Ray [tribute]
Stevie Wonder (1971) In Square Circle
Stevie Wonder (1972) Music Of My Mind
Stevie Wonder (1972) Talking Book
Stevie Wonder (1973) Innervisions
Stevie Wonder (1976) Songs in the Key of Life
Stevie Wonder (1979) Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants
Stevie Wonder (1999) Golden Collection
Stevie Wonder (2002) The Definitive Collection CD1
Stevie Wonder (2002) The Definitive Collection CD2
Stevie Wonder (2005) A Time To Love
Stevie Wonder (2005) Best Of
Still Patient (1998) Salamand
Stillheart (1990) Stillheart
Stillheart (1992) Tangled In Reins
Stillste Stund (2000) Ein Mensch, Ein Ding, Ein Traum
Stillste Stund (2001) Ursprung Paradoxon
Stiltskin (1994) The Mind's Eye
Stin Scatzor (2000) Industrology
Sting (1985) The Dream Of Blue Turtles
Sting (1987) Nothing Like The Sun
Sting (1988) Nada Como El Sol
Sting (1991) The Soul Cages
Sting (1993) Demolition Man [soundtrack]
Sting (1993) Live in San Francisco
Sting (1993) Ten Summoner's Tales
Sting (1995) The Living Sea [soundtrack]
Sting (1996) Mercury Falling
Sting (1999) Brand New Day
Sting (2000) Dolphins [soundtrack]
Sting (2001) All This Time
Sting (2003) Sacred Love
Sting (2003) Send Your Love) Remix Album
Stinky Toys (1979) Stinky Toys
Stoa (1992) Urthona
Stoa (1994) Porta VIII
Stoa (2002) Zal
Stoa (2004) Love Is Colder Than Death With Stoa
Stone Roses (1989) The Stone Roses
Stone Roses (1995) The Coplete Stone Roses
Stone Temple Pilots (1992) Core
Stone Temple Pilots (1994) Gate Eight
Stone Temple Pilots (1994) Stone Temple Pilots
Stone Temple Pilots (1996) Tiny Music
Stone Temple Pilots (1999) No. 4
Stone Temple Pilots (2001) Shangri-La Dee Da
Stonebridge (2004) Can't Get Enough
Stooges (1969) Funhouse
Stooges (1969) The Stooges
Stooges (1973) Raw Power
Stork (1992) In the Beginning
Storm (1994) Nordavind
Stormage (2005) Balance of Power
Stormkern (1999) Dammerung Im Traum
Stormkern (2000) Night Riders
Stormkern (2001) Armageddon CD1) Armageddon
Stormkern (2001) Armageddon CD2) Perfect Remix [remixes]
Stormkern (2001) Flicker Like A Candle (Millennium Edition)
Stormkern (2002) Live At DNA Lounge [live]
Stormkern (2002) No Release [single]
Stormkern (2002) Re-Align [remixes]
Stormkern (2002) Remixed And Unreleased
Stormwarrior (2002) Stormwarrior
Stormwind (2003) Rising Symphony
Stranglers (1981) La Folie
Stratovarius (1989) Fright Night
Stratovarius (1992) Twilight Time
Stratovarius (1994) Dreamspace
Stratovarius (1995) Fourth Dimension
Stratovarius (1996) Episode
Stratovarius (1996) Father Time [single]
Stratovarius (1996) Will The Sun Rise [single]
Stratovarius (1997) Black Diamond
Stratovarius (1997) Visions
Stratovarius (1998) Destiny
Stratovarius (1998) Visions Of Europe CD1 [live]
Stratovarius (1998) Visions Of Europe CD2 [live]
Stratovarius (2000) Hunting High And Low
Stratovarius (2000) Infinite
Stratovarius (2001) Intermission
Stratvm Terror (2000) Genetic Implosion
Stray Cats (1981) Gonna Ball
Stray Cats (1981) Stray Cats
Stray Cats (1982) Built For Speed
Stray Cats (1983) Rant N'rave With Stray Cats
Stray Cats (1994) Choo Choo Hot Fish
Stray Cats (1995) Something Else [live]
Stray Cats (1996) Original Cool
Stray Cats (1997) Runaway Boys) A Retrospective '81-'92
Stray Cats (1998) Tomcats) Rock this town
Strike (1997) I Saw The Future
String Quartet (2003) A Tribute To Nirvana
Strokes (2001) Is This It
Strokes (2002) Someday [single]
Strokes (2003) 12-51 [single]
Strokes (2003) Room On Fire
Strokes (2006) First Impressions Of Earth Sam
Stuart A Staples (2005) Lucky Dog Recordings
Stuck Mojo (1995) Snappin' Necks
Stuck Mojo (1996) Pigwalk
Stuck Mojo (1996) Violated [single]
Stuck Mojo (1998) Rising
Stuck Mojo (1999) HVY1
Stuck Mojo (2000) Declaration Of A Headhunter
Style (1987) Daylight Robbery
Style (1988) Question Of Time
Style Council (1998) The Complete Adventures Of The Style Council CD1
Style Council (1998) The Complete Adventures Of The Style Council CD2
Style Council (1998) The Complete Adventures Of The Style Council CD3
Style Council (1998) The Complete Adventures Of The Style Council CD4
Style Council (1998) The Complete Adventures Of The Style Council CD5
Styloo (1998) Singles Collection
Styx (1972) Styx 1
Styx (1972) Styx 2
Styx (1973) The Serpent Is Rising
Styx (1974) Man Of Miracles
Styx (1975) Equinox
Styx (1976) Crystal Ball
Styx (1977) The Grand Illusion
Styx (1978) Pieces Of Eight
Styx (1979) Cornerstone
Styx (1980) Paradise Theater
Styx (1981) Caught In The Act CD1
Styx (1981) Caught In The Act CD2
Styx (1983) Kilroy Was Here
Styx (1990) Edge Of Century
Styx (1997) Return To Paradise CD1
Styx (1997) Return To Paradise CD2
Styx (1999) Brave New World
Styx (2003) Cyclorama
Sub Dub (xxxx) Sub Dub
Sub Machine (2004) Chrome
Sub Machine Records (2002) Intra Muros
Sub Sub (1996) Sub Sub
Sublime (1992) 40oz. To Freedom
Sublime (1994) Robbin' The Hood
Sublime (1996) Sublime
Sublime (1997) Second Hand Smoke
Sublime (1998) (Acoustic) Bradley Nowell & Friends [live]
Sublime (2002) Greatest Hits
Sublime (2003) War On The Blvd
Subliminal (2006) Bediuk Kshehashavtem Shehakol
Submersed (2005) In Due Time
Subsky (2005) Special Set For The Essential.Hu (25-08-2005)
Suburban Tribe (2001) Suburban Tribe
Subway To Sally (1999) Hochzeit
Suede (1993) The London Suede
Suede (1994) Dog Man Star
Suede (1996) Coming Up
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Suede (1997) Sci-Fi Lullabies CD1
Suede (1997) Sci-Fi Lullabies CD2
Suede (1999) Head Music
Suede (2002) A New Morning
Suede (2003) Attitude [single]
Suede (2003) Singles
Suede (2004) See You In The Next Life
Sugababes (2001) One Touch
Sugababes (2002) Angels With Dirty Faces
Sugababes (2003) Three
Sugababes (2005) Taller In More Ways
Sugar Push (1996) Glib
Sugar Ray (1995) Lemonade And Bownies
Sugar Ray (1997) Floored
Sugar Ray (1999) 14-59
Sugar Ray (2001) Sugar Ray
Sugar Ray (2003) In The Pursuit Of Leisure
Sugarcubes (1988) Life's Too Good
Sugarcubes (1989) Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week
Sugarcubes (1992) Stick Around For Joy
Sugarplastic (2005) Will
Suicidal Tendencies (1983) Suicidal Tendencies
Suicidal Tendencies (1987) Join the Army
Suicidal Tendencies (1988) How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today
Suicidal Tendencies (1989) Controlled by Hatred - Feel Like Shit
Suicidal Tendencies (1990) Lights... Camera... Revolution
Suicidal Tendencies (1992) The Art Of Rebellion
Suicidal Tendencies (1993) Still Cyco After All These Years
Suicidal Tendencies (1994) Love Vs. Loneliness [single]
Suicidal Tendencies (1994) Suicidal For Life
Suicidal Tendencies (1997) Friends & Family (Epic Escape)
Suicidal Tendencies (1997) Prime Cuts
Suicidal Tendencies (1998) Six the Hard Way
Suicidal Tendencies (1999) Freedumb
Suicidal Tendencies (2000) FNG
Suicidal Tendencies (2000) Free Your Soul... And Save My Mind
Suicidal Tendencies (2000) Live Bizarre Festival 20-08-00
Suicidal Tendencies (2000) Live Dynamo 2000
Suicidal Tendencies (2001) Suicidal Tendencies Friends & Family 2
Sum 41 (2000) Half Hour Of Power
Sum 41 (2001) All Killer No Filler
Sum 41 (2002) Does This Look Infected
Sum 41 (2004) Chuck
Sumerland (2006) Imaginary Ways
Sun God (1995) Efa
SUN Project (2000) T8 (EP vinyl)
SUN Project (2001) Zwork
SUN Project (2003) Sexperimental
Sun Ra (2000) Blue Delight
Sun Ra (2000) Cosmic Equation) Sun Myth
Sun Ra (2000) Reflections In Blue
Sunchase (2003) promo
Sunday Club (2000) V.I.P.
Sundown (1997) Design 19
Sundown (1999) Glimmer
Sunjah (2002) Оше
Sunjah (2002) Шаман в Personal Computer
Sunn O))) & Earth (2006) Angel Coma Split LP
Sunny Day Real Estate (1994) Cleveland [live]
Sunny Day Real Estate (1994) Diary
Sunny Day Real Estate (1994) Friday 7" [single]
Sunny Day Real Estate (1994) In Circles [single]
Sunny Day Real Estate (1995) LP 2
Sunny Day Real Estate (1998) End Session [single]
Sunny Day Real Estate (1998) How It Feels To Be Something On
Sunny Day Real Estate (1999) Live [live]
Sunny Day Real Estate (1999) Santa Cruz [live]
Sunny Day Real Estate (2000) Rising Tide
Sunny Day Real Estate (2001) B-Sides & Unreleased
Sunset Boulevard (2001) Sun CD 002
SupaRed (2003) SupaRed
Super Cat (1992) Don Dada
Super Furry Animals (1996) Fuzzy Logic
Super Furry Animals (1997) Radiator
Super Furry Animals (2004) Songbook Vol 1
Super Furry Animals (2005) Love Kraft
Supergrass (2002) Life on Other Planets
Supergrass (2004) Supergrass Is 10 (Best Of 94) 04)
Supermax (1977) Don't Stop The Music
Supermax (1977) World Of Today
Supermax (1979) Fly With Me
Supermax (1980) Type Of Skin
Supermax (1981) Meets The Almighty
Supermax (1983) Electricity
Supermax (1986) Something In My Heart
Supermax (1990) World Of Tomorrow
Supermax (1992) The Max Is Gonna Kick Ya
Supermax (1993) One And All
Supermax (1997) 20th Anniversary) volume 1
Supermax (1997) 20th Anniversary) volume 2
Supermen Lovers (2002) The Player
Superstrings (2000) Magical Melodies Of Trance
Supertramp (1970) Supertramp
Supertramp (1971) Indelibly Stamped
Supertramp (1974) Crime Of The Century
Supertramp (1975) Crisis What Crisis
Supertramp (1977) Even In The Quietest Moments
Supertramp (1979) Breakfast In America
Supertramp (1980) Paris [live]
Supertramp (1982) Famous Last Words
Supertramp (1985) Brother Where You Bound
Supertramp (1987) Free as a Bird
Supertramp (1992) The Very Best Of
Supertramp (1997) Some Things Never Change
Supertramp (1999) It Was The Best Of Times
Supertramp (2001) Is Everybody Listening
Supertramp (2002) Slow Motion
Supertramp (2005) Retrospectacle CD1
Supertramp (2005) Retrospectacle CD2
Supreme NTM (2000) Live CD1
Supreme NTM (2000) Live CD2
Sur Sudha (1999) Images Of Nepal (Ethnic Music Of Nepal)
Suria (2004) Logical Evolution
Susan K (1995) Heaven Knows [single]
Susanne Vega (2003) Retrospective CD1
Susanne Vega (2003) Retrospective CD2
Suzanne Ciani (1982) Seven Waves
Suzanne Ciani (1984) The Velocity Of Love
Suzanne Ciani (1986) Hotel Luna
Suzanne Ciani (1988) Neverland
Suzanne Ciani (1989) History Of My Heart
Suzanne Ciani (1990) Pianissimo I
Suzanne Ciani (1994) Dream Suite
Suzanne Ciani (1996) Pianissimo II
Suzanne Ciani (1997) Live! [live]
Suzanne Ciani (1999) Turning
Suzanne Vega (1985) Suzanne Vega
Suzanne Vega (1987) Solitude Standing
Suzanne Vega (1990) Days Of Open Hand
Suzanne Vega (1992) 99,9 F
Suzanne Vega (1996) Nine Objects Of Desire
Suzanne Vega (1999) Rosemary (Remember Me) [single]
Suzanne Vega (2001) Songs in Red and Gray
Suzi & Los Quattro (2004) Ready to go!
Suzi Quatro (1973) Rock Til Ya Drop
Suzi Quatro (1974) Quatro
Suzi Quatro (1975) Your Mama Won't Like Me
Suzi Quatro (1976) Aggro Phobia
Suzi Quatro (1978) If You Knew Suzi
Suzi Quatro (1979) Suzi & Other 4 Letter Words
Suzi Quatro (1980) Rock Hard
Suzi Quatro (1983) Main Attraction
Suzi Quatro (1991) Live & Kickin'
Suzi Quatro (1992) Bonus Tracks
Suzi Quatro (1996) The Best Of Suzi Quatro
Suzi Quatro (2006) Back to the drive
Suzy Q (1995) Cant Live Without Your Love
Sven Vath (1993) L'Esperanza [single]
Sven Vath (1994) Harlequin - The Beauty And The Beast [remixes]
Sven Vath (1994) Harlequin - The Robot And The Ballet-Dancer
Sven Vath (1994) Ritual Of Life - An Accident In Paradise [remixes]
Sven Vath (1995) Ballet-Fusion [single]
Sven Vath (1995) Touch Themes Of Harlequin
Sven Vath (1998) Fusion
Sven Vath (1999) Accident In Paradise
Sven Vath (1999) Live At I Love Techno
Sven Vath (2000) Contact
Sven Vath (2000) Q101 Sonic Boom Radio Show (06-17-2000)
Sven Vath (2003) Fire Works [remixes]
Sven Vath (2005) Orbeat - Live @ Mostra D'Oltremare (41st Vath's B-Day Party) Part1 31-10-2005
Sven Vath (2006) Dance Department's German DJ Days 06-05-2006
Sven Vath (2006) Flex [Vienna] 05-09-2006
Sven Vath (2006) Live @ Los 3FM 04-02-2006
Sven Vath (2006) Live at Kristal Club Bucharest (Romania) MD
Sven Vath (2006) TDK Time Warp 09-04-2006
Sven Vath (2006) The Sound Of The Sixth Season CD1
Sven Vath (2006) The Sound Of The Sixth Season CD2
Swamp Terrorists (1993) Combat Shock
Swamp Terrorists (1996) Killer
Swan (xxxx) Don't Talk About It [single]
Swans (1983) Filth
Swans (1984) Cop - Young God
Swans (1986) Greed - Holy Money
Swans (1986) Real Love
Swans (1987) Children of God
Swans (1989) The Burning World
Swans (1991) Body To Body, Job To Job
Swans (1991) White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity
Swans (1992) Love of Life
Swans (1993) Omniscience
Swans (1995) The Great Annihilator
Swans (1997) CD1
Swans (1997) CD2
Sweet (1971) First Recordings 1968-1971
Sweet (1972) The Sweet's Biggest Hits
Sweet (1973) Live [live]
Sweet (1974) Desolation Boulevard
Sweet (1974) Sweet Funny Adams
Sweet (1975) Strung Up
Sweet (1976) Give Us A Wink
Sweet (1977) Off The Record
Sweet (1978) Level Headed
Sweet (1979) Cut Above The Rest
Sweet (1980) Waters Edge
Sweet (1982) Identity Crisis
Sweet (1989) Live At The Marquee [live]
Sweet (1995) Hits Singles A & B Sides
Sweet (1995) Platinum Rare
Sweet (1995) Sweet Singles Album
Sweet (1996) Solid Gold Action) 15 Alternative Mixes
Sweet Connection (xxxx) Heart To Heart
Sweetbox (1998) Sweetbox
Sweetbox (2001) Classified
Sweetbox (2004) Adagio
Switched (2006) Ghosts in the Machine
SX-10 (2000) Mad Dog American
Syd Barrett (1970) Barrett
Syd Barrett (1970) Madcap Laughs
Syd Barrett (1988) Opel
Syke'n'Sugarstarr (xxxx) Patipa Sound Session
Sylver (2001) Chances CD1
Sylver (2001) Chances CD2
Sylver (2001) Forever In Love
Sylver (2001) In Your Eyes - Skin
Sylver (2003) Little Things
Sylver (2003) Livin' My Life
Sylver (2003) Why Worry (100 copies limited edition vinyl)
Symphony X (1994) Symphony X
Symphony X (1995) The Damnation Game
Symphony X (1997) The Divine Wings Of Tragedy
Symphony X (1998) Twilight In Olympus
Symphony X (2000) V) The New Mythology Suite
Symphony X (2001) Live On The Edge Of Forever CD1 [live]
Symphony X (2001) Live On The Edge Of Forever CD2 [live]
Symphony X (2002) The Odyssey
Synaesthesia (1995) Desideratum CD1
Synaesthesia (1995) Desideratum CD2
Synaesthesia (1995) Embody
Synaesthesia (1997) Ephemeral
SynSUN (1999) Zelur Project
SynSUN (2000) Full Power Of GOA
SynSUN (2001) The Sounds Of Cosmic Lifeforms
SynSUN (2002) Electronic Experience
Syntec (1993) The Total Immersion
Syntec (1995) Upper World
Synthetic Dream Foundation (2006) Tendrils Of Pretty
Syntronic (1996) Feel The Music [single]
System F & Gouryella (2005) Best of System F & Gouryella
System F (2002) Out Of The Blue
System F (2003) Together
System F vs Armin Van Buuren (2006) In Sessions (Maxima FM) 28-05-2006
System Of A Down (1998) Sugar EP
System Of A Down (1998) System Of A Down
System Of A Down (2001) 12th Annual KROQ
System Of A Down (2001) Toxic Traxx
System Of A Down (2001) Toxicity
System Of A Down (2002) Steal This Album!
System Of A Down (2005) Hypnotize
System Of A Down (2005) Live Trabendo 2005
System Of A Down (2005) Mezmerize
System Of A Down (2006) Lonely Day (CDM)
System\\Eyes (1997) S6X
Systems In Blue (2005) Point Of No Return [single]
Systomatic (1995) Only 4 You [single]
T (2005) Selftitled
T Ark (xxxx) Happy Radio
T42 (1992) Intruder
T99 (1988) Invisible Sensuality [EP]
T99 (1989) Slidy (vinyl)
T99 (1991) Anasthasia [EP]
T99 (1991) Nocturne [EP]
T99 (1992) Children of Chaos [LP ]
Tab Benoit (2005) Fever For The Bayou
Tad Morose (1993) Leaving The Past Behind
Tad Morose (1994) Sender Of Thoughts
Tad Morose (1995) Paradigma
Tad Morose (1996) A Mended Rhyme
Tad Morose (2000) Reflections
Tad Morose (2000) Undead
Tad Morose (2002) Matters Of The Dark
Tad Morose (2003) Modus Vivendi
Taffy (1998) I Love My Radio '98 [single]
Taj Mahal (1997) Senior Blues
Taj Mahal (2000) Shoutin' in Key Taj Mahal & the Phantom Blues Band Live
Taj Mahal (2001) Blues Masters
Taj Mahal (2003) Blues With Feeling
Take 6 (2005) Feels Good
Take That (1992) Take That & Party
Take That (1992) Take That & Party
Take That (1993) Could it be Magic
Take That (1993) Everything Changes
Take That (1993) Everything Changes
Take That (1994) Nobody Else
Take That (1994) Take This Live
Take That (1996) Greatest Hits
Take That (1996) Greatest Hits
Take That (2005) Never Forget
Take That (2005) Never Forget
Taking Back Sunday (2002) Tell All Your Friends
Taking Back Sunday (2004) Where You Want To Be
Taking Back Sunday (2006) Louder Now
Talamaska (2001) Beyond The Mask
Taleesa (1994) I Found Luv [single]
Taleesa (xxxx) Burning Up [single]
Taleesa (xxxx) Let Me Be [single]
Talk Talk (1982) The Party's Over
Talk Talk (1984) It's My Life
Talk Talk (1986) The Colour Of Spring
Talk Talk (1988) Spirit Of Eden
Talk Talk (1990) Natural History
Talk Talk (1991) Laughing Stock
Talk Talk (1992) History Revisited
Talk Talk (1998) Asides Besides
Talk Talk (1999) 12 x 12
Talk Talk (2000) Collection
Talking Heads (1977) Talking Heads 77
Talking Heads (1978) More Songs About Buildings & Fool
Talking Heads (1979) Fear Of Music
Talking Heads (1980) Remain In Light
Talking Heads (1983) Speaking In Tongues
Talking Heads (1984) Stop Making Sense (live) [live]
Talking Heads (1985) Little Creatures
Talking Heads (1986) True Stories
Talking Heads (1988) Naked
Talking Heads (1992) Once In A Lifetime (compilation)
Talking Heads (1992) Popular Favorites 1976-1992) Sand in the Vaseline CD1
Talking Heads (1992) Popular Favorites 1976-1992) Sand in the Vaseline CD2
Talking Heads (2004) The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads CD1
Talking Heads (2004) The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads CD2
Tall Paul (2002) Ministry Of Sound present Tall Paul
Talvin Singh (1996) Ok
Talvin Singh (2001) Ha
Tamouz (xxxx) The Orange Season Is Over
Tan Dun (2002) Hero [soundtrack]
Tangerine Dream (1970) Electronic Meditation
Tangerine Dream (1971) Alpha Centauri
Tangerine Dream (1972) Zeit
Tangerine Dream (1973) Atem
Tangerine Dream (1973) Green Desert (1986)
Tangerine Dream (1974) Phaedra
Tangerine Dream (1975) Ricochet
Tangerine Dream (1975) Rubycon
Tangerine Dream (1975) Sorcerer
Tangerine Dream (1976) Paris, Palais du Sport
Tangerine Dream (1976) Soundmill Navigator (1999)
Tangerine Dream (1976) Stratosfear
Tangerine Dream (1977) Encore
Tangerine Dream (1978) Cyclone
Tangerine Dream (1979) Force Majeure
Tangerine Dream (1980) Pergamon
Tangerine Dream (1980) Staatsgrenze West
Tangerine Dream (1980) Tangram
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va Дом под звездным небом (1991) [soundtrack]
va Дом, который построил Свифт (1982) [soundtrack]
va Достояние Республики (1971) [soundtrack]
va Дядя Ваня (1970) [soundtrack]
va Егор Булычев (1971) [soundtrack]
va Елка Елка (2001)
va Жди меня (1943) [soundtrack]
va Жестокий Романс (1984) [soundtrack]
va За двумя зайцами (2004) [новогоднее музыкальное представление]
va За єдину Україну! (2002)
va Звезда Пленительного Счастья (1975) [soundtrack]
va Звезды На НТВ 1 (1998)
va Звезды На НТВ 2 (1999)
va Звезды На ТВ-6 (1999)
va Земля Санникова (1973) [soundtrack]
va Зет-1991) часть 1
va Зет-1991) часть 2
va Золушка (1947) [soundtrack]
va Золушка (2003) [новогоднее музыкальное представление]
va Иван Васильевич меняет профессию (1973) [soundtrack]
va Игорь Николаев 98
va Ирония Судьбы, Или С Легким Паром (1975) [soundtrack]
va Исаак Дунаевский) Легко На Сердце От Песни Веселой (2004)
va Ищите женщину (1982) [soundtrack]
va Кавказ 2005
va Кавказская пленница, или Новые приключения Шурика (1971) [soundtrack]
va Карнавальная Ночь (1956) [soundtrack]
va Легкая весна (2001)
va Легкая зима (2001)
va Легкая осень (2001)
va Легкое лето (2001)
va Лиловый шар (1987) [soundtrack]
va Любимые Застольные Песни (1999)
va Любить По-Русски (1998)
va Между Нами Девочками (1996)
va Мелодии из популярных оперетт (1995)
va Мой друг - МУЗЫКАНТ [Песни Дюши Романова] (2003)
va Музика з Майдану 1 (Ющенко) ТАК!) (2004)
va Музика з Майдану 2 (Ющенко) ТАК!) (2004)
va Музыка А. Зацепина (1995)
va Музыка Для Души (1998)
va Музыка Е. Крылатова (1995)
va Музыка И. Шварца (1995)
va Музыка из старых фильмов (1995)
va Музыкальный Ринг 8 (1999)
va На стихи Булата Окуджавы (1995)
va Не может быть (1975) [soundtrack]
va Небеса Обетованные (1991) [soundtrack]
va Незнакомая песня (1987) [soundtrack]
va Никколо Паганини (1982) [soundtrack]
va Нова Українська колекція (2005)
va Новая Коллекция (2001)
va Новая коллекция 19 (2003)
va Новая коллекция 20 (2003)
va Новая русская коллекция (2005)
va Новогодний Хит-Парад (2002)
va Новогодняя ночь с Веркой Сердючкой (2003)
va Новые приключения неуловимых (1968) [soundtrack]
va Новый Год 2006) Новогодние песни
va Новый Год 2006) Танцевальные песни
va Ноги врозь 3 (2002)
va Ночь В Опере (1998)
va Ноябрь 1991
va О Бедном Гусаре Замолвите Слово (1980) [soundtrack]
va О.С.Песня (1998)
va Обыкновенное Чудо (1978) [soundtrack]
va Олигарх (2002) [soundtrack]
va Орт-4 (1998)
va Осенний марафон (1979) [soundtrack]
va Остров сокровищ (1971) [soundtrack]
va Охота на пиранью (2006) [soundtrack]
va Панк Революция Best Of Украина (2001)
va Панк-О-Мания (2000)
va Первая перчатка (1946) [soundtrack]
va Песни Композитора Игоря Крутого. Часть 1 (1998)
va Песни Композитора Игоря Крутого. Часть 2 (1998)
va Песни Композитора Игоря Крутого. Часть 3 (1998)
va Песни Композитора Игоря Крутого. Часть 4 (1998)
va Песни Композитора Игоря Крутого. Часть 5 (1998)
va Песни Марка Фрадкина) Новая Жизнь (1997)
va Песни на стихи Анатолия Долженкова - Корабль
va Песни партизанские (1945)
va Песня 1997. Часть 1
va Песня 1997. Часть 2
va Песня 1997. Часть 3
va Песня 1997. Часть 4
va Песня 1998
va Песня 2005
va Питер-ФМ (2006) [soundtrack]
va Поколение Rock-N-Roll (1996)
va Предсказание (1993) [soundtrack]
va Прежде, чем расстаться (1984) [soundtrack]
va Премьер 2 (1997)
va Приказ перейти границу (1982) [soundtrack]
va Приключения Электроника (1979) [soundtrack]
va Приколы (2002) ("Басня", "Секс по телефону")
va Пульс Асфальта (2002)
va Путь к причалу (1962) [soundtrack]
va Рождественские Встречи Аллы Пугачевой. Ч. 1 (1998)
va Рождественские Встречи Аллы Пугачевой. Ч. 2 (1998)
va Рождественские Встречи Аллы Пугачевой. Ч. 3 (1998)
va Рок Екзистенція (1997)
va Рок из подворотен) часть 1 (2002)
va Романтический Сборник (1997)
va Российский Punk Обстрел 2 (2001)
va Русская Дискотека (1998)
va Русская коллекция) ВИА 70-х
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 01 (2002)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 02 (2002)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 03 (2002)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 04 (2003)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 05 (2003)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 06 (2003)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 07 (2003)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 08 (2003)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 09 (2003)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 10 (2003)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 11 (2004)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 12 (2004)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 13 (2004)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 14 (2004)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 15 (2004)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 16 (2005)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 17 (2005)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 18 (2005)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 19 (2005)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 20 (2005)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 21 (2005)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 22 (2005)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 23 (2006)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 24 (2006)
va Русские Internet Downloaded Hits 25 (2006)
va Русские Гвозди (1999)
va Русские Звезды Зарубежной Эстрады (1997)
va Русские Пряники 01 (2000)
va Русские Пряники 02 (2000)
va Русские Пряники 03 (2000)
va Русские Пряники 04 (2000)
va Русские Пряники 05 (Джуманджи) (2000)
va Русские Пряники 06 (Браво) (2000)
va Русские Пряники 07 (2000)
va Русские Пряники 08 (2000)
va Русские Пряники 09 (2000)
va Русские Пряники 10 (Чай Вдвоем) (2000)
va Русские Пряники 11 (Шиншиллы) (2000)
va Русские Ремиксы (2001)
va Русский Радио Хит - Часть 1 (1998)
va Русский Рэп (2000)
va Русский Рэп (2003)
va Русский Характер (1998)
va Русский Хит (2001)
va Русский Хит (2002)
va Русский Хит. Выпуск 7 (1998)
va Русское Лучшее 14) 8CD (2003)
va Свадьба (1944) [soundtrack]
va Сватовство гусара (1979) [soundtrack]
va Свежий Хит (2001)
va Свинарка и пастух (1941) [soundtrack]
va Связной (2002) [soundtrack]
va Сделано в СССР CD1 (2002)
va Сделано в СССР CD2 (2002)
va Сердца четырех (1941) [soundtrack]
va Сливки 1 (1997)
va Сливки 2 (1997)
va Сливки 3 (1998)
va Служебный Роман (1977) [soundtrack]
va Слухай Своe! Vol.2 - До Рiздва! (2006)
va Слухай Своє! Vol 3 до великодня (2006)
va Снежная королева (2004) [новогоднее музыкальное представление]
va Солдаты (2005) [soundtrack]
va Солдаты 2 (2006) [soundtrack]
va Соломенная Шляпка (1974) [soundtrack]
va Союз 1000 Пародия (2000)
va Союз 2000 (2000)
va Союз 2002 (2002)
va Союз 21 (1997)
va Союз 22 (1997)
va Союз 23 (1998)
va Союз 24 (1998)
va Союз 25 (1998)
va Союз 26 (1999)
va Союз 27 (1999)
va Союз 28 (2000)
va Союз 29 (2000)
va Союз 30 (2000)
va Союз 31 (2000)
va Союз 828 Пародия (2000)
va Союз Летний (2001)
va Станционный смторитель (1972) [soundtrack]
va Старые Песни О Главном. Постскриптум (2001)
va Старые Песни О Главном. Часть 1 (1996)
va Старые Песни О Главном. Часть 2 (1997)
va Старые Песни О Главном. Часть 3 (1998)
va Сто дней после детства (1975) [soundtrack]
va Студия Звук 7 часть 1 (1991)
va Студия Звук 7 часть 2 (1991)
va Студия Питон (1991)
va Счастливый День Рождения 2 (1996)
va Сюрприз От Аллы Пугачевой (1996)
va Таврійські Ігри (1996)
va Таврійські Ігри (2000)
va Танкі & Запорожці (2004)
va Танцевать (2001)
va Танцуй Со Мной (1998)
va Татьяна Снежина) Позови Меня С Собой (1997)
va Течет Волга (1962) [soundtrack]
va Типа Панки И Все Такое - Volume 3 (2000)
va Три сестры (1964) [soundtrack]
va Турецкий Гамбит (2005) [soundtrack]
va Ты не печалься (60-е)
va Убить дракона (1988) [soundtrack]
va Украинская Народная Песня (2000)
va Українські Народні Пісні - Караоке (2000)
va Укрощение огня (1972) [soundtrack]
va Фабрика Звезд - 6 Шоу продолжается (2006) CD4
va Фабрика Звезд 1 - Круто ты попал CD1 (2003)
va Фабрика Звезд 1 - Круто ты попал CD2 (2003)
va Фабрика Звезд 2 (2003)
va Фабрика Звезд 4 (2004)
va Фабрика звезд 5 (2004) Финальное шоу! CD1
va Фабрика звезд 5 (2004) Финальное шоу! CD2
va Фабрика звезд 5 (2004) Финальное шоу! CD3
va Фабрика звезд 5 (2004) Шоу начинается
va Фабрика звезд 5 (2004) Шоу продолжается CD1
va Фабрика звезд 5 (2004) Шоу продолжается CD2
va Фильмы Э. Рязанова (1995)
va Фильмы Я. Фрида (1995)
va Формула любви (1984) [soundtrack]
va Фрагменты Из Жизни (Памяти Игоря Сорина) (1999)
va Хит-Парад 2000
va Хиты 60-х (1995)
va Хищники (1991) [soundtrack]
va Цирк (1936) [soundtrack]
va Частушки под водку - Еще бутылочку
va Частушки под водку - Наливай, поговорим
va Частушки под водку - По пару капель
va Частушки под водку - По пути домой
va Частушки под водку - Поматеримся (Частушки с матом)
va Частушки под водку - После первой и второй (реклама)
va Человек с бульвара Капуцинов (1987) [soundtrack]
va Человек-амфибия (1961) [soundtrack]
va Чикаго - русская версия (2003) [soundtrack]
va Чудо Динамит 6 (2004)
va Щаслива музика для щасливих людей від Braun (xxxx)
va Юго-Запад Мастер - часть 1 (1993)
va Юго-Запад Мастер - часть 2 (1993)
va Я шагаю по Москве (1963) [soundtrack]
Vacuum (1997) The Plutonium Cathedral
Vacuum (1998) Seance At The Chaebol
Vacuum (1999) New Project
Vacuum (2000) Culture Of Night
Vacuum (2000) Millennium Hits
Vacuum (2004) Your Whole Life Is Leading Up
Vahladian (2006) Chronos 1.1
Vain (2005) On The Line
Val Doonican (1994) Walk Tall
Valerie Dore (1986) The Best Of Valerie Dore
Valerie Dore (1986) The Legend
Valerie Dore (1998) The Night '98 [single]
Valskapt Brek (2000) Valskapt Brek
Vampires' Sound Incorporation (1969) Vampyros Lesbos Sexadelic Dance Party [soundtrack]
Van Der Graaf Generator (1968) Aerosol Grey Machine
Van Der Graaf Generator (1968) The Aerosol Grey Machine
Van Der Graaf Generator (1969) The Least We Can Do Is Wave to
Van Der Graaf Generator (1970) H To He Who Am The Only One
Van Der Graaf Generator (1970) Pawn Hearts
Van Der Graaf Generator (1970) The Least Can We Do Is Wave To Each Other
Van Der Graaf Generator (1971) Pawn Hearts
Van Der Graaf Generator (1975) Godbluff
Van Der Graaf Generator (1976) Still Life
Van Der Graaf Generator (1976) World Record
Van Der Graaf Generator (1977) Quiet Zone - The Pleasure Dome
Van Der Graaf Generator (1977) The Quiet Zone - The Pleasure Dome
Van Der Graaf Generator (1978) Vital Live
Van Der Graaf Generator (1993) I Profesy Didaster (selected tracks)
Van Der Graaf Generator (2000) An Introduction (From The Least To The Quiet Zone)
Van Der Graaf Generator (2005) Present
Van Halen (1977) Dressed To Kill [bootleg]
Van Halen (1978) Van Halen
Van Halen (1979) Van Halen II
Van Halen (1981) Fair Warning
Van Halen (1981) Women And Children First
Van Halen (1982) Diver Down
Van Halen (1984) 1984 (Mcmlxxxiv)
Van Halen (1986) 5150
Van Halen (1988) Ou812
Van Halen (1991) For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
Van Halen (1993) Live Right Here Right Now CD1 [live]
Van Halen (1993) Live Right Here Right Now CD2 [live]
Van Halen (1995) Balance
Van Halen (1995) Crack The Secret [live]
Van Halen (1995) Eyes Of The Night [live]
Van Halen (1996) The Best Of
Van Halen (1998) Van Halen III
Van Halen (2004) The Best Of Both Worlds CD1
Van Halen (2004) The Best Of Both Worlds CD2
Van Morrison & Bob Dylan (2001) Duets
Van Morrison (1968) Astral Weeks
Van Morrison (1970) His Band And The Street Choir
Van Morrison (1970) Moondance
Van Morrison (1971) Tupelo Honey
Van Morrison (1972) Saint Dominic's Preview
Van Morrison (1973) Hard Nose the Highway
Van Morrison (1974) It's Too Late To Stop Now CD1
Van Morrison (1974) It's Too Late To Stop Now CD2
Van Morrison (1974) Veedon Fleece
Van Morrison (1977) A Period Of Transition
Van Morrison (1978) Wavelength
Van Morrison (1979) Into The Music
Van Morrison (1980) Common One
Van Morrison (1982) Beautiful Vision
Van Morrison (1983) Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart
Van Morrison (1984) A Sense of Wonder
Van Morrison (1984) Live At The Grand Opera House Belfast
Van Morrison (1986) No Guru, No Method, No Teacher
Van Morrison (1987) Poetic Champions Compose
Van Morrison (1988) Irish Heartbeat
Van Morrison (1989) Avalon Sunset
Van Morrison (1990) Enlightenment
Van Morrison (1990) The Best of Van Morrison
Van Morrison (1991) Hymns To The Silence CD1
Van Morrison (1991) Hymns To The Silence CD2
Van Morrison (1992) Van Morrison & Friends
Van Morrison (1993) Best of Van Morrison Vol. 2
Van Morrison (1993) Too Long In Exile
Van Morrison (1994) A Night In San Francisco CD1
Van Morrison (1994) A Night In San Francisco CD2
Van Morrison (1995) Days Like This
Van Morrison (1995) How Long Has This Been Going On
Van Morrison (1996) Tell Me Something
Van Morrison (1997) The Healing Game
Van Morrison (1998) The Blues Buddies
Van Morrison (1998) The Philosopher's Stone CD1
Van Morrison (1998) The Philosopher's Stone CD2
Van Morrison (1999) Back On Top
Van Morrison (2000) You Win Again
Van Morrison (2002) Down The Road
Van Morrison (2003) What's Wrong With This Picture
Van Morrison (2004) Here Comes
Van Morrison (2005) Magic Time
Vanden Plas (1995) Colour Temple
Vanden Plas (1996) Accult
Vanden Plas (1997) The God Thing
Vanden Plas (1999) Far Off Grace
Vanden Plas (2000) Spirit Of Live [live]
Vanden Plas (2002) Beyand Daylight
Vandenberg (1982) Vandenberg
Vandenberg (1983) Heading For A Storm
Vandenberg (1985) Alibi
Vandenberg (2004) Best Off
Vanderhoof (1997) Vanderhoof
Vanderhoof (2002) A Blur In Time
Vanessa Carlton (2002) Be Not Nobody
Vanessa Carlton (2004) Harmonium
Vanessa Mae (1992) The Classical Collection I CD1 Russian Album
Vanessa Mae (1992) The Classical Collection I CD2 Viennes Album
Vanessa Mae (1992) The Classical Collection I CD3 Virtuoso Album
Vanessa Mae (1995) The Violin Player
Vanessa Mae (1996) Vanessa Mae. The Classical Album 1
Vanessa Mae (1997) China Girl. The Classical Album 2
Vanessa Mae (1997) Storm
Vanessa Mae (1998) The Original Four Seasons & The Devil's Thrill Sonata
Vanessa Mae (2001) Subject To Change
Vanessa Mae (2004) Choreography
Vanessa Mae (2004) Re-Bach
Vanessa Paradis (1988) M&J
Vanessa Paradis (1990) Variations sur le mкme t'aime
Vanessa Paradis (1992) Vanessa Paradis
Vanessa Paradis (1994) Live
Vanessa Paradis (2000) Bliss
Vanessa Petruo (2005) Mama Lilla Would
Vanessa S (2004) Independence
Vanessa Williams (1991) The Comfort Zone
Vanessa Williams (1997) Next
Vanessa Williams (2004) Here I Go Again!
Vanessa Williams (2004) Love Songs
Vanessa Williams (2004) Silver And Gold
Vanessa Williams (2005) Everlasting Love
Vangelis (1972) L'apolypse Des Animaux
Vangelis (1975) Albedo 0.39
Vangelis (1977) Ignacio
Vangelis (1977) Spiral
Vangelis (1978) Beaubough Vangelis
Vangelis (1979) Opera Sauvage
Vangelis (1981) Chariots Of Fire
Vangelis (1983) Antarctica
Vangelis (1984) Soil Festivities
Vangelis (1990) The City
Vangelis (1992) 1492 Conquest Of Paradise
Vangelis (1994) Blade Runner [soundtrack]
Vangelis (1995) Voices
Vangelis (1996) Oceanic
Vangelis (1996) Portraits
Vangelis (1998) The Very Best
Vangelis (2001) Mythodea
Vangelis (2004) Alexander [soundtrack]
Vangelis (2005) Blade Runner - Esper Edition CD1 [soundtrack]
Vangelis (2005) Blade Runner - Esper Edition CD2 [soundtrack]
Vanich (2004) Индивидуалистика
Vanilla Ice (1990) To The Extreme
Vanilla Ice (2001) Bi-Polar
Vanilla Ice (2003) Hot Sex
Vashti Bunyan (2005) Lookaftering
Vaya Con Dios (1988) Con Dios
Vaya Con Dios (1990) Night Owls
Vaya Con Dios (1992) Time Flies
Vaya Con Dios (1995) Roots And Wings
Vaya Con Dios (1996) The Best Of
Vaya Con Dios (1998) What's a Woman
Vaya Con Dios (1999) Songs By Purple Rose
Vaya Con Dios (2000) Best 2000
Vaya Con Dios (2004) The Promise
Velvet Acid Christ (2004) Between the Eyes 4
Velvet Revolver (2004) Contraband
Velvet Underground (1967) The Velvet Underground & Nico
Velvet Underground (1968) White Light, White Heat
Velvet Underground (1969) The Velvet Underground
Velvet Underground (1970) Loaded
Velvet Underground (1985) VU
Velvet Underground (1986) Another View
Velvet Underground (1989) The Best Of
Velvet Underground (1993) Live MCMXCIII CD1
Velvet Underground (1993) Live MCMXCIII CD2
Velvet Underground (1995) The Best Of Lou Reed & Velvet Underground
Vengaboys (1999) Party Album!
Vengaboys (2000) The platinum album
Vengaboys (2000) Up & Down
Venom (1981) Welcome To Hell
Venom (1983) Acid Queen
Venom (1983) At War With Satan
Venom (1985) American Assault
Venom (1985) Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Venom (1985) Japanese Assault
Venom (1985) Official Bootleg Live
Venom (1985) Possessed
Venom (1986) The Singles 80-86
Venom (1987) Calm Before The Storm
Venom (1989) Prime Evil
Venom (1990) Tear Your Soul Apart
Venom (1991) In Memorium
Venom (1991) Temples of Ice
Venom (1992) The Book of Armageddon
Venom (1992) The Waste Lands
Venom (1997) From Heaven To The Unknown CD1
Venom (1997) From Heaven To The Unknown CD2
Venom (1998) Cast in Stone
Venom (2000) Resurrection
Venom (2002) Black Metal
Venom (2005) Live In London
Ventures (1960) Walk Don't Run
Ventures (1961) The Colorful Ventures
Ventures (1961) The Ventures
Ventures (1962) Going To The Ventures Dance Party
Ventures (1962) Mashed Potatoes And Gravy
Ventures (1962) The VENTURES TWIST Party
Ventures (1962) Twist With The Ventures
Ventures (1963) BOBBY VEE Meets The VENTURES
Ventures (1963) Let's Go
Ventures (1963) Play The Country Classics
Ventures (1963) Surfing
Ventures (1964) Walk Don't Run Volume II
Ventures (1965) Knock Me Out
Ventures (1965) The FABULOUS VENTURES
Ventures (1965) The VENTURES A GO-GO
Ventures (1966) Batman Theme
Ventures (1966) Go With The Ventures
Ventures (1966) Wild Things
Ventures (1967) GUITAR Freakout
Ventures (1967) Super PSYCHEDELICS
Ventures (1968) Flights Of FANTASY
Ventures (1968) Pops In Japan
Ventures (1968) Underground Fire
Ventures (1969) Hawaii Five-O
Ventures (1969) Swamp Rock
Ventures (1970) Golden Pops
Ventures (1970) Pops In Japan
Ventures (1972) Joy) Play The Classics
Ventures (1972) Rock And Roll Forever
Ventures (1975) Now Playing
Ventures (1975) Play James Bond Music
Ventures (1977) TV Themes
Ventures (1979) Latin Album
Ventures (1996) Wild Again
Venus & Marc (1994) Xummertime [single]
Venus Hum (2003) Big Beautiful Sky
Vertical Vibe (xxxx) Everybody's Free [single]
Verushka (2001) The Secret
Verve (1997) Urban Hymns
Vexed (2004) Destruction Warfare
Victoria Beckham (2001) Victoria Beckham
Video Kids (1985) The Invasion Of Spacepeckers
Video Kids (1986) On Satellite [single]
Video Kids (1987) On Satellite
Video Kids (1989) Hithouse
Video Kids (1989) Jack to the Sound of Underground [single]
Video Kids (2000) Woodpeckers From Space - The Singles
Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Project (2000) Symphonic Rock - Volume 1
Vi-King (1993) Do The Dance (Vinil) [single]
Village People (1980) Best Of The Singles
Village People (1985) Sex Over The Phone
Village People (1999) We Want You_ Ultimate Collection
Vince Neil (1993) Exposed
Vince Neil (1995) Carved In Stone
Vines (2002) Highly Evolved
Vines (2004) Winning Days
Vinnie Moore (1988) Time Odyssey
Vinnie Moore (1991) Meltdown
Vinnie Moore (1996) Out of Nowhere
Violent Femmes (1983) Violent Femmes
Violent Femmes (1984) Hallowed Ground
Violent Femmes (1986) The Blind Leading The Naked
Violent Femmes (1989) 3
Violent Femmes (1991) Why Do Birds Sing
Violent Femmes (1993) Add It Up (1981-1993)
Violent Femmes (1994) New Times
Violent Femmes (1998) Rock!!!!!
Violent Femmes (1999) Viva Wisconsin [live]
Violent Femmes (2000) Freak Magnet
Violent Femmes (2002) Violent Femmes [Deluxe Edition] CD1
Violent Femmes (2002) Violent Femmes [Deluxe Edition] CD2
Violent Femmes (2003) Something's Wrong
Virgin Prunes (1982) ...IF I DIE, I DIE
Virgin Prunes (1986) The Moon Looked Down and Laughed
Virgin Prunes (1987) The Hidden Lie
Virtual Audio Project (1997) Apocalypse
Virtual Audio Project (1997) Blue
Virtual Audio Project (1997) Flight
Virtual Audio Project (1997) Genesi
Virtual Audio Project (1997) Hi-Tech
Virtual Audio Project (1997) Into The Brain
Virtual Audio Project (1997) Nature
Virus (2005) Sick of Lies
Visage (1980) Visage
Visage (1982) The Anvil
Visage (1993) Fade To Grey - The Best Of Visage
Vision Divine (2005) The Perfect Machine
Visitors (1982) Visitors
Vitalij Kuprij (1997) High Definition
Vitalij Kuprij (1998) Extreme Measures
Vitalij Kuprij (1999) VK3
Vivian Vee (xxxx) Greatest Hits
Vivien Vee (1983) With Vivien Vee
Vladimir Cosma (1968) Alexandre Le Bienheureux (film de Yves Robert)
Vladimir Cosma (1972) Le Grand Blond Avec Une Chaussure Noire
Vladimir Cosma (1973) Les Aventures De Rabbi Jacob (film de Gerard Oury)
Vladimir Cosma (1973) Les Zozos (film de Pascal Thomas)
Vladimir Cosma (1973) Salut L'artiste (film de Yves Robert)
Vladimir Cosma (1974) La Moutarde me Monte au Nez (film de Claude Zidi)
Vladimir Cosma (1974) Le Chaud Lapin (film de Pascal Thomas)
Vladimir Cosma (1974) Le Retour Du Grand Blond (film de Yves Robert)
Vladimir Cosma (1974) Pleure Pas La Bouche Pleine (film de Pascal Thomas)
Vladimir Cosma (1975) La course a l'Echalotte (film de Claude Zidi)
Vladimir Cosma (1975) Le Telephone Rose [single]
Vladimir Cosma (1976) Dracula Pere & Fils (film de Edouard Molinaro)
Vladimir Cosma (1976) La Surprise Du Chef (film de Pascal Thomas)
Vladimir Cosma (1976) L'aile Ou La Cuisse (film de Claude Zidi)
Vladimir Cosma (1976) Le Joyet (film de Francis Veber)
Vladimir Cosma (1976) Michel Strogoff (film deJean-Pierre Decour)
Vladimir Cosma (1977) Nous Irons Tous Au Paradis (film de Yves Robert)
Vladimir Cosma (1977) Un Elephant Ca Trompe Enormement (film de Yves Robert)
Vladimir Cosma (1977) Un Oursin Dans La Poche (film de Pascal Thomas)
Vladimir Cosma (1977) Vous N'aurez Pas L'alsace Et La Lorraine [single]
Vladimir Cosma (1978) Confidences Pour Confidences (film de Pascal Thomas)
Vladimir Cosma (1978) La Zizanie (film de Claude Zidi)
Vladimir Cosma (1979) Courage Fuyons (film de Yves Robert)
Vladimir Cosma (1979) La Derobade (film de Daniel Duval)
Vladimir Cosma (1979) Les Aventures de David Balfour [single]
Vladimir Cosma (1980) Celles Qu'on N'a Pas Eues (film de Pascal Thomas)
Vladimir Cosma (1980) Diva (film de Jean-Jacques Beneix)
Vladimir Cosma (1980) La Boum (film de Claude Pinoteau)
Vladimir Cosma (1980) Le Coup du Parapluie (film de Gerard Oury)
Vladimir Cosma (1980) L'inspecteur La Bavure (film de Claude Zidi)
Vladimir Cosma (1981) La Chevre (film de Francis Veber)
Vladimir Cosma (1981) L'annee Prochaine Si Tout Va Bien
VMF (1999) VMF
VNV Nation (1998) Praise The Fallen
VNV Nation (1998) The Solitary
VNV Nation (1999) Darkangel [single]
VNV Nation (1999) Empires
VNV Nation (2000) Live In NYC [live]
VNV Nation (2000) Standing - Burning Empires CD1 Burning Empires
VNV Nation (2000) Standing - Burning Empires CD2 Standing
VNV Nation (2001) Advance And Follow V.2
VNV Nation (2001) Genesis 1
VNV Nation (2001) Genesis 2
VNV Nation (2001) Genesis 3
VNV Nation (2001) Live In Dortmund [live]
VNV Nation (2001) Live In Munich CD1 [live]
VNV Nation (2001) Live In Munich CD2 [live]
VNV Nation (2001) Live In San Francisco [live]
VNV Nation (2002) Beloved 1
VNV Nation (2002) Beloved 2
VNV Nation (2002) Beloved 3
VNV Nation (2002) Futureperfect
VNV Nation (2002) Futureperfect (instrumental promo) [single]
VNV Nation (2002) Remixes [remixes]
Voice Of Eye (1992) Mariner Sonique
Voice Of Eye (1994) Vespers
Voices Of Tranquility (1998) Volume 1
Voices Of Tranquility (1998) Volume 2
Voices Of Tranquility (1998) Volume 3
Volcano (2000) Violent
Von Thronstahl (2000) Imperium Internum
Von Thronstahl (2001) E Pluribus Unum
Vond (1999) Green Eyed Demon
Voo Doo Funk (2000) Lionize
Voodoo Child (2003) Baby Monkey
VSVN (1995) Very Synthetic Virtual Noise
Wagner Pa feat Manu Chao (2000) Brazuca Matraca
Waldo (1995) It's About Time
Waldo (1996) The Riddle
Waldo's People (1998) U Drive Me Crazy [single]
Waldo's People (1999) The Album
Waldo's People (2000) 1000 Ways [single]
Waldo's People (2000) No Man's Land
Walfrido Guevara (xxxx) La Musica De Walfrido Guevara [compilation]
Walkabouts (1993) New West Motel
Walkabouts (1993) Satisfied Mind
Walkabouts (1996) Devil's Road
Walkabouts (1997) Nighttown
Walkabouts (2000) Trail Of Stars
Walkabouts (2001) Ended Up A Stranger
Walkabouts (2002) Drunken Soundtracks CD1
Walkabouts (2002) Drunken Soundtracks CD2
Walkabouts (2002) Watermarks
Wallace Roney (2004) Prototype
Wallflowers (1996) Bringing Down The Horse
Wallflowers (2000) Breach
Wallflowers (2002) Red Letter Days
Wallflowers (2005) Rebel Sweetheart
Wang Shan Ti & Hsun Wang (1999) Purity
Warlock (1984) Burning The Witches
Warlock (1985) Hellbound
Warlock (1986) True As Steel
Warlock (1987) Triumph And Agony
Warlord (1977) Warlord
Warp Brothers (2003) Warp Factor
Warren G (1997) Regulate...g Funk Era
Warren G (2001) The Return Of The Regulator
WASP (1984) W.A.S.P.
WASP (1985) The Last Command
WASP (1986) Inside The Electric Circus
WASP (1987) Live… In The Raw
WASP (1989) The Headless Children
WASP (1992) The Crimson Idol CD1
WASP (1992) The Crimson Idol CD2
WASP (1993) First Blood ... Last Cuts
WASP (1995) Still Not Black Enough
WASP (1997) Kill Fuck Die
WASP (1998) Double Live Assassins CD1 [live]
WASP (1998) Double Live Assassins CD2 [live]
WASP (1999) Best Ballads
WASP (1999) Helldorado
WASP (2000) The Best Of The Best
WASP (2000) The Sting
WASP (2001) Unholy Terror
WASP (2002) Dying for the world
WASP (2004) Karlskrona, Kino 2004-11-09
WASP (2004) The Neon God) part 1) The Rise
WASP (2004) The Neon God) part 2) The Demise
Water Lilly (xxxx) Frenzy Flux
Waterboys (2001) Rock in the Weary Land [Razor & Tie]
Way Out West (2001) Way Out West - Live Session [live]
WC (2004) Westside Heavy Hitter
We Are Scientists (2005) With Love And Squalor
Weather Report (1971) Weather Report
Weather Report (1973) Mysterious Traveller
Weather Report (1977) Heavy Weather
Weather Report (1979) 8-30 CD1
Weather Report (1979) 8-30 CD2
Weather Report (1990) Black Market
Weather Report (2002) Live & Unreleased CD1
Weather Report (2002) Live & Unreleased CD2
Wedding Present (2005) Take Fountain
Weekend Players (xxxx) 21st Century / Into The Sun [single]
Weezer (1994) Weezer (Blue Album)
Weezer (1996) Pinkerton
Weezer (2001) The Green Album
Weezer (2002) Maladroit
Weezer (2003) The Blue Album CD2
Weird Weeds (2004) Hold Me
Welle Erdball (1992) Es Ist An Der Zeit (as Feindsender)
Welle Erdball (1993) Nyntando-Schock [single]
Welle Erdball (1994) Frontalaufprall
Welle Erdball (1995) Alles Ist Moglich
Welle Erdball (1995) W.O.L.F. [single]
Welle Erdball (1996) Tanzpalast 2000
Welle Erdball (1996) Telephon W38 [single]
Welle Erdball (1998) Deine Augen & Arbeit Adelt [single]
Welle Erdball (1998) Der Sinn Des Lebens
Welle Erdball (2000) Starfighter F-104G [single]
Welle Erdball (2001) Super 8 [single]
Welle Erdball (2001) VW-Kafer & 1000 Tage [single]
Welle Erdball (2002) Die Wunderwelt Der Technik CD1 [compilation]
Welle Erdball (2002) Die Wunderwelt Der Technik CD2 [compilation]
Welle Erdball (2002) Live At Matrix (Bochum, 12-07-02) [live]
Welle Erdball (2003) Nur Tote Frauen Sind Schoen
Wes Madiko (1996) Welenga
West Inc (1995) The Wonder [single]
West Inc (1995) You Are My Lover [single]
Westbam (1991) The Roof Is On Fire
Westbam (1993) Bam Bam Bam
Westbam (1995) Wizards Of The Sonic [single]
Westbam (1999) We'll Never Stop Living This Way
Westbam (2002) Right On
Westbam (2003) Recognize (feat. X) [single]
Westbam (2005) Do you Believe in Westworld
Westlife (2001) World Of Your Own
Westlife (2002) Unbreakable
Westlife (2004) Allow Us To Be Frank
Westlife (2005) Face to face
Wet Wet Wet (1993) End Of Part One - Their Greatest Hits
Wet Wet Wet (1995) Picture This
Wet Wet Wet (1997) 10
Wham! (1983) Fantastic
Wham! (1984) Make It Big
Wham! (1986) The Final
Wham! (1986) Twelve Inch Mixes
Wham! (1997) If You Were There
Whigfield (1994) Another Day [single]
Whigfield (1994) Big Time [single]
Whigfield (1994) I Want To Love (US Remix) [single]
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