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Jeremy Enigk (1997) San Francisco (26-02-1997) [live]
Jeremy Enigk (2000) End Session
Jerry Alfred & The Medicine Beat (1996) Etsi Shon
Jerry Cantrell (1998) Boggy Depot
Jerry Cantrell (2002) Degradation Trip
Jerry Garcia (2005) Garcia Plays Dylan
Jerry Goldsmith (1982) Rambo - Fisrst Blood [soundtrack]
Jerry Goldsmith (1985) Rambo II [soundtrack]
Jerry Goldsmith (1988) Rambo III [soundtrack]
Jerry Goldsmith (1993) Malice
Jerry Goldsmith (1996) Star Trek 08 (First Contact) [soundtrack]
Jerry Goldsmith (2003) Looney Tunes Back In Action [soundtrack]
Jerry Rivera (2002) Vuela Muy Alto
Jerry Rivera (2003) A Tribute To Frankie Ruiz
Jesper Kyd (2003) Freedom Fighters [soundtrack]
Jesper Kyd (2006) Hitman Blood Money
Jesse Cook (1996) Gravity
Jesse Cook (1997) Tempest
Jesse Cook (1998) Vertigo
Jesse Cook (2000) Free Fall
Jesse McCartney (2004) Beautiful Soul
Jessica (1988) Symphathy
Jessica (1989) The Best Of
Jessica Jay (1996) Broken Hearted Woman
Jessica Jay (2002) Chilly Cha Cha
Jessica Jay (2005) Greatest Hits
Jessica Simpson (1999) Sweet Kisses
Jessica Simpson (2001) Irresistible
Jessica Simpson (2003) In This Skin
Jessica Simpson (2004) Christmas Collection
Jessica Simpson (2005) These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (Remixes)
Jessica Williams (1985) Queen Of Fools
Jesus & Mary Chain (1989) Automatic
Jesus & Mary Chain (1992) Honey's Dead
Jesus & Mary Chain (1993) The Sound Of Speed
Jesus Jones (1989) Liquidizer
Jesus Jones (1991) Doubt
Jesus Jones (1993) Perverse
Jesus Jones (1993) The Devil You Know
Jet (2003) Get Born
Jet (2004) Family Style [live]
Jet (2004) Right! Right! Right! [live]
Jethro Tull (1968) This Was
Jethro Tull (1970) Nothing Is Easy Live At The
Jethro Tull (1971) Aqualung
Jethro Tull (1972) Living In The Past
Jethro Tull (1972) Thick As A Brick
Jethro Tull (1975) Minstrel In The Gallery
Jethro Tull (1976) Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll) Too Young To Die
Jethro Tull (1977) Songs From the Wood
Jethro Tull (1978) Bursting Out (Live) CD1
Jethro Tull (1978) Bursting Out (Live) CD2
Jethro Tull (1978) Heavy Horses
Jethro Tull (1979) Stormwatch
Jethro Tull (1980) A
Jethro Tull (1982) The Broadsword and the Beast
Jethro Tull (1984) Under Wraps
Jethro Tull (1985) Original Masters
Jethro Tull (1987) Crest Of A Knave
Jethro Tull (1989) Rock Island
Jethro Tull (1991) Catfish Rising
Jethro Tull (1992) A Little Light Music
Jethro Tull (1993) Nightcap CD1
Jethro Tull (1993) Nightcap CD2
Jethro Tull (1993) The Best of Jethro Tull - The Anniversary Collection CD1
Jethro Tull (1993) The Best of Jethro Tull - The Anniversary Collection CD2
Jethro Tull (1995) Roots to Branches
Jethro Tull (1999) J-tull.com
Jethro Tull (2002) Living with the Past
Jethro Tull (2003) Christmas Album
Jewel (1994) Pieces Of You
Jewel (2003) 0304
Jewel (2004) Live At Humphrey's by the Bay
Jewel (2004) Live At Humphrey's by the Bay (bonus material)
Jill Johnson (2005) The Christmas In You
Jim Morrison (1995) American Prayer
Jimi Hendrix (1967) Are You Experienced
Jimi Hendrix (1967) Axis Bold As Love
Jimi Hendrix (1968) Bleeding Heart (Live In New York) [live]
Jimi Hendrix (1968) Electric Ladyland
Jimi Hendrix (1968) Live At Winterland [live]
Jimi Hendrix (1970) Band Of Gypsies
Jimi Hendrix (1971) Isle Of Wight
Jimi Hendrix (1971) The Cry Of Love
Jimi Hendrix (1972) War Heroes
Jimi Hendrix (1994) Blues
Jimi Hendrix (1994) Woodstock
Jimi Hendrix (1995) In From The Storm - The Music Of Jimi Hendrix [tribute]
Jimi Hendrix (1995) Supersession
Jimi Hendrix (1995) Voodoo Soup
Jimi Hendrix (1997) First Rays Of The New Rising Sun
Jimi Hendrix (1997) South Saturn Delta
Jimi Hendrix (1998) BBC Sessions CD1
Jimi Hendrix (1998) BBC Sessions CD2
Jimi Hendrix (1999) Live At The Fillmore East CD1 [live]
Jimi Hendrix (1999) Live At The Fillmore East CD2 [live]
Jimi Hendrix (2000) The Jimi Hendrix Experience CD1
Jimi Hendrix (2000) The Jimi Hendrix Experience CD2
Jimi Hendrix (2000) The Jimi Hendrix Experience CD3
Jimi Hendrix (2000) The Jimi Hendrix Experience CD4
Jimi Tenor (2000) Intervision
Jimmy Cliff (1980) I Am Living
Jimmy Cliff (1981) Give the People What They Want
Jimmy Eat World (1996) Static Prevails
Jimmy Eat World (1999) Clarity
Jimmy Eat World (2002) Bleed American
Jimmy Eat World (2002) Good To Go
Jimmy Eat World (2004) Futures
Jimmy Page & Black Crowes (xxxx) Live At The Greek CD1
Jimmy Page & Black Crowes (xxxx) Live At The Greek CD2
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant (1994) No quarter
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant (1998) Rain Or Shine (Great Woods) CD1 [bootleg]
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant (1998) Rain Or Shine (Great Woods) CD2 [bootleg]
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant (1998) Walking Into Clarksdale
Jimmy Somerville (1989) Read My Lips
Jimmy Somerville (1995) Dare To Love
Jimmy Somerville (1997) The Singles Collection
Jimmy Somerville (1999) Manage To Damage
Jimmy Somerville (2004) Home Again
Jin (2005) Presents... the Emcee's Properganda
Jinny (xxxx) Feel The Rhythm
Jinny (xxxx) One More Time
Jinny (xxxx) Wanna Be With U
Jirah (2003) Outer Access
Jirah (2004) Durenan
JJ Cale (1971) Naturally
JJ Cale (1972) Really
JJ Cale (1974) Okie
JJ Cale (1976) Troubadour
JJ Cale (1979) JJ Cale 5
JJ Cale (1981) Shades
JJ Cale (1982) Grasshopper
JJ Cale (1983) JJ Cale 8
JJ Cale (1989) Travel-Log
JJ Cale (1992) Number 10
JJ Cale (1994) Closer To You
JJ Cale (1996) Guitar Man
JJ Cale (2001) Live
JK (1992) You Make Me Feel Good (Remix) [single]
JK (1992) You Make Me Feel Good [single]
JK (1993) My Radio [single]
JK (1995) You & I [single]
JK (1996) Sweet Lady Night [All Mixed Up]
JK (2003) Hit My Heart (promo) [single]
JLM (1995) JLM
JLM (1996) Come Into My Life
Joachim Garraud & David Guetta (2005) Live At Red Light (Paris)
Joachim Garraud (2005) ZeMixx
Joachim Witt & Peter Heppner (1998) Die Flut [single]
Joan Baez (1987) Any Day Now CD1
Joan Baez (1987) Any Day Now CD2
Joan Baez (1996) Diamonds CD1
Joan Baez (1996) Diamonds CD2
Joan Baez (2003) Dark Chords on a Big Guitar
Joan Jett & The Runaways (1977) The Best
Joan Jett & The Runaways (1991) Neon Angels
Joan Jett And The Blackhearts (1998) Flashback
Joan Osbourne (1995) Relish
Joan Osbourne (2000) Righteous Love
Joe Arroyo (2003) [unknown album]
Joe Arroyo (xxxx) La Noche
Joe Cocker (1969) Joe Cocker!
Joe Cocker (1969) With A Little Help Of My Friends
Joe Cocker (1970) Mad Dogs & Englishmen
Joe Cocker (1972) Something To Say
Joe Cocker (1976) Stingray
Joe Cocker (1978) Luxury You Can Afford
Joe Cocker (1982) Sheffield Steel
Joe Cocker (1984) Civilized Man
Joe Cocker (1986) Cocker
Joe Cocker (1987) Unchain My Heart
Joe Cocker (1989) One Night Of Sin
Joe Cocker (1992) Joe Cocker Live [live]
Joe Cocker (1992) Night Calls
Joe Cocker (1992) The Best Of Joe Cocker
Joe Cocker (1994) Have A Little Faith
Joe Cocker (1996) Organic
Joe Cocker (1997) Across From Midnight
Joe Cocker (1999) No Ordinary World
Joe Cocker (2000) Collection
Joe Cocker (2004) Heart & Soul
Joe Dassin (1966) Guantanamera
Joe Dassin (1967) Les Dalton
Joe Dassin (1970) L'Amerique
Joe Dassin (1972) La Complainte De L'Heure De Pointe
Joe Dassin (1973) Dans Les Yeux d'Emilie
Joe Dassin (1974) Indian Summer
Joe Dassin (1975) Et Si Tu N'existais Pas
Joe Dassin (1976) La Banda Bonnot
Joe Dassin (1978) Le Dernier Slow
Joe Dassin (1980) The Guitar Don't Lie
Joe Dassin (1999) Best Collection
Joe Dassin (xxxx) Si Tu T'appelles Melancolie
Joe Hisaishi (2001) Le Voyage de Chihiro [soundtrack]
Joe Hisaishi (2002) Princess Mononoke [soundtrack]
Joe Lynn Turner (1982) Fandango
Joe Lynn Turner (1985) Rescue You
Joe Lynn Turner (1997) Under Cover
Joe Lynn Turner (1999) Under Cover, Vol. 2
Joe Lynn Turner (2000) Holy Man
Joe Lynn Turner (2001) Slam
Joe Lynn Turner (2003) JLT
Joe Lynn Turner (2003) Nothing's Changed
Joe Lynn Turner (2005) The Usual Suspects
Joe McBride (2002) Keepin' It Real
Joe McBride (2005) Texas Hold'em
Joe Satriani (1986) Not Of This Earth
Joe Satriani (1987) Surfing With The Alien
Joe Satriani (1988) Dreaming 11
Joe Satriani (1989) Flying In A Blue Dream
Joe Satriani (1992) The Extremist
Joe Satriani (1993) Surf On This Earth (Live In Europe 1988) Bootleg) [live]
Joe Satriani (1993) Time Machine
Joe Satriani (1995) Joe Satriani
Joe Satriani (1998) Crystal Planet
Joe Satriani (2000) Engines Of Creation
Joe Satriani (2002) Strange Beautiful Music
Joe Satriani (2004) Is There Love In Space
Joe Satriani (2005) G3) Live in Tokyo
Joe Satriani (2006) Super Colossal
Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai (1997) G3 (live in concert) [live]
Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros (2002) Streetcore
Joe Walsh (1976) You Can't Argue With A Sick Mind
Joe Walsh (1978) But Seriously, Folks
Joe Walsh (1991) Ordinary Average Guy
Joe Walsh (1992) Songs For A Dying Planet
Joey Beltram (1998) Places
Joey Beltram (1999) Live At Dance Terminal 02-10-1999
Joey Beltram (xxxx) Recorded Live In Germany
Joey Tempest (1995) A Place To Call Home
Joey Tempest (1997) Azalea Place
Johannes Heil (1998) Live @ Gasometer
Johannes Heil (1999) Live At Fuse
John '00' Fleming (2001) Licenzed To Thrill
John Anderson (2004) On Eagle's Wing
John Askew (2005) Kiss 100 11-01-2005
John Askew (2006) A State Of Trance 250 (25-05-2006) (Live @ The Asta)
John Barry (1963) From Russia With Love [soundtrack]
John Campbell (1993) Howlin' Mercy
John Coltrane & Archie Shepp (1965) New Thing at Newport
John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman (1963) John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman
John Coltrane (1956) John Coltrane Plays For Lovers
John Coltrane (1957) Blue Train
John Coltrane (1957) Lush Life
John Coltrane (1958) Soultrane
John Coltrane (1958) Standard Coltrane
John Coltrane (1959) Coltrane - Bahia
John Coltrane (1960) Coltrane Plays The Blues
John Coltrane (1961) Impressions
John Coltrane (1961) My Favorite Things
John Coltrane (1961) Ole
John Coltrane (1961) The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings CD1
John Coltrane (1961) The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings CD2
John Coltrane (1961) The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings CD3
John Coltrane (1961) The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings CD4
John Coltrane (1961) The Complete Africa - Brass Sessions CD1
John Coltrane (1961) The Complete Africa - Brass Sessions CD2
John Coltrane (1962) On Stage 1962 featuring Eric Dolphy
John Coltrane (1964) Coltrane's Sound
John Coltrane (1964) Crescent
John Coltrane (1965) A Love Supreme
John Coltrane (1965) Ascension
John Coltrane (1965) Live Supreme
John Coltrane (1965) Transition
John Coltrane (1966) Ballads
John Coltrane (1967) Stellar Regions
John Coltrane (1977) First Meditations
John Coltrane (1995) The Heavyweight Champion CD1
John Coltrane (1995) The Heavyweight Champion CD2
John Coltrane (1995) The Heavyweight Champion CD3
John Coltrane (1995) The Heavyweight Champion CD4
John Coltrane (1995) The Heavyweight Champion CD5
John Coltrane (1995) The Heavyweight Champion CD6
John Coltrane (1995) The Heavyweight Champion CD7
John Coltrane (1999) Trane's Blues
John Cougar (1979) John Cougar
John Cougar Mellencamp (1982) American Fool
John Cougar Mellencamp (1994) Dance Naked
John Cougar Mellencamp (2004) Words & Music (Greatest Hits) CD1
John Cougar Mellencamp (2004) Words & Music (Greatest Hits) CD2
John Debney (2003) Elf [soundtrack]
John Debney (2004) The Passion Of The Christ [soundtrack]
John Digweed & Deep Dish (2002) Sessions (New 2002 Toonage)
John Digweed (2001) Forth (Kiss FM)
John Digweed (2001) GU 006 Sydney CD1
John Digweed (2001) GU 006 Sydney CD2
John Digweed (2001) GU 014 Hong-Kong CD1
John Digweed (2001) GU 014 Hong-Kong CD2
John Digweed (2001) GU 019 Los Angeles CD1
John Digweed (2001) GU 019 Los Angeles CD2
John Digweed (2001) Homelands (Essential Mix)
John Digweed (2001) Kiss FM John Digweed
John Fogerty (2005) The Long Road Home
John Foxx (1980) Metamatic
John Foxx (1995) Cathedral Oceans I
John Foxx (2003) Cathedral Oceans II
John Frusciante (2001) To Record Only Water For Ten Days
John Frusciante (2004) Shadows Collid'e with People
John Kay & Sparrow (1993) Best Of John Kay & Sparrow
John Kay & Steppenwolf (1982) Wolftracks
John Kay & Steppenwolf (1987) Rock & Roll Rebels
John Kay & Steppenwolf (1990) Rise & Shine
John Kay (1987) Lone Steppenwolf
John Lee Hooker (1995) Chill Out
John Legend (2004) Get Lifted
John Lennon (1969) Live Peace In Toronto
John Lennon (1970) Plastic Ono Band
John Lennon (1971) Imagine
John Lennon (1972) Live Jam [live]
John Lennon (1972) Sometime In New York City
John Lennon (1973) Mind Games
John Lennon (1974) Walls And Bridges
John Lennon (1975) Rock'n'roll
John Lennon (1980) Double Fantasy
John Lennon (1984) Milk And Honey
John Lennon (1986) Live In New York City
John Lennon (1986) Menlove Ave.
John Lennon (1987) Single Hits 1969-1975
John Lennon (2005) Working Class Hero (The Definitive Lennon) CD1
John Lennon (2005) Working Class Hero (The Definitive Lennon) CD2
John Lydon (1993) Psycho's Path
John Mayall (1965) John Mayall Plays John Mayall
John Mayall (1968) Blues From Laurel Canyon
John Mayall (1969) The Turning Point
John Mayall (1972) Jazz Blues Fusion
John Mayall (1976) A Banquet In Blues
John Mayall (1993) Wake Up Call
John Mayall (1994) Bluesbreakers
John Mayall (1995) Spinning Coin
John Mayall (2001) Back to the Roots CD1
John Mayall (2003) 70th Birthday Concert
John Mayall (2005) Road Dogs
John Mayer Trio (2005) Try! John Mayer Trio Live
John McLaughlin (1969) Extrapolation
John McLaughlin (1970) Devotion
John McLaughlin (1970) My Goals Beyond
John McLaughlin (1971) Where Fortune Smiles
John McLaughlin (1978) Electric Dreams [with One Truth Band]
John McLaughlin (1978) Electric Guitarist
John McLaughlin (1982) Belo Horizonte
John McLaughlin (1982) Music Spoken Here
John McLaughlin (1990) Mediterranean Concerto
John McLaughlin (1991) Extrapolation
John McLaughlin (1991) Live In Europe
John McLaughlin (1991) Que Alegria
John McLaughlin (1993) Time Remembered
John McLaughlin (1995) The Promise
John McLaughlin (1996) This Is Jazz 17
John McLaughlin (2000) Live In Paris
John McLaughlin (xxxx) After The Rain
John McLaughlin (xxxx) The Heart Of Things
John McLaughlin, Joey DeFrancesco, Elvin Jones (1995) After The Rain
John Norum (1987) Total Control
John Norum (1992) Face The Truth
John Norum (1995) Another Destination
John Norum (1996) Worlds Away
John Norum (2000) Slipped Into Tomorrow
John Norum (2005) Optimus
John Ottman (2005) Hide And Seek [soundtrack]
John Ottman (2006) Superman Returns
John Paul Jones (1994) The sporting life
John Paul Jones (1999) Zooma
John Paul Jones (2001) Scream For Help [soundtrack]
John Paul Jones (2001) Thunderthief
John Peel (2004) Tribute At Radio1 10-26-2004
John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess (2000) An Evening with
John Powell (1997) Face Off [soundtrack]
John Powell (2002) The Bourne Identity [soundtrack]
John Powell (2003) The Italian Job [soundtrack]
John Powell (2006) United 93
John Sauli (1988) Tonight Is The Night
John Vanderslice (2005) Pixel Revolt
John Wayne Shot Me (2005) The Purple Hearted Youth Club
John Wetton & Phil Manzanera (1987) One World
John Wetton (1994) Battle Lines
John Wetton (1998) Arkangel
John Williams (1977) Star Wars IV [soundtrack]
John Williams (1978) Superman) The Movie (Remaster) [soundtrack]
John Williams (1984) Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom [soundtrack]
John Williams (2002) Minority Report [soundtrack]
John Williams (2002) The Chamber of Secrets [soundtrack]
John Williams (2004) Terminal [soundtrack]
John Williams (2005) War of the Worlds [soundtrack]
Johnny Cash (2006) American V - A Hundred Highways
Johnny Griffin (1957) A Blowing Session
Johnny Hallyday (CD1) 01 Retiens La Nuit
Johnny Hallyday (CD1) 02 I Got A Women
Johnny Hallyday (CD1) 03 L' Idole Des Jeunes
Johnny Hallyday (CD1) 04 Les Bras En Croix
Johnny Hallyday (CD1) 05 Excuse-Moi Partenaire
Johnny Hallyday (CD1) 06 Le Penitencier
Johnny Hallyday (CD1) 07 Cheveux Longs Et Idees Courtes
Johnny Hallyday (CD1) 08 Noir C'est Noir
Johnny Hallyday (CD1) 09 A Tout Casser
Johnny Hallyday (CD1) 10 Je Suis Ne Dans La Rue
Johnny Hallyday (CD1) 11 Que Je T' aime
Johnny Hallyday (CD1) 12 Fils De Personne
Johnny Hallyday (CD2) 13 La Musique Que J' aime
Johnny Hallyday (CD2) 14 J'AI~1
Johnny Hallyday (CD2) 15 Rock'n'roll Man
Johnny Hallyday (CD2) 16 Gabrielle
Johnny Hallyday (CD2) 17 Hamlet CD1
Johnny Hallyday (CD2) 17 Hamlet CD2
Johnny Hallyday (CD2) 18 J'AI~1
Johnny Hallyday (CD2) 19 Le Bon Temps Du Rock'n'roll
Johnny Hallyday (CD2) 20 Ma Gueule
Johnny Hallyday (CD2) 21 Deux Etrangers
Johnny Hallyday (CD2) 22 Mon Amerique A Moi
Johnny Hallyday (CD3) 23 Je Suis Victime De L' Amour
Johnny Hallyday (CD3) 24 Version 82 CD1
Johnny Hallyday (CD3) 24 Version 82 CD2
Johnny Hallyday (CD3) 25 Signes Exterieurs De Richesse
Johnny Hallyday (CD3) 26 Nashville Blues
Johnny Hallyday (CD3) 27 Nashville En Direct
Johnny Hallyday (CD3) 28 Rock'n'roll Attitude
Johnny Hallyday (CD3) 29 Gang
Johnny Hallyday (CD3) 30 Cadillac
Johnny Hallyday (CD4) 31 Diego
Johnny Hallyday (CD4) 32 En Anglais - 1
Johnny Hallyday (CD4) 33 En Anglais - 2
Johnny Hallyday (CD4) 34 En Italien
Johnny Hallyday (CD4) 35 En Espagnol, En Allemand
Johnny Hallyday (CD4) 36 BO Films Et Series TV
Johnny Hallyday (CD4) 37 Duos Avec Sylvie Vartan
Johnny Hallyday (CD4) 38 Publicites
Johnny Hallyday (CD4) 39 Inedits
Johnny Hallyday (CD4) 40 Ready Teddy
Johnny Hallyday (CD4) Johnny Hallyday Pars Des Princes 93 CD1
Johnny Hallyday (CD4) Johnny Hallyday Pars Des Princes 93 CD2
Johnny Hallyday (CD4) Johnny Hallyday Pars Des Princes 93 CD3
Johnny Hates Jazz (1988) Turn Back The Clock
Johnny Hates Jazz (1991) Tall Stories
Johnny Rivers (1991) Johnny Rivers Anthology 1964-1977 CD1
Johnny Rivers (1991) Johnny Rivers Anthology 1964-1977 CD2
Johnny Winter (1969) Second winter
Johnny Winter (1969) The Progressive Blues Experiment
Johnny Winter (1970) Second Winter (bonus cd)
Johnny Winter (1973) Still Alive and Well
Johnny Winter (1974) John Dawson Winter III
Johnny Winter (1977) Nothing but the blues
Johnny Winter (1980) Central Park 7-27-80 CD1
Johnny Winter (1980) Central Park 7-27-80 CD2
Johnny Winter (1984) Guitar Slinger
Johnny Winter (1988) The Winter of '88
Johnny Winter (1991) Let Me In
Johnny Winter (1992) Hey, Where's Your Brother
Johnny Winter (1992) Scorchin' Blues
Johnny Winter (1994) A Rock 'n' Roll Collection CD1
Johnny Winter (1994) A Rock 'n' Roll Collection CD2
Johnny Winter (1998) Live in NYC'97
Johnny Winter (2004) I'm A Bluesman
Jon And Kitaro (1992) Dream
Jon And Vangelis (1980) Short Stories
Jon And Vangelis (1981) The Friends Of Mr. Cairo
Jon And Vangelis (1983) Private Collection
Jon And Vangelis (1991) Page Of Life
Jon And Vangelis (1992) The Best Of Jon And Vangelis
Jon Anderson (1976) Olias Of Sunhillow
Jon Anderson (1980) Song Of Seven
Jon Anderson (1983) Animation
Jon Anderson (1985) 3 Ships
Jon Anderson (1988) In The City Of Angels
Jon Anderson (1994) Change We Must
Jon Anderson (1994) Deseo
Jon Anderson (1995) Angels Embrace
Jon Anderson (1995) Deseo [remixes]
Jon Anderson (1996) Toltec
Jon Anderson (1997) Earthmotherearth
Jon Anderson (1997) The Promise Ring
Jon Anderson (1998) The More You Know
Jon Anderson (2001) Jon With Others
Jon Bon Jovi (1990) Blaze Of Glory) Youngguns II
Jon Bon Jovi (1997) Destination Anywhere
Jon Hassell (1978) Vernal Equinox
Jon Hassell (1980) Fourth World Vol. 1 Possible Musics
Jon Hassell (1981) Dream Theory in Malaya
Jon Hassell (1983) Aka Darbari Java (Magic Realism)
Jon Hassell (1988) Flash Of The Spirit
Jon Lord (1970) Gemini Suite
Jon Lord (1974) Windows
Jon Lord (1976) Sarabande
Jon Lord (1982) Before I Forget
Jon Lord (1999) Pictured Within
Jon Secada (1992) Jon Secada
Jon Secada (1999) Greatest Hits
Jon Secada (2000) Better Part Of Me
Jon Secada (2005) Same Dream
Jonas Steur (2006) A State Of Trance 250 (25-05-2006) (Live @ The Asta)
Jonathan Cain (1995) Piano with a view
Jonathan Cain (1998) For a lifetime
Jonathan Cain (xxxx) Body Language
Jonathan Livingstone (xxxx) Mistiq suite
Joni Mitchell (1968) Song To A Seagull
Joni Mitchell (1971) Blue
Joni Mitchell (1972) For The Roses
Joni Mitchell (1975) The Hissing Of Summer Lawns
Joni Mitchell (1976) Hejira
Joni Mitchell (1982) Wild Things Run Fast
Joni Mitchell (1990) Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm
Joni Mitchell (1996) Hits
Joni Mitchell (1999) Taming The Tiger
Joni Mitchell (2000) Both Sides Now
Joni Mitchell (2002) Travelogue CD1
Jonn Serrie (1987) And The Stars Go With You
Jonn Serrie (1989) Flightpath
Jonn Serrie (1990) Tingri
Jonn Serrie (1992) Planetary Chronicles) volume 1
Jonn Serrie (1993) Midsummer Century
Jonn Serrie (1994) Planetary Chronicles) volume 2
Jonn Serrie (1995) Ixlandia
Jonn Serrie (1997) Upon A Midnight Clear
Jonn Serrie (1998) Spirit Keepers
Jonn Serrie (2000) Hidden World (with Garry Stroutsos)
Jonn Serrie (2002) Lumina Nights
Jonn Serrie (2003) The Stargazer's Journey
Jordan Rudess (2003) Christmas Sky
Jordans Drive (2004) Jive Hard Mega Hard
Jorge Reyes & Antinio Zepeda (1986) La Izquierida Del Colibri
Jorge Reyes & Suzo Saiz (1991) Cronica De Castas
Jorge Reyes (1986) Comala
Jorge Reyes (1987) Ek-Tunkul
Jorge Reyes (1990) The Flayed God
Jorge Reyes (1992) Bajo El Sol Jaguar
Jorge Reyes (1993) Nierika
Jorge Reyes (1994) Prehispanic Mistic Rites
Jorge Reyes (1995) Tonami
Jorge Reyes (1996) Authentic Precolombian Music Rituals
Jorge Reyes (1996) El Costumbre
Jorn (2000) Starfire
Jorn (2001) Worldchanger
Jose Carreras (xxxx) An enchanted evening with Jose Cerreras) часть 1
Jose Carreras (xxxx) An enchanted evening with Jose Cerreras) часть 2
Jose Carreras (xxxx) La mia canzone) часть 1
Jose Carreras (xxxx) La mia canzone) часть 2
Jose Carreras (xxxx) Pure passion
Jose Carreras (xxxx) The golden years) 1
Jose Carreras (xxxx) The golden years) 2
Jose Carreras (xxxx) The golden years) 3
Jose Carreras (xxxx) The golden years) 4
Jose Feliciano (2000) Serie Platino) 20 Exitos
Jose Feliciano (2001) Exitos
Jose Padilla (1998) Souvenir
Jose Padilla (2001) Navigator
Josh Rouse (2003) 1972
Josh Rouse (2005) Nashville
Joska Soos (1999) Shamanic Rituals
Joti Sidhu (2004) Promo [нет названий песен]
Journeyman (1997) National Hijinx
Jovanotti (2001) Il Quinto Mondo
Joy (1986) Hello
Joy (1987) Joy And Tears
Joy (1987) The Best Of [remixed]
Joy (1989) The Third
Joy (1992) Christmas Mixes
Joy (1994) Hello, Mrs. Johnson [single]
Joy (1995) Felicidad [single]
Joy (1995) Full Of Joy
Joy (1995) The Best Of Joy
Joy Division (1978) An Ideal For Living EP
Joy Division (1978) Warsaw
Joy Division (1979) Peel Sessions
Joy Division (1979) Unknown Pleasures
Joy Division (1980) Closer
Joy Division (1980) Still
Joy Division (1988) Remains
Joy Division (1992) Substance
Joy Division (1995) Permanent
Joy Division (1997) Heart And Soul CD1
Joy Division (1997) Heart And Soul CD2
Joy Division (1997) Heart And Soul CD3
Joy Division (1997) Heart And Soul CD4
Joy Peters (1985) Don't Loos You Tonight
Joy Peters (1985) One Night In Love (unofficial album)
Joy Peters (1986) Sign Of Love
Joy Peters (2001) The Best Of Joy Peters
JT Company (1994) Live My Life
JT Company (1995) Feel It (In The Air)
Juan Luis Guerra (1995) Bachata Rosa
Juan Maclean (2005) Less Than Human
Juanes (2002) Un Dia Normal
Juanes (2005) Volverte A Ver [single]
Juanes (2006) A Dios Le Pido [single]
Juanes (2006) Mi Sangre (Special Edition)
Judas Priest (1976) Sad Wings Of Destiny
Judas Priest (1977) Sin After Sin
Judas Priest (1978) Hell Bent For Leather
Judas Priest (1978) Killing Machine
Judas Priest (1978) Stained Class
Judas Priest (1979) Unleashed In The East
Judas Priest (1980) Non specifie
Judas Priest (1981) Point Of Entry
Judas Priest (1982) Screaming For Vengeance
Judas Priest (1984) Defenders Of The Faith
Judas Priest (1984) Rocka Rolla
Judas Priest (1986) Turbo
Judas Priest (1988) Ram It Down
Judas Priest (1990) Painkiller [The Re-Masters]
Judas Priest (1993) Metal Works '73-'93 CD1
Judas Priest (1993) Metal Works '73-'93 CD2
Judas Priest (1996) Tribute To Judas Priest Volume 1 (European-Japanese Release)
Judas Priest (2002) Demolition
Judas Priest (2002) Priest...Live! 2CD (Remastered) CD1
Judas Priest (2002) Priest...Live! 2CD (Remastered) CD2
Judas Priest (2004) Hannover Germany
Judas Priest (2004) Hannover Germany LIVE (06-02-2004)
Judas Priest (2004) Metalogy CD1
Judas Priest (2004) Metalogy CD2
Judas Priest (2004) Metalogy CD3
Judas Priest (2004) Metalogy CD4
Judas Priest (2005) Angel of Retribution
Judas Priest (2005) Rising in the East [DVD]
Judas Priest (xxxx) Live Defenders
Judge Jules (2000) Live At Media
Juelz Santana (2005) What The Game's Been Missing!
Julee Cruise (1989) Floating Into The Night
Julee Cruise (1993) The Voice Of Love
Julian Cope (xxxx) Autogeddon
Julian Cope (xxxx) Peggy Suicide
Julian Sas (1997) A Smile To My Soul
Julian Sas (1998) Live 1998
Julian Sas (1999) For The Lost And Found
Julian Sas (2000) Spirits On The Rise
Julian Sas (2002) Delivered
Julie Roberts (2004) Julie Roberts
Juliet (2005) Randon Order
Julio Iglesias (1978) America
Julio Iglesias (1978) Soy
Julio Iglesias (1980) Hey!
Julio Iglesias (1981) De Nina A Mujer
Julio Iglesias (1981) From A Child To A Woman
Julio Iglesias (1982) Et L'amour Crea La Femme
Julio Iglesias (1982) Moments
Julio Iglesias (1985) Libra
Julio Iglesias (1987) Begin The Beguine
Julio Iglesias (1990) Starry Night
Julio Iglesias (1992) Calor
Julio Iglesias (1994) Crazy
Julio Iglesias (1995) La Carretera
Julio Iglesias (1998) My Life (Greatest Hits) CD1
Julio Iglesias (1998) My Life (Greatest Hits) CD2
Julio Iglesias (1998) Tango
Julio Iglesias (2000) Noche De Quatro Lunas
Julio Iglesias (2001) Ao Meu Brasil
Julio Iglesias (2001) Una donna pu cambiar la vita
Julio Iglesias (2004) Love Songs
JungleMan (2005) JungleMan
Junior P (2004) Give Thanks
Junior Sanchez (2001) Rube Recordings
Junkie XL (1998) Saturday Teenage Kick (Special Limited Edition)
Junkie XL (1999) Big Sounds of the Drags
Junkie XL (2000) Zerotonine CD-R [Promo]
Junkie XL (2002) Beauty Never Fades and Breezer
Junkie XL (2003) 7AM
Junkie XL (2003) Between These Walls
Junkie XL (2003) Catch Up To My Step
Junkie XL (2003) Don't Wake Up Policeman
Junkie XL (2003) Live At Creamfields Buenos Aires
Junkie XL (2003) Live At Pinkpop
Junkie XL (2003) Live At Pinkpop with Special Guest
Junkie XL (2003) Live At Tilburg
Junkie XL (2003) Radio JXL-A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin 1
Junkie XL (2003) Radio JXL-A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin 2
Junkyard Funk (2000) Peace Devision
Juno Reactor (1993) Transmissions
Juno Reactor (1994) Laughing Gas [single]
Juno Reactor (1994) Luciana
Juno Reactor (1995) Beyond The Infinite
Juno Reactor (1996) Samurai [single]
Juno Reactor (1997) Bible Of Dreams
Juno Reactor (1997) Conga Fury [single]
Juno Reactor (1997) God Is God
Juno Reactor (1999) Pistolero [single]
Juno Reactor (2000) Shango
Juno Reactor (2001) Masters Of The Universe [single]
Juno Reactor (2002) Shango Tour Live In Tokyo
Juno Reactor (2004) Labyrinth
Jupiter 8000 (2004) Twisted Bliss
Jurassic 5 (2001) Quality Control
Jurassic 5 (2002) Power In Numbers
Just Friends (1996) Friends Forever
Just Friends (xxxx) World of Colours
Justin Hayward (1975) Blue Jays
Justin Hayward (1977) Songwriter
Justin Hayward (1990) Night Flight
Justin Hayward (1996) The View From The Hill
Justin Timberlake (2002) Justified
Juvenile (2006) Reality Check
K 2 (1994) Der Berg Ruft
K 2 (2005) Book of the Dead
K Da 'Cruz (1994) Love Is Lifting Me Higher [single]
K Da 'Cruz (1994) Love Is Lifting Me Higher [single]
K Da 'Cruz (1994) take me to the stars
K Da 'Cruz (xxxx) New High Energy
K2 (1996) Everybody [single]
K2 (2000) Der Berg Ruft 2000 [single]
K2 (2004) Der Berg Ruft 2004 [single]
K2 (xxxx) Horny Matterhorny
Kai Tracid (1999) Skywalker
Kai Tracid (2000) DJ Mix vol. 3
Kai Tracid (2001) Life is too short [single]
Kai Tracid (2002) Trance And Acid
Kai Tracid (2003) 4 Just 1 Day [single]
Kai Tracid (2003) Contemplate
Kai Tracid (2003) Contemplate (The Reason You Exist) [Reissue]
Kai Tracid (2003) Live @ Trance Energy
Kai Tracid (2004) Conscious [single]
Kaiser Chiefs (2005) Employment
Kaizers Orchestra (2005) Maestro (Bonus CD)
Kalacakra (xxxx) Crawling To Lhasa
Kalahari Surfers (2004) Conspiracy of Silence
Kalyn (2005) Verse One Chapter Three
Kamal (1987) Silhouette
Kamal (1989) Blue Down
Kamal (1991) Classics For Love
Kamal (1992) Misterious Traveller
Kamal (1993) Collection
Kamal (1993) Osho Chakra Breathing
Kamal (1993) The Quiet Earth) Dusk
Kamal (1994) In Wonder
Kamal (1994) Mistral
Kamal (1994) Shadow Of The Pines
Kamal (1995) Reiki
Kamal (1999) Papillon
Kamal (1999) Shamanic Healing
Kamal (2000) Mystery Road
Kamal (2001) Reiki Whale Songs
Kamasutrance (2004) Diskorder-Remix [single]
Kamelot (1995) Eternity
Kamelot (1996) Dominion
Kamelot (1998) Siege Perilous
Kamelot (2000) The Expedition
Kamelot (2000) The Fourth Legacy
Kamelot (2001) Karma
Kamelot (2003) Epica
Kamelot (2005) The Black Halo
Kano (1980) Kano-I
Kano (1981) New York Cake
Kano (1983) All The Best - The Long Versions
Kano (1983) Another Life
Kano (2005) Beats And Bars
Kano (2005) Home Sweet Home
Kansas (1974) Kansas
Kansas (1974) Song For America
Kansas (1975) Masque
Kansas (1976) Leftoverture
Kansas (1977) Point Of Know Return
Kansas (1979) Monolith
Kansas (1980) Audio-Visions
Kansas (1982) Vinyl Confessions
Kansas (1983) Drastic Measures
Kansas (1984) The Best Of Kansas
Kansas (1986) Power
Kansas (1988) In The Spirit Of Things
Kansas (1989) King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents
Kansas (1994) Kansas Box Set CD1
Kansas (1994) Kansas Box Set CD2
Kansas (1995) Freaks Of Nature
Kansas (1998) Always Never The Same
Kansas (2000) Somewhere To Elsewhere
Kansas (2001) Dust In The Wind [live]
Kansas (2002) Device, Voice, Drum CD1
Kansas (2002) Device, Voice, Drum CD2
Kansas (2004) Sail On) 30th Anniversary Collection
Kaoma (xxxx) The Best Of
Kardinal Offishall (2005) Fire And Glory
Karen Mantler (1989) My Cat Arnold
Karen Mantler (1995) Farewell
Kari Rueslatten (1995) Demo Recordings
Kari Rueslatten (1997) Spindelsinn
Kari Rueslatten (1998) Mesmerized
Karl Bartos (2000) 15 Minutes Of Fame [single]
Karl Bartos (2003) Communication
Karl Jenkins (2001) The Armed Man) A Mass For Peace
Karma Sutra (xxxx) Prana
Karma Tashi (1995) Tibetan Singing Bowls
Karmix (2001) Kuon Ganjo
Karnataka College Of Percussio (1983) Jyothi
Karnataka College Of Percussio (1997) Mishram
Karnataka College Of Percussio (1998) Bangalore [Charlie Mariano]
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Led Zeppelin (2003) How The West Was Won CD1
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Lee Aaron (1991) Some Girls Do
Lee Ann Womack (2005) There's More Where That Came From
Lee Dong-Jun (1999) Shuri [soundtrack]
Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin (1997) A twist of Jobim
Lee Rocker & Big Blue (1994) Lee Rocker's Big Blue
Lee Rocker & Big Blue (1995) Atomic Boogie Hour
Lee Rocker & Big Blue (1996) Swing Cats
Lee Rocker & Big Blue (1998) No Cats
Lee Rocker & Big Blue (1999) Lee Rocker's Live [live]
Lee Scratch Perry (xxxx) Arkology
Lee Scratch Perry (xxxx) Black Ark Experryments (Lee Perry & Mad Professor)
Lee Scratch Perry (xxxx) Chapter 1 - BlackBoard Jungle Dub
Lee Scratch Perry (xxxx) Dub Fire
Lee Scratch Perry (xxxx) Mystic Miracle Star
Lee Scratch Perry (xxxx) Revolution Dub
Lee Scratch Perry (xxxx) The Upsetter & the Beat
Lee Z (2005) Shadowland
Leftfield (1995) Leftism
Leftfield (1995) Leftism (Bonus CD)
Leftfield (1999) Rhythm And Stealth
Leftfield (2000) Millennium Hits
Legendary Pink Dots (1985) Asylum
Legendary Pink Dots (1992) Shadow Weawer
Legendary Pink Dots (1997) Under Triple Moons
Legendary Pink Dots (1998) Nemesis Online
Legendary Pink Dots (2000) A Perfect Mistery
Legendary Pink Dots (2000) Farewell, Milky Way
Legendary Pink Dots (2002) Maria Dimension
Legendary Pink Dots (2004) Poppy Vibrations
Legendary Pink Dots (2004) The Whispering Wall
Legion of Doom (2006) Incorporated
Leila Forohar (xxxx) Ghese Man Ghese To
Leila K (1992) Open Sesame [single]
Leila K (1992) Open Sesame Remixes (by Felix) [single]
Leila K (1993) Ca Plane Pour Moi [single]
Leila K (1993) Carousel
Leila K (1995) Electric [single]
Leila K (1996) Manic Panic
Leila K (1999) Open Sesame '99 [single]
Lemon (1998) Где-То Там
Lemongrass (2000) Voyage Au Centre De La Terre
Lemurians (2002) Crystal Minds
Lena (1994) Something In My Heart [single]
Lena (2005) Can't erase it
Lene (2003) Play With Me
Leningrad Cowboys (1993) Live in Prowinzz
Leningrad Cowboys (1999) Happy Together
Leningrad Cowboys (2000) Leningrad Cowboys Go Wild
Leningrad Cowboys (2000) Total Balalaika Show) Helsinki CD1
Leningrad Cowboys (2000) Total Balalaika Show) Helsinki CD2
Leningrad Cowboys (2006) Zombies Paradise
Lenny Kravitz (1989) Let Love Rule
Lenny Kravitz (1991) Mama Said
Lenny Kravitz (1993) Are You Gona Go My Way
Lenny Kravitz (1994) Acoustic [bootleg]
Lenny Kravitz (1995) Circus
Lenny Kravitz (1998) If You Can't Say No (Single)
Lenny Kravitz (1999) 5 (reissued with bonus tracks)
Lenny Kravitz (2001) Lenny
Lenny Kravitz (2002) Again [single]
Lenny Kravitz (2004) Baptism
Leo Ferre (1961) Les Poktes - volume 1
Leo Ferre (1961) Les Poktes - volume 2
Leon Alexander (2001) Hope Classics 2
Leonard Cohen (1967) Songs of Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen (1968) At The Beeb
Leonard Cohen (1969) Songs From A Room
Leonard Cohen (1971) Songs of Love & Hate
Leonard Cohen (1974) New Skin For The Old Ceremony
Leonard Cohen (1977) Death Of A Ladies Man
Leonard Cohen (1979) Recent Songs
Leonard Cohen (1984) Various Positions
Leonard Cohen (1988) I'm Your Man
Leonard Cohen (1992) The Future
Leonard Cohen (1994) Cohen Live [live]
Leonard Cohen (2000) Highlights
Leonard Cohen (2001) Ten New Songs
Leonard Cohen (2004) Dear Heather
Leonard Cohen (2005) So Long Marianne
Les Gammas (2002) Exercices De Styles
Les Joyaux De La Princesse (1992) Aux petits enfants de France
Les Joyaux De La Princesse (1994) L'Allemagne Annee Zero
Les Joyaux De La Princesse (1995) Ostenbraun (LJDLP & Death in June)
Les Joyaux De La Princesse (1996) Die Weisse Rose (LJDLP & Regard Extrкme)
Les Joyaux De La Princesse (1996) Wolf Rune (LJDLP & Freya Aswynn)
Les Joyaux De La Princesse (1997) Douce France
Les Joyaux De La Princesse (1997) Split (LJDLP & Muslimgauze)
Les Joyaux De La Princesse (1998) Exposition Internationale
Les Joyaux De La Princesse (2001) Absinthe, La Folie Verte (LJDLP & Blood Axis)
Les Joyaux De La Princesse (2001) Les Voix Des Notres
Les McKeown (1988) Love Hurts And Love Heals [single]
Les McKeown (1988) Love Is Just A Breath Away [single]
Les McKeown (1988) She's A Lady [single]
Les McKeown (1989) It's A Game
Les McKeown (1989) It's A Game [single]
Les McKeown (1989) Nobody Makes Me Crazy (Like You Do) [single]
Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc (2004) Les choristes
Lesiem (1999) Lesiem
Lesiem (2000) Mystic Spirit Voices
Lesiem (2003) Times
Less Than Jake (2003) Anthem
Let Loose (1995) Let Loose
Level 42 (1981) Level 42
Level 42 (1982) The Pursuit of Accidents
Level 42 (1983) True Colours
Level 42 (1985) A Physical Presence
Level 42 (1985) World Machine
Level 42 (1987) Running In The Family
Level 42 (1989) Level Best [compilation]
Level 42 (2004) The Sun Goes Down
Level 42 (2005) Classic [DVDA]
Levellers (2003) Drunk In Public
Levon Minassyan (xxxx) Levon Minassyan & Friends
LFO (2001) Life Is Good
LFO (2003) Freak [single]
LFO (2003) Sheath
Lhasa (1997) La Llorona
Lhasa (2003) The living Road
Liam Titcomb (2005) Liam Titcomb
Lian Ross (1987) Fantasy
Lian Ross (2002) Say You'll Never
Libera (2005) Free
Liberators (xxxx) [unsorted]
Liberty X (2005) X
Life Garden (1993) Caught Between The Tapestry Of Silence And Beauty
Life Garden (1993) Seed
Life Garden (1995) The Hungry Void [Life Garden & Voice Of Eye]
Life of Agony (1993) River Runs Red
Life of Agony (1995) Ugly
Life of Agony (1997) Soul Searching Sun
Life of Agony (2003) River Runs Again [Live] CD1
Life of Agony (2003) River Runs Again [Live] CD2
Lifehouse (2000) No Name Face
Lifehouse (2002) Stanley Climbfall
Lifehouse (2005) Lifehouse
Ligalize It! (xxxx) Ligalize It!
Lighthouse Family (1997) Postcards From Heaven
Lighthouse Family (2001) Free [single]
Lighthouse Family (2002) Greatest Hits
Lighting Head (xxxx) Studio Don
Lil' Suzy (1995) Life Goes On
Lil' Suzy (1997) Paradise
Lil' Wayne (2005) Tha Carter II
Lili & Susie (1987) Dance Romance
Lili & Susie (1988) Anytime
Lili & Susie (1989) Let Us Dance
Lili & Susie (1990) The Sisters
Lili & Susie (1993) The Collection 1985-1993
Lillian Axe (1988) Lillian Axe
Lillian Axe (1989) Love & War
Lillian Axe (1992) Poetic Justice
Lillian Axe (1993) Psychoschizophrenia
Lillian Axe (1999) Fields Of Yesterday
Lillingtons (1999) Death By Television
Lillingtons (2001) The Backchannel Broadcast
Limahl (1992) Love Is Blind
Limahl (xxxx) Greatest Hits
Limbonic Art (1996) Moon In The Scorpio
Limbonic Art (1997) In Abhorrence Dementia
Limbonic Art (1998) Epitome Of Illusions
Limbonic Art (1999) Ad Noctum) Dynasty Of Death
Limbonic Art (2002) The Ultimate Death Worship
Lime (1981) Your Love
Lime (1982) Lime II
Lime (1983) Lime III
Lime (1984) Sensual Sensation
Lime (1985) Unexpected Lovers
Lime (1987) Take The Love
Lime (1989) A Brand New Day
Lime (1991) Caroline
Limelight (2002) Misic Is Waves
Limp Bizkit (1997) Three Dollar Bill, Yalls
Limp Bizkit (1999) Significnt Other
Limp Bizkit (2000) Chocolate Starfish And The Hotdog Flavored Water
Limp Bizkit (2001) New Old Songs [remixes]
Limp Bizkit (2003) Results May Vary
Limp Bizkit (2005) Greatest Hitz
Limp Bizkit (2005) The Unquestionable Truth) part 1
Lindsay Lohan (2004) Speak
Lindsay Lohan (2005) A Little More Personal (Raw)
Lindstrom (2005) Live At Nouveau Casino Paris
Linkin Park & Jay-Z (2004) Collision Course
Linkin Park (2000) Hybrid Theory
Linkin Park (2001) Splitting The DNA CD1 [compilation]
Linkin Park (2001) Splitting The DNA CD2 [compilation]
Linkin Park (2002) Hybrid Theory (Extended Edition)
Linkin Park (2002) Singles
Linkin Park (2002) Under Attack) B-Sides, Rarities & Unreleased
Linkin Park (2003) Meteora
Linkin Park (2005) Underground V4.0
Linton Kwese Johnson (xxxx) In Concert
Linton Kwese Johnson (xxxx) Tings & Times
Lionel Richie (1992) Back To Front
Lionel Richie (2000) Reneissance
Lionel Richie (2004) Just For You
Lior (2004) Lior
Lipps Inc (1979) Mouth To Mouth
Lipps Inc (1981) Designer Music
Lipps Inc (1992) Funkyworld - The Best of Lipps Inc
Liquid Shadows (2004) It's All About Her Eyes!
Liquid Tension (1999) Experiment 2
Liquido (2005) Float
Lisa Ekdahl (1994) Lisa Ekdahl
Lisa Gerrard & Hans Zimmer (2000) Gladiator [soundtrack]
Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy (2004) Immortal Memory
Lisa Gerrard & Peter Bourke (1998) Duality
Lisa Gerrard & Peter Bourke (1998) The Human Game (bonus tracks for Duality)
Lisa Gerrard & Peter Bourke (1999) The Insider
Lisa Gerrard (1997) The Mirror Pool
Lisa Loeb (2002) Cake and pie
Lisa Stansfield (2004) The Moment
Lit (2001) Atomic
Lit (2004) Platinum and Gold Collection
Lita Ford (1983) Out For Blood
Lita Ford (1984) Dancin' On The Edge
Lita Ford (1988) Lita
Lita Ford (1990) Stiletto
Lita Ford (1991) Dangerous Curves
Lita Ford (1994) Black
Little Axe (2002) Hard Grind
Little Barrie (2005) We Are Little Barrie
Little Feat (1971) Little Feat
Little Feat (1972) Sailin' Shoes
Little Feat (1978) Waiting for Columbus
Little Feat (1990) Representing The Mambo
Little Richard (1951-1953) The Formative Years
Little Richard (1955-1958) Specialty Records Years CD1
Little Richard (1955-1958) Specialty Records Years CD2
Little Richard (1955-1958) Specialty Records Years CD3
Little Richard (1955-1958) Specialty Records Years CD4
Little Richard (1955-1958) Specialty Records Years CD5
Little Richard (1955-1958) Specialty Records Years CD6
Little Richard (1971) The Second Coming CD1
Little Richard (1972) The Second Coming CD2
Liv Kristine (1997) Werk 80 (feat. Atrocity)
Liv Kristine (1998) Deus Ex Machina
Liv Kristine (1999) One Love [single]
Live (1991) Mental Jewelry
Live (1994) Throwing Copper
Live (1997) Secret Samadhi
Live (1999) The Distance To Here
Live (2000) Live In Belgium (acoustic) [live]
Live (2001) V
Live (2003) Birds Of Prey
Live (2004) Awake - The Best Of Live
Livin' Joy (1996) Don't Stop Movin'
Living Colour (1988) Vivid
Living Colour (1990) NY 1990
Living Colour (1990) Time Is Now (Milano Oct 23 1990)
Living Colour (1990) Time's Up
Living Colour (1991) Biscuits [EP]
Living Colour (1991) Stain
Living Colour (1994) 1993 Colours
Living Colour (1994) Nothing Last Forever
Living Colour (1995) Pride
Living Colour (2003) Collideшscope
Living In A Box (1989) Gatecrashing
Livonia (1990) His Name Is Alive
Liz Phair (1993) Exile In Guyville
Liz Phair (2003) Liz Phair
Liz Phair (2005) Somebody's Miracle
LL Cool J (2002) Singles
Lochi (xxxx) [unsorted]
Lock Up (1999) Pleasures Pave Sewers
Lock Up (2002) Hate Breeds Suffering
LOFT (1993) Hold On [single]
LOFT (1994) Hold On Remix [single]
LOFT (1994) Love Is Magic [single]
LOFT (1994) Wake The World
LOFT (1994) Wake the world [single]
LOFT (1995) Don't Stop Me Now [single]
LOFT (1995) Future World
LOFT (1995) It's Raining Again [single]
LOFT (1997) Long John Silver [single]
LOFT (2003) Summer Summer (Recall) [single]
LOFT (2004) City of Dreams [single]
LOFT (2004) No Ordinary Man
LOFT (xxxx) Mallorca Remix [single]
Logatomistes (2002) Ke-Re-Ko-Ko-Kokex
Logic Bomb (2001) Headware (Spiral Trax)
Logic Bomb (2001) Live @ Amanit Forest
Logic Bomb (2002) Unlimited Promo
Logic Dream (1994) Get To You [single]
Logic System (1981) Logic
Lolita Pop (1989) Love Poison
Lomy e Lom (1998) Men In E
London After Midnight (1998) Oddities
London After Midnight (2003) Psycho Magnet (re-release)
London Aircraaft (1984) Rockets
London Beat (1988) Speak
London Beat (1989) London Beat (maxi-single)
London Beat (1990) In The Blood
London Beat (1990) The Singles
London Beat (1992) Harmony
London Beat (1997) The Very Best Of London Beat
London Beat (2003) Back In The Hi-Life
London Beat (2004) Gravity
London Beat (2004) I've Been Thinking About You (the remix album)
London Beat (2004) Legends CD1
London Beat (2004) Legends CD2
London Beat (2004) Legends CD3
London Boys (1988) The Twelve Commandments Of Dance
London Boys (1989) Harlem Desire [single]
London Boys (1990) 12" Ers [remixes]
London Boys (1990) Chapel Of Love part 1 [single]
London Boys (1990) Chapel Of Love part 2 [single]
London Boys (1990) Freedom [single]
London Boys (1991) Is This Love [single]
London Boys (1991) Sweet Soul Music
London Boys (1991) Sweet Soul Music [single]
London Boys (1992) Moonraker [single]
London Boys (1993) Baby Come Back) part 1 [single]
London Boys (1993) Baby Come Back) part 2 [single]
London Boys (1993) Love 4 Unity
London Boys (1995) Gospeltrain To London [single]
London Boys (1995) Greatest Hits
London Boys (1995) Hallelujah Hits
London Boys (2000) The Singles Remixed
London Funk Allstars (1996) Flesh Eating Disco Zombies
London Symphony Orchestra (1994) Symphonic Music Of The Rolling Stones
Look Twice (1994) Twice As Nice
Look Twice (1995) Go Away [single]
Look Twice (1997) Celebrate
Look Twice (xxxx) Mr Dance & Mr Groove [single]
Look Twice feat Gladys (xxxx) Move that Body [single]
Loona (1999) Lunita
Loona (2000) Entre Dos Aguas
Loona (2002) Baila Mi Ritmo
Loop Guru (1994) Nation
Lord Belial (2005) Nocturnal Beast
Lordi (2002) Get heavy
Lordi (2002) Whould You Love A Monsterman [single]
Lordi (2004) Blood Red Sandman [single]
Lordi (2004) Monsterican Dream
Lordi (2004) My Heaven Is Your Hell [single]
Lordi (2005) Devil Is A Loser [single]
Lordi (2005) Monster Show
Lordi (2006) The Arockalypse
Lords Of Acid (1991) Lust
Lords Of Acid (1998) Heaven Is An Orgasm
Loreena McKennitt (1985) Elemental
Loreena McKennitt (1987) To Drive The Cold Winter Away
Loreena McKennitt (1989) Parallel Dreams
Loreena McKennitt (1991) The Visit
Loreena McKennitt (1994) Live In San Francisco At The Palace Of Fine Arts
Loreena McKennitt (1994) The Mask And Mirror
Loreena McKennitt (1995) A Winter Garden
Loreena McKennitt (1997) The Book Of Secrets
Loreena McKennitt (1998) The Mummers' Dance [single]
Loreena McKennitt (1999) Live In Paris & Toronto 1 [live]
Loreena McKennitt (1999) Live In Paris & Toronto 2 [live]
Lorenza (1994) Show Me Your Love [single]
Los Del Rio (1996) Macarena
Los Lobos (1990) The Neighborhood
Los Lobos (2004) The Ride
Lost Generation (2004) Gangsta Love
Lost 'n Found (xxxx) Built It Up [single]
Lottie (2001) Snapshot CD1
Lottie (2001) Snapshot CD2
Lou Bega (2000) A Little Bit Of Mambo
Lou Bega (2005) Lounatic
Lou Gramm (1987) Ready Or Not
Lou Gramm (1997) Mystic Foreigner
Lou Reed (1972) Lou Reed
Lou Reed (1974) Rock 'N' Roll Animal
Lou Reed (1977) Walk on the Wild Side) The Best of Lou Reed
Lou Reed (1982) The Blue Mask
Lou Reed (1984) Live In Concert
Lou Reed (1992) Magic And Loss
Lou Reed (2000) Ecstasy
Lou Reed (2004) Animal Serenade
Loudness (1982) Devil Soldier
Loudness (1983) The Law Of Devil's Land
Loudness (1987) Hurricane Eyes
Loudness (1989) Soldier Of Fortune
Loudness (2004) Rockshocks
Loudness (2004) Terror
Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington (1961) American Freedom
Louise Attaque (1997) Louise Attaque
Love (1967) Forever Changes
Love (1970) False Start
Love 4 Sale (1994) Midnight [single]
Love Message (1995) Love Message [single]
Love Preacher (1994) Love Takes You Higher [single]
Love Spirals Downwards (1995) Ardor
Loveless (2002) Hello, World
Loveless (2004) Something About You [single]
Lowell George (1979) Thanks I'll Eat It Here
Lox (1998) Money, Power & Respect
LP (2004) От моря до солнца
LSG (2000) Into Deep
LSG (2002) The Hive
LTD Noise (xxxx) About Eight Minutes
LTJ Bukem (1992) GLR003 [single]
LTJ Bukem (1993) LGR001 [single]
LTJ Bukem (1996) The Essential Mix (feat. MC Conrad)
LTJ Bukem (1999) Pregression Sessions (Feat. Mc Conrad)
LTJ Bukem (1999) Pregression Sessions (Instrumental Versions)
LTJ Bukem (2000) 2 Step Mix (DJ Set) 04-02-2000
LTJ Bukem (2000) Breezeblock Mix
LTJ Bukem (2000) Journey Inwards CD1
LTJ Bukem (2000) Journey Inwards CD2
LTJ Bukem (2000) MixMag Presents #3
LTJ Bukem (2000) Sunrain (feat. Elliot) [single]
LTJ Bukem (2001) Presents Earth 5
LTJ Bukem (2002) Progression Sessions 7 (feat. MC Conrad)
LTJ Bukem (2003) Progression Sessions 8 (feat. MC Conrad)
Luca Turilli (1999) King Of The Nordic Twilight
Luca Turilli (2002) Demonheart [single]
Luca Turilli (2002) Prophet Of The Last Eclipse
Luciano Pavarotti (1991) Live 1961-1966
Luciano Pavarotti (xxxx) Concerto 4
Luciano Pavarotti (xxxx) Duets
Luciano Pavarotti (xxxx) Legendary Tenors Pavarotti Vol 2 65th Birthday
Luciano Pavarotti (xxxx) Legendary Tenors Pavarotti Vol 3 65th Birthday
Lucien Foort (2001) Essential Mix CD1
Lucien Foort (2001) Essential Mix CD2
Ludacris (2004) The Red Light District
Luis Miguel (2001) Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel Del Amargue (2003) Amor De Locos
Lu-K (1996) Dreams In Drums
Lull (1987) The Highest Wall
Lull (1992) Dreamt About Dreaming
Lumen (2002) Live In Navigator
Lumen (2003) Без Консервантов
Lumen (2004) Три пути
Lumen (2005) Одной крови
Lumen (2005) Свобода
Lumsk (2005) Troll
Luna Park (2004) The Lonely Sheperd [single]
Lunasa (2002) Lunasa
Lunatic Calm (1997) Metropol
Lush (1991) Spooky
Lush (1994) Split
Lush (1995) Lovelife
Lush (1995) Lovelife
Lusine Icl (1999) L'usine
Lusine Icl (2000) A Pseudo Steady State
Lusine Icl (2000) Coded [single]
Lusine Icl (2000) Zealectronic Blue [single]
Lusine Icl (2001) Coalitiion 2000
Lusine Icl (2001) Slipthrough
Lusine Icl (2001) Surface [single]
Lusine Icl (2002) Iron City
Lusine Icl (2002) Sustain [single]
Lusine Icl (2003) Condensed
Lusine Icl (2003) Push [single]
Lustmord (1982) A Document Of Early Acoustic & Tactical Experimentation
Lustmord (1990) Lustmord
Lustmord (1992) Monstrous Soul
Lustmord (1994) Place Where the Black Stars Ha
Lustmord (2001) Metavoid
Lutricia McNeal (2004) Soulsister Ambassador
LUV (2001) You're the Greatest LUVer
LUV (xxxx) The Best Of
Lux Occulta (1996) Forever Alone Immortal
Lux Occulta (1997) Dyonisos
Lux Occulta (1998) Maior Arcana (The Words That Turns Flesh Into Light)
Lux Occulta (1999) My Guardian Anger
Lux Occulta (2001) The Mother And The Enemy
Lycia (1995) The Burning Circle And Then Dust CD1
Lycia (1995) The Burning Circle And Then Dust CD2
Lynyrd Skynyrd (1975) The Unreleased KBFH Show
Lynyrd Skynyrd (1976) Gimme Back My Bullets
Lynyrd Skynyrd (1976) Teaching An Oakie To Fly
Lynyrd Skynyrd (1991) Box Set CD1
Lynyrd Skynyrd (1991) Box Set CD2
Lynyrd Skynyrd (1991) Box Set CD3
Lynyrd Skynyrd (1994) Endangered Species
Lynyrd Skynyrd (2000) Then And Now
Lynyrd Skynyrd (2002) Christmas (feat. 38 Special)
M (1980) New York - London - Paris - Munich
M People (1994) Elegant Slumming
M People (1994) One Night In Heaven (maxi)
M People (1994) Sight For Sore Eyes (maxi)
M People (1995) Bizarre Friut
M People (1995) Bizarre Friut 2
M People (1995) Nothern Soul
M People (1997) Fresco
M People (1997) Just For You (maxi)
M2M (2002) The Big Room
M83 (2002) M83
M83 (2003) Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost G
M83 (2004) America [single]
M83 (2005) Before the Dawn Heals Us
Maarten Schippers (2003) Live @ Serenity
Maasimo (2001) I At The Wheel Of Steel
Mac Dowell & Krell (xxxx) Echnaton's Return
MacAlpine, Aldridge, Rock, Sarzo (MARS) (1986) Project Driver
Macbeth (1998) Romantic Tragedy's Crescendo
Mach-7 (1994) Dangerous [single]
Mach-7 (1994) Real Love [single]
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Marco V (2006) Live @ Dance Department 18-02-2006
Marcus Miller (2005) Silver Rain
Marduk (1999) Panzer Division Marduk
Marduk (2003) World Funeral
Mari Boine (1996) Eallin
Mari Boine (2001) Eight Seasons
Maria (2005) Breathing
Maria McKee (2005) Peddlin Dreams
Maria Mena (2004) Mellow
Mariah Carey (1990) Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey (1992) Emotions
Mariah Carey (1992) Unplugged
Mariah Carey (1993) Musicbox
Mariah Carey (1994) Merry Christmas
Mariah Carey (1995) Daydream
Mariah Carey (1997) Butterfly
Mariah Carey (1998) No. 1
Mariah Carey (1999) Rainbow
Mariah Carey (2001) Glitter
Mariah Carey (2002) Charmbracelet
Mariah Carey (2003) The Remixes
Mariah Carey (2005) It's Like That [single]
Mariah Carey (2005) The Emancipation Of Mimi
Mariah Carey (2005) We Belong Together [single]
Marian Gold (1992) So Long Celeste
Marian Gold (1996) United
Marian Van De Wal (2005) La Mirada Interior
Marianne Faithfull (1979) Broken English
Marie Fredriksson (1984) Het Vind
Marie Fredriksson (1992) Den Standiga Resan
Marie Fredriksson (1996) I En Tid Som Var
Marie Fredriksson (2000) Antliggen Marie Fredrikssons [compilation]
Marie Fredriksson (2001) I En Tod Som Var
Marie Fredriksson (2004) The Change
Marie Laforet (1992) Les Vendanges De L'Amour
Marie Laforet (1995) Marie Laforet
Marillion (1983) Script For A Jester's Tear
Marillion (1984) Fugazi
Marillion (1984) Fugazi (bonus)
Marillion (1985) Misplaced Childhood
Marillion (1987) Clutching At Straws
Marillion (1987) Clutching At Straws (bonus)
Marillion (1988) B'Sides Themselves
Marillion (1989) Seasons End
Marillion (1989) Seasons End (bonus)
Marillion (1991) Acoustic Concert
Marillion (1991) Holidays In Eden
Marillion (1991) Holidays In Eden (Bonus)
Marillion (1994) Brave CD1
Marillion (1994) Brave CD2
Marillion (1995) Afraid Of Sunlight CD1
Marillion (1995) Afraid Of Sunlight CD2
Marillion (1997) This Strange Engine
Marillion (1998) Radiation
Marillion (1999) Marillion.Com
Marillion (1999) Zodiac
Marillion (2001) Anoraknophobia
Marillion (2004) Christmas 2004) Baubles
Marillion (2004) Marbles
Marillion (2005) Marbles By The Sea CD1
Marillion (2005) Marbles By The Sea CD2
Marillion (2005) The Ultra Selection
Marilyn Manson (1993) Demos In Lunchbox
Marilyn Manson (1994) Get Your Gunn [single]
Marilyn Manson (1994) Lunchbox [single]
Marilyn Manson (1994) Portait Of An American Family
Marilyn Manson (1995) Smells Like Children
Marilyn Manson (1995) Sweet Dreams [single]
Marilyn Manson (1996) Antichrist Superstar
Marilyn Manson (1996) Lost Highway [soundtrack]
Marilyn Manson (1996) The Beautiful People [single]
Marilyn Manson (1997) Remix & Repent [single]
Marilyn Manson (1997) Spawn [soundtrack]
Marilyn Manson (1998) Mechanical Animals
Marilyn Manson (1999) Astonishing Panorama Of The Endtimes [soundtrack]
Marilyn Manson (1999) The Last Tour On Earth
Marilyn Manson (2000) Along Hard Road Out Of Hell
Marilyn Manson (2000) Disposable Teens) part 2 [single]
Marilyn Manson (2000) Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)
Marilyn Manson (2001) 2001.07.08) Mansfield [live bootleg]
Marilyn Manson (2002) Dancing With The Antichrist
Marilyn Manson (2003) From Obscurity 2 Purgatory
Marilyn Manson (2003) The Golden Age Of Grotesque
Marilyn Manson (2003) This Is The New Shit (Japan)
Marilyn Manson (2003) This Is The New Shit [CDM]
Marilyn Manson (2004) Killer Wasps) The Real Ultra Rare Tracks
Marilyn Manson (2004) Lest We Forget (The Best Of)
Marilyn Manson (2005) The Nobodies [2005 Against All Gods Mix]
Marilyn Manson (2006) Most Famous Hits
Marilyn Monroe (2005) Greatest Hits Remixed
Mario (2004) Turning Point
Mario De Bells (xxxx) Mario De Bells CD1
Mario De Bells (xxxx) Mario De Bells CD2
Mario Piu (2001) 21st Century Trance 3 CD1
Mario Piu (2001) 21st Century Trance 3 CD2
Mario Piu (2001) 21st Century Trance 3 CD3
Mario Piu (2001) Godskitchen
Mario Piu (2002) Vision
Mario Piu (2003) Devotion [single]
Mario Piu (xxxx) Techno Harmony [single]
Marionettes (1994) Temptation [single]
Mark B & Blade (1998) Hitmen For Hire
Mark Boals (1998) Ignition
Mark Boals (2000) Ring Of Fire
Mark Boals (2002) Edge Of The World
Mark Chessnut (2004) Savin' the Honky Tonk
Mark Dwane (1989) The Monuments Of Mars
Mark Dwane (1991) Angels, Aliens And Archetypes
Mark Dwane (1993) The Atlantis Factor
Mark Dwane (1998) The Nefilim
Mark Dwane (1999) Paradigm Shift
Mark Dwane (2000) Archives
Mark Dwane (2001) Planetary Mysteries
Mark Et Claude (2003) You Own The Sound
Mark Farina (1990) Big
Mark Farina (1992) Red Monster
Mark Farina (1998) Mushroom Jazz Vol II
Mark Farina (2003) Air Farina
Mark Isham (1986) The Hitcher [soundtrack]
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris (2006) All The Roadrunning
Mark Knopfler (1983) Local Hero
Mark Knopfler (1984) Cal
Mark Knopfler (1987) The Princess Bride
Mark Knopfler (1989) Last Exit To Brooklyn
Mark Knopfler (1990) Neck And Neck (with Chet Atkins)
Mark Knopfler (1996) Golden Heart
Mark Knopfler (1998) Metroland
Mark Knopfler (1998) Wag The Dog
Mark Knopfler (2000) Sailing To Philadelphia
Mark Knopfler (2000) What It Is [single]
Mark Knopfler (2002) The Ragpicker's Dream
Mark Knopfler (2002) The Ragpicker's Dream (Special Edition CD)
Mark Knopfler (2004) Shangri-La
Mark 'Oh & Mesh (2000) Waves [single]
Mark 'Oh (1994) Love Song [single]
Mark 'Oh (1994) Randy [single]
Mark 'Oh (1994) Tears Don't Lie [single]
Mark 'Oh (1995) Droste, Horst Du Mich [single]
Mark 'Oh (1995) Never Stop That Feeling
Mark 'Oh (1996) Magic Power
Mark 'Oh (1999) Rebirth
Mark 'Oh (1999) Rebirth [single]
Mark 'Oh (1999) The Sparrows & The Nightingales [single]
Mark 'Oh (1999) Your Love [single]
Mark 'Oh (2001) Never Stop That Feeling 2001 [single]
Mark 'Oh (2002) Tears Dont Lie 2002 [single]
Mark 'Oh (2003) Mark 'Oh
Mark 'Oh (2003) Stuck On You (Limited Fan Edition) [single]
Mark 'Oh (2004) More Than Words CD1
Mark 'Oh (2004) More Than Words CD2
Mark Owen (2005) Hail Mary [single]
Mark Owen (2005) How The Mighty Fall
Mark Snow (1996) The X-Files) The Truth and the Light [soundtrack]
Mark Stallard (2002) Untitled Edit
Mark Stewart (1983) Learning to Cope with Cowerdice
Mark Stewart (1985) As the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade
Mark Williams (2002) Martini Mind Buzz Mix
Markscheider Kunst (xxxx) Krasivosleva
Markscheider Kunst (xxxx) Кем быть
Markus Schulz (2003) In The Mix With Markus Schulz 24-08-2003
Markus Schulz (2004) Coldharbour Sessions 2004 CD1
Markus Schulz (2004) Coldharbour Sessions 2004 CD2
Markus Schulz (2004) Djmixes2k exclusive April-04
Markus Schulz (2004) Global DJ Broadcast (The Mix)
Markus Schulz (2004) Global DJ Broadcast 2004-12-01
Markus Schulz (2004) Global DJ Broadcast 2004-12-06
Markus Schulz (2005) Global DJ Broadcast 2005-01-24
Markus Schulz (2005) Global DJ Broadcast 2005-02-14
Markus Schulz (2005) Global DJ Broadcast 2005-03-11
Markus Schulz (2005) Global DJ Broadcast 2005-04-21
Markus Schulz (2005) Global DJ Broadcast 2005-06-23
Markus Schulz (2005) Global DJ Broadcast 2005-10-20
Markus Schulz (2005) Global DJ Broadcast 2005-11-17
Markus Schulz (2005) Global DJ Broadcast 2005-11-24
Markus Schulz (2005) Global DJ Broadcast 2005-12-08
Markus Schulz (2005) Global DJ Broadcast 2005-12-22
Markus Schulz (2005) Global DJ Broadcast In the Mix (07-FEB-2005)
Markus Schulz (2005) Global DJ Broadcast The Essentials (07-FEB-2005)
Markus Schulz (2005) Miami '05 CD1
Markus Schulz (2005) Miami '05 CD2
Markus Schulz (2005) Without you near
Markus Schulz (2006) Global DJ Broadcast 2006-01-12
Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch (1991) Music For The People
Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch (1991) Wildside [single]
Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch (1992) You Gotta Believe
Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch (1993) Gonna Have A Good Time [single]
Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch (1995) No Mercy (The Fist of The Tiger) [single]
Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch (1996) Hey DJ [single]
Marky Mark (1996) Hey DJ [single]
Maroon 5 (2002) Songs About Jane
Maroon 5 (2004) Acoustic
Maroon 5 (2005) Live @ The Santa Barbara Bowl (Friday The 13th)
Mars Lasar (1992) Olympus
Mars Lasar (1993) The Eleventh Hour
Mars Lasar (1994) Escape
Mars Lasar (1996) The Music Of Olympic National Park
Mars Lasar (1998) 11-02
Mars Lasar (1998) Sapphire Dreams
Mars Lasar (2000) Karma
Mars Lasar (2000) When Worlds Collide
Martha Wash (1998) The Collection
Martika (1988) Martika
Martika (2005) Toy Soldiers (The Best Of)
Martin L Gore (1989) Counterfeit
Martin L Gore (2003) 18 Seemannslieder [live]
Martin L Gore (2003) A Night With Martin L. Gore [live]
Martin L Gore (2003) Counterfeit 2
Martin L Gore (2003) Lost In The London Astoria [live]
Martin L Gore (2003) Loverman [single]
Martin L Gore (2003) Stardust [single]
Martin L Gore (2003) XFM Hijack [live]
Martin O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori (2002) Halo [soundtrack]
Martini Ranch (1988) Holly Cow
Marty Friedman (2003) Music For Speeding
Marty Stuart (2005) Badlands
Marusha (1994) It Takes Me Away [single]
Marusha (1994) It Takes Me Away Remixes [single]
Marusha (1994) Over The Rainbow [single]
Marusha (1994) Over The Rainbow Remixes [single]
Marusha (1994) Raveland
Marusha (1994) Trip To Raveland [single]
Marusha (1995) Deep [single]
Marusha (1995) The Deep Mixes [single]
Marusha (1995) Unique [single]
Marusha (1996) Wir
Marusha (1997) My Best Friend
Marusha (1997) Ur Life [single]
Marusha (1998) Free Love [single]
Marusha (1998) No Hide No Run
Marvin Gaye (1971) What's Going On [Deluxe Edition] (1 of 2)
Marvin Gaye (1971) What's Going On [Deluxe Edition] (2 of 2)
Marvin Gaye (1978) Here, My Dear
Marvin Gaye (2000) Sexual Healing
Marvin Gaye (2001) The Very Best of Marvin Gaye (Motown 2001) (1 of 2)
Marvin Gaye (2001) The Very Best of Marvin Gaye (Motown 2001) (2 of 2)
Marvin Gaye (2004) Rockin After Midnight
Marvin Gaye (2005) The Best Of Marvin Gaye (Live)
Mary J Blige (2001) No More Drama
Mary J Blige (2002) Dance For Me
Mary J Blige (2003) Love & Life
Mary J Blige (2004) Live From Los Angeles
Mary J Blige (2005) The Breakthrough
Mary Youngblood (2004) Feed The Fire
Mashonda (2005) January Joy
Massacra (1991) Enjoy The Violence
Massacra (1994) Sick
Massacra (1995) Humanize Human
Massimo (2001) I At The Wheel Of Steel
Massive Attack (1997) Karmacoma
Massive Attack (1998) Mezzanine
Massive Attack (2003) 100th Window
Massive Attack (2004) Danny the Dog [soundtrack]
Massive Attack (2005) Collaborations
Massive Attack (2006) Collected
Massive Attack (2006) Collected CD1
Massive Attack (2006) Collected CD2
Master Blaster (2003) Ballet Dancer [single]
Master Blaster (2003) Ballet Dancer feat. Turbo B [single]
Master Blaster (2003) How Old R U [single]
Master Blaster (2003) We Love Italo Disco
Masterboy (1990) Dance To The Beat [single]
Masterboy (1991) The Masterboy Family
Masterboy (1992) Noche Del Amor [single]
Masterboy (1993) Feeling Alright
Masterboy (1994) Different Dreams
Masterboy (1994) I Got To Give It Up [single]
Masterboy (1994) Is This The Love [single]
Masterboy (1995) Generation Of Love
Masterboy (1996) Colours
Masterboy (1996) Land Of Dreaming [single]
Masterboy (1996) Mister Feeling [single]
Masterboy (1998) Dancin` Forever [single]
Masterboy (1999) I Like To Like It [single]
Masterboy (2000) The Best Of Masterboy
Masterboy (2001) Megamix
Masterboy (2002) I Need A Lover Tonight [single]
Masterboy (2003) Feel The Heat Of The Night 2003 [single]
Masterjam (xxxx) I Wanna Know [single]
Masterjam (xxxx) Rhythem's On Your Mind [single]
Masterplan (2002) Enlighten Me [single]
Masterplan (2003) Masterplan
Masterplan (2005) Aeronautics
Masters Of Psychedelic Ambiance (1995) Mu
Mat Sinner (1990) Back To The Bullet
Matchbox 20 (1996) Yourself Or Someone Like You
Matchbox 20 (1999) Live From Australia [live]
Matchbox 20 (2000) EP
Matchbox 20 (2002) Mad Season
Matchbox 20 (2002) More Than You Think You Are
Matchbox 20 (2004) Show CD1 [live]
Matchbox 20 (2004) Show CD2 [live]
Matching Mole (1972) Smoke Signals
Mateo & Matos (2001) New York Rhythms 2
Mateo & Matos (2001) The Many Shades Of Mateo & Matos
Matia Bazar (1976) Matia Bazar 1
Matia Bazar (1977) Granbazar
Matia Bazar (1978) Semplicita
Matia Bazar (1979) Tournee
Matia Bazar (1980) Il Tempo Del Sole
Matia Bazar (1981) Berlino...Parigi...Londra
Matia Bazar (1983) Tango
Matia Bazar (1984) Aristocratica
Matia Bazar (1985) Melancholia
Matia Bazar (1989) Red Corner
Matia Bazar (1991) Anime Pigre
Matia Bazar (1992) Tutto Il Mondo Dei
Matia Bazar (1995) Piccoli Giganti
Matia Bazar (1997) Benvenuti A Sausalito
Matia Bazar (1998) Souvenir CD1
Matia Bazar (1998) Souvenir CD2
Matia Bazar (2000) Brivido Caldo
Matia Bazar (2001) Dolce Canto
Matia Bazar (2001) Matia Bazar CD1
Matia Bazar (2001) Matia Bazar CD2
Matia Bazar (2002) Messaggi dal vivo
Matia Bazar (2005) Sogni Svelati
Matmos (1998) Quasi-Objects
Matmos (2001) A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure
Matmos (2003) The Civil War
Matrix & Fierce (2000) Tightrope
Matrix (1993) Can You Feel It [remixes]
Matrix (1993) Can You Feel It [single]
Matrix (1994) Can You Feel It Remix [single]
Matrix (1995) Take A Piece Of Your Heart [single]
Matt Bianco (1988) Indigo
Matt Bianco (1995) Grand Via
Matt Hardwick (2002) Live at NEC Gatecrasher 13-04-2002
Matt Ruby (2005) I Never Do This Sort Of Thing
Mattafix (2005) Signs Of A Struggle
Maurice Jarre (1990) Ghost [soundtrack]
Maurice Jarre (1990) Jacob's Ladder [soundtrack]
Maurice Ravel (1994) Bolero
Mauro Farina (xxxx) Mauro Farina Presents
Mauro Picotto (2000) The Album
Mauro Picotto (2001) Double Album CD1
Mauro Picotto (2001) Double Album CD2
Mauro Picotto (2002) Metamorphose CD1
Mauro Picotto (2002) Metamorphose CD2 Bonus CD
Mauro Picotto (2002) Pulsar [single]
Mauro Picotto (2002) The Others
Mauro Picotto (2003) Alchemist [single]
Mauro Picotto (2003) Live In Ibiza
Mauro Picotto (2005) Superclub CD1
Max Coveri (1990) Bye Bye Baby
Max Coveri (1990) Run To The Sun
Max Coveri (1990) Toy Boy
Max Coveri (xxxx) One, Two, Three
Max Him (1989) Danger Danger
Max Impact (1994) Love And Desire [single]
Max Rabe & Das Palast Orchester (2001) Super Hits
Max Romeo & Upsetters (1976) War Inna Babylon
Max Romeo & Upsetters (2004) War Inna Babylon (special edition)
Max-A-Million (1995) Take Your Time
Maxi Priest (1990) Close To You [single]
Maxi Priest (2002) A Collection
Maxim (2000) Hell's Kitchen
Maxim (2002) Best
Maxim (2005) Carmen Queasy [single]
Maximiliano Sanchez (xxxx) Bimbi
Maxx (1991) The Call [single]
Maxx (1994) Move Your Body [single]
Maxx (1994) No More (I Can't Stand It) [single]
Maxx (1994) To The Maxximum
Maxx (1995) Get-A-Way [single]
Maxx (1995) I Can Make You Feel Like [single]
Maxx (1995) You Can Get It [single]
Maya (1995) Ravers Of Babylon [single]
Mayhem (2004) Chimera
Maywood (1980) Late At Night
Maywood (1981) Different Worlds
Maywood (1982) Colour Of My Rainbow
MC 900 feat Jesus (1994) One Step Ahead Of The Spider
MC Erik & Barbara (1996) Second
MC Erik & Barbara (1996) U Can't Stop
MC Erik & Barbara (2004) Ked Pride Laska
MC Hammer (1990) Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em
MC Hammer (1991) Too Legit to Quit
MC Hammer (1994) The Funky Headhunter
MC Hammer (1995) Inside Out
MC Hammer (1996) Greatest Hits
MC Hammer (2004) Full Blast
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1990) It's On You [single]
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1990) On The Move!
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1990) On The Move!
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1994) Another Night [single]
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1994) Automatic Lover [single]
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1994) Space Invaders
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1994) Space Invaders
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1995) Another Night
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1995) Another Night
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1995) Another Night Remix [single]
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1995) Come And Get Your Love [single]
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1995) Love & Devotion [single]
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1995) Singles Collection
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1995) Singles Collection
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1997) One More Time
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1997) One More Time
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1998) Hey Now [single]
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1999) It's On You [single]
MC Sar & The Real McCoy (1999) It's On You [single]
MC Вспышкин & Никифоровна (2004) Sex
MC Вспышкин & Никифоровна (2004) Сумасшедшие бабки
McCoy Tyner with Stanley Clark and Al Foster (2000) McCoy Tyner with Stanley Clark and Al Foster
MCKey (2003) The Best Of
MD 45 (1995) The Craving
Me & My (1996) Me & My
Me & My (1999) Let The Love Go On
Me & My (2001) Fly High
Meat Beat Manifesto (1988) Storm The Studio
Meat Beat Manifesto (2003) In Dub
Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler (1993) Heaven & Hell
Meat Loaf (1977) Bat Out Of Hell
Meat Loaf (1978) Live In Cleveland [bootleg] [live]
Meat Loaf (1981) Dead Ringer
Meat Loaf (1983) Midnight At The Lost And Found
Meat Loaf (1984) Bad Attitude (Arista version)
Meat Loaf (1986) Blind Before I Stop
Meat Loaf (1986) Live At Wembley [live]
Meat Loaf (1993) Bat Out Of Hell II) Back Into Hell
Meat Loaf (1993) Hell Can Wait) New York [bootleg] [live]
Meat Loaf (1995) I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth) [single]
Meat Loaf (1995) Welcome To The Neighbourhood
Meat Loaf (1996) Live Around The World CD1 [live]
Meat Loaf (1996) Live Around The World CD2 [live]
Meat Loaf (1996) Not A Dry Eye In The House [single]
Meat Loaf (1998) A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste [single]
Meat Loaf (1998) The Very Best Of Meat Loaf CD1
Meat Loaf (1998) The Very Best Of Meat Loaf CD2
Meat Loaf (1999) VH-1 Storytellers [live]
Meat Loaf (2002) Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
Meat Loaf (2003) Couldn't Have Said It Better
Meathook Seed (1993) Embedded
Meathook Seed (1999) Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
Meav (2006) A Celtic journey
Mechanical Poet (2004) Woodland Prattlers
Mechina (2005) The Assembly Of Tyrants
Meck Feat Leo Sayer (2006) Thunder In My Heart Again Viny
Meco (1979) The Wizard Of Oz
Medeski, Martin & Wood (1996) Shack-Man
Medeski, Martin & Wood (1998) Combustication
Medeski, Martin & Wood (2000) The Dropper
Medeski, Martin & Wood (2002) Uninvisible
Medicine Drum (1998) Supernature
Megabyte (1987) Powerplay
Megabyte (1990) Go For It
Megabyte (1992) Island Energy
Megabyte (1994) Coral Sand Paradise
Megabyte (1994) Crystal Universe
Megabyte (1996) The Cut
Megadeth (1985) Killing is my Business... And Business is Good
Megadeth (1988) So Far, So Good... So What!
Megadeth (1990) Rust in Peace
Megadeth (1992) Countdown To Extinction
Megadeth (1994) Youthanasia
Megadeth (1994) Youthanasia (Remaster)
Megadeth (1995) Hidden Treasures
Megadeth (1997) Cryptic Writings
Megadeth (1997) Symphony of Destruction (LIVE)
Megadeth (1999) Risk
Megadeth (2000) Capitol Punishment The Megadeth Years
Megadeth (2001) World needs a hero
Megadeth (2002) Rude Awakening CD 1
Megadeth (2002) Rude Awakening CD 2
Megadeth (2002) Still, Alive... And Well
Megadeth (2005) Greatest Hits Back to The Start
Megaherz (1997) Wer Bist Du
Megaherz (1997) Wer Bist Du
Megaherz (1998) Kopfschuss
Megaherz (2000) Himmelfahrt
Megaherz (2001) Querschnitt (Selected Traks)
Megaherz (2002) Herzwerk II
Megaherz (2004) Eisbrecher (Ex-Members Megaherz)
Megaherz (2005) 5
Mel & Kim (1985) F.L.M
Melanie B (2000) Hot
Melanie C (1999) Nothern Star
Melanie C (2003) Reason
Melanie C (2005) Beautiful Intentions
Melanie Thornton (2001) Ready To Fly
Melicia (2003) Running Out Of Time
Melissa Auf Der Maur (2004) Auf Der Maur
Melissa Etheridge (1993) Yes I Am
Melissa Etheridge (2001) Skin
Melissa Etheridge (2005) The Road Less Traveled
Melissa O'Neil (2005) Melissa O'Neil
Mellow Trax (1999) Techno vibes
Melodic (2005) Form the Chair
Melodie MC (1993) Dum Da Dum [single]
Melodie MC (1993) Northland Wonderland
Melodie MC (1993) Northland Wonderland
Melodie MC (1994) Climb Any Mountain [single]
Melodie MC (1994) Free [single]
Melodie MC (1994) Give It Up [single]
Melodie MC (1994) I Wanna Dance [single]
Melodie MC (1995) The Return
Melodie MC (1995) The Return
Melodie MC (1998) Ultimate Experience
Melotron (1998) Dein Meister [single]
Melotron (1999) Der Blaue Planet [single]
Melotron (1999) Kindertraum v 1.0 [single]
Melotron (1999) Kindertraum v 2.0 [single]
Melotron (1999) Moerderwerk
Melotron (2000) Fortschritt
Melotron (2000) Tanz Mit Dem Teufel [single]
Melotron (2002) Weltfrieden
Melt Banana & Discordance Axis (xxxx) Split EP
Melt Banana & Killout Trash (xxxx) Split
Melt Banana & Target Shoppers (xxxx) Split EP
Melt Banana (1994) Cactuses come in Flocks
Melt Banana (1995) Speak Squeak Creak
Melt Banana (1998) 13000 Miles at Light Velocity
Melt Banana (1998) Charlie
Melt Banana (1999) (Llive) Ft. Smith, Arkansas 26-07-1999
Melt Banana (2000) Teeny Shiny
Melt Banana (2003) Cell-Scape
Melt Banana (John Peel Session Oct. 2001
Melt Banana (xxxx) 666
Melt Banana (xxxx) Dead Spex
Melt Banana (xxxx) Eleventh EP
Melt Banana (xxxx) Hedgehog
Melt Banana (xxxx) Pillcase
Melt Banana (xxxx) Three Studies for a Crucifixion
Melvins (1991) Bullhead
Melvins (1992) Joe Preston
Melvins (1992) King Buzzo (to Dale & Joe)
Melvins (1992) Lysol
Melvins (1993) Houdini
Melvins (1994) Stoner Witch
Melvins (1999) Maggot
Members Of Mayday (1993) Religion (EP)
Members Of Mayday (1994) We Are Different [single]
Members Of Mayday (1995) Members Only
Members Of Mayday (1997) Live At The Sonic Empire
Members Of Mayday (2001) Anthems of a Decade
Members Of Mayday (2002) Westbam's Mayday Hymn
Members Of Mayday (2005) Prototypes [single]
Men At Work (1982) Business As Usual
Men At Work (1982) Cargo
Men At Work (1985) Two Hearts
Men Behind (1994) Feel The Life [single]
Men Behind (1995) Feel The Life Remixes [single]
Men Without Hats (1997) The Very Best Of
Mend (2002) In Spite Of It All
Menno de Jong (2006) A State Of Trance 250 (25-05-2006) (Live @ The Asta)
Mephisto Walz (1995) Thalia
Merceditas Valdes (2000) Canciones Cubanas De Cuna
Mercyful Fate (1982) Nuns Have No Fun (E.P.)
Mercyful Fate (1983) Crush the Cross
Mercyful Fate (1983) Melissa
Mercyful Fate (1984) Don't Break the Oath
Mercyful Fate (1984) Live From the Depths of Hell
Mercyful Fate (1984) The Lost Tapes 78-84
Mercyful Fate (1987) The Beginning
Mercyful Fate (1992) Return Of The Vampire (The Rare And Unreleased)
Mercyful Fate (1993) In The Shadows
Mercyful Fate (1993) The Bell Witch
Mercyful Fate (1994) Time
Mercyful Fate (1995) The Live Oath
Mercyful Fate (1996) Into The Unknown
Mercyful Fate (1996) Return Of The Vampire (The Rare And Unreleased)
Mercyful Fate (1998) A Tribute To Mercyful Fate 1
Mercyful Fate (1998) A Tribute To Mercyful Fate 2
Mercyful Fate (1998) Dead Again
Mercyful Fate (1999) 9
Mercyful Fate (1999) The Unholy Sounds Of The Demon Bells) A Tribute To Mercyful Fate
Meredith Brooks (1997) Blurring the edges
Meredith Brooks (2004) Shine
Merge (2000) Lost Heroes
Meridian (1997) Indonesian Rainforest
Merlons Of Nehemiah (1993) Cantoney
Merlons Of Nehemiah (1994) Eluoami
Merlons Of Nehemiah (1994) Eluoami [bonus CD]
Merlons Of Nehemiah (1995) Romanoir
Merlons Of Nehemiah (1996) Salamander [single]
Merlons Of Nehemiah (1997) Water Naked Nature
Merlons Of Nehemiah (1998) Sinn-Licht
Merlons Of Nehemiah (1999) Midgard [live]
Merlons Of Nehemiah (1999) Trance
Merry Thoughts (xxxx) The Best Of
Mesh (1994) Fragile (Original) CD EP
Mesh (1996) In This Place Forever
Mesh (1997) Fragile (Us Extended) CD EP
Mesh (1997) You Didn't Want Me [single]
Mesh (1998) Fragmente
Mesh (1998) Trust You [single]
Mesh (1999) It Scares Me [single]
Mesh (1999) Not Prepared [single]
Mesh (1999) People Like Me (With This Gun) [single]
Mesh (1999) The Point At Which It Falls Apart
Mesh (2000) Live At SAMA 2000) Soundboard Bootleg [live]
Mesh (2000) Live Singles CD EP [live]
Mesh (2000) Original 91-93 Demos (Limited Edition)
Mesh (2002) Fragmente 2 CD1
Mesh (2002) Fragmente 2 CD2
Mesh (2002) Leave You Nothing [single]
Mesh (2002) Who Watches Over Me
Mesh (2003) Friends Like These [single]
Meshuggah (1991) Contraddictions Collapse
Meshuggah (1994) None
Meshuggah (1995) Destroy Erase Improve
Meshuggah (1995) Selfcaged
Meshuggah (1997) True Human Design
Meshuggah (1998) Chaosphere
Meshuggah (2001) Rare Trax
Meshuggah (2002) Nothing
Meshuggah (2004) I
Messer Chups (1999) Чудовище и чудовище
Metal Church (1985) Metal Church
Metal Church (1986) The Dark
Metal Church (1989) Blessing In Desguise
Metal Church (1991) The Human Factor
Metal Church (1993) Handing In The Balance
Metal Church (1998) Live [live]
Metal Church (1999) Masterpeace
Metal Church (2004) Weight Of The World
Metal Urbain (xxxx) Chef D'Oeuvre Par Dissoplast CD1
Metallica (1982) No Life Till Leather
Metallica (1983) Kill 'Em All
Metallica (1984) Ride The Lightning
Metallica (1986) Master Of Puppets
Metallica (1988) And Justice For All
Metallica (1991) Metallica
Metallica (1992) Nothing Else Matters
Metallica (1996) Best Ballads
Metallica (1996) Load
Metallica (1997) Reload
Metallica (1998) Garage Inc. CD1
Metallica (1998) Garage Inc. CD2
Metallica (1999) S&M CD1
Metallica (1999) S&M CD2
Metallica (2000) I Disappear [single]
Metallica (2000) Metal Militia [A Tribute To Metallica]
Metallica (2000) S&M Band Only No Symphony CD1
Metallica (2000) S&M Band Only No Symphony CD2
Metallica (2003) St. Anger
Metallica (2004) Live in Belgrade (Serbia) 26-06-2004 CD1
Metallica (2004) Live in Belgrade (Serbia) 26-06-2004 CD2
Metallica (2004) The Unnamed Feeling [single]
Metallica (2005) Live At SBC Park San Francisco
Metallica (2006) Live Sundance Film Festival
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Mr Big (2003) Influences & Connections Volume 1
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Mr Bungle (1991) Mr. Bungle
Mr Bungle (1995) Disco Volante
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Mr Cam (2000) Down Dreaming 3rd Movement
Mr Credo (1995) Гармония
Mr Credo (1997) Fantasy
Mr Credo (1998) Золотое время
Mr Credo (2001) Чудная долина
Mr Credo (2004) Девочка-ночь
Mr Credo (2004) Нувориш
Mr Electric Triangle (2000) Kosmosis Of The Dub
Mr Electric Triangle (2000) Kosmosis Of The Heart
Mr John (1995) U Gotta Move Me [single]
Mr John (1996) Get It On [single]
Mr John (1997) It's Not Too Late [single]
Mr John (1998) Take Me Away [single]
Mr Kash (1994) Born To Love You [single]
Mr Lovejoy (2001) Nonstop) Turntable Mix
Mr Nasty (2005) Ain't Dead Yet
Mr Oizo (2005) Moustache
Mr Peculiar (2004) Syncrosect
Mr President (1995) Up'n'Away - The Album
Mr President (1996) We See The Same Sun
Mr President (1997) Night Club
Mr President (1997) Take Me To The Limit [single]
Mr President (1999) Space Gate
Mr President (2000) A Kind Of... Best!
Mr Zivago (1988) Tell By Your Eyes
Mr Zivago (2002) Discomani@ [compilation]
Mr Zivago (2004) Little Russian
M-Sphere (2003) Electronic Relaxtion
Muddy Waters (1964) Folk Singer
Muddy Waters (1967) Brass And The Blues
Muddy Waters (1968) Electric Mud
Muddy Waters (1977) King Bee
Muddy Waters (1978) I'm Ready
Muddy Waters (1988) They Call Me Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters (1990) Hard Again
Mudvayne (2000) L.D. 50
Mudvayne (2001) The Beginning of All Things to End
Mudvayne (2003) The End of All Things to Come
Mudvayne (2005) Lost And Found
Muffin Men (1999) Muffin Men Plays Zappa
Muggs (1997) The Soul Assassins Chapter I
Muggs (2000) Muggs presents) Soul Assassins II
Mumbleskinny (1993) Head Above Water
Mungusid (2002) Samplitude [single]
Munich Machine (1977) A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Munich Machine (1977) Get On The Funk Train
Munich Machine (1978) Love Fever
Munich Machine (1979) Body Shine
Murphy Brown, Captain Hollywod (2003) Axel F [single]
Muse (2000) Showbiz
Muse (2001) Origin Of Symmetry
Muse (2002) Feeling Good, Hyper Music [single]
Muse (2002) Hullabaloo CD1
Muse (2002) Hullabaloo CD2) Live At 'Le Zenith' In Paris [live]
Muse (2003) Absolution
Muse (2006) Black Holes And Revelations
Muse (xxxx) Remixes
Muses Rapt (1998) Spiritual Healing
Mushroomhead (1995) Mushroomhead
Mushroomhead (1996) Remix
Mushroomhead (1996) Superbuick
Mushroomhead (1999) M3
Mushroomhead (2003) XIII
Mushroomhead (2006) Savior Sorrow
Music (2004) Welcome to the North
Music Factory (1994) Feel The Rhythm (Don't Stop Till You Drop)
Music For Body And Soul (2004) Mr Sharp On My Urban Soul 01-12-2004
Music Instructor (1996) The World Of Music Instructor
Music Instructor (1998) Electro City
Music Instructor (2002) The Best
Musica Tradicional Spirituana (xxxx) Collection
Musiq (2003) Soulstar
Mu-Ziq (1997) Urmur Bile Trax
My American Heart (2005) The Meaning In Makeup (Retail)
My Chemical Romance (2004) Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
My Chemical Romance (2006) Life On The Murder Scene
My Dying Bride (1992) As The Flower Withers
My Dying Bride (1993) Turn Loose The Swans
My Dying Bride (1995) The Angel And The Dark River
My Dying Bride (1995) Trinity
My Dying Bride (1996) Like Gods Of The Sun
My Dying Bride (1998) 34.788% … Complete
My Dying Bride (1999) The Light At The End Of The World
My Dying Bride (2004) Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light
My Red Angel (2005) Fate
Myleene Klass (2003) Moving On
Mylene Farmer & Seal (2002) Les Mots
Mylene Farmer (1986) Cendres De Lune
Mylene Farmer (1988) Ainsi Soit Je
Mylene Farmer (1988) Ainsi soit je (single)
Mylene Farmer (1989) En Concert [live]
Mylene Farmer (1991) L'Antre
Mylene Farmer (1992) Beyond My Control [single]
Mylene Farmer (1992) Dance Remixes
Mylene Farmer (1992) Dance Remixes V2
Mylene Farmer (1993) Dance Remixes 2
Mylene Farmer (1993) My soul is slashed [single]
Mylene Farmer (1994) Cendres De Lune (remix)
Mylene Farmer (1994) Giorgino [soundtrack]
Mylene Farmer (1995) Anamorphosee
Mylene Farmer (1995) Comme J'ai Mal [single]
Mylene Farmer (1995) L'Instant X [single]
Mylene Farmer (1995) XXL [single]
Mylene Farmer (1996) California [single]
Mylene Farmer (1997) Live A Bercy
Mylene Farmer (1997) Live Collection 89-97 [live]
Mylene Farmer (1999) Innamoramento
Mylene Farmer (1999) Je te rends ton amour (dance remixes)
Mylene Farmer (1999) lame-stram-gram (dance remixes)
Mylene Farmer (1999) Millennium Tour
Mylene Farmer (1999) Romantic Ballads
Mylene Farmer (2000) Dance Remixes 3
Mylene Farmer (2001) Dance Remixes 5
Mylene Farmer (2003) C'Est Une Belle Journee
Mylene Farmer (2005) Avant Que L'ombre
Mylo (2005) Live at Oxegen 07-09-2005
Mysterium Magnum (1991) The Best CD1
Mysterium Magnum (1991) The Best CD2
Mystica (2001) Age Of Innocence
Mythos (1996) Introspection
Mythos (1997) Iridescence
Mythos (1999) Mythos
Mythos (2000) The Reality Of A Dreamer
Mythos (2002) Eternity
Nabizadeh (xxxx) [unknown]
Nadia (1996) Kiss Of Destiny
Nailbomb (1994) Point Blank
Nailbomb (1995) Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide
Nakatomi (1996) Children Of The Night
Nakatomi (1996) Children of the night [single]
Nakatomi (1996) Sing [single]
Naked Eye (1994) Dance All Night [single]
Nalin & Kane (2000) Super Flight
Nalin & Kane (xxxx) Beachball [single]
Namelessnumberheadman (2004) Your Voice Repeating
Nana (1998) Father
Nana (2000) Nana
Nana (2001) Let It Rain [single]
Napalm Death (1987) Scum
Napalm Death (1988) From Enslavement To Obliteration
Napalm Death (1990) Harmony Corruption
Napalm Death (1990) Live Corruption [live]
Napalm Death (1991) Death By Manipulation
Napalm Death (1991) The World Keeps Turning [single]
Napalm Death (1992) Utopia Banished
Napalm Death (1993) The Peel Sessions
Napalm Death (1994) Fear, Emptiness, Despair
Napalm Death (1995) Cursed To Tour (split At The Gates) [live]
Napalm Death (1995) Diatribes
Napalm Death (1995) Greed Killing
Napalm Death (1997) Breed To Breathe
Napalm Death (1997) In Tongues We Speak (split Coalesce) [single]
Napalm Death (1997) Inside The Torn Apart
Napalm Death (1998) Bootlegged In Japan [live]
Napalm Death (1998) Words From The Exit Wound
Napalm Death (1999) Leaders Not Followers
Napalm Death (2000) Enemy Of The Music Business
Napalm Death (2005) The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code
Nastasee (1996) Nastasee
Nastasee (1998) Ule Tide
Nat King Cole (2005) En Espanol
Natacha Atlas (1997) Diaspora
Natacha Atlas (1999) Gedida
Natacha Atlas (2000) Halim
Natacha Atlas (2000) The Remix Collection
Natacha Atlas (2001) Ayeshteni
Natacha Atlas (2002) Foretold in the Language of Dreams [Natacha Atlas & Marc Eagleton project]
Natacha Atlas (2003) Something Dangerous
Natacha Atlas (2006) Mish Maoul
Natalia Oreiro (1999) Natalia Oreiro
Natalia Oreiro (1999) Natalia Oreiro
Natalia Oreiro (2000) Millennium Hits
Natalia Oreiro (2000) Tu Veneno
Natalia Oreiro (2001) Tu Veneno
Natalia Oreiro (2002) De Tu Amor
Natalia Oreiro (2002) The Best Of
Natalia Oreiro (2002) Turmalina
Natalia Oreiro (2003) Amor Fatal
Natalia Oreiro (2004) Rio De La Plata - The Hits!
Natalie Imbruglia (1998) Left Of The Middle
Natalie Imbruglia (1999) Autumn Dreams
Natalie Imbruglia (2001) White Lilies Island
Natalie Imbruglia (2005) Counting Down The Days
Natalie Merchant (1995) Tigerlily
Natalie Merchant (2001) Motherland
Natasha Thomas (2006) Playin with Fire
Native Vision (xxxx) Easy Life [single]
Natraj Temple (2004) Dance For Peace
Natural (2002) Keep It Natural
Natural (2004) It's Only Natural
Natural Effect (1994) Gimme Your Love [single]
Natural Forces (1994) Energy Of Love [single]
Naturalist (1998) Untitled
Nature Whispers (xxxx) Sea of Tranquility
Nature Whispers (xxxx) Whispering Sands
Nature's Relaxtion Suites (1997) Cry of the wolf
Nazareth (1971) Nazareth
Nazareth (1972) Exercises
Nazareth (1973) BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert [live]
Nazareth (1973) Loud 'N' Proud
Nazareth (1973) Razamanaz
Nazareth (1974) Rampant
Nazareth (1975) Hair Of The Dog
Nazareth (1976) Close Enough For Rock'n'roll
Nazareth (1976) Play 'N' The Game
Nazareth (1977) Expect No Mercy
Nazareth (1978) No Mean City
Nazareth (1979) Expect Razamanaz
Nazareth (1980) Malice In Wonderland
Nazareth (1981) Snaz
Nazareth (1981) The Fool Circle
Nazareth (1982) 2 X 5
Nazareth (1983) Sound Elixir
Nazareth (1984) The Catch
Nazareth (1986) Cinema
Nazareth (1989) Snakes And Ladders
Nazareth (1991) No Jive
Nazareth (1991) Single Hits - Volume I
Nazareth (1991) Single Hits - Volume II
Nazareth (1991) Single Hits - Volume III
Nazareth (1994) Move Me
Nazareth (1998) Boogalo
Nazareth (1998) Live At The Beeb CD1 [live]
Nazareth (1998) Live At The Beeb CD2 [live]
Negative (2003) War Of Love
Neil Sedaka (1961) Little Devil
Neil Sedaka (2005) Love Songs
Neil Young & Crazy Horse (1991) Weld CD1 [live]
Neil Young & Crazy Horse (1991) Weld CD2 [live]
Neil Young (1969) Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Neil Young (1969) Neil Young
Neil Young (1970) After the Gold Rush
Neil Young (1972) Harvest
Neil Young (1975) Zuma
Neil Young (1979) Live Rust
Neil Young (1979) Rust Never Sleeps
Neil Young (1989) Freedom
Neil Young (1992) Harvest Moon
Neil Young (1993) Lucky Thirteen
Neil Young (1993) Unplugged
Neil Young (1995) Mirror Ball
Neil Young (1996) Broken Arrow
Neil Young (1996) Dead Man
Neil Young (2000) Silver And Gold (DVD-Ripp Ackustisk)
Neil Young (2003) Greendale
Neil Young (2005) Prairie Wind
Neil Young (2006) Living With War
Neja (1999) Game
Neja (2000) Fairytale [single]
NEK (1997) NEK
NEK (2002) Las Cosas Que Defendere
NEK (2003) The Best Of NEK - L'Anno Zero
Nelly (2002) Country Grammar
Nelly (2002) Nellyville
Nelly Furtado (2000) Whoa, Nelly!
Nelly Furtado (2001) Turn Off The Light [single]
Nelly Furtado (2004) Folklore
Nelly Furtado (2005) The Grass Is Green [single]
Nelly Furtado (2006) Loose
NeNasty (2006) Когда Уходят Тени
NeoMaster (2006) Марафон
Neon Electronics (2001) System Riviera
Neon Light (1993) Dance To The Trance [single]
Neon Light (1993) Zi Pompa [single]
Neon Light (1994) Get Down Everybody [single]
Neoton Familia (1978) Disco
Neoton Familia (1980) Gambling
Neoton Familia (1980) Marathon
Neoton Familia (1980) Menedekhaz
Neoton Familia (1980) Napraforgo
Neoton Familia (1981) A Familia
Neoton Familia (1981) Listen To Me
Neoton Familia (1982) Szerencsejatec
Neoton Familia (1984) Karneval
Neoton Familia (1986) Minek Ez a Cirkusz
Neoton Familia (1988) Attrakcio
Neoton Familia (xxxx) Abracadabra
Neptune Towers (1994) Caravans To Empire Algol
Neptune Towers (1994) Transmissions From Empire Algol
NERD (2002) In Search Of
NERD (2003) Provider [single]
NERD (2004) Fly Or Die
NERD (2004) Maybe [single]
NERD (2004) She Wants To Move [single]
Nervous Cabaret (2005) Nervous Cabaret
Netzwerk (1994) Passion [single]
Neuromotor (2001) After Effect [single]
Neuromotor (2001) Neuro Damage
Neurotic (2003) The Rebirth Of Sin
Neurotic Outsiders (1996) Neurotic Outsiders
Neva Dinova (2005) The Hate Yourself Change
N'Evergreen (2005) Just Another Love Song [single]
Nevermore (1995) Nevermore
Nevermore (1996) In Memory
Nevermore (1996) The Politics Of Ecstasy
Nevermore (1999) Dreaming Neon Black
Nevermore (2000) Dead Heart In A Dead World (limited edition)
Nevermore (2003) Enemys Of Reality
New Collective (2002) Horyzont
New Collective (xxxx) Chinatown
New Composers (2000) Magnitola
New Composers (2000) Smart [new version]
New Found Glory (2004) Catalyst
New Kids On The Block (1988) Hangin' Tough
New Kids On The Block (1989) Merry, Merry Christmas
New Kids On The Block (1990) No More Games (The remix album)
New Kids On The Block (1990) Step By Step
New Kids On The Block (1991) If You Go Away [single]
New Kids On The Block (1994) Face The Music
New Kids On The Block (1999) Greatest Hits
New Limit (1994) Smile [single]
New Mind (1995) Zero To The Bone
New Musik (1980) From A To B
New Musik (1981) Anywhere
New Musik (1982) Warp
New Order (1981) Movement
New Order (1981) Peel Sessions 1981
New Order (1982) Peel Sessions 1982
New Order (1983) Power, Corruption And Lies
New Order (1985) Low Life
New Order (1986) Brotherhood (Us Version)
New Order (1987) Substance CD1
New Order (1987) Substance CD2
New Order (1987) Touched By The Hand Of God (JP)
New Order (1988) Fine Time [single]
New Order (1989) Round And Round [single]
New Order (1989) Technique
New Order (1990) World In Motion [single]
New Order (1992) BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert [live]
New Order (1993) Electronic Ecstasy Live [live]
New Order (1993) Republic (Us Version)
New Order (1993) Spooky [single]
New Order (1993) World (The Price Of Love) [single]
New Order (1994) (The Best Of) New Order
New Order (1994) Bizarre Love Triangle [single]
New Order (1994) Substance Abuse (Remix Bootleg)
New Order (1995) (The Best Of) New Order (Remix Album)
New Order (1995) Nineteen 63 [single]
New Order (1999) In Hindsight (Remix Album)
New Order (2001) Crystal [single]
New Order (2001) Get Ready
New Order (2003) 511 [live]
New Order (2004) Crystal (Past Post Mixes) [single]
New Order (2004) In Session
New Order (2004) The Acid House Mixes By 808 State [single]
New Order (2005) Waiting For The Sirens' Call
New World Company (1980) Sea Moods
New World Orchestra (2005) The Best Of The Movies CD1
New World Orchestra (2005) The Best Of The Movies CD2
New York Gong (1980) About Time
Newcleus (1984) Jam On Revenge
Newcleus (1985) Space Is The Place
NFAK (1996) The Profet Speaks
Niagara (1988) Quel Enfer!
Nicholas Gunn (1986) Crossroads
Nicholas Gunn (1993) Afternoon in Sedona
Nicholas Gunn (1994) The Sacret Fire
Nicholas Gunn (1995) The Music of the Grand Canyon
Nicholas Gunn (1998) Passion In My Heart
Nicholas Gunn (1999) Return To Grand Canyon
Nicholas Gunn (1999) Return to Grand Canyon
Nicholas Gunn (2001) Selection
Nick Carter (2002) Now Or Never
Nick Cave & Shane MacGowan (1992) What A Wonderful World [single]
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis (2005) The Proposition [soundtrack]
Nick Cave (1984) From Her To Eternity
Nick Cave (1985) The First Born Is Dead
Nick Cave (1986) Kicking Against The Pricks
Nick Cave (1986) Your Funeral… My Trial
Nick Cave (1988) Tender Prey
Nick Cave (1990) The Good Son
Nick Cave (1992) Henry's Dream
Nick Cave (1992) I Had A Dream, Joe [single]
Nick Cave (1993) Live Seeds [live]
Nick Cave (1994) Let Love In
Nick Cave (1995) Where The Wild Roses Grow [single]
Nick Cave (1996) Murder Ballads
Nick Cave (1997) The Boatman's Call
Nick Cave (1998) Live At The Royal Albert Hall [live]
Nick Cave (1999) The Secret Life Of The Love Song
Nick Cave (2001) No More Shall We Part
Nick Cave (2003) Nuctorama
Nick Cave (2004) Abbatoir Blues
Nick Cave (2004) The Lyre Of Orpheus
Nick Holder (2003) The Other Side
Nick Kamen (1990) Move Until We Fly
Nick Lowe (1978) Jesus Of Cool
Nick Lowe (2001) The Convincer
Nick Mason (1981) Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports
Nick Mason (1985) Nick Mason & Rick Fenn - Profiles
Nick Warren (2001) G.U. 002 - Nick Warren CD1
Nick Warren (2001) G.U. 002 - Nick Warren CD2
Nick Warren (2001) G.U. 008 - Brazil CD1
Nick Warren (2001) G.U. 008 - Brazil CD2
Nick Warren (2001) G.U. 011 - Budapest CD1
Nick Warren (2001) G.U. 011 - Budapest CD2
Nick Warren (2001) G.U. 018 - Amsterdam CD1
Nick Warren (2001) G.U. 018 - Amsterdam CD2
Nick Warren (2003) G.U. 024 - Reykjavik CD1
Nick Warren (2003) G.U. 024 - Reykjavik CD2
Nickelback (1996) Curb
Nickelback (2000) The State
Nickelback (2002) Silver Side Up
Nickelback (2003) Nickelback For Tribe Generation [single]
Nickelback (2003) The Long Road
Nickelback (2005) All The Right Reasons
Nickelback (2005) Photograph [single]
Nicki French (1995) Secrets
Nicki French (1995) Total Eclipse Of The Heart US [single]
Nicki French (1997) French Revolution
Nicky Holland (1992) Nicky Holland
Nico (1967) Chelsea Girl
Nicola Conte (2001) Bossa Per Due
Nicolas De Angelis (1999) Le Meilleur De La Guitare
Niels Van Gogh (2004) No Way Out
Nightcrawlers (1995) Let's Push It
Nightingale (1995) The Breathing Shadow
Nightingale (1996) The Closing Chronicles
Nightingale (2000) I
Nightwish (1994) Demo
Nightwish (1997) Angels Fall First
Nightwish (1997) The Carpenter
Nightwish (1998) Oceanborn
Nightwish (1998) Sacrament Of Wilderness
Nightwish (1999) Sleeping Sun (Ballads Of The Eclipse)
Nightwish (1999) Walking In The Air [single]
Nightwish (2000) Deep Silent Complete [single]
Nightwish (2000) Wishmaster
Nightwish (2000) Wishmaster (Bonus CD)
Nightwish (2001) From Wishes To Eternity) Live [live]
Nightwish (2001) Live At Gorbunov's Palace Of Culture (Bootleg 24.08.2001) [live]
Nightwish (2001) Nimphomaniac Fantasies [compilation]
Nightwish (2001) Over The Hills And Far Away
Nightwish (2001) She Is My Sin [compilation]
Nightwish (2002) Again In Moscow (Bootleg Live In Russia 13.08.2002) [live]
Nightwish (2002) Bless The Child (Limited Edition)
Nightwish (2002) Century Child
Nightwish (2002) Everdream [single]
Nightwish (2003) End Of Innocence (Live at Summer Breeze 2002) [live]
Nightwish (2003) Wishes In The Night (Bootleg 2003)
Nightwish (2004) Nemo [single]
Nightwish (2004) Once
Nightwish (2004) Tales From The Elvenpath [compilation]
Nightwish (2005) Bestwishes [compilation]
Nightwish (2005) Highest Hopes - The Best Of Nightwish
Nightwish (2005) The Siren [single]
Nightwish (2006) End of an Era CD1
Nightwish (2006) End of an Era CD2
Nihilist (2005) 1987-1989
Nik Kershaw (1983) Human Racing
Nik Kershaw (1984) The Riddle
Nik Kershaw (1986) Radio Musicola
Nik Kershaw (1989) The Works
Nik Kershaw (1991) The Collection
Nik Kershaw (1998) Greatest Hits
Nik Kershaw (1999) 15 Minutes
Nik Kershaw (2001) To Be Frank
Nimba (2005) Elements
Nina (1994) Dance The Night Away [single]
Nina (1995) Dare!
Nina (1995) The Reason Is You [single]
Nina (1995) Until All Your Dreams Come True [single]
Nina (1995) Until All Your Dreams Come True Remix [single]
Nina (1996) In Her Shoes [single]
Nina Hagen (1978) Nina Hagen Band
Nina Hagen (1980) Unbehagen
Nina Hagen (1982) Nunsexmonkrock
Nina Hagen (1984) Fearless [Brazilian Edition]
Nina Hagen (1985) In Ekstasy (English)
Nina Hagen (1987) Love
Nina Hagen (1989) Nina Hagen
Nina Hagen (1991) Street
Nina Hagen (1994) Revolution Ballroom
Nina Hagen (1995) Definitive Collection
Nina Hagen (1995) Freud Euch
Nina Hagen (1996) Bee Happy
Nina Hagen (1999) Return Of The Mother
Nina Simone (1966) Let it all out
Nina Simone (1966) Wild Is The Wind
Nina Simone (1966) Wild Is The Wind - High Priest
Nina Simone (2003) Anthology CD1
Nina Simone (2003) Anthology CD2
Nina Simone (2003) Sings The Standards
Nina Simone (2004) Legendary Concert Recordings - The Late Great Nina Simone
Nina Sky (2004) Nina Sky
Nina Sky (2005) La Conexion
Nine Inch Nails (1988) Purest Feeling
Nine Inch Nails (1989) Down in It [single]
Nine Inch Nails (1989) Pretty Hate Machine
Nine Inch Nails (1990) Head Like A Hole
Nine Inch Nails (1990) Sin [single]
Nine Inch Nails (1992) Broken
Nine Inch Nails (1992) Fixed
Nine Inch Nails (1994) Closer To God
Nine Inch Nails (1994) March of the Pigs
Nine Inch Nails (1994) Natural Born Killers [soundtrack]
Nine Inch Nails (1994) The Crow [soundtrack]
Nine Inch Nails (1994) The Downward Spiral
Nine Inch Nails (1995) Further Down The Spiral
Nine Inch Nails (1995) Further Down The Spiral V2
Nine Inch Nails (1996) Quake [Game Soundtrack]
Nine Inch Nails (1997) Lost Highway [soundtrack]
Nine Inch Nails (1997) The Perfect Drug [single]
Nine Inch Nails (1999) The Day The World Went Away [single]
Nine Inch Nails (1999) The Fragile CD1 Left
Nine Inch Nails (1999) The Fragile CD2 Right
Nine Inch Nails (1999) We're In This Together CD1
Nine Inch Nails (1999) We're In This Together CD2
Nine Inch Nails (1999) We're In This Together CD3
Nine Inch Nails (2000) The Things Falling Apart
Nine Inch Nails (2001) Tomb Raider [soundtrack]
Nine Inch Nails (2002) ReMixed 2002
Nine Inch Nails (2005) The Hand That Feeds [single]
Nine Inch Nails (2005) With Teeth
Nine Inch Nails (2006) Every Day Is Exactly The Same
Nino Bravo (2003) Todo Nino CD1
Nino Bravo (2003) Todo Nino CD2
Nino Bravo (2003) Todo Nino CD3
Nino De Angelo (1989) Flieger [single]
Nino De Angelo (1989) Samuraj
Nino De Angelo (1989) Samuraj [single]
Nino De Angelo (xxxx) Delux Collection
Nino Rota (1972) Godfather [soundtrack]
Nirvana (1987) March Raymond, WA (US) House party at 17 Nussbaum Roa
Nirvana (1988) Seattle 1988-12-28
Nirvana (1989) Bleach
Nirvana (1989) Bleach Out! Break Out! 1989-07-07
Nirvana (1990) Blind Pig Beginnings 1990-10-04
Nirvana (1990) Nevermind Sessions
Nirvana (1991) Digital Nirvana 1991-08-25
Nirvana (1991) Heaven Can Wait 1990-02-15 & 1991-10-31
Nirvana (1991) In Bloom [single]
Nirvana (1991) Nevermind
Nirvana (1991) Smells Like Teen Spirit [single]
Nirvana (1991) VPRO Studio, Hilversum 1991-11-25
Nirvana (1992) Come As You Are [single]
Nirvana (1992) Incesticide
Nirvana (1992) Last Concert In Japan 1992-02-19
Nirvana (1992) Lithium [single]
Nirvana (1993) All Apologies) Rape Me [single]
Nirvana (1993) Heart-Shaped Box [single]
Nirvana (1993) In Utero
Nirvana (1994) Outcesticide III) The Final Solution
Nirvana (1994) Suicide Solution 1994-02-25
Nirvana (1994) Unplugged In New York
Nirvana (1996) From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah
Nirvana (2004) Everything & Nothing
Nirvana (2004) I Can't Live-The Unfinished Al
Nirvana (2004) With The Lights Out CD1 [collection of rarities]
Nirvana (2004) With The Lights Out CD2 [collection of rarities]
Nirvana (2004) With The Lights Out CD3 [collection of rarities]
Nirvana [UK] (1968) All Of Us
Nishat Khan, Irshad Khan & Sha (xxxx) Rag Bhimpalasi & Rag Til
Nitin Sawhney (1995) Migration
Nitin Sawhney (2000) Beyond SKIN
Nitin Sawhney (2000) Displacing the Priest
Nitin Sawhney (2001) Prophesy
Nitin Sawhney (2002) Essenchill) Mixed By Nitin Sawhney
Nitin Sawhney (2003) Human
NLD (2001) Project
No Angels (2001) Elle Ments
No Angels (2002) Now…
No Angels (2003) Pure
No Comment (1993) Drawback Infect
No Comment (1995) Screen
No Comment (1998) Bondage
No Comment (1999) Painkiller CD1
No Comment (1999) Painkiller CD2
No Comment (2001) Underwater Tales
No Decay (1997) Escape From Usual Life
No Decay (1999) Supernova
No Decay (2000) Retroshow
No Doubt (1992) No Doubt
No Doubt (1995) The Beacon Street Collection
No Doubt (1995) Tragic Kingdom
No Doubt (2000) Return Of Saturn
No Doubt (2001) Rock Steady
No Doubt (2003) Running [single]
No Doubt (2003) The Singles 1992-2003
No Doubt (2004) Everything In Time
No Mercy (1996) My Promise
No Mercy (2000) More
No Smokng Orchestra (2000) Black Cat White Cat
No Use For A Name (1990) Incognito
No Use For A Name (1992) Don't Miss The Train
No Use For A Name (1994) Daily Grind
No Use For A Name (1995) Death Doesn't Care
No Use For A Name (1995) Leche Con Carne
No Use For A Name (1997) Making Friends
No Use For A Name (1999) More Betterness
No Use For A Name (2001) Live In A Dive
No Use For A Name (2002) Hard Rock Bottom
No Use For A Name (xxxx) Live In Germany
Noa (2002) Now
Nocturnal Rites (2005) Grand Illusion
Nocturnal Rites (2005) Grand Illusion
Nocturnaldominium (xxxx) Kingdom of Gloom
Node (2006) As God Kills
Noelia (1999) Noelia
NoFX & Rancid (2002) Split Series - volume 3
NoFX (1984) Maximum Rock'n'Roll
NoFX (1988) Liberal Animation
NoFX (1989) S&M Airlines
NoFX (1990) Ribbed
NoFX (1992) The Longest Line
NoFX (1992) White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean
NoFX (1994) Punk In Drublic
NoFX (1995) I Heard They Suck Live! [live]
NoFX (1996) Heavy Petting Zoo
NoFX (1997) So Lond And Thank's For All The Shoes
NoFX (1999) The Decline
NoFX (2000) Bottles To The Ground [single]
NoFX (2000) Pump Up The Valuum
NoFX (2002) 45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough CD1
NoFX (2002) 45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough CD2
NoFX (2003) The War On Errorism
NoFX (2004) The Greatest Songs Even Written
NoFX (2006) Wolves In Wolves' Clothing
Noir Desir (1987) Oy Veux-Tu Qu'Je R'Garde
Noir Desir (1990) Du Ciment Sous Les Plaines
Noir Desir (1992) Tostaky
Noir Desir (1994) Dies irae CD1 [live]
Noir Desir (1994) Dies irae CD2 [live]
Noir Desir (1996) 666.667 CLUB
Noir Desir (1998) One Trip One Noise [remixes]
Noir Desir (1998) Veuillez Rendre Lame
Noir Desir (2000) En Route Pour La Joie CD1 [compilation]
Noir Desir (2000) En Route Pour La Joie CD2 [compilation]
Noir Desir (2000) En Route Pour La Joie CD3 [compilation]
Noir Desir (2001) Des Visages Des Figures
Noise Unit (1989) Deceit # Struktur [single]
Noise Unit (1989) Grinding Into Emptiness
Noise Unit (1990) Response Frequency
Noise Unit (1994) Strategy Of Violence
Noise Unit (1996) Decoder
Noise Unit (1997) Drill
Noize Factory (xxxx) Body Flow [single]
Nomad (2001) Day One & Spaceship Trippers
No-Man (1994) Loveblows and Lovecries A Confession
No-Man (1996) Wild Opera
No-Man (1997) Dry Cleaning Ray
No-Man (1999) Speak
No-Man (2001) Lost Songs
No-Man (2003) Together We're Stranger
Nonpoint (2005) To The Pain
Nora Brockstedt (2005) Christmas Songs
Nord Attack (2006) Мысли вслух
Nordlicht (xxxx) Cry [single]
Noriko Sakai (2001) The Best Of
Northaunt (2000) The Ominous Silence [redesigned]
Norther (2002) Dreams Of Endless War
Norther (2003) Mirror Of Madness
Norther (2005) Solution 7 (EP)
Nostradameus (2000) Words Of Nostradameus
Nostradameus (2001) Prophet Of Evil
Nostradamus (1998) A Storms Of Dreams
Nostradamus (1998) Secret Garden
Notorious BIG (2005) Duets) The Final Chapter
Notting Hillbillies (1999) Live At Ronnie Scott
Novaspace (2003) Run To You [single]
Novaspace (2003) Supernova
Novaspace (2004) Cubes
Novaspace (2004) So Lonely [single]
Novecento (1984) The First Album
Novecento (1991) Leaving Now
Novecento (xxxx) Necessary
Novelty (1997) Natural
NOX (2005) Ragyogбs
N'Sync (1999) N Syns
N'Sync (2001) Celebrity
N'Sync (2001) No Strings Attached
N-Trance (1994) Turn Up The Power [single]
N-Trance (1996) Electronic Pleasure
N-Trance (1996) Electronic Pleasure
N-Trance (1998) Happy Hour
N-Trance (1998) Happy Hour
N-Trance (2000) Star Profile
N-Trance (2001) Set You Free (Vinyl)
N-Trance (2002) Forever [single]
N-Trance (2003) Destiny (UK) [single]
Nuccio (1988) Take Me Now [single]
Nuclear Ramjet (2001) Music For Spaceports
Nune (2001) Ubr Love
Nuno Bettencourt (1996) Schizophonic
Nuno Bettencourt (1998) Mourning Windows
Nuno Bettencourt (2000) Furnished Souls For Rent
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook (1996) Night Song
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1989) Shahen-Shah
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1990) Jani Door Gaye
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1992) Devotional And Love Songs
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1994) The Last Prophet
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Pussycat (1981) Blue Lights
Pussycat Dolls (2005) PCD
Pussycats (xxxx) The Pussycats Story
Pyogenesis (1994) Sweet X-Rated Nothings
Q Club (1995) Rofo's Theme '95 CD5
QFX (1997) Freedom 2 [single]
QFX (1998) High On Life
Qntal IV (2005) Ozymandias (ltd edition)
QT (1996) Pieces Of Dream
Q-Tex (1993) The Power Of Love [single]
Q-Tex (1994) Believe [single]
Q-Tex (1994) Power Of Love
Q-Tex (1997) Into The Light CD1
Q-Tex (1997) Into The Light CD2
Quadran (xxxx) Naked Light [single]
Quadraphonic (2003) I Can Feel Your Love [single]
Quadrophonia (1991) Cozmic Jam
Quadrophonia (1991) Quadrophonia [single]
Quadrophonia (1991) The Wave Of The Future [single]
Quadrophonia (1992) The Man With The Mastermixes
Queen (1973) Queen
Queen (1974) Queen 2
Queen (1974) Sheer Heart Attack
Queen (1975) A Night At The Opera
Queen (1976) A Day At The Races
Queen (1977) News Of The World
Queen (1978) Flash Gordon
Queen (1978) Jazz
Queen (1979) Live Killers CD1 [live]
Queen (1979) Live Killers CD2 [live]
Queen (1980) The Game
Queen (1982) Hot Space
Queen (1984) The Works
Queen (1986) A Kind Of Magic
Queen (1986) Live At Wembley CD1 [live]
Queen (1986) Live At Wembley CD2 [live]
Queen (1986) Live Magic [live]
Queen (1989) The Miracle
Queen (1991) Innuendo
Queen (1992) The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
Queen (1994) Japanese Single Box CD01 Seven Seas Of Rhye
Queen (1994) Japanese Single Box CD02 Killer Queen) Flick of the wrist
Queen (1994) Japanese Single Box CD03 Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen (1994) Japanese Single Box CD04 Somebody To Love
Queen (1994) Japanese Single Box CD05 First
Queen (1994) Japanese Single Box CD06 Queen
Queen (1994) Japanese Single Box CD07 Crazy Little thing called love
Queen (1994) Japanese Single Box CD08 Another one bites the dust
Queen (1994) Japanese Single Box CD09 Under pressure (with David Bowie)
Queen (1994) Japanese Single Box CD10 Radio Ga-Ga
Queen (1994) Japanese Single Box CD11 I want to break free
Queen (1994) Japanese Single Box CD12 A kind of magic
Queen (1995) Made In Heaven
Queen (1996) Dragon Attack [tribute to Queen]
Queen (1999) Greatest Hits III
Queen (2005) Killer Queen - The Ultimate Tribute
Queen Adreena (2005) The Butcher And The Butterfly
Queens Of The Stone Age (1998) Queens of the Stone Age
Queens Of The Stone Age (2000) Rated R
Queens Of The Stone Age (2002) Songs For The Deaf
Queens Of The Stone Age (2003) Westwood One - Absolutely Live
Queens Of The Stone Age (2005) Lullabies To Paralyze
Queens Of The Stone Age (2005) Over The Years And Through The Woods
Queensryche (1984) The Warning
Queensryche (1986) Rage For Order
Queensryche (1988) Operation) Mindcrime
Queensryche (1990) Amsterdam 1990
Queensryche (1990) Empire
Queensryche (1990) Nightriders
Queensryche (1994) Promised Land
Queensryche (1997) Hear In The Now Frontier
Queensryche (1999) Q2k
Queensryche (2001) Live Evolution CD1
Queensryche (2001) Live Evolution CD2
Queensryche (2003) Tribe
Quell (2005) One Man's Struggle With The English Language
Question Mark & The Mysterians (2005) And The Mysterians - Cameo Parkway 1966-1967
Quiet Riot (1984) Condition Critical
Quincy Jones (1981) The Dude
Quincy Jones (2001) Basie & Beyond
Quivver (2003) Live @ Slava, Moscow 2003 (part I)
R Kelly & Jay-Z (2004) Unfinished Business
R Kelly (2000) TP-2.com
R Kelly (2002) Love Land
R Kelly (2003) Chocolate Factory
R Kelly (2003) The R In R&B Collection CD1
R Kelly (2003) The R In R&B Collection CD2 [remixes]
R Kelly (2004) U Saved Me CD1
R Kelly (2004) U Saved Me CD2
R Kelly (xxxx) On Tour
Rabih Abou-Khalil (1995) Arabian Waltz
Racer X (1986) Second Heat
Racer X (1986) Street Lethal
Racer X (1988) Extreme Volume Live [live]
Racer X (1992) Extreme Volume Live 2 [live]
Racer X (2000) Technical Difficulties
Racer X (2001) Superheroes
Racer X (2002) Getting Heavier
Racer X (2002) Live At The Whisky) Snowball Of Doom [live]
Rachel's (2003) Systems/Layers
Radar Bros (2005) The Fallen Leaf Pages
Radiohead (1993) Pablo Honey
Radiohead (1994) My Iron Lung [EP]
Radiohead (1995) The Bends [with bonus]
Radiohead (1996) Just [single]
Radiohead (1997) Ok Computer
Radiohead (1998) Airbag) How Am I Driving
Radiohead (1998) Greatest Hits
Radiohead (1998) No Surprises [single]
Radiohead (2000) Creepy Alien Singalong
Radiohead (2000) Karma Police, pt. 2 [UK]
Radiohead (2000) Kid A
Radiohead (2001) Amnesiac
Radiohead (2001) Amnesiac B-Sides
Radiohead (2001) I Might Be Wrong (Live Recordings)
Radiohead (2003) Hail To The Thief
Radiohead (2003) Live At Glastonbury [live]
Radiohead (2004) Com Lag
Radiohead (2004) Idiot Computer [live]
Radiohead (2005) Me & this Army) Radiohead Remixes
Radiorama (1986) Chance To Desire [single]
Radiorama (1986) Desires & Vampires
Radiorama (1987) Aliens [single]
Radiorama (1987) The Second
Radiorama (1988) ABCD [single]
Radiorama (1988) The Legend
Radiorama (1989) Chance To Desire '89 [single]
Radiorama (1989) The Best Of (Remixed)
Radiorama (1990) Four Years After
Radiorama (1994) It's A Lonely Wait [single]
Radiorama (1995) Golden hits 1990-1995
Radiorama (1995) Let Me Be [single]
Radiorama (1999) Beautiful Man [single]
Radiorama (1999) Ninna Ninna Oh [single]
Radiorama (1999) The World Of Radiorama
Radiorama (2002) Yesterday Today Tomorrow
Radiorama (2003) Cause The Night [single]
Radiorama (xxxx) Remix Collection
Radiotrance (2004) К звездам Эпизод II
Raekwon (1995) Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
Raekwon (1999) Immobilarity
RAF (1984) Self Control
RAF (1991) We Gonna Get [single]
Raffaella Carra (1983) Fatalita
Raffaella Carra (1984) Bolero
Raffaella Carra (1996) The Very Best Of
Raffish (2005) How Raffish Are You
Rage (1985) Depraved To Black (Avenger) [single]
Rage (1985) Prayers Of Steel (Avenger)
Rage (1986) Reign Of Fear
Rage (1987) Execution Guaranteed
Rage (1988) Perfect Man
Rage (1989) Secrets In A Weierd World
Rage (1990) Reflections Of A Shadow
Rage (1991) Extended Power [single]
Rage (1992) Beyond The Wall [single]
Rage (1992) Trapped
Rage (1993) The Missing Link
Rage (1994) Refuge [single]
Rage (1994) Ten Years In Rage [with bonus]
Rage (1995) Black In Mind
Rage (1996) End Of All Days
Rage (1996) Higher Than The Sky [EP]
Rage (1996) Lingua Mortis
Rage (1997) Live From The Vaults [live]
Rage (1998) In Vain
Rage (1998) XIII
Rage (1999) Ghosts
Rage (2001) Metal Meets Classic Live
Rage (2001) Welcome To The Other Side
Rage (2002) Unity
Rage (2003) Soundchaser
Rage Against The Machine (1992) Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine (1996) Evil Empire
Rage Against The Machine (1997) Live & Rare
Rage Against The Machine (1999) The Battle Of Los Angeles
Rage Against The Machine (2000) Renegades
Rage Against The Machine (2000) Rock Guerrillas
Rage Against The Machine (2002) 30 For A Revolution CD1
Rage Against The Machine (2002) 30 For A Revolution CD2
Rage Against The Machine (2003) Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium
Ragga 2 Sunshine (xxxx) Jambo, Jambo, Jambo [single]
Rainbow (1975) Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Rainbow (1976) Rainbow Rising
Rainbow (1977) Rainbow On Stage
Rainbow (1978) Long Live Rock'n'roll
Rainbow (1979) Down To Earth
Rainbow (1981) Difficult To Cure
Rainbow (1982) Straight Between The Eyes
Rainbow (1983) Bent Out Of Shape
Rainbow (1986) Finyl Vinyl
Rainbow (1995) Stranger In Us All
Rainbow (1999) Catch The Rainbow [A Tribute To Rainbow]
Raison D'Etre (1993) Prospectus I
Raison D'Etre (1997) Reflections From The Time Of Opening
Ralf Lawson (2000) Live In Moscow
Ralph Towner (1975) Solstice
Ralph Towner (1977) Sound And Shadows
Ralph Towner (1978) Batik
Ralph Towner (1979) Old Friends, New Friends
Ralph Towner (1980) City Of Eyes
Ralph Towner (1980) Solo Concert [live]
Ralph Towner (1983) Blue Sun
Ralph Towner (1984) Works [compilation]
Ralph Towner (1986) Slide Show
Ralph Towner (1997) Solo Guitar) Ana
Ralph Towner (2000) Anthem
RAM (2004) Efficient Chips
Ram Trilogy (2000) Titan
Rama (1996) Light My Fire [single]
Ramirez (1993) Terapia
Ramiro Musotto (2003) Sudaka
Rammstein (1994) Demos
Rammstein (1995) Du Riechst So Gut [single]
Rammstein (1995) Herzeleid
Rammstein (1996) Koln Brennt!
Rammstein (1996) Lost Highway
Rammstein (1996) Seemann [single]
Rammstein (1996) Verbrannte Erde
Rammstein (1997) Das Modell
Rammstein (1997) Du Hast
Rammstein (1997) Engel (Fun Edition)
Rammstein (1997) Engel [single]
Rammstein (1997) Propheten Der Apokalypse
Rammstein (1997) Sehnsucht (Japan)
Rammstein (1998) Brachiale Gewalt [remixes]
Rammstein (1998) Du Riechst So Gut '98 [single]
Rammstein (1998) Kemper Arena
Rammstein (1998) Stripped [single]
Rammstein (1999) Live Aus Berlin (Limited Edition) CD1 [live]
Rammstein (1999) Live Aus Berlin (Limited Edition) CD2 [live]
Rammstein (1999) Singles Collection '99
Rammstein (2000) Sehnsucht [Australian Tour Edition] CD1
Rammstein (2000) Sehnsucht [Australian Tour Edition] CD2
Rammstein (2001) Gilford
Rammstein (2001) Ich Will [single]
Rammstein (2001) Im Reich Der Sonne
Rammstein (2001) L'Elysee Montmartre
Rammstein (2001) Links 234 [single]
Rammstein (2001) Live Aus Russland
Rammstein (2001) Megamix
Rammstein (2001) Mutter
Rammstein (2001) Muttertag [compilation of samples & mixes]
Rammstein (2001) Sonne [single]
Rammstein (2002) Feuer Frei! [single]
Rammstein (2002) Live Aus Russland
Rammstein (2002) Mutter [single]
Rammstein (2002) Vater [remixes]
Rammstein (2003) Mutter (bonus CD) [compilation]
Rammstein (2004) Amerika [single]
Rammstein (2004) Das Spiel Mit Dem Feuer [live]
Rammstein (2004) Lichtspielhaus CD1 [compilation]
Rammstein (2004) Lichtspielhaus CD2 [compilation]
Rammstein (2004) Mein Teil [single]
Rammstein (2004) Reise Reise
Rammstein (2004) The Very Best Of
Rammstein (2005) Benzin [single]
Rammstein (2005) Keine Lust [single]
Rammstein (2005) Ronserot
Rammstein (2005) Rosenrot [single]
Rammstein (2006) Mann Gegen Mann [single]
Rammstein feat Apocalyptica (2005) Live @ Bercy 2005 Dudeschar
Ramones (1976) Hey Ho... It Was Twenty Years Ago
Ramones (1976) Ramones
Ramones (1977) Leave Home
Ramones (1977) Rocket to Russia
Ramones (1978) Road To Ruin
Ramones (1979) It`s Alive
Ramones (1980) End of the Century
Ramones (1981) Pleasant Dreams
Ramones (1983) Subterranean Jungle
Ramones (1985) Too Tough to Die
Ramones (1986) Animal Boy
Ramones (1987) Halfway to Sanity
Ramones (1989) Brain Drain
Ramones (1991) All the Stuff & More, Vol. 2
Ramones (1992) Mondo Bizarro
Ramones (1993) Acid Eaters
Ramones (1997) We`re Outta Here! [live]
Ramones (2004) Live January 7, 1978 At The Palladium, NYC
Rancho Relaxo (1996) All Stars
Rancid (1998) Hooligans [single]
Rancid (1998) Life Won't Wait
Rancid (2003) Indestructible
Randy Bush (1996) The Album
Randy Newman (1977) Little Criminals
Rank 1 (2000) Live At Trance Energy (30.09.2000)
Rank 1 (2001) Symsonic
Rank 1 (2006) A State Of Trance 250 (25-05-2006) (Live @ The Asta)
Rapsody (1997) Prince Igor [single]
Rapture (2002) Songs For The Withering
Rapture (2003) Echoes
Rare Earth (1973) Ma
Ras Michael (1990) Know Now
Rasa (2000) Devotion
RasKlad (xxxx) Калининграста
Rasmus (1996) Peep
Rasmus (1997) Playboys
Rasmus (1998) Hell Of Tester
Rasmus (2001) Hell Of Collection
Rasmus (2001) Into
Rasmus (2003) Dead Letters
Rasmus (2004) First Day In My Life [single]
Rasmus (2005) Hide from the sun
Rasta Оркестр (xxxx) Rasta Оркестр
Rastaliens (2002) Freestyle
Rational Youth (1999) To The Goddess Electricity
Ratt (1984) Out Of The Cellar
Ratt (1985) Invasion Of Your Privacy
Ratt (1986) Dancing Undercover
Ratt (1988) Reach For The Sky
Ratt (1990) Detonator
Ratt (1991) Ratt'n'Roll
Ratt (1997) Collage
Ratt (1999) Ratt
Rave Crusader (1992) Future World Destiny [single]
Rave Flowers (1995) Beautiful Life
Rave Flowers (1995) Paradise Of Love [single]
Rave Over Beethoven (1995) Moonlight Sonata [single]
Rave Rebels (1995) Cosmic Heaven [single]
RaveBlade (2000) Psytrance Mix 6 (Yumade)
Ravenous (1996) Mass Mental Cruelty
Ravenous (1997) No Retreat And No Surrender
Ravenous (1999) Silverray [single]
Ravenous (2000) Phoenix
Rave-O-Lution (1995) Falling In Love [single]
Raveonettes (2002) Live
Raveonettes (2002) Whip It On
Raveonettes (2003) Chain Gang Of Love
Raveonettes (2005) Pretty in Black
Raver's Nature (1995) Bring Me Noise! [single]
Raver's Nature (1996) Exit Fantasy Remixes [single]
Raver's Nature (1996) La Monza (The Return)
Ravi Shankar (xxxx) Chants of India
Ravi Shankar (xxxx) Sound of the Sitar
Ray [ex-2 Unlimited] (1996) Do You Think I'm Sexy [single]
Ray [ex-2 Unlimited] (1997) 3 X A Day [single]
Ray Charles (1996) Strong Love Affair
Ray Charles (1999) Love Songs
Ray Charles (1999) Ultimate Hits Collection
Ray Charles (2000) at the Olympia
Ray Charles (2002) Thanks for Bringing Love Around Again
Ray Charles (2004) Hey Now
Ray Charles (2004) Let's Have A Ball
Ray Charles (2005) Blues is My Middle Name
Ray Charles (2005) Friendship
Ray Charles (2005) Genius Remixed
Ray Charles (2005) I Chose To Sing The Blues
Ray Charles (2005) World Stars
Ray Charles (2005) Yes Indeed!
Ray Charles (xxxx) Blues & Jazz 2
Ray Conniff (1957) Dance The Bop!
Ray Conniff (1957) It's Marvelous
Ray Conniff (1958) Concert In Rhythm, Vol 1
Ray Conniff (1958) It's Awful Nice
Ray Conniff (1959) Hollywood In Rhythm
Ray Conniff (1963) Just Kiddin' Around [with Billy Butterfield]
Ray Conniff (1965) Love Affair
Ray Conniff (1967) En Espanol!
Ray Conniff (1967) This Is My Song
Ray Conniff (1968) We've Only Just Begun
Ray Conniff (1969) Jean
Ray Conniff (1969) Love Story
Ray Conniff (1970) Bridge Over Troubled Water
Ray Conniff (1990) El Fabuloso CD1
Ray Conniff (1990) El Fabuloso CD2
Ray Keith (2000) Vintage Dread
Ray Linch (1986) Deep Breakfast
RDV DJ (2004) БриБумер
Real Life (1983) Heart Land
Real Life (1989) Send Me An Angel
Real Life (1990) Lifetime
Real System (1995) There Is No More Love [single]
Reamonn (2000) Tuesday
Reamonn (2001) Dream No. 7
Reamonn (2001) Jeanny
Reamonn (2003) Beautiful Sky
Reamonn (2004) Raise Your Hands [live]
Reamonn (2006) Wish
Reba McEntire (1988) Reba
Reba McEntire (2003) Room To Breathe
Reba Mcentire (2005) #1's CD1
Reba Mcentire (2005) #1's CD2
Reba Mcentire (2005) Christmas Collection CD1
Reba Mcentire (2005) Christmas Collection CD2
Rebecca St James (1998) Pray
Rebecca St James (2005) If I Had One Chance To Tell You Something
Recoil (1989) Hydrology Plus 1 + 2
Recoil (1992) Bloodline
Recoil (1992) Faith Healer (US)
Recoil (1997) Drifting [single]
Recoil (1997) Stalker
Recoil (1997) Unsound Methods
Recoil (2000) Liquid
Red 5 (1997) Forces
Red 5 (2000) Best Hits & Remixes
Red 5 (2004) I Love You Stop 2004 [single]
Red 7 (1985) Relentless
Red Buddha (2001) Tibet Trance
Red Elvises (1999) Better Than Sex
Red Flag (1986) Russian Radio [EP]
Red Flag (1990) Naive Art
Red Flag (1990) Naive Dance
Red Flag (1994) Lighthouse
Red Flag (1996) EP
Red Flag (1998) Caveat Emptor
Red Flag (2000) Black Christmas
Red Flag (2000) Black Christmas Singles - Christmas Single 2000
Red Flag (2000) Curtains (single)
Red Flag (2000) Goodbye (single)
Red Flag (2000) I See You (single)
Red Flag (2000) In My Arms Again (single)
Red Flag (2000) Megablack Box Set 01 - Prelude to a disc
Red Flag (2000) Megablack Box Set 02 - Disarray
Red Flag (2000) Megablack Box Set 03 - Machines
Red Flag (2000) Megablack Box Set 04 - The Game
Red Flag (2000) Megablack Box Set 05 - In My Arms
Red Flag (2000) Megablack Box Set 06 - Goodbye
Red Flag (2000) Megablack Box Set 07 - Curtains
Red Flag (2000) Megablack Box Set 08 - I See You
Red Flag (2000) Megablack Box Set 09 - The Eagle and Child
Red Flag (2000) Megablack Box Set 10 - The Crypt
Red Flag (2000) The Eagle And Child
Red Flag (2000) The Game (single)
Red Flag (2001) Black Christmas 2001
Red Flag (2001) Cause And Cosequence CD5
Red Flag (2001) Disarray CD5
Red Flag (2001) Fear Of A Red Planet
Red Flag (2001) Fear Of A Red Planet (single)
Red Flag (2001) Fear Remixes
Red Flag (2001) I Am The Wind [single]
Red Flag (2001) Machines (Limited Renditions)
Red Flag (2001) Prelude to a Disc (EP)
Red Flag (2001) The Crypt
Red Flag (2001) Who Are The Skulls
Red Flag (2002) Asylum
Red Flag (2002) Fear Series Level 01 - Fear of a Red Planet MCD
Red Flag (2002) Fear Series Level 02 - I am the wind
Red Flag (2002) Fear Series Level 03 - Cause and Consequence MCD
Red Flag (2002) Fear Series Level 04 - On the Highway
Red Flag (2002) Fear Series Level 05 - So Lie With Me
Red Flag (2002) Fear Series Level 06 - Lullaby for a Restless Girl
Red Flag (2002) Fear Series Level 07 - Mathematics Of Tears
Red Flag (2002) Fear Series Level 08 - Spider And The Astronaut
Red Flag (2002) Fear Series Level 09 - Fear of a Red Planet
Red Flag (2002) Fear Series Level 10 - The End Is The Beginning
Red Flag (2002) The Bitter End
Red Flag (2003) Codebreaker T133
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1984) The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1985) Freaky Styley
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1987) The Uplift Mofo Party Plan
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1988) Abbey Road [EP]
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1989) Mother's Milk
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991) Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1992) What Hits
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1994) Out In L.A.
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1995) One Hot Minute
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1998) Under the Covers (Essential Remixes)
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1999) 20 All The Best
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1999) Californication
Red Hot Chili Peppers (1999) Hot Peppers Hits
Red Hot Chili Peppers (2002) By The Way
Red Hot Chili Peppers (2002) By The Way [single]
Red Hot Chili Peppers (2003) American Funk
Red Hot Chili Peppers (2004) Live in Hyde Park CD1
Red Hot Chili Peppers (2004) Live in Hyde Park CD2
Red Hot Chili Peppers (2006) Stadium Arcadium - Jupiter
Red Hot Chili Peppers (2006) Stadium Arcadium - Mars
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry (1994) The Singles 1982-87
Red Snapper (1995) Reeled And Skinned
Red Snapper (1996) Loopascoopa [single]
Red Snapper (1996) Mooking [single]
Red Snapper (1996) Prince Blimey
Red Snapper (1998) Boogeyman [single]
Red Snapper (1998) Image Of You [single]
Red Snapper (1998) Making Bones
Red Snapper (1998) The Sleepless [single]
Red Snapper (2000) Our Aim Is To Satisfy
Red Snapper (2000) Some Kind Of Kink [single]
Red Snapper (2003) Red Snapper
Redd Kross (1990) Third Eye
Rednex (1994) Cotton Eye Joe [single]
Rednex (1994) Cotton Eye Joe Remix [single]
Rednex (1994) Wish You Were Here [single]
Rednex (1995) Old Pop In An Oak [single]
Rednex (1995) Rolling Home [single]
Rednex (1995) Sex & Violins
Rednex (1995) Sex & Violins
Rednex (1995) Wild 'n Free [single]
Rednex (1999) The Way I Mate [single]
Rednex (2000) The Spirit Of The Hawk [single]
Rednex (2000) Warm Out
Rednex (2000) Warm Out
Rednex (2001) The Chase [single]
Rednex (2002) All Time Hits
Rednex (2002) Cotton Eye Joe '2002 [single]
Reef (1997) Glow
Reel 2 Real (1993) I Like To Move It [single]
Reel 2 Real (1995) Move It!
Reel 2 Real (1996) Are You Ready For Some More
Reel 2 Real (2004) I Like To Move It Remix [single]
Reel 2 Real feat Mad Stuntman (1996) Reel 2 Remixed
Reel Big Fish (2005) We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy
Reflex (2001) Встречай новый день
Reflex (2002) Сойти с ума
Reflex (2002) Я тебя всегда буду ждать
Reflex (2003) Non Stop
Reflex (2003) Это любовь
Reflex (2004) Лирика Люблю
Reflex (2005) Пульс
Refugee (1985) Affairs in Babylon
Regenerator (1993) Regenerator
Regenerator (1994) Everyone Follow [remixes]
Regenerator (1995) 2.0
Regenerator (1996) The Archetipe [remixes]
Regenerator (1997) Soulseeker
Regenerator (1999) Debugged
Regenerator (1999) The Millennia Mixes [remixes]
Regenerator (2001) War CD1
Regenerator (2001) War CD2 [remixes]
Regenerator (2002) Remixes 1997-2002 [remixes]
Reggy O (1995) Let The Music Play [single]
Relient K (2005) Apathetic EP
REM (1983) Murmur (Reissue)
REM (1984) Reckoning
REM (1985) Reconstruction Of The Fables
REM (1986) Life's Rich Pageant
REM (1987) Dead Letter Office
REM (1987) Document
REM (1988) Eponymous
REM (1988) Green
REM (1991) Out Of Time
REM (1992) Automatic For The People
REM (1994) Monster
REM (1996) New Adventures In Hi-Fi
REM (1998) Up
REM (2002) Reveal
REM (2004) Around The Sun
REM (2005) Aftermath [single]
Remix Factory (2001) Remix Factory
REO Speedwagon (1972) R.E.O. - T.W.O.
REO Speedwagon (1990) Ridin' the Storm Out
Republica (1996) Republica
Republica (1998) Speed Ballads
Reset (1999) Blue [single]
Reset (1999) Play
Reset (2001) Calling You
Reset feat Danii (1997) You Got The Key [single]
Residents (1971) Baby Sex
Residents (1971) The Warner Brothers Album
Residents (1973) Meet The Residents
Residents (1974) Third Reich 'N Roll
Residents (1976) The Third Reich 'N Roll
Residents (1979) Eskimo
Residents (1979) Replacement
Residents (1980) Commercial Album
Residents (1980) Goosebump EP
Residents (1981) Mark Of The Mole
Residents (1982) Intermission
Residents (1985) 13th Anniversary Show Live in
Residents (1986) Hell!
Residents (1986) Stars & Hank Forever
Residents (1988) God in 3 Persons
Residents (1989) God in Three Persons Soundtrac
Residents (1991) Freak Show
Residents (2004) I Murdered Mommy
Rev Run (2005) Distortion
Revenge (1989) 7 Reasons [single]
Revenge (2004) Be Careful What You Wish For
Revenge (2004) One True Passion V2.0
Reverend (1989) Reverend
Revolter (1996) Datamerica
Revolutionary Dub Warriors (xxxx) State Of Evolution
Revoльvers (1998) Новая Звезда
Revoльvers (2001) Super
Revoльvers (2001) Котенок
Rhapsody (1997) Legendary Tales
Rhapsody (1998) Emerald Sword [single]
Rhapsody (1998) Symphony Of Enchanted Lands
Rhapsody (2000) Down Of Victory
Rhapsody (2000) Holy Thunderforce [single]
Rhapsody (2001) Rain Of A Thousand Flames [single]
Rhapsody (2002) Power Of The Dragonflame
Rhapsody (2005) The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream [single]
Rheff Tyler & Early Warning (1997) My Passion
Rialto (1998) Rialto
Ric Ocasec (1991) Fireball Zone
Ric Ocasec (1993) Negative Theater
Riccardo Fogli (1979) Che ne sai
Riccardo Fogli (1980) Alla fine di un lavoro
Riccardo Fogli (1981) Campione
Riccardo Fogli (1982) Collezione
Riccardo Fogli (1982) Compagnia
Riccardo Fogli (1985) Fogli
Riccardo Fogli (1991) Canzoni D'amore
Riccardo Fogli (1996) Torna A Sorriderefogli 1985
Riccardo Fogli (1999) The Best Of
Ricchi E Poveri (1980) La Stagione Dell' Amore
Ricchi E Poveri (1981) E Penso A Te
Ricchi E Poveri (1982) Mamma Maria
Ricchi E Poveri (1983) Voulez-Vous Danser
Ricchi E Poveri (1985) Dimmi Quando
Ricchi E Poveri (1987) Pubblicita
Ricchi E Poveri (1990) Buona Giornata E
Ricchi E Poveri (1993) Anche Tu (1978-1983)
Ricchi E Poveri (1994) Parla Col Cuore
Ricchi E Poveri (1994) Ricchi e Poveri) The Best Of
Ricchi E Poveri (1997) Un Diadema Di Canzoni (1979-1983)
Ricchi E Poveri (2000) Successi
Ricchi E Poveri (2003) Cosa Sei (Russian Version by Премьер-Министр)
Richard Clayderman (1991) Love Songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber
Richard Clayderman (1991) My Classic Collection
Richard Clayderman (1993) The New Romantic Ballads
Richard Clayderman (1994) Classical Passion
Richard Clayderman (1996) Best of ABBA
Richard Clayderman (1998) Especially For You - The Best
Richard Clayderman (1998) Tango Passion
Richard Clayderman (1999) Chansons D'amore
Richard Clayderman (2000) Best Songs
Richard Clayderman (2005) L'amour De L'hiver
Richard Clayderman (xxxx) Essential 20
Richard Clayderman (xxxx) Light My Fire
Richard Cocciante (1979) Je Chante
Richard Hell & The Voidoids (1977) Blank Generation
Richard Marx (1987) Self Titled
Richard Marx (1989) Repeat Offender
Richard Marx (1991) Rush Street
Richard Marx (1994) Paid Vacation
Richard Marx (1996) Best Ballads
Richard Marx (1997) Flesh And Bone
Richard Marx (2000) Days In Avalon
Richard Marx (2000) Love Ballads
Richard Marx (2004) My Own Best Enemy
Richard Sanderson (1980) Reality
Richard Sanderson (1983) Songs For Lovers
Richard Sanderson (1987) Fairy Tale
Richard Wahnfried (1979) Time Actor
Richard Wahnfried (1981) Tonwelle
Richard Wahnfried (1986) Miditation
Richard Wahnfried (1994) Trancelation
Richie Hawtin & Sven Vath (2002) Sound Of The 3 Season
Richie Hawtin (1996) Power 96
Richie Hawtin (1999) Decks, EFX & 909
Richie Hawtin (1999) Live @ Little Further
Richie Hawtin (2001) DE9 Closer To The Edit
Richie Kotzen (2000) Something To Say
Richie Sambora (1998) Undiscovered Soul
Rick Astley (1987) Whenever You Need Somebody
Rick Astley (1988) Hold Me In Your Arms
Rick Astley (1991) Free
Rick Astley (1993) Body & Soul
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