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Carrara (1985) Keep On Music
Carrara (1986) S.O.S. Bandido [single]
Carrara (1987) Baby Dancer [single]
Carrie Underwood (2005) Some Hearts
Cars (1978) The Cars
Cars (1979) Candy-O
Cars (1980) Panorama
Cars (1981) Shake It Up
Cars (1984) Heartbeat City
Cars (1987) Door To Door
Cars (1995) Just What I Needed (Antology) CD1
Cars (1995) Just What I Needed (Antology) CD2
Carter Burwell (1996) Fargo - Barton Fink [soundtrack]
Cartoons (1998) Toonage
Cartouche (1991) Feel The Groove [single]
Cartouche (1991) House Music All Night Long
Cartouche (1997) Running Up That Hill [single]
Casanova (1992) One Night Stand
Casey Donovan (2004) For You
Cashmere (1980) Cashmere
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone (2003) Twinkle Echo
Cassandra Wilson (1986) Point Of View
Cassandra Wilson (1987) Days Aweigh
Cassandra Wilson (1988) Blue Skies
Cassandra Wilson (1990) Jumpworld
Cassandra Wilson (1991) Live
Cassandra Wilson (1991) She Who Weeps
Cassandra Wilson (1992) After The Beginning Again
Cassandra Wilson (1993) Blue Light 'Til Down
Cassandra Wilson (1999) Traveling Miles
Cassius (1999) 1999
Cassius (2002) Au Reve
Cat Rapes Dog (1999) Peaople As Prey
Catalyst (2000) Vapour
Catatonia (1996) Way Beyond Blue
Catatonia (1999) Equally Cursed And Blessed
Catatonia (1999) International Velvet
Catatonia (2001) Paper Scissors Stone
Catch 22 (2001) Washed Up And Through The Ringer
Catch 22 (2003) Awaken
Catch 22 (2006) Permanent Revolution
Catharsis (1999) Febris Erotica
Catharsis (2000) Passion
Catharsis (2001) Dea
Catharsis (2002) Imago
Catharsis (2005) Крылья
Catharsis (2006) Верни им небо CD1
Catharsis (2006) Верни им небо CD2
Cathy Dennis (1990) Move To This
Cauet (2002) The Compile Qui Dechire Sa Race!
Cause & Effect (1990) Cause & Effect
Cause & Effect (1990) You Think You Know Her [single]
Cause & Effect (1992) Another Minute
Cause & Effect (1994) It's Over Now [single]
Cause & Effect (1994) Trip
Cause & Effect (1999) Innermoststation
Cause & Effect (2003) The Sunrise (EP)
Cause 4 Concern (2001) Give It 2 Em
CB Milton (1994) Hold On (If You Believe In Love) [single]
CB Milton (1994) It's My Loving Thing
CB Milton (1996) A Real Love [single]
CB Milton (1996) Show Me The Way [single]
CB Milton (1996) The Way To Wonderland
CB Milton (1998) From Here To There
C-Block (1998) General Population
C-Block (1998) Keepin' It Real
CC Catch (1986) Catch The Catch
CC Catch (1986) Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel
CC Catch (1987) Like A Hurricane
CC Catch (1988) Big Fun
CC Catch (1988) Diamonds
CC Catch (1988) Nothing But A Heartache [single]
CC Catch (1988) Summer Kisses [single]
CC Catch (1989) Big Time [single]
CC Catch (1989) Hear What I Say
CC Catch (1991) C.C. Catch Classics [compilation]
CC Catch (1994) Back Seat Of Your Cadillac [compilation]
CC Catch (1995) Super Disco Hits
CC Catch (1998) Best Of '98
CC Catch (2002) Remixes
CC Catch (2003) Shake Your Head
CC Catch (2003) Shake Your Head [single]
CC Catch (2004) Silence (feat Leela) [single]
CCCP (1992) Best Of CCCP
CCCP (2002) The World
Celebrity (2006) Mining For Twilight
Celestial (1996) Spirit House
Celia Cruz (2003) Compilation
Celine Dion (1990) Unison
Celine Dion (1991) Dion Chante Plamondon
Celine Dion (1993) Les Premieres Annees
Celine Dion (1993) The Colour Of My Love
Celine Dion (1993) These Are Special Times
Celine Dion (1995) D'eux
Celine Dion (1996) Falling Into You
Celine Dion (1997) Collection
Celine Dion (1997) Let's Talk About Love
Celine Dion (1998) Greatest Hits
Celine Dion (1998) S'il Suffisait D'aimer
Celine Dion (1999) All The Way … A Decade Of Song
Celine Dion (2002) A New Day Has Come
Celine Dion (2003) 1 Fille 4 Types
Celine Dion (2003) One Heart
Celine Dion (2004) Miracle
Celine Dion (2005) On Ne Change Pas CD1
Celine Dion (2005) On Ne Change Pas CD2
Celldweller (2002) Celldweller
Celluloide (2002) Naive Heart CD1
Celluloide (2002) Naive Heart CD2 (Experimental Synthpop)
Celtic Cross (1998) Hicksville
Celtic Spirit (1998) Lyra
Cemetary (1992) An Evil Shade Of Grey
Cemetary (1993) Godless Beauty
Cemetary (1994) Black Vanity
Cemetary (1995) Sundown
Cemetary (1997) Last Confessions
Cemetary (1998) Sweetest Tragedies
Cemetary (2000) The Beast Divine
Cemetary (2005) Phantasma
Cemetery Of Scream (1995) Melancholy
Cemetery Of Scream (1998) Deeppression
Cenobita (2002) Metamorfosis
Centory (1994) Alpha Centory
Centory (1994) Point Of No Return (8 81590 2 single)
Centory (1994) Take It To The Limit (8 81881 2 single)
Centory (1994) Take It To The Limit Remix [single]
Centory (1995) The Spirit [single]
Centory (1996) Girl You Know It's True (feat Trey D) [single]
Centory (Turbo B - ex-Snap!) (1994) Alpha Centory
Century (1999) The Secret Inside
Century (2001) Melncholia
Cerrone (1976) Love In C-Minor
Cerrone (1977) Cerrone 2 - Cerrone's Paradise
Cerrone (1977) Cerrone 3 - Supernature
Cerrone (1978) Cerrone 4 - The Golden Touch
Cerrone (1979) Cerrone 5 - Angelina
Cerrone (1980) Cerrone 6
Cerrone (1980) Cerrone VII
Cerrone (1982) Cerrone 8 - Back Track
Cerrone (1982) Cerrone IX - Your Love Survived
Cerrone (1983) Where Are You Now
Cerrone (1985) The Collector
Cerrone (1990) Dancing Machine
Cerrone (1993) X-xex
Cerrone (1994) Human Nature
Cerrone (2002) Dream
Cerrone (2002) Hysteria
Cerrone (2002) Mixed by Bob Sinclar
Cerrone (2003) You Are The One [single]
Cerrone (xxxx) Kluster
Cesar Perez Portillo De La Luz (xxxx) La Musica De Cesar Perez [compilation]
Cesaria Evora (1987) Distino De Belita
Cesaria Evora (1988) La Diva Aux Pieds Nus
Cesaria Evora (1991) Mar Azul
Cesaria Evora (1992) Miss Perfumado
Cesaria Evora (1995) Cesaria
Cesaria Evora (1997) Cabo Verde
Cesaria Evora (2000) Cafe Atlantico
Cesaria Evora (2000) Remixes
Cesaria Evora (2001) Sao Vicente Di Longe
Cetu Javu (1990) Southern Lands
Cevin Key (1998) Music For Cats
Chain Reaction (Thomas Anders & Axel Breitung) (1996) Every Word You Said [single]
Chamillionaire (2005) The Sound Of Revenge
Chaos As Shelter (1999) In The Shelter Of Chaos
Chariot (1968) Chariot
Charlatans (1996) Tellin' Stories
Charlatans (2001) The Amazing Charlatans
Charlatans UK (1990) Some Friendly
Charlatans UK (1992) Between 10th And 11th
Charlatans UK (1995) The Charlatans UK
Charlatans UK (2001) Wonderland
Charlatans UK (2004) Up At The Lake
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) 65…
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Autobiographie
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Aznavour 2000
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) C'est Ca
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Charles Chante Aznavour Et Dimey
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) De T'Avoir Aimee
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Desormais
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Du Und Ich
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Entre Deux Reves
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Hier Encore
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Il Faut Savoir
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Jazznavour
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Je N'ai Pas Vu Le Temps Passer
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Jezebel
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Le Feutre Taupe
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Olympia 1968 Live
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Olympia 1972 Live CD1
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Olympia 1972 Live CD2
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Olympia 1978 Live
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Olympia 1980 Live CD1
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Olympia 1980 Live CD2
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Palais Des Congres (1997-1998) CD1
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Palais Des Congres (1997-1998) CD2
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Palais Des Congres 1994 CD1
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Palais Des Congres 1994 CD2
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Palais Des Congres 2000 CD1
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Palais Des Congres 2000 CD2
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Plus bleu
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Qui
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) The Old Fashioned Way
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Une Premiere Danse (La Legende De Stenka Razine)
Charles Aznavour (xxxx) Voila Que Tu Reviens
Charlie Clouser (2004) Saw [soundtrack]
Charlie Haden (1979) Duo
Charlie Haden (1982) The Ballad Of The Fallen
Charlie Haden (1986) Quartet West
Charlie Haden (1989) The Montreal Tapes Vol. 1
Charlie Haden (1991) Haunted Heart
Charlie Haden (1993) Always Say Goodbye
Charlie Haden (1996) Now Is The Hour
Charlie Haden (1999) The Art Of The Song
Charlotte (1995) Where We Are [single]
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (1993) Tiroler Kaboemsch [single]
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (1994) Lost Frenzies Of Rhythm (FIRE 111 EP)
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (1995) Charlottenburg
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (1995) Together In Wonderland (851 959-2 single)
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (1995) Wonderfull Days (851373-2 single)
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (1996) Fantasy World [single]
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (1996) Old School Hardcore
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (1996) On Air
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (2003) Total Contrast 1 [compilation]
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (2003) Total Contrast 2 [compilation]
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (2003) Total Contrast 3 [compilation]
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (2005) Thank You Ravers [compilation]
Charon (1998) Sorrowburn
Charon (2000) Tearstained
Charon (2002) Downhearted
Charon (2003) The Dying Daylights
Charon (2005) Songs For The Sinners
Chayanne (2000) Simplemente
Chayanne (2002) Grandes Exitos
Chayanne (2003) Sincero
Chayanne (2005) Cautivo
Chayanne (2005) Desde Siempre
Cheap Trick (1977) Cheap Trick - Expanded Edition
Cheb I Sabbah (1999) Shri Durga (Ethnic Music Of India)
Cheb I Sabbah (2000) Maha Maya - Shri Durga Remixed
Chelsea (1970) Chelsea
Chemical Brothers (1995) Exit Planet Dust
Chemical Brothers (1995) Leave Home [single]
Chemical Brothers (1995) Life Is Sweet [single]
Chemical Brothers (1996) Loops Of Fury [single]
Chemical Brothers (1997) Block Rockin' Beats [single]
Chemical Brothers (1997) Dig Your Own Hole
Chemical Brothers (1997) Elektrobank [single]
Chemical Brothers (1998) Brothers Gonna Rock It Out
Chemical Brothers (1998) Chemical Reaction
Chemical Brothers (1999) Augmented [bootleg]
Chemical Brothers (1999) Hey Boy Hey Girl [single]
Chemical Brothers (1999) Let Forever Be [single]
Chemical Brothers (1999) Surrender
Chemical Brothers (2000) Music) Response (US EP)
Chemical Brothers (2005) Flip The Switch) Remixed
Chemical Brothers (2005) Push The Button
Chenoa (2002) Chenoa
Cheo Marquetti (xxxx) El Rey Del Ritmo
Cher (1989) Heart Of Stone
Cher (1991) Love Hurts
Cher (1996) It`s a Man`s World
Cher (1999) Believe
Cher (1999) Greatest Hits
Cher (2002) Living Proof
Cher (2003) Live - The Farewell Tour
Cher (2003) The Very Best Of Cher CD1
Cher (2003) The Very Best Of Cher CD2
Cher (xxxx) Holdin' Out For Love (Trend)
Cherry Coke (2000) No Hagas El Indio, Haz El Cherokee [single]
Cherry Laine (1979) I'm Hot
Cherry Laine (xxxx) The Best
Cheryl Gunn (1999) Sun At Midnight
Chet Baker (1958) It Could Happen To You
Chet Baker (1964) Baby Breeze
Chet Baker (1974) She Was Too Good To Me
Chet Baker (1988) The Last Great Concert Vol 1
Chet Baker (1988) The Last Great Concert Vol 2
Chet Baker (1999) I Remebmer You
Chet Baker (2003) Le Poete Du Jazz Retail
Cheyenne (1995) Love Resurrection [single]
Cheyenne (1995) The Money Man [single]
Chi-AD (1998) Virtual Spirit
Chicago (2005) Love Songs
Chicane (1996) Offshore [single]
Chicane (1997) Far From The Maddening Crowds
Chicane (1997) Offshore (Euro Version) [single]
Chicane (1997) Offshore '97 (with Power Circle) [single]
Chicane (1997) Sunstroke [single]
Chicane (1999) Salwater (feat. Maire Brennan) [single]
Chicane (1999) Visions Of Ibiza CD1
Chicane (1999) Visions Of Ibiza CD2
Chicane (2000) Autumn Tactics (EP)
Chicane (2000) Behind The Sun
Chicane (2000) Don't Give Up (feat Bryan Adams) [single]
Chicane (2000) Don't Give Up [USA version] (feat Bryan Adams) [single]
Chicane (2000) Live In Palladium (DJ Set)
Chicane (2000) Lost You Somewhere [single]
Chicane (2000) No Ordinary Morning [single]
Chicane (2001) Salwater
Chicane (2002) Live [live]
Chicane (2002) The Galaxy Chill Out 10-03-2002
Chicane (2003) Easy To Assemble
Chicane (2003) Love On The Run (feat. Peter Cunnah) CD1 [single]
Chicane (2003) Love On The Run (feat. Peter Cunnah) CD2 [single]
Chick Corea & Gary Burton (1972) Crystal Silence
Chick Corea & Gary Burton (1982) Lyric Suite For Sixtet
Chick Corea & Return To Forever (1972) Light As A Feather
Chick Corea & Return To Forever (1977) Musicmagic
Chick Corea & Steve Kujala (1984) Voyage
Chick Corea (1966) Tone's For Joan's Bones
Chick Corea (1972) Return To Forever
Chick Corea (1973) Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy
Chick Corea (1976) My Spanish Heart
Chick Corea (1978) Friends
Chick Corea (1978) Tap Step
Chick Corea (1981) Live In Montreux [live]
Chieftains (2002) The Wide World Over
Children Of Bodom (1999) Hatebreeder
Children Of Bodom (1999) Something Wild
Children Of Bodom (2001) Follow The Reaper
Children Of Bodom (2003) Hate Crew Deathroll
Children Of Bodom (2005) Are You Dead Yet
Chiliбомберс (2004) Пацаны [+ бонус]
Chilly (1978) For Your Love
Chilly (1979) Come To L.A.
Chilly (1981) Showbiz
Chilly (1982) Secret Lies
Chimaera (2005) Stygian
Chimaira (2000) Darkness Inside
Chimaira (2000) This Present Darkness
Chimaira (2001) Pass Out of Existence
Chimaira (2003) The Impossibility of Reason
Chimaira (2005) Chimaira
Chip Chip (1990) Close To Me
Chip-Notic (1990) Nothing Compares
Chip-Notic (1991) I Can't Get Enough
Chipz (2004) The Adventures Of Chipz
Chiron (1994) I Show You (All My Lovin') [single]
Chris (1990) My Name Is Chris
Chris (1995) Over The Sky [single]
Chris Brown (2005) Chris Brown
Chris Clark (2003) Empty The Bones Of You
Chris Cornell (1999) Euphoria Morning
Chris Cramer (1988) Just With Me
Chris De Burgh (1974) Far Beyond These Castle Walls
Chris De Burgh (1975) Spanish Train And Other Stories
Chris De Burgh (1977) At The End Of A Perfect Day
Chris De Burgh (1979) Crusader
Chris De Burgh (1980) Eastern Wind
Chris De Burgh (1982) The Getaway
Chris De Burgh (1984) Man On The Line
Chris De Burgh (1986) Into The Light
Chris De Burgh (1988) Flying Colours
Chris De Burgh (1989) Spark To A Flame) The Very Best Of
Chris De Burgh (1990) High On Emotion) Live From Dublin [live]
Chris De Burgh (1992) Power Of Ten
Chris De Burgh (1994) This Way Up
Chris De Burgh (1997) The Love Songs
Chris De Burgh (1999) Quiet Revolution
Chris De Burgh (2001) Megastars [compilation]
Chris De Burgh (2001) Notes From Planet Earth) Best
Chris De Burgh (2003) Timing Is Everything
Chris De Burgh (2004) The Road To Freedom
Chris De Burgh (2005) Live in Dortmund CD1
Chris De Burgh (2005) Live in Dortmund CD2
Chris Hinze (1995) Mellow Mantras
Chris Hinze (xxxx) Forest Called Mulu
Chris Isaak (1985) Silvertone
Chris Isaak (1987) Chris Isaak
Chris Isaak (1989) Heart Shaped World
Chris Isaak (1991) Wicked Game
Chris Isaak (1993) San Francisco Days
Chris Isaak (1995) Forever Blue
Chris Isaak (1996) Baja Sessions
Chris Isaak (1998) Speak Of The Devil
Chris Isaak (2004) Chris Isaak Christmas
Chris Liberator (xxxx) [unsorted]
Chris Liebing (2003) Evolution
Chris Norman (1982) Rock Away Your Teardrop
Chris Norman (1986) Some Hearts Are Diamonds
Chris Norman (1987) Different Shades
Chris Norman (1988) Hits From The Heart
Chris Norman (1989) Break The Ice
Chris Norman (1991) Interchange
Chris Norman (1993) The Growing Years
Chris Norman (1994) The Album
Chris Norman (1995) Reflections
Chris Norman (1997) Into The Night
Chris Norman (1998) Greatest Hits
Chris Norman (1999) Full Circle
Chris Norman (2001) Breathe Me In
Chris Norman (2003) Handmade
Chris Norman (2004) Break Away
Chris Norman (2004) The Very Best Of, Part II CD1
Chris Norman (2004) The Very Best Of, Part II CD2
Chris Norman (2006) Million Miles
Chris Rea (1978) Whatever Happened To Benny Santini
Chris Rea (1979) Deltics
Chris Rea (1980) Tennis
Chris Rea (1982) Chris Rea
Chris Rea (1983) Water Sign
Chris Rea (1984) Wired To The Moon
Chris Rea (1985) Shamrock Diaries
Chris Rea (1986) On The Beach
Chris Rea (1987) Dancing With Strangers
Chris Rea (1988) New Light Through Old Windows
Chris Rea (1989) The Road To Hell
Chris Rea (1991) Auberge
Chris Rea (1993) God's Great Banana Skin
Chris Rea (1994) Espresso Logic
Chris Rea (1995) The Best Of
Chris Rea (1996) La Passione
Chris Rea (1998) The Blue Cafe
Chris Rea (1999) The Road To Hell Part II
Chris Rea (2000) King Of The Beach
Chris Rea (2002) Dancing Down The Stony Road CD1
Chris Rea (2002) Dancing Down The Stony Road CD2
Chris Rea (2002) Stony Road
Chris Rea (2003) Blue Street (Five Guitars)
Chris Rea (2004) The Blue Jukebox
Chris Rock (2005) Never Scared
Chris Spheeris & Anthony Mazzella (2002) Brio
Chris Spheeris & Paul Voudouris (1991) Enchantment
Chris Spheeris & Paul Voudouris (1994) Passage
Chris Spheeris & Paul Voudouris (1995) Europa
Chris Spheeris & Robert Cory (1996) Mystic Traveller
Chris Spheeris (1986) Desires Of The Heart
Chris Spheeris (1988) Pathways To Surrender
Chris Spheeris (1990) Desires of the Heart
Chris Spheeris (1993) Culture
Chris Spheeris (1994) Desires
Chris Spheeris (1996) Mystic Traveller
Chris Spheeris (1997) Eros
Chris Spheeris (1999) Dancing With The Muse
Chris Spheeris (2000) Platinum CD 1
Chris Spheeris (2000) Platinum CD 2
Christian Hanak (1997) Shamanism. Esovision series
Christian Hanak (1997) Zarathustra. Esovision series
Christiansen (2003) Stylish Nihilists
Christie (1970) Christie
Christie (1974) For All Mankind
Christina Aguilera (1999) Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera (1999) What A Girl Wants
Christina Aguilera (2002) Stripped
Christina Aguilera (2006) Back To Basics CD1
Christina Aguilera (2006) Back To Basics CD2
Christmas (1970) Christmas
Christopher Franke (1991) Pacific Coast Highway
Christopher Franke (1992) Forgotten Dreams [single]
Christopher Franke (1992) The London Concert
Christopher Franke (1993) New Music For Films, Vol. 1
Christopher Franke (1994) Babylon-5 River Of Souls [soundtrack]
Christopher Franke (1994) Enchanting Nature
Christopher Franke (1995) Klemania
Christopher Franke (1996) Babylon-5 (Compilation From TV Series) [soundtrack]
Christopher Franke (1996) The Celestine Prophecy
Christopher Franke (1997) Babylon-5 A Late Delivery from Avalon [soundtrack]
Christopher Franke (1997) Babylon-5 Main Titles [soundtrack]
Christopher Franke (1997) Babylon-5 Messages From Earth [soundtrack]
Christopher Franke (1997) Babylon-5 Severed Dreams [soundtrack]
Christopher Franke (1997) Babylon-5 Walkabout [soundtrack]
Christopher Franke (1997) Lens Of Perception
Christopher Franke (1997) Transformation Of Mind [with Deepak Chopra]
Christopher Franke (1998) Babylon-5 Falling Toward Apotheosis [soundtrack]
Christopher Franke (1998) Babylon-5 In The Beginning [soundtrack]
Christopher Franke (1998) Babylon-5 Interludes & Examinations [soundtrack]
Christopher Franke (1998) Babylon-5 No Surrender, No Retreat [soundtrack]
Christopher Franke (1998) Babylon-5 The Face of the Enemy [soundtrack]
Christopher Franke (1998) Babylon-5 The Fall of Night [soundtrack]
Christopher Franke (1998) Babylon-5 The Ragged Edge [soundtrack]
Christopher Franke (1999) Epic
Christopher Franke (2000) New Music for Films, Vol. 2 [with Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra]
Christopher Young (1998) Rounders [soundtrack]
Christopher Young (1999) Entrapment [soundtrack]
Christy Moore (1985) Ordinary Man
Chrome (2005) Straight To The Pros
Chroming Rose (1991) Garden Of Eden
Chroming Rose (1992) Pressure
Chroming Rose (1996) New World
Chubby Checker (xxxx) Rock-N-Roll Hits
Chuck Berry (1968) From St. Louie To Frisco
Chuck Berry (1969) Live In Toronto [live]
Chuck Berry (1975) The Chess Years CD1
Chuck Berry (1975) The Chess Years CD2
Chuck Berry (1975) The Chess Years CD3
Chuck Berry (1975) The Chess Years CD4
Chuck Berry (1975) The Chess Years CD5
Chuck Berry (1975) The Chess Years CD6
Chuck Berry (1975) The Chess Years CD7
Chuck Berry (1975) The Chess Years CD8
Chuck Berry (1987) Hail! Hail! Rock'n'Roll [live]
Chuck Loeb (1998) The Moon, The Stars And The Setting Sun
Chuck Loeb (2003) eBop
Chuck Loeb (2005) When I'm With You
Chumbawamba (2003) Readymades
Chumbawumba (2004) UnChumbawumba
Church (1988) Starfish
Ch'uwa Yacu Bolivia (1997) El Destino De Mi Pueblo, Vol. III
Ciara Ft. Missy Elliott (2005) 1 2 Step [12 Vinyl]
Cicero (1992) Future Boy
Cicero (1997) Summertime [single]
Cinderella (1986) Night Songs
Cinderella (1988) Long Cold Winter
Cinderella (1990) Heartbreak Station
Cinderella (1994) Still Climbing
Cintecele Diabolui (1998) The Devil's Songs
Circle Of Pain (2005) Classic Live Tunes CD1
Circle Of Pain (2005) Classic Live Tunes CD2
Circulation (2001) Abstract Funk Theory
Cirque Du Soleil (1992) Saltimbanco
Cirque Du Soleil (1993) Nouvelle Expйrience
Cirque Du Soleil (1994) Alegria
Cirque Du Soleil (1994) Mystere
Cirque Du Soleil (1997) Quidam
Cirque Du Soleil (1998) Collection
Cirque Du Soleil (1998) O
Cirque Du Soleil (1999) Dralion
Cirque Du Soleil (1999) La Nouba
Cirque Du Soleil (2003) Solarium
CJ Bolland (1990) The Ravesignal (RS 912 EP)
CJ Bolland (1994) The 4th Sign
CJ Bolland (1995) DJ Kicks
CJ Bolland (1995) Electronic Highway
CJ Bolland (1996) The Analogue Theatre
CJ Bolland (1999) Live At Dance Terminal
Cky (2002) Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild
CKY (2005) An Answer Can Be Found
Clan Of Xymox (2000) Hidden Faces
Clan Of Xymox (2004) Best Of
Clan Of Xymox (xxxx) Consolation
Clannad (1973) Clannad I
Clannad (1974) Clannad II
Clannad (1976) Dulaman
Clannad (1978) Cran Ull
Clannad (1979) In Concert
Clannad (1982) Fuaim
Clannad (1983) Magical Ring
Clannad (1984) Legend
Clannad (1985) Macalla
Clannad (1987) Sirius
Clannad (1989) Atlantic Realm
Clannad (1992) Anam
Clannad (1993) Banba
Clannad (1995) Lore
Clannad (1997) The Ultimate Collection
Clannad (1998) Au Diolaim
Clannad (1999) Landmarks
Clap (1972) Have You Reached Yet
Clash (1977) Clash [Uk]
Clash (1978) Give 'Em Enough Rope
Clash (1979) London Calling
Clash (1980) Black Market Clash
Clash (1980) Sandinista CD1
Clash (1980) Sandinista CD2
Clash (1982) Combat Rock
Clash (1985) Cut The Crap
Clash (1988) The Story of The Clash volume 1 CD1
Clash (1988) The Story of The Clash volume 1 CD2
Clash (1998) Super Black Market Clash
Clash (1999) From Here To Eternity [Live]
Clash (1999) The Singles
Claude Young (1999) Live @ Schlachthot (Dresden) CD1
Claudia T (1988) Dance With Me [single]
Clawfinger (1993) Deaf Dumb Blind
Clawfinger (1995) Use Your Brain
Clawfinger (1997) Clawfinger
Clawfinger (2001) A Whole Lot Of Nothing (Limited Edition)
Clawfinger (2005) Hate Yourself With Style
Client (2004) City
Cliff Martinez (2002) Solaris [soundtrack]
Cliff Richard (1959) Cliff
Cliff Richard (1959) Cliff Sings
Cliff Richard (1960) Me And My Shadows
Cliff Richard (1961) 21 Today
Cliff Richard (1961) Listen To Cliff
Cliff Richard (1961) The Young Ones (with Shadows)
Cliff Richard (1962) 32 Minutes & 17 Seconds
Cliff Richard (1974) 31st Of February Street
Cliff Richard (1974) Every Face Tells A Story
Cliff Richard (1976) I'm Nearly Famous
Cliff Richard (1977) Small corners
Cliff Richard (1978) Green Light
Cliff Richard (1980) I'm No Hero
Cliff Richard (1981) Wired For Sound
Cliff Richard (1982) Now you see me ... ... Now you
Cliff Richard (1987) Always Guaranteed
Cliff Richard (1988) Together with
Cliff Richard (1990) Stronger Than That
Cliff Richard (1992) My Kinda Life
Cliff Richard (1993) The Album
Cliff Richard (1995) Songs From Heathcliff
Cliff Richard (1996) Heathcliff Live (The Show) CD1 [live]
Cliff Richard (1996) Heathcliff Live (The Show) CD2 [live]
Cliff Richard (1998) Real As I Wanne Be
Cliff Richard (2000) The Whole Story) His Greatest Hits CD1
Cliff Richard (2000) The Whole Story) His Greatest Hits CD2
Cliff Richard (2001) Wanted
Cliff Richard (2003) My Songs
Cliff Richard (2004) Something's Goin OnContent-Disposition: form-data; name="smiles_on"


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Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination (1999) I Was Young And I Needed
Climax Blues Band (1968) Climax Chicago Blues Band
Climax Blues Band (1970) A Lot Of Bottle
Climax Blues Band (1971) Tightly Knit
Climax Blues Band (1972) Rich Man
Climax Blues Band (1973) FMLive
Climax Blues Band (1976) Gold Plated
Climax Blues Band (1979) Real to reel
Climax Blues Band (1983) Sample And Hold
Climax Blues Band (1988) Drastic Steps
Climax Blues Band (1990) Plays On
Clint Mansell feat Kronos Quartet (2000) Requiem For A Dream [soundtrack]
Clock (1996) It's Time
Clock (1997) About Time 2
Clockwork Times (2006) Derby Day
Closterkeller (1999) Graphite
Clown (2006) Remedy for Bliss
Club Heaven (xxxx) Club Heaven
Clubmen (1994) All We Need Is Love [single]
Clubzone (1994) Hands Up [single]
Clueless (1998) The Album
Coal Chamber (1999) Chamber Music
Cobalt 60 (Birmingham6) (1998) Twelve
Cobra (1997) Love Sweet Love [single]
Cockney Rebel (1974) The Psychomodo
Coconut Girl (xxxx) Call 911 [single]
Cocteau Twins (1982) Garlands
Cocteau Twins (1982) Lullabies [EP]
Cocteau Twins (1982) Peppermint Pig [EP]
Cocteau Twins (1983) Head Over Heels
Cocteau Twins (1983) Sunburst And Snowblind [EP]
Cocteau Twins (1984) The Spangle Maker [EP]
Cocteau Twins (1984) Treasure
Cocteau Twins (1985) Aikea-Guinea [EP]
Cocteau Twins (1985) Echoes In A Shallow Bay [EP]
Cocteau Twins (1985) The Pink Opaque
Cocteau Twins (1985) Tiny Dynamine [EP]
Cocteau Twins (1986) Live In London
Cocteau Twins (1986) Love's Easy Tears [EP]
Cocteau Twins (1986) The Moon And The Melodies (With Harold Budd)
Cocteau Twins (1986) Victorialand
Cocteau Twins (1988) Blue Bell Knoll
Cocteau Twins (1990) Cocteau Twins-Live Elysee Montmartre Paris
Cocteau Twins (1990) Heaven Or Las Vegas
Cocteau Twins (1990) Iceblink Luck (Single)
Cocteau Twins (1991) Heaven Or Las Vegas (Single)
Cocteau Twins (1991) Rare Tracks [EP]
Cocteau Twins (1993) Cocteau Twins-Live In Amsterdam
Cocteau Twins (1993) Evangeline (Single)
Cocteau Twins (1993) Four-Calendar Cafe
Cocteau Twins (1993) Snow (Single)
Cocteau Twins (1994) Bluebeard (Single)
Cocteau Twins (1994) Pearly, Pink & White (Live In New Orleans)
Cocteau Twins (1994) The Forgotten 4AD Tracks
Cocteau Twins (1995) Otherness [EP]
Cocteau Twins (1995) Twinlights [EP]
Cocteau Twins (1996) Cocteau Twins-In London Royal Albert Hall
Cocteau Twins (1996) Milk & Kisses
Cocteau Twins (1996) Tishbite CD1 (Single)
Cocteau Twins (1996) Tishbite CD2 (Single)
Cocteau Twins (1996) Violaine CD1 (Single)
Cocteau Twins (1996) Violaine CD2 (Single)
Cocteau Twins (1999) BBC Sessions CD1
Cocteau Twins (1999) BBC Sessions CD2
Cocteau Twins (2001) Twin Eyes (Rarities)
Cocteau Twins (2002) Half-Gifts (A Tribute To Cocteau Twins)
Cocteau Twins (2002) Rarities Collection
Code One (1995) Code One
Code One (1996) 2
Codeseven (1999) Division Of Labor
Codeseven (2001) A Sense Of Coalition
Codeseven (2002) The Rescue
Codeseven (2004) Dancing Echoes Dead Sounds
Coil (1983) Transparent
Coil (1984) Panic - Tainted Love
Coil (1984) Scatology
Coil (1985) The Angelic Conversation
Coil (1986) Horse Rotorvator
Coil (1986) The Anal Staircase [single]
Coil (1987) Gold Is The Metal (With The Broadest Shoulders)
Coil (1987) The Unreleased Themes For Hellraiser
Coil (1990) Unnatural History
Coil (1990) Windowpane [single]
Coil (1991) Love's Secret Domain
Coil (1991) The Snow
Coil (1992) How To Destroy Angels (Remixes & Re-Recordings)
Coil (1992) Stolen And Contaminated Songs
Coil (1994) Protection
Coil (1995) Unnatural History II (Smiling In The Face Of Perversity)
Coil (1995) Worship The Glitch
Coil (1996) A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room
Coil (1997) Unnatural History III (Joyful Participation In The Sorrows Of The World)
Coil (1998) Autumn Equinox - Amethyst Deceivers
Coil (1998) Foxtrot
Coil (1998) Spring Equinox - Moon's Milk Or Under An Unquiet Skull
Coil (1998) Summer Solstice - Bee Stings
Coil (1998) Time Machines
Coil (1999) Elph-Zwolf (20' To 2000)
Coil (1999) Musick To Play In The Dark
Coil (1999) Winter Solstice - North
Coil (2000) Astral Disaster
Coil (2000) Backwards
Coil (2000) Live In London 19-Ix-2000 [live]
Coil (2000) Musick To Play In The Dark 2
Coil (2000) Queens of the Circulating Library
Coil (2000) Remixed & Unreleased
Coil (2002) The Remote Viewer
Coil (2005) The Ape Of Naples
Cold (2003) Year Of The Spider
ColdCut (1994) Philosophy
ColdCut (1995) Coldcut - Journeys By DJ - 70 Minutes of Madnes
ColdCut (1997) Cold Krush Cuts CD1 - Cold Cut & DJ Food - Fight
ColdCut (1997) Cold Krush Cuts CD2 - DJ Krush - Back In The Base
ColdCut (1997) Let Us Play
ColdCut (1997) More Beats And Pieces
ColdCut (1998) Stoned Chilled Groove
ColdCut (2000) Best Trips
ColdCut (2004) People Hold On
ColdCut (2005) Everything Is Under Control [single]
ColdCut (2005) Sound Mirrors
Coldplay (1998) Brothers & Sisters [single]
Coldplay (1999) Safety [single]
Coldplay (1999) The Blue Room [single]
Coldplay (2000) Parachutes
Coldplay (2000) Shiver [single]
Coldplay (2000) Trouble [single]
Coldplay (2000) Without Parachutes (B-Sides)
Coldplay (2001) Don't Panic [single]
Coldplay (2001) Trouble Norvegian Live [live]
Coldplay (2002) A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Coldplay (2002) The Scientist [single]
Coldplay (2003) A Rush Of B-Sides To Your Head
Coldplay (2003) Clocks (Dutch) [live]
Coldplay (2003) Clocks (Japan) [single]
Coldplay (2003) God Put A Smile Upon Your Face [EP]
Coldplay (2003) Live 2003 [live]
Coldplay (2005) Live Glastonbury
Coldplay (2005) Talk [single]
Coldplay (2005) Technologic [single]
Coldplay (2005) X & Y
Coldplay (2005) X & Y [bonus CD]
Coldplay (2006) Castles (Live)
Colin James (1988) Colin James
Colin Linden (2004) Sad And Beautiful Word (1975-1999)
Colin Millar & LDJB (2004) BTTB - Back to the Basics
Collective Soul (1993) Hits, Allegations, And Things Left Unsaid
Collective Soul (1995) Collective Soul
Collective Soul (1997) Disciplined Breakdown
Collective Soul (1999) Dosage
Collective Soul (2000) Blender
Collective Soul (2004) Youth
Collectors (1968) Grass and Wild Strawberries
Collide (1996) Beneath the Skin
Colony 5 (2001) Colony 5 [single]
Colony 5 (2002) Follow Your Heart [single]
Colony 5 (2002) Life Line
Colony 5 (2003) Black [single]
Colony 5 (2003) Structures
Colony 5 (2004) Colonisation [compilation]
Colony 5 (2005) Fixed
Colony 5 (2005) Fixed (Bonus Disc)
Colony 5 (2005) Plastic World [single]
Colony 5 (2005) Refixed
Color Me Badd (1991) I Wanna Sex You Up [single]
Color Sage (2005) Blooms
Colosseum II (1978) War Dance
Colours Of Fantasy (xxxx) Fantasy [single]
Combayah (1998) Fantasy Dreamworld
Cometz (1998) Scooby Dooby Boy [single]
Comic (1995) I Surrender To Your Love [single]
Comico Base (1994) Chico's Dream [single]
Commander Cody (1973) Country Casanova
Common (2005) Be
Common Sense (1992) Can I Borrow a Dollar
Common Sense (1995) Live It Up [single]
Communards (1986) Communards
Communards (1987) Red
Company B (1989) Gotta Dance
Company B (1996) Company B [GALAXIS]
Company B (1996) Jam On Me
Complex (1970) Complex
Condition One (1999) Mirror Of Liberation
Conjure One (2002) Conjure One [limited edition] CD1
Conjure One (2002) Conjure One [limited edition] CD2 [remixes]
Connie Nice (1995) Dancing In The Night [single]
Consequence (2005) A Tribe Called Quence (Collectors Edtion Mixtape)
Control Denied (1999) The Fragile Art Of Existence
Converge (1994) Halo In A Haystack
Converge (1997) Downpour & Serial Killer EP
Converge (1998) Petitioning The Empty Sky
Converge (1998) When Forever Comes Crashing
Converge (1999) Caring and Killing
Converge (1999) The Poacher Diaries
Converge (2001) Jane Doe
Converge (2002) Live At The Ottobar In Baltimo
Converge (2002) Unloved and Weeded out
Converge (2004) You Fail Me
Coo Coo (1990) Fun Bun
Coo Coo (1991) Boogie Woogie Dance
Coo Coo (xxxx) Upside Down
Cool James & Black Teacher (xxxx) Comala Wessa [single]
Cool James & Black Teacher (xxxx) The Rhythm Of The Tribe [single]
Cool James And Black Teacher (1992) Undercover Lovers
Cool James And Black Teacher (1994) Zooming You
Cool Water feat Time Passing (2002) The Last Night
Coolio (1995) Gangsta's Paradise
Coolio (1997) My Soul
Coolio (2001) Fantastic Voyage
Coolio (2002) El Cool Magnifico
Coolio feat LV (1995) Gangsta's Paradise [single]
Cooper Temple Clause (2003) Kick Up The Fire, And Let The Flames Break Loos
Coph Nia (2000) That Which Remains
Coptic Rain (1993) Dies Irae
Coptic Rain (1995) Eleven-Eleven
Coptic Rain (1996) Clarions End
Coptic Rain (1998) Discovery [single]
Coptic Rain (2000) The Last World
COR feat Mike Nova (1995) Paradise [single]
Cordalis (1997) Viva La Noche
Cordalis (1998) Party Tropical
Cordalis (1999) Heisse Nacht
Cordalis (2000) Hasta La Vista Baby
Cordara Orchestra (2000) Tipsy
Corey Hart (1988) Young Man Running
Corey Hart (1990) Bang!
Corey Hart (1992) Attitude & Virtue
Corey Hart (1992) The Singles
Corina (1991) Corina
Cornelis Vreeswijk (2003) Guldkorn Fran Master Gees Memoarer
Cornelius (1997) Fantasma
Cornelius (1999) CM Cornelius reMixes
Cornelius (1999) Fm fantasma remixes
Cornelius (2000) Holidays In the Sun EP
Cornelius (2002) Point
Cornerstone (2000) Arrival
CoRo (1994) The Album
CoRo feat Taleesa (1992) Because The Night [single]
Corona (1994) The Rhythm Of The Night (Remix) [single]
Corona (1994) The Rhythm Of The Night Remixes [single]
Corona (1995) Baby Baby [single]
Corona (1995) I Don't Wanna Be A Star [single]
Corona (1995) The Rhythm Of The Night
Corona (1996) Megamix (DWA9603 single)
Corona (1996) Try Me Out_Megamix [single]
Corona (1998) Walking On Music
Corona (1998) Walking On Music [single]
Corona (2003) The Rhythm Of The Night 2003 [Promo]
Corona (xxxx) And Me U Album
Corpus (1971) Creation A Child
Corpus (1971) Creation A Child
Corrosion Of Conformity (1996) Wiseblood
Corrosion Of Conformity (2005) In The Arms Of God
Corrs (1996) Forgiven not forgotten
Corrs (1998) Talk on corners
Corrs (1999) Unplugged
Corrs (2000) In Blue
Corrs (2004) Borrowed heaven
Corrs (2005) Home
Cosma (2003) Nonstop
Cosmic Baby (1992) Stellar Supreme
Cosmic Baby (1994) A Tribute To Blade Runner
Cosmic Baby (1994) Fantasia
Cosmic Baby (1994) Loops Of Infinity [single]
Cosmic Baby (1994) Thinking About Myself
Cosmic Baby (1995) Fourteen Pieces CD1
Cosmic Baby (1995) Fourteen Pieces CD2
Cosmic Baby (1995) Futura
Cosmic Baby (1995) Stunde Null
Cosmic Baby (1996) Kinetik
Cosmic Baby (1998) Heaven
Cosmic Baby (1999) Sketches In Spring [single]
Cosmic Base (1994) See The Light [single]
Cosmic Gate (2002) No More Sleep
Cosmic Gate (2003) Back 2 Back CD1
Cosmic Gate (2003) Back 2 Back CD2
Cosmic Gate (xxxx) Rhythm & Drums
Cosmic Hoffmann (2005) Electric Trick
Cosmic Tone (2003) Overwhelming
Cosmic Travelers (1972) Live! At Hawaii
Cosmic Tribe (2005) Hypersonic Scream
Cosmix (1995) Sesamstrasse (The Remix Album)
Cosmos (2005) PaUnPar
Cosmos (2005) Ticu un Viss
Cosmos (2005) Тетради Любви
Cosmosis (1996) Cosmology
Cosmosis (2000) Intergalactic
Count Basie & Oscar Peterson (1978) Night Rider
Count Basie (1991) For the Second Time
Count Basie (2004) Jazz Collection
Counting Crows (1993) August And Everything After
Counting Crows (1996) Recovering The Satellites
Counting Crows (1998) Across a Wire - Live in New York
Counting Crows (1999) This Desert Life
Counting Crows (2002) Hard Candy
Counting Crows (2003) Films About Ghosts The Best Of
Counting Crows (2003) Shim Sham 2003
Courtney Love (2004) America's Sweetheart
Coven (1969) Witchcraft (Destroys Minds And Reaps Souls)
Covenant (1994) From The Storm Of Shadows (Demo 1994)
Covenant (1996) In Times Before The Light
Covenant (1997) Nexus Polaris
Covenant (2002) Nothern Light
Covenant (2006) Skyshaper
Coverdale & Page (1993) Coverdale Page
Coverdale & Page (1993) Take Me For A Little While [single]
Cowboy Junkies (1990) The Caution Horses
Cowboys & Aliens (2005) Language Of Superstars
Cozy Powell (1983) Octopuss
Cradle Of Filth (1996) Dusk & Her Embrace
Cradle Of Filth (1997) Sodomizing The Virgin Vamps
Cradle Of Filth (1998) Cruelty And The Beast
Cradle Of Filth (1999) From the cradle to enslave (EP)
Cradle Of Filth (2000) Midian
Cradle Of Filth (2001) Bitter Suites to Succubi
Cradle Of Filth (2004) Nymphetamine
Craig Armstrong (1998) The Space Between Us (with Elizabeth Fraser)
Craig Armstrong (2002) The Quiet American [soundtrack]
Craig Chaquico (1993) Acoustic Highway
Craig Chaquico (1994) Acoustic Planet
Craig Chaquico (1995) A Thousand Pictures
Craig Chaquico (1997) Once In A Blue Universe
Craig Chaquico (1998) From The Redwoods To The Rockies
Craig Chaquico (1999) Four Corners
Craig Chaquico (2002) Shadow And Light
Craig David (2000) Born To Do It
Craig David (2002) Slicker Than Your Average
Craig David (2005) The Story Goes
Cranberries (1992) Everybody Else Is Doing It
Cranberries (1994) No Need To Argue
Cranberries (1996) To The Faithful Departed
Cranberries (1998) Odd Bits & Hits Best & Rare
Cranberries (1999) Bury The Hatchet
Cranberries (2002) Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
Cranes (1991) Wings of Joy
Cranes (1992) Self-Non-Self
Cranes (1993) Forever
Cranes (1993) Forever Remixes
Cranes (1994) Loved
Cranes (1997) Population Four
Cranes (2001) Future Songs
Cranes (2003) Live In Italy
Cranes (2004) Particles & Waves
Crash Test Dummies (1991) The Ghosts That Haunt Me
Crash Test Dummies (1993) God Shuffled His Feet
Crash Test Dummies (1996) A Worm's Life
Crash Test Dummies (1999) Give Yourself A Hand
Crash Test Dummies (2001) I Don't Care That You Don't Mind
Crash Test Dummies (2003) Jingle All The Way
Crash Test Dummies (2003) Puss n Boots
Crazy Frog (2005) Axel F [single]
Crazy Frog (2005) Crazy Hits
Crazy Frog (2005) Popcorn [single]
Crazy Frog (2005) Stupid Animal
Crazy Frog (2006) More Crazy Hits
Crazy Penis (1999) A nice hot bath with
Crazy Penis (2000) The Wicked is Music
Crazy Penis (2003) You Are We [single]
Crazy Penis (2004) 24 Hour Psychedelic Freakout
Crazy Town (2000) The Gift Of Game
Crazy Town (2002) Darkhorse
Crazy World (2005) Crazy World
Cream (1966) Fresh Cream
Cream (1967) Disraeli Gears
Cream (1968) Wheels Of Fire CD1
Cream (1968) Wheels Of Fire CD2
Cream (1969) Goodbye
Cream (1970) Live Cream
Cream (1972) Live Cream Volume II
Cream (1997) Selection from 'Those Were The Days [In The Studio]'
Cream (1997) Selection from 'Those Were The Days [Live]'
Creatures (1983) Believe In Yourself
Creatures (1985) lllusion
Creatures (1989) Boomerang
Creatures (1999) Anima Animus
Creed (1997) My Own Prison
Creed (2001) Human Clay
Creed (2001) Weathered
Creed (2004) Torn [The Best Of Creed]
Creedence (1968) Creedence Clearwater Revival
Creedence (1969) Bayo Country
Creedence (1969) Green River
Creedence (1969) Willy And The Poorboys
Creedence (1970) Cosmo's Factory
Creedence (1970) Pendulum
Creedence (1972) Mardi Gras
Creedence (1973) Live In Europe
Creedence (1981) Chooglin' [remixes]
Creedence (1981) Creedence Country [compilation]
Creedence (1986) Chronicle, Vol. 2
Creedence (1999) Studio 99 Perform the Classics
Creedence (2001) Platinum CD1
Creedence (2001) Platinum CD2
Creedence (2005) Scandinavian Collection
Crematory (1993) Transmigration
Crematory (1994) Just Dreaming
Crematory (1995) Illusions
Crematory (1996) Crematory
Crematory (1996) Live…At The Out Of The Dark Festivals [live]
Crematory (1997) Awake
Crematory (1998) Act Seven
Crematory (1999) Early Years Part 2
Crematory (1999) Fly
Crematory (2000) Believe
Crematory (2001) Remind CD1
Crematory (2001) Remind CD2
Crematory (2004) Greed [single]
Crematory (2004) Revolution
Crimson Glory (1986) Crimson Glory
Crimson Glory (1991) Strange And Beautiful
Crimson Glory (1999) Astronomica
Crispy (1998) Kiss Me Red [single]
Crispy (1998) The Game
Crispy (2000) In & Out [single]
Crispy (2001) I Like [single]
Cristian Varela (2005) Get Up
Cristian Vogel (1994) Beginning To Understand
Cristina Branco (2004) Ulisses
Critical Mass (1996) Believe In The Future [single]
Critical Mass (1996) Burnin Love [single]
Critical Mass (2003) Your Eyes (full vinyl) [single]
Critical Mass (xxxx) Album
Crossfade (2004) Crossfade
Crossover (2005) Cryptic And Dire Sallow Faced
Crowded House (1986) Crowded House
Crowded House (1988) Temple Of Low Men
Crowded House (1991) Woodface
Crowded House (1993) Together Alone
Crowded House (1996) Recurring Dream
Crowded House (1996) Recurring Dream Bonus Live
Crowded House (2000) Afterglow
Cruachan (2000) The Middle Kingdom
Cruachan (2001) Folk-Lore
Crystal Method (1995) Keep Hope Alive [single]
Crystal Method (1997) Busy Child [single]
Crystal Method (1997) Vegas
Crystal Method (2001) Murder [single]
Crystal Method (2001) Tweekend
Crystal Method (2001) You Know It's Hard [single]
Crystal Method (2002) Community Service [dj mix]
Crystal Method (2002) Tweekend Limited Edition
Crystal Method (2004) Born Too Slow [single]
Crystal Method (2004) Born Too Slow Subliminal [single]
Crystal Method (2004) Born Too Slow V2 Records [single]
Crystal Method (2004) Legion Of Boom
Crystal Method (2004) Live At Winter Break Sydney (JJJ Mixup) 07-03-2004
Crystal Method (2004) Solo Project For The Crystal Method
Crystal Method (2005) Community Service 2
C-Tec (1997) Darker
C-Tec (1998) Foetal Stateless [single]
C-Tec (1998) The Atomic Cafe [live]
C-Tec (2000) Cut
Cuarteto Patria (2000) 1965-1981
Cubanate (1998) Cyberia
Cube (1984) Can can in the garden
Cubic 22 (1990) Big Time Int. 9000 [12'']
Cubic 22 (1991) Night In Motion (Mixes) (BTI 9106 EP)
Cudu (xxxx) Waterplay
Culpeper's Orchard (1971) Culpeper's Orchard
Culpeper's Orchard (1972) Second Sight
Cult (1984) Dreamtime
Cult (1985) Love
Cult (1987) Electric
Cult (1988) The Manor Sessions
Cult (1989) Sonic Temple
Cult (1989) The Electric Mixes
Cult (1989) The Love Mixes
Cult (1990) Sweet Soul Sister EP
Cult (1990) Wildflower
Cult (1991) Ceremony
Cult (1991) RainRevolution
Cult (1991) Ressurection JoeShe sells Sanctuary
Cult (1991) SpiritwalkerGo West
Cult (1991) Sun KingEdie (Ciao Baby)Fire Woman
Cult (1991) Sweet Soul Sister Live
Cult (1993) Marquee - London - MCMXCI CD1
Cult (1993) Marquee - London - MCMXCI CD2
Cult (1993) Pure Cult The Best of the Cult (For Rockers, Ravers, Lovers & Sinners)
Cult (1994) Love Removal MachineLil' Devil
Cult (1994) The Cult
Cult (1996) High Octane Cult
Cult (2000) Best of Rare Cult
Cult (2000) Rare Cult - Mixes
Cult (2000) Rare Cult - Volume 1
Cult (2000) Rare Cult - Volume 2
Cult (2000) Rare Cult - Volume 3
Cult (2000) Rare Cult - Volume 4
Cult (2000) Rare Cult - Volume 5
Cult (2000) Rare Cult - Volume 6
Cult (2001) Beyond Good and Evil
Cult (2001) Firewoman - Tribute To The Cul
Cult (2002) Live Cult
Cult of Luna (2002) The Beyond
Cult of Luna (2003) Cult of Luna
Culture (xxxx) International Herb
Culture (xxxx) Stoned
Culture (xxxx) Wings Of A Dove
Culture Beat (1990) I Like You (Two Brandnew Remixes 1990)
Culture Beat (1991) Horizon
Culture Beat (1991) No Deeper Meaning (CDS Vinyl)
Culture Beat (1993) Anything (DAN6599562 single)
Culture Beat (1993) Got To Get It (DAN 659618 2 single)
Culture Beat (1993) Got To Get It Remix [single]
Culture Beat (1993) Mr. Vain Remix (Single)
Culture Beat (1993) World In Your Hands Remix [single]
Culture Beat (1994) Serenity
Culture Beat (1994) The Remix Album
Culture Beat (1995) Inside Out
Culture Beat (1995) Inside Out (DAN 662483 2 single)
Culture Beat (1996) Boombastic Hits
Culture Beat (1996) Walk The Same Line (DAN 663710 2 single)
Culture Beat (1998) Metamorphosis
Culture Beat (1998) You Belong [single]
Culture Beat (2001) Insanity [single]
Culture Beat (2003) Mr. Vain (Recall) [single]
Culture Beat (2004) Cant Go On (Incl CJ Stone Rmx) Promo Vinyl
Culture Beat (xxxx) The Best Of
Culture Beat feat Tag Team (2003) Mr. Whoomps (promo vinyl)
Culture Club (2003) Colour By Numbers [remaster]
Culture Club (2005) Singles & Remixes
Culture Queer (2004) Supersize it under Pontius Pilate
Curacao (xxxx) The Best Of
Cure (1979) Boys Don't Cry
Cure (1979) Three Imaginary Boys
Cure (1980) Seventeen Seconds
Cure (1980) Strange Days [Live]
Cure (1981) Faith
Cure (1982) Live In Paris (07.06.1982)
Cure (1982) Pornography
Cure (1983) Japanese Whispers
Cure (1983) The Glove) Blue Sunshine
Cure (1984) Concert) The Cure Live
Cure (1984) The Top
Cure (1985) The Head On The Door
Cure (1986) Staring At The Sea (The Singles)
Cure (1986) What Happend Behind The Door [bootleg]
Cure (1987) Difficult To Cure [Live]
Cure (1987) Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
Cure (1988) The Peel Sessions CD5
Cure (1989) Disintegration
Cure (1989) Entreat
Cure (1989) Fascination Street CD5
Cure (1989) Love Song CD5
Cure (1989) Lullaby CD5
Cure (1990) Close To Me) Remix CD5
Cure (1990) Mixed Up
Cure (1990) Never Enough CD5
Cure (1990) Pictures Of You CD5
Cure (1990) The Cure) Swinging Piggy In The Mirror 1984
Cure (1991) Alive & Well [Live]
Cure (1991) Alternative Medicine
Cure (1991) Collector's Kaleidoscope
Cure (1992) A Letter To Elise CD5
Cure (1992) Friday, I'm In Love CD5
Cure (1992) High CD5
Cure (1992) Live In London (03.05.1992)
Cure (1992) Wish
Cure (1993) Lost Wishes And Mixes
Cure (1993) Paris
Cure (1993) Show CD1
Cure (1993) Show CD2
Cure (1993) Sideshow CD5
Cure (1994) The Crow (Soundtrack)
Cure (1995) The Cure) Fourteen Delicious Drugs
Cure (1995) Tribute to Cure) Fictional
Cure (1996) Gone! CD5
Cure (1996) Live In Paris (15.10.1996)
Cure (1996) Mint Car vol.1 CD5
Cure (1996) Mint Car vol.2 CD5
Cure (1996) Strange Attraction CD5
Cure (1996) The 13th vol.1 CD5
Cure (1996) The 13th vol.2 CD5
Cure (1996) Wild Mood Swings
Cure (1997) Five Swing Live CD5
Cure (1997) Galore (The Singles 1987-1997)
Cure (1997) Live In London (17.12.1997)
Cure (1997) Wrong Number pt.1 CD5
Cure (1997) Wrong Number pt.2 CD5
Cure (1998) More Than Rare
Cure (1998) Tribute to Cure) 100 Tears
Cure (1999) Tribute to Cure) 15 Imaginary Songs
Cure (1999) Tribute to Cure) Into The Sea Of Cure
Cure (2000) Bloodflowers
Cure (2000) Bloodflowers (Australian Edition)
Cure (2000) Maybe Someday) promo CD5
Cure (2001) Cut Here CD5
Cure (2001) Tribute to Cure) A Night Like This
Cure (2002) Live In Hamburg (09.11.2002)
Cure (2003) Bloodflower's Dreams
Cure (2004) Join The Dots CD1
Cure (2004) Join The Dots CD2
Cure (2004) Join The Dots CD3
Cure (2004) Join The Dots CD4
Cure (2004) The Cure
Cure (2005) J Files (interview album)
Curiosity killed the cat (1987) Keep your distance
Curve (1993) Cuckoo
Curve (1998) Come Clean
Cusco (1981) Cusco II
Cusco (1982) Cool Islands
Cusco (1984) Planet Voyage
Cusco (1988) Apurimac
Cusco (1988) Tales From A Distant Land
Cusco (1989) Desert Island
Cusco (1989) Mystic Island
Cusco (1989) Ring Der Delphine
Cusco (1990) Water Stories
Cusco (1992) 2000
Cusco (1993) 2002
Cusco (1993) Australia
Cusco (1994) Apurimac II
Cusco (1995) A Choral Christmas
Cusco (1995) Virgin Island
Cusco (1999) Apurimac III
Cusco (2000) Ancient Journeys
Cut Off (1993) Don't Stop
Cut Off feat Thea Austin (xxxx) Don't Stop Album
Cut'N'Move (1995) I'm Alive
Cut'N'Move (1995) The Sound Of Now
Cut'n'Move (1996) Into The Zone 91-96
Cutting Crew (1986) Broadcast
Cutting Crew (1989) The Scattering
Cyan (2001) Medieval Tales
Cybergrass (2002) Live At Liquid Time Festival G
Cyber-Tec (1995) Let Your Body Die
Cybotron (1994) Interface) The Roots Of Techno
Cydonia (2001) Cydonia
Cygnus X (1995) Hypermetrical
Cygnus X (2003) Collected Works CD1
Cymurai feat Thea Austin (1995) Magic Touch [single]
Cyndi Lauper (1983) She's So Beautiful
Cyndi Lauper (1986) True Colors
Cyndi Lauper (1989) A Night To Remember
Cyndi Lauper (1993) A Hat Full Of Stars
Cyndi Lauper (1995) Twelve Deadly Cyns… And Then Some
Cyndi Lauper (1997) Sisters Of Avalon
Cyndi Lauper (1998) Merry Christmas… Have A Nice Life
Cyndi Lauper (2001) Shine
Cyndi Lauper (2003) Essential Cyndi Lauper [compilation]
Cyndi Lauper (2005) The Body Acoustic
Cynic (1993) Focus
Cypher (1999) Imusic
Cypress Hill (1991) Cypress Hill
Cypress Hill (1993) Black Sunday
Cypress Hill (1995) Cypress Hill III) Temples Of Boom
Cypress Hill (1996) Unreleased And Revamped [single]
Cypress Hill (1998) Cypress Hill IV) Ruffhouse
Cypress Hill (1999) Los Grandes Exitos En Espanol
Cypress Hill (2000) Live At The Fillmore [live]
Cypress Hill (2000) Skull & Bones CD1
Cypress Hill (2000) Skull & Bones CD2
Cypress Hill (2001) Stoned Raiders
Cypress Hill (2002) Cypress Hill & Friends
Cypress Hill (2002) Stash - This Is The Remix [remixes]
Cypress Hill (2004) Till Death Do Us Part
Cypress Hill (2005) Greatest Hits From The Bong
Cyssero (2006) Philly's Bad Guy CD1
Cyssero (2006) Philly's Bad Guy CD2
D!Nation (2005) Shut up and Dance
D12 (xxxx) D12 World
D12 (xxxx) Devil's Night
Da Blitz (1994) Let Me Be [single]
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Da Blitz (1994) Movin' On [single]
Da Blitz (1994) Take My Way [single]
Da Blitz (1995) Stay With Me [single]
Da Blitz (1995) Take Me Back [single]
Da Blitz (1997) The Light Of Love [single]
Da Blitz (2004) The Story Of Hits (Fake Album)
Da Buzz (2000) Da Sound
Da Buzz (2002) Wanna Be With Me
Da Buzz (2003) More than alive
Da Buzz (2004) Dangerous
Da Buzz (2004) Dangerous [limited edition]
Da Buzz (2004) Dangerously mixed (single)
Da Buzz (2005) Buzzin' (bootleg)
Da Buzz (2005) To the beat - the remix album
Daddy Yankee (2005) En Directo
Daemon (1970) The Entrance to Hell
Daevid Allen (1977) Now Is The Happiest Time Of Your Life
Daevid Allen (1997) Dreamin' A Dream
Daevid Allen (1998) Stroking The Tail Of The Bird
Daevid Allen (1999) Money Doesn`t Make It
Daevid Allen's University Of Errors (1998) Money Doesn't Make It
Daevid Allen's University Of Errors (2001) E2x10=Tenure
DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) (1980) Die Kleinen und Die Boosen
DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) (1981) Alles Ist Gut
DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) (1982) Fur Immer
DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) (1982) Gold Und Liebe
DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) (2003) Fuenfzehn Neue DAF Lieder
Daft Punk (1994) The New Wave [single]
Daft Punk (1996) Homework
Daft Punk (1997) Essential Mix (BBC Radio 1)
Daft Punk (1998) Around The World [remixes]
Daft Punk (1998) Harder Better Faster Stonger [single]
Daft Punk (1999) Singles & Remixes
Daft Punk (2000) Lucky Relovution [bootleg single]
Daft Punk (2001) Discovery
Daft Punk (2001) Discovery (remixed album)
Daft Punk (2001) One More Time [single]
Daft Punk (2003) Daft Club
Daft Punk (2005) Human After All
Dagda (1999) Celtic Trance
Dagda (2000) Hibernia
Dagda (2000) Underworld
Dagda (2003) Sleeping With The Gods Of Love
Daisy Dee (1995) The Best Of Daisy Dee
Daisy Dee (1996) I Am (Who I Am)
Dalida (1991) L'album Di Dalida
Dalida (1991) L'album Di Dalida 2
Dalida (1997) Forever
Dalida (2003) The Queen
Dalida (xxxx) Beautyful CD1
Dalida (xxxx) Beautyful CD2
Dalida (xxxx) Comme si j`etais la
Dalida (xxxx) Paaroles d`amour
Dalida (xxxx) Paroles nostalgiques
Dalida (xxxx) Paroles qui dansent
Dalida (xxxx) Revolution
Damien Rice (2002) Live At Cork 09-02-2002
Damien Rice (2003) O
Damien Rice (2004) B-Sides [EP]
Damn Yankees (1990) Damn Yankees
Damn Yankees (1992) Don't Tread
Damnation Of Adam Blessing (1970) Second Damnation
Damnation Of Adam Blessing (1971) Which Is The Justice Which Is The Thief
Damned (1977) Damned Damned Damned
Damned (1977) Music For Pleasure
Damned (1979) Machine Gun Etiquette
Damned (1982) Strawberries
Damned (1985) Phantasmagoria
Damned (1986) Anything
Damned (2001) Grave Disorder
Dan Gibson (xxxx) Harmony New Age [Dan Gibson's Solitudes]
Dan Gibson (xxxx) Journey With The Whales
Dan McCafferty (1975) Dan McCafferty
Dan McCafferty (1987) Into The Ring
Dan Swano (1998) Moontower
Dana International (1998) The Album
Dana International (1999) Free
Dance 2 Trance (1992) Moon Spirits
Dance 2 Trance (1995) Revival
Dance 2 Trance (1996) Works
Dance 2 Trance (2000) Take A Free Fall [single]
Dance D-Vision (1994) The Evolution (Make It Move) [single]
Dance Nation (1994) Dawn
Dance Or Die (2003) Schlafende Energie
Dancing Fantasy (1990) Midnight Blvd.
Dancing Fantasy (1991) California Grooves
Dancing Fantasy (1992) Moonlight Reflections
Dancing Fantasy (1993) Worldwide
Dancing Fantasy (1995) Day Dream
Dancing Fantasy (1995) Live USA [live]
Dancing Fantasy (1997) Love Letters
Dancing Fantasy (1999) Dancing Fantasy
Dancing Fantasy (2001) Soundscapes
Dandy Warhols (1995) Dandys Rule OK
Dandy Warhols (1997) Come Down
Dandy Warhols (2000) Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia
Dandy Warhols (2003) Welcome To The Monkey House
Dandy Warhols (2005) Odditorium or Warlords of Mars
D'Angelo (1995) Brown Sugar
D'Angelo (2000) Voodoo
Dangerous Toys (1994) Pissed
Daniel Beddingfield (2002) Gotta Get Thru This
Daniel Beddingfield (2004) Second First Impression
Daniel Fumega (1997) Aguas De Vida
Daniel Menche (1993) Bloodsand
Daniel Menche (1993) Dark Velocity
Daniel Menche (1993) Incineration
Daniel Menche (1994) Furnace Fucker
Daniel Menche (1994) Static Burn
Daniel Menche (1995) Furious Eclipse
Daniel Menche (1995) Legions In The Walls
Daniel Menche (1995) The Chrome Homicide
Daniel Menche (1995) Vulgar Scratch
Daniel Menche (1996) Hymns For Sliced Velocities
Daniel Menche (1997) Field Of Skin
Daniel Menche (1997) Screaming Caress
Daniel Menche (1998) Scourge (That Is Her Name!)
Daniel Menche (1998) Vent
Daniel Menche (1999) Rusty Ghosts
Daniel Menche (2000) Crawling Towards The Sun
Daniel Menche (2001) Blackwing
Daniel Menche (2001) October's Larynx
Daniel Menche (2002) Heavy
Daniel Menche (2002) The Face Of Vehemence
Daniel Menche (2002) Whitewing
Daniel Menche (2003) Beautiful Blood
Daniel Menche (2003) Deluge
Daniel Menche (2003) Deluge CDR
Daniel Powter (2005) Daniel Powter
Danielle Dax (1987) Inky Bloaters
Danilko (2005) После тебя
Danni Minogue (2003) Don't Wanna Loose This Feeling [single]
Danni Minogue (2003) Neon Lights
Danny Elfman (1993) The Nightmare Before Christmas [soundtrack]
Danny Elfman (2001) Planet Of The Apes [soundtrack]
Danny Elfman (2002) Men In Black 2 [soundtrack]
Danny Elfman (2005) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [soundtrack]
Danny Howells (2001) Nubreed Global Underground CD1
Danny Howells (2001) Nubreed Global Underground CD2
Danny Howells (2001) Renaissance - Relevation CD1
Danny Howells (2005) Global Underground 27 CD1
Danny Howells (2005) Global Underground 27 CD2
Danny Tenaglia (2000) Back To Mine
Danny Tenaglia (2000) Fever Rising
Danny Tenaglia (2001) GU 010 Athenes CD1
Danny Tenaglia (2001) GU 010 Athenes CD2
Danny Tenaglia (2001) GU 017 London CD1
Danny Tenaglia (2001) GU 017 London CD2
Danny Tenaglia (2001) Tourism
Danzel (2004) MTC Rulez 2004 [remixes]
Danzel (2004) The Name Of The Jam
Danzig (1987) Life Without A Net
Danzig (1988) Danzig
Danzig (1989) Devil songs
Danzig (1990) Danzig II) Lucifuge
Danzig (1993) Thrall) Demonsweatlive
Danzig (1994) Danzig 4
Danzig (1995) The Power Of The Dark Side
Danzig (1996) Danzig 5) Blackacidevil
Danzig (1998) How The Gods Kill
Danzig (2001) Live On The Black Hand Side CD1 Live
Danzig (2001) Live On The Black Hand Side CD2 Live
Danzig (2001) Satan's Child
Danzig (2002) 777) I Luciferi
Danzig (2004) Circle of Snakes
Dao Dezi (1994) World Mix
Dargaard (1998) Eternity Rites
Dargaard (2000) In Nomine Aeternitatis
Dargaard (2001) The Dissolution Of Eternity
Dario G (2000) Sunshyme
Dario G (2001) In Full Color
Darius (1969) Darius
Darius (1971) Darius II
Darius Rucker (2002) Back To Then
Dark (1982) The Living End
Dark (1996) Endless Dreams Of Sadness
Dark (1997) Seduction
Dark (1999) Revolution
Dark Sanctuary (2004) Les Memoires Blessees
Dark Soho (2002) Combustion
Dark Star (1999) Twenty Twenty Sound
Dark Tranquillity (1994) Skydancer
Dark Tranquillity (1995) Of Chaos And Eternal Night [single]
Dark Tranquillity (1995) The Gallery
Dark Tranquillity (1996) Enter Suicidal Angels
Dark Tranquillity (1997) The Mind's I
Dark Tranquillity (1999) Live In Gothenburg [live]
Dark Tranquillity (1999) Projector
Dark Tranquillity (2000) Haven
Dark Tranquillity (2002) Damage Done
Dark Tranquillity (2004) Live Damage
Dark Tranquillity (2005) Character
Dark Voices (1997) Just Tonight [single]
Dark Voices (1998) G Punkt
Dark Voices (1999) Train Of Thoughts
Dark Voices (xxxx) The Way It Is
Darkane (2005) Layers Of Lies
Darkness (2003) Get Your Hands Off My Woman (UK CD) [single]
Darkness (2003) Permission To Land
Darkness (2005) One Way Ticket To Hell And Back
Darkseed (1996) Midnight Solemny Dance
Darkseed (1997) Spellcraft
Darkseed (1998) Romantic Tales
Darkseed (1999) Give Me A Light
Darkseed (2000) Diving Into Darkness
Darkseed (2003) Astral Adventures
Darkseed (2005) Ultimate Darkness
Darkspace (2005) Dark Space ll
Darkthrone (1991) Soulside Journey
Darkthrone (1992) A Blaze In The Nothern Sky
Darkthrone (1993) Under A Funeral Moon
Darkthrone (1994) Transilvanian Hunger
Darkthrone (1995) Panzerfaust
Darkthrone (1996) Goatlord
Darkthrone (1996) Total Death
Darkthrone (1997) The Roots Of Evilness Live [bootleg] [live]
Darkthrone (1999) Ravishing Grimness
Darkthrone (2000) Preparing For War
Darkthrone (2001) Plague Wielder
Darren Hayes (2002) Spin
Darren Hayes (2004) The Tension And The Spark
Darrin Verhagen (2000) Hydra
Darude (2000) Before The Storm
Darude (2003) Music [single]
Darude (2003) Rush
Darwin's Waiting Room (2001) Orphan
Daryoush (xxxx) [unsorted]
Das Modul (1995) 1100101 (Remixes)
Das Modul (1995) Computerliebe
Das Modul (1995) Musik Mit Hertz
Das Modul (1996) Robby Roboter (Single)
Das Modul (1996) Urlaub Aur Der MS DOS
Datar (2001) B [single]
Datarock (2005) Datarock Datarock
Datsuns (2002) The Datsuns
Datura & Usura (1995) Infinity [single]
Datura & Usura (1995) Infinity [single]
Datura (1992) Yerba Del Diablo (LSD 008 EP)
Datura (1992) Yerba Del Diablo Part II (LSD 011 EP)
Datura (1993) Devotion [single]
Datura (1993) Eternity
Datura (1993) Mystic Motion [single]
Datura (1993) The 7th Hallucination [single]
Datura (1994) Fade to Grey Remixes [single]
Datura (1994) Fade to Grey Remixes Vinyl
Datura (1995) Angeli Domini [single]
Datura (1995) Angeli Domini [single]
Datura (1996) Mantra [single]
Datura (1996) Mantra [single]
Datura (1998) Greatest Hits
DavaNtage (2000) Broken Imfluences
DavaNtage (2001) Virus-Hate
DavaNtage (2002) Global Badlands
DavaNtage (2002) No Candle Light [single]
Dave Angel (1996) Classics
Dave Clark Five (1994) The Complete History - volume 1
Dave Clark Five (1994) The Complete History - volume 2
Dave Clark Five (1994) The Complete History - volume 3
Dave Clark Five (1994) The Complete History - volume 4
Dave Clark Five (1994) The Complete History - volume 5
Dave Clark Five (1994) The Complete History - volume 6
Dave Clark Five (1994) The Complete History - volume 7
Dave Eggar (2002) Angelic Embrace
Dave Greenslade (1979) The Pentateuch of the Cosmogony
Dave Grusin (1987) Cinemagic
Dave Grusin (1989) Collection
Dave Grusin (1993) GRP All-Star Big Band Live!
Dave Grusin (1997) Two for the Road
Dave Grusin (2002) The Very Best Of Dave Grusin
Dave Holland (1973) Conference Of The Birds
Dave Holland (1975) Gateway (John Abercrombie with Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette)
Dave Holland (1978) Emerald Tears
Dave Holland (1983) Life Cycle
Dave Holland (1984) Jumpin' In
Dave Holland (1985) Seeds Of Time
Dave Holland (1988) Triplicate
Dave Holland (1990) Extensions
Dave Holland (1996) Dream Of The Elders
Dave Holland (1996) In The Moment John Abercrombie with Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette)
Dave Holland (1998) Point Of View
Dave Hollister (2003) Real Talk
Dave Navarro (2001) Trust No One
Dave Pearce (2001) Summer Anthems (Ministry Of Sound)
Dave Seaman (2001) GU 012 Buenos Aires CD1
Dave Seaman (2001) GU 012 Buenos Aires CD2
Dave Seaman (2001) GU 016 Dave Seaman CD1
Dave Seaman (2001) GU 016 Dave Seaman CD2
Dave Seaman (2001) Live At XIII Moscow
Dave Seaman (2001) Renaissance CD1
Dave Seaman (2001) Renaissance CD2
Dave Seaman (2002) GU 022 Melburn CD1
Dave Seaman (2002) GU 022 Melburn CD2
Dave Seaman (2005) Live at Plattenleger 19-09-2005
Dave Seaman (2005) This is Audio Therapy CD1
Dave Seaman (2005) This is Audio Therapy CD2
Dave Stewart (1989) Lily Was Here [soundtrack]
Dave Stewart (1990) Dave Stewart & The Spiritual Cowboys
Dave Stewart (1994) Greetings From The Gutter
Dave Stewart (1998) SlyFi
Dave Stewart (1999) Cookie's Fortune [soundtrack]
David & Steve Gordon (1994) Sacred Earth Drums
David (1968) David
David (1976) Another Day, Another Lifetime
David Arkenstone (1987) Valley In The Clouds
David Arkenstone (1989) Island (with Andrew White)
David Arkenstone (1990) Citizen Of Time
David Arkenstone (1991) In The Wake Of The Wind
David Arkenstone (1992) The Spirit Of Olympia (with Kostia & David Lanz)
David Arkenstone (1994) Another Star In The Sky
David Arkenstone (1995) Quest Of The Dream Warrior
David Arkenstone (1996) Convergence (with David Lanz)
David Arkenstone (1996) Return Of The Guardians
David Arkenstone (1997) Enchantment (A Magical Christmas)
David Arkenstone (1997) Spirit Wind
David Arkenstone (1998) Eternal Champion
David Arkenstone (1998) Himalayan Passage
David Arkenstone (1998) The Celtic Book Of Days
David Arkenstone (1999) Citizen Of The World
David Arkenstone (2000) Caravan Of Light
David Arkenstone (2000) Shaman
David Arkenstone (2002) Sketches From An American Journey
David Bowie & Trevor Jones (1986) Labyrinth [soundtrack]
David Bowie (1969) David Bowie
David Bowie (1969) Space Oddity
David Bowie (1970) The Man Who Sold The World
David Bowie (1971) Hunky Dory
David Bowie (1972) The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
David Bowie (1973) Aladdin Sane
David Bowie (1973) Pin Ups
David Bowie (1974) Diamond Dogs
David Bowie (1975) Young Americans
David Bowie (1976) Station To Station
David Bowie (1977) Heroes
David Bowie (1977) Low
David Bowie (1979) Lodger
David Bowie (1980) Scary Monsters
David Bowie (1983) Let's Dance
David Bowie (1984) Tonight
David Bowie (1987) Never Let Me Down
David Bowie (1989) The Tin Machine
David Bowie (1991) Tin Machine II
David Bowie (1993) Black Tie White Noise
David Bowie (1993) The Buddha Of Suburbia
David Bowie (1993) The Singles Collection CD1
David Bowie (1993) The Singles Collection CD2
David Bowie (1995) Outside
David Bowie (1997) Earthling
David Bowie (1999) Hours…
David Bowie (1999) Variuos Singles And Bonus Tracks
David Bowie (2000) Bowie At The Beeb - The Best Of The BBC Radio Sessions 68-72 CD1
David Bowie (2000) Bowie At The Beeb - The Best Of The BBC Radio Sessions 68-72 CD2
David Bowie (2001) All Saints
David Bowie (2002) Best Of Bowie CD1
David Bowie (2002) Best Of Bowie CD2
David Bowie (2002) Heathen
David Bowie (2003) Aladdin Sane (30th Anniversary Edition)
David Bowie (2003) Club Bowie
David Bowie (2003) Reality
David Bromberg Band (1975) Midnight On The Water
David Civera (2002) En Cuerpo Y Alma
David Coverdale & Whitesnake (1997) Restless Heart
David Coverdale (1977) David Coverdale's Whitesnake
David Coverdale (1978) Northwinds (Edition 2000)
David Coverdale (2000) Into The Light
David Darling (1981) Cycles
David Darling (1992) Cello
David Darling (2000) Epigraphs [David Darling & Ketil Bjornstad]
David Darling (2001) Cello Blue
David Duriez (2004) Club FG Le Dancefloor on Radio 27-11-2004 [dj set]
David Foster (1991) Rechordings
David Gahan (2003) Bottle Living [single]
David Gahan (2003) Dirty Sticky Floors [single]
David Gahan (2003) Dirty Sticky Zurich [live]
David Gahan (2003) I Need You [single]
David Gahan (2003) Live At Rock Am Ring [live]
David Gahan (2003) Paper Monsters
David Gahan (2003) Paper Monsters In The Mix [remixes]
David Gahan (2003) Ultra Strike 11 - Ixtended Paper Monsters [remixes]
David Gilmour (1978) David Gilmour
David Gilmour (1980) Palais De Congres
David Gilmour (1984) About Face
David Gilmour (1992) New Game [Bootleg] cd1
David Gilmour (1992) New Game [Bootleg] cd2
David Gilmour (2006) On An Island
David Grahame (2004) Eric
David Gray (1998) White Ladder
David Gray (2001) Lost Songs
David Gray (2002) A New Day At Midnight
David Gray (2005) Life In Slow Motion
David Guetta (2002) Just A Little More Love [album]
David Guetta (2004) Fuck Me I'M Famous Ibiza Mix
David Guetta (2004) Guetta Blaster
David Guetta (2004) Just A Little More Love [remixed album]
David Guetta (2005) Club Fg Live At Radio Fg (01.08.05)
David Guetta (2005) Dj Tools Kit 2005
David Guetta (2005) Fuck Me I'M Famous Ibiza Mix Vol. 2
David Guetta (2005) Live at Deluxe Terrassa-CDR-05-03
David Guetta (2005) Ministry Of Sound Session (11-11-2005)
David Guetta (2005) Singles & Remixes
David Guetta (2005) The World Is Mine [single]
David Guetta (2006) Live at Radio FG 16-03-2006
David Guetta feat JD Davis (2005) In Love With Myself [single]
David Hasselhoff (1989) The Night Rocker
David Hasselhoff (2004) The Night Before Christmas
David Jackson & Peter Hammill (1999) Fractal Bridge
David Knopfler (1993) The Giver
David Knopfler (1994) Small Mercies
David Knopfler (2004) Ship Of Dreams
David Lanz & David Arkenstone (1996) Convergence
David Lanz & Michael Jones (1985) Solstice
David Lanz & Paul Speer (1985) Natural State
David Lanz & Paul Speer (1986) Desert Vision
David Lanz & Paul Speer (1993) Brodge Of Dreams
David Lanz (1983) Heartsounds
David Lanz (1985) Nightfall
David Lanz (1988) Songs From An English Garden
David Lanz (1990) Skyline Firedance CD1 (Orchestral Works)
David Lanz (1990) Skyline Firedance CD2 (Solo Works)
David Lanz (1991) Return To The Heart
David Lanz (1994) Christmas EVE
David Lanz (1995) Beloved
David Lanz (1996) Sacred Road
David Lanz (1998) Christiphoris's Dream
David Lanz (1999) An Evening With David Lanz
David Lanz (1999) Sound Of Wings (previously unreleased on CD)
David Lanz (2000) East Of The Moon
David Lanz (2001) Finding Paradise
David Lanz (2001) Love Songs
David Lanz (2004) The Good Life
David Lanz, Eric Tingstad & Nency Rumbel (1987) Woodlands
David Lyme (1985) Let's Go To Canarias [single]
David Lyme (1989) The Best Of
David Morales (2004) 2 Worlds Collide
David Newman (2005) Serenity [soundtrack]
David Piccioni (2001) Miami CD1
David Piccioni (2001) Miami CD2
David Skott (2002) Deep In Thev Shadows Of Detroit
David Sylvian (2005) The Good Son Vs. The Only Daughter The Blemish Remixes
David Thrussell (2001) The Voices Of Reason
David Thrussell (2002) The Hard Word [soundtrack]
David Usher (2001) Morning Orbit
David Usher (2003) Hallucinations
David's House (2001) Disco Connection (mixed by Joey Negro)
Davy Jones (1965) David Jones
Davy Jones (1971) Davy Jones
Day Of Phoenix (1969) Widee Open N-Way
Daylight (1992) Man Machine
Daylight (1992) New Challenge
Daylight (1992) Revolution
Daylight (1997) Dance
Daylight (2000) Cosmos
Daylight (2003) Light Years Away
Daze (1998) Superheroes
Daze (2000) They Came To Rule
Daze (xxxx) 2nd Chance [single]
DD Sound (1977) Burning Love
DD Sound (1977) Disco Delivery
DD Sound (1979) Dance Superhits
DD24 (xxxx) [unknown album]
De La Soul (1989) 3 Feet High And Rising
De La Soul (2003) De La Soul Is Dead
De La Soul (2003) The Best Of
De La Soul (2004) De La Mix Tape - Remixes, Rarities & Classics
De La Soul (2004) Remixes, Rarities, & Classics
De La Soul (2004) The Grind Date
De Niro (2003) 12'' Mix Single Collection
De Shifer (2002) De Shifer
De/Vision (1989) Live At The Golden Krone [live]
De/Vision (1990) Your Hands On My Skin [single]
De/Vision (1991) Circulate CD1 [live]
De/Vision (1991) Circulate CD2 [live]
De/Vision (1992) Boy On The Street [single]
De/Vision (1993) Try To Forget [single]
De/Vision (1994) Dinner Without Grace [single]
De/Vision (1994) Love Me Again [single]
De/Vision (1994) World Without End
De/Vision (1995) Antiquity
De/Vision (1995) Blue Moon [single]
De/Vision (1995) Dress Me When I Bleed [single]
De/Vision (1995) Unversed In Love
De/Vision (1996) Fairyland
De/Vision (1996) I Regret [single]
De/Vision (1996) Live Moments We Shared [live]
De/Vision (1996) Sweet Life [single]
De/Vision (1997) Fairylive! [live]
De/Vision (1997) Fairylive! [special edition) bootleg] CD1 [live]
De/Vision (1997) Fairylive! [special edition) bootleg] CD2 [live]
De/Vision (1998) Hear Me Calling [single]
De/Vision (1998) Monosex
De/Vision (1998) Strange Affection [single]
De/Vision (1998) Strange Affection Remixes [remixes]
De/Vision (1998) We Fly Tonight [single]
De/Vision (1998) We Fly Tonight Remixes [remixes]
De/Vision (1998) Zehn
De/Vision (1999) Blue Moon '99
De/Vision (2000) Foreigner [single]
De/Vision (2000) Freedom [single]
De/Vision (2000) Shining (with Green Court) [single]
De/Vision (2000) Shining Remixes (with Green Court) [remixes]
De/Vision (2000) Void
De/Vision (2001) Heart-Shaped Tumor [single]
De/Vision (2001) Take (My Breath Away) (with Green Court) [single]
De/Vision (2001) Take (My Breath Away) Remixes (with Green Court) [remixes]
De/Vision (2001) Two
De/Vision (2002) Lonely Day [single]
De/Vision (2002) Remixed CD1 [remixes]
De/Vision (2002) Remixed CD2 [remixes]
De/Vision (2002) Unplugged
De/Vision (2003) Devolution
De/Vision (2003) Devolution Tour [live]
De/Vision (2003) Digital Dream [remixes]
De/Vision (2004) 6 Feet Underground
De/Vision (2004) Unputdownable [Promo Single]
Deacon Blue (1987) Raintown
Deacon Blue (1994) Our Town - The Greatest Hits
Dead Boys (1977) Young, Loud and Snotty
Dead Boys (1978) We have come for your children
Dead Can Dance (1984) Dead Can Dance
Dead Can Dance (1985) Spleen And Ideal
Dead Can Dance (1987) Within The Realm Of Dying Sun
Dead Can Dance (1988) The Serpent’s Egg
Dead Can Dance (1990) Aion
Dead Can Dance (1990) Gothic Spleens [bootleg]
Dead Can Dance (1991) A Passage In Time
Dead Can Dance (1993) Into The Labirinth
Dead Can Dance (1993) Meditabor [bootleg]
Dead Can Dance (1994) 1984-1994 Rare Traxx [bootleg]
Dead Can Dance (1994) The Hidden Treasures [bootleg]
Dead Can Dance (1994) Toward The Within
Dead Can Dance (1996) Spiritchaiser
Dead Can Dance (1998) Xenia) The Best Of Dead Can Dance
Dead Can Dance (1999) The Snake And The Moon
Dead Can Dance (2000) The Carnaval Within
Dead Can Dance (2000) Unreleased Tracks Volume 1 [bootleg]
Dead Can Dance (2000) Unreleased Tracks Volume 2 [bootleg]
Dead Can Dance (2001) Box Set CD1
Dead Can Dance (2001) Box Set CD2
Dead Can Dance (2001) Box Set CD3
Dead Kennedys (1980) Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
Dead Kennedys (1982) Plastic Surgery Disasters / 1985) In God We Trust Inc
Dead Kennedys (1984) Never been on MTV (Bootleg 1984)
Dead Kennedys (1985) Frankenchrist
Dead Kennedys (1986) Bedtime For Democracy
Dead Kennedys (1987) Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death
Dead Or Alive (1984) Sophisticated Boom Boom
Dead Or Alive (1985) Youthquake
Dead Or Alive (1987) Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Kno
Dead Or Alive (1987) Rip It Up!
Dead Or Alive (1988) Turn Around And Count 2 Ten CD
Dead Or Alive (1989) Nude
Dead Or Alive (1990) Fan The Flame (Part 1)
Dead Or Alive (1995) Nukleopatra
Dead Or Alive (2003) Evolution (The Hits)
Deadline (2005) Getting Serious
Dean Evenson (1989) Ocean Dreams
Dean Evenson (1997) Back To The Garden [Dean Evenson & Tom Barabas]
Dean Evenson (2001) Healing Dreams [Dean Evenson & Scott Huckabay]
Death (1984) Reign In Terror (Demo)
Death (1985) Back From The Dead (Demo)
Death (1987) Scream Bloody Gore
Death (1988) Leprosy
Death (1990) Spiritual Healing
Death (1991) Human
Death (1993) Individual Thought Patterns
Death (1995) Symbolic
Death (1998) The Sound Of Perseverance
Death Cab For Cutie (1999) Prove my Hypothesis 7
Death Cab For Cutie (1999) Something About Airplanes
Death Cab For Cutie (2000) Death Cab for Fiver Two Song 7 Inch
Death Cab For Cutie (2000) Forbidden Love EP
Death Cab For Cutie (2000) Sub Pop Singles Club 7 Inch
Death Cab For Cutie (2001) The Photo Album
Death Cab For Cutie (2002) Stability EP
Death Cab For Cutie (2002) We Laugh Indoors
Death Cab For Cutie (2002) You Can Play These Songs With Chords
Death Cab For Cutie (2003) Transatlanticism
Death Cab For Cutie (2005) Plans
Death Cab For Cutie (2005) The John Byrd EP
Death Cab For Cutie (2005) Title and Registration [single]
Death In June (1983) The Guilty Have No Past
Death In June (1984) Burial
Death In June (1985) NADA!
Death In June (1986) The World That Summer
Death In June (1987) Brown Book
Death In June (1987) Oh How We Laughed
Death In June (1989) 93 Dead Sunwheels
Death In June (1989) The Corn Years
Death In June (1990) The Wall Of Sacrifice
Death In June (1991) Night And Fog
Death In June (1991) The Cathedral Of Tears
Death In June (1992) But What Ends When The Symbols Shatter
Death In June (1992) Live In Germany
Death In June (1992) Live In London
Death In June (1992) Ostenbraun (with LJDLP)
Death In June (1992) Paradise Rising
Death In June (1993) Cathedral Of Tears EP
Death In June (1993) Something Is Coming CD1) Croatia Live!
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Death In June (1993) Something Is Coming CD2) Zagreb Studio
Death In June (1994) Sun Dogs
Death In June (1995) Black Whole Of Love
Death In June (1995) Death In June presents Occidental Martyr
Death In June (1995) Rose Clouds Of Holocaust
Death In June (1996) Death In June presents KAPO!
Death In June (1997) DISCriminate (1981-1997) CD1) Totenkopf
Death In June (1997) DISCriminate (1981-1997) CD2) Whip-Hand
Death In June (1998) Kameradschaft
Death In June (1998) Take Care And Control
Death In June (1999) Heilige!
Death In June (2000) Operation Hummingbird
Death In June (2000) We Said Destroy (with Fire+Ice)
Death In June (2001) All Pigs Must Die
Deborah Cox (2004) Ultimate
Deborah Harry (1989) Def, Dumb & Blonde
Deborah Sasson (1989) Deborah Sasson
Decadance (1994) Latin Lover [single]
Decadance (1995) Bailemos [single]
Decadance (2003) Dont Say Goodbye [Promo]
Decoded Feedback (1996) Overdosing
Decoded Feedback (1996) Overdosing
Decoded Feedback (1997) Technophoby
Decoded Feedback (1997) Technophoby
Decoded Feedback (1998) Bio-Vital
Decoded Feedback (1998) Bio-Vital
Decoded Feedback (1999) EVOLution
Decoded Feedback (1999) EVOlution
Decoded Feedback (2000) Mechanical Horizon
Decoded Feedback (2000) Mechanical Horizon
Decoded Feedback (2000) Reflect In Silence
Decoded Feedback (2000) Reflect In Silence [single]
Decoded Feedback (2002) Phoenix
Decoded Feedback (2003) Shockwave
Decoded Feedback (2003) Shockwave
Decoded Feedback (xxxx) Remixes
Dee D Jackson (1979) Cosmic Curves
Deedrah (2001) Reload (Hardshot Rec.)
Deee-Lite (1990) World Clique
Deee-Lite (1992) Infinity Within
Deee-Lite (1994) Dewdrops In The Garden
Deee-Lite (2001) The Very Best
Dee-Lay (xxxx) Your Love [single]
Deep Dish (1995) Chocolate City Love Songs [remixes]
Deep Dish (1995) Penetrate Deeper
Deep Dish (1998) Junk Science
Deep Dish (1999) Yoshiesque CD1
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Deep Dish (2000) Renaissance Ibiza CD1
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Deep Dish (2001) Essential Mix
Deep Dish (2001) GU021 Moscow CD1
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Deep Dish (2001) Yoshiesque Two CD1 (Westcoast)
Deep Dish (2001) Yoshiesque Two CD2 (Eastcoast)
Deep Dish (2002) Creta Greece (15-08-2002)
Deep Dish (2003) GU025 Toronto CD1
Deep Dish (2003) GU025 Toronto CD2
Deep Dish (2003) GU025 Toronto CD3 Afterclub Mix
Deep Dish (2003) GU025 Toronto CD4 Afterclub Mix
Deep Dish (2005) Live at Tribehouse Neuss (12-03-2005)
Deep Forest (1992) Deep Forest
Deep Forest (1992) Deep Forest [single]
Deep Forest (1992) Sweet Lullaby [single]
Deep Forest (1994) World Mix
Deep Forest (1995) Boheme
Deep Forest (1996) From "World Christmas" Compilation
Deep Forest (1997) Comparsa
Deep Forest (1998) Made In Japan
Deep Forest (2001) Hit Singles Collection
Deep Forest (2001) Pacifique
Deep Forest (2002) Endangered Species [single]
Deep Forest (2002) Music Detected
Deep Forest (2003) Secret Manuscript [remixes]
Deep Forest (2004) Essence Of Deep Forest
Deep Purple (1968) Shades Of Deep Purple
Deep Purple (1968) The Book Of Taliesyn
Deep Purple (1969) Deep Purple
Deep Purple (1969) Single Hits 4
Deep Purple (1970) Concerto For Group & Orchestra
Deep Purple (1970) Deep Purple In Rock
Deep Purple (1971) Fire Ball
Deep Purple (1971) Kings Of Speed [Live in Roma 25.5.71]
Deep Purple (1972) Machine Head
Deep Purple (1972) Made In Japan
Deep Purple (1973) Who Do You Think We Are
Deep Purple (1974) Burn
Deep Purple (1974) Stormbringer
Deep Purple (1975) Come Taste The Band
Deep Purple (1975) Days May Come And Days May Go
Deep Purple (1976) Made In Europe
Deep Purple (1984) Perfect Strangers
Deep Purple (1987) House Of Blue Light
Deep Purple (1988) Nobody's Perfect CD1
Deep Purple (1988) Nobody's Perfect CD2
Deep Purple (1990) Slaves And Maters
Deep Purple (1993) The Battle Rages On
Deep Purple (1994) Come Hell Or High Water
Deep Purple (1994) Smoke On The Water (A Tribute To Deep Purple)
Deep Purple (1996) Purpendicular
Deep Purple (1997) Live At Olympia CD1 [live]
Deep Purple (1997) Live At Olympia CD2 [live]
Deep Purple (1998) Abandon
Deep Purple (1998) Made In Japan (remastered)
Deep Purple (1999) In Profile
Deep Purple (1999) The Friends & Relatives Album CD1
Deep Purple (2000) With The London Symphony Orchestra CD1
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Deep Purple (2002) Live In Denmark '72 CD1
Deep Purple (2002) Live In Denmark '72 CD2
Deep Purple (2003) Bananas
Deep Purple (2004) The Early Years
Deep Purple (2005) Rapture of the Deep
Deep Purple (2006) Rapture Of The Deep (2CD Limited Tour Edition)
Deepest Blue (2004) Give It Away [single]
Deepest Blue (2004) Late September
Def Dames Dope (1993) It's A Girl
Def Dames Dope (1995) Wicked & Wild
Def Leppard (1980) On Through The Night
Def Leppard (1981) High'n'dry
Def Leppard (1983) Pyromania
Def Leppard (1987) Hysteria
Def Leppard (1992) Adrenalize
Def Leppard (1993) Retro Active
Def Leppard (1995) Vault (Limited Live CD)
Def Leppard (1996) Slang
Def Leppard (1996) Slang [single]
Def Leppard (1999) Euphoria
Def Leppard (2002) X
Def Leppard (2005) Best Ballads
Def Leppard (2005) Yeah!
Defecation (1989) Purity Dilution
Deform (2006) Мертвая Романтика
Deftones (1993) (Like) Linus
Deftones (1995) Adrenaline
Deftones (1997) Around The Fur
Deftones (1998) Live [live]
Deftones (2000) White Pony
Deftones (2001) Back To School [single]
Deftones (2003) Deftones
Deftones (2005) B-Sides & Rarities
Deine Lakaien (1993) Forest Enter Exit
Delbert McClinton (1992) Never Been Rocked Enough
Delbert McClinton (2005) Delbert and Glen
Delerium (1988) Morpheus
Delerium (1989) Faces, Forms And Illusions
Delerium (1990) Stone Tower
Delerium (1990) Syrophenikan
Delerium (1991) Euphoric
Delerium (1991) Spiritual Archives
Delerium (1994) Flowers Become Screens [single]
Delerium (1994) Semantic Spaces
Delerium (1994) Spheres
Delerium (1994) Spheres II
Delerium (1995) Reflections I [compilation]
Delerium (1995) Reflections II [compilation]
Delerium (1997) Duende [single]
Delerium (1997) Euphoria (Firefly) [single]
Delerium (1997) Karma [canadian bonus CD]
Delerium (1997) Karma [limited edition] CD1
Delerium (2000) Heaven's Earth [single]
Delerium (2000) Heaven's Earth II [single]
Delerium (2000) Karma [limited edition] CD2 [remixes]
Delerium (2000) Poem
Delerium (2000) Poem [bonus CD]
Delerium (2000) Silence [German] [remixes]
Delerium (2001) Archives 1 CD1 [compilation]
Delerium (2001) Archives 1 CD2 [compilation]
Delerium (2001) Archives 2 CD1 [compilation]
Delerium (2001) Archives 2 CD2 [compilation]
Delerium (2001) Bonus
Delerium (2001) Innocente [DJ promo] [remixes]
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Delerium (2001) Odyssey CD1 [remixes]
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Delerium (2001) Underwater) part 1 [single]
Delerium (2001) Underwater) part 2 [single]
Delerium (2003) After All [remixes]
Delerium (2003) Chimera [EU limited edition] CD2
Delerium (2003) Chimera [limited edition] CD1
Delerium (2003) Chimera [US limited edition] CD2
Delerium (2003) Unreleased Singles
Delerium (2004) The Best Of Delerium
Delerium (2004) Truly [single]
Delerium (2006) Nuages Du Monde
Delicatessen (1998) There's No Confusing Some People
Delirious (2003) World Service
Delirious (2005) The Mission Bell
Delta (2000) Schizoeffective
Delta Goodrem (2003) Innocent Eyes
Delta Goodrem (2004) Mistaken Identity
Dementia Simplex (1995) Prediction
Demis Roussos (1971) On The Greek Side Of My Mind
Demis Roussos (1972) 666
Demis Roussos (1973) Forever And Ever
Demis Roussos (1974) My Only Fascination
Demis Roussos (1975) Souvenirs
Demis Roussos (1976) Happy To Be
Demis Roussos (1977) Ainsi Soit-Il
Demis Roussos (1977) Magic
Demis Roussos (1978) Demis Roussos
Demis Roussos (1980) Man Of The World
Demis Roussos (1982) Attitudes
Demis Roussos (1982) Demis
Demis Roussos (1984) Reflection
Demis Roussos (1986) Die grosse Erfolge
Demis Roussos (1986) Greater Love
Demis Roussos (1989) Ballads
Demis Roussos (1989) The Greek
Demis Roussos (1990) Favourite Rarities
Demis Roussos (1990) Time
Demis Roussos (1994) Adagio
Demis Roussos (1994) Oro
Demis Roussos (1995) Christmas Album
Demis Roussos (1995) Complete Collection 1967) 1971
Demis Roussos (1996) In Holland
Demis Roussos (1996) Serenade
Demis Roussos (1997) Mon Ile
Demis Roussos (1999) Lo Mejor De CD1
Demis Roussos (1999) Lo Mejor De CD2
Demis Roussos (1999) The Best Of
Demis Roussos (1999) The Singles
Demis Roussos (xxxx) 20 Super Hits
Demon (1981) Night Of The Demon
Demon (1982) The Unexpected Guest
Demon (1983) The Plague
Demon (1984) British Standard Approved
Demon (1985) Heart Of Our Time
D-Emotion Project (1990) Hybrid
Den Harrow (1985) Overpower
Den Harrow (1986) Day By Day
Den Harrow (1988) Lies
Den Harrow (1989) The Best Of Den Harrow
Den Harrow (1999) Back From The Future
Den Harrow (2001) Real Big Love
Dennis Brown (1995) I Dont know
Dennis Wilson (1977) Pacific Ocean Blue
Dennis Wilson (1979) Bamboo (unreleased second album)
Deodato (2000) Instrumental Hits
Depeche Mode (1981) Dreaming Of Me [single]
Depeche Mode (1981) Just Can't Get Enough [single]
Depeche Mode (1981) New Life [single]
Depeche Mode (1981) Speak & Spell
Depeche Mode (1982) A Broken Flame
Depeche Mode (1982) Leave In Silence [single]
Depeche Mode (1982) See You [single]
Depeche Mode (1982) The Meaning Of Love [single]
Depeche Mode (1983) Construction Time Again
Depeche Mode (1983) Everything Counts [live]
Depeche Mode (1983) Everything Counts [single]
Depeche Mode (1983) Get The Balance Right [live]
Depeche Mode (1983) Get The Balance Right [single]
Depeche Mode (1983) Love, In Itself [live]
Depeche Mode (1983) Love, In Itself [single]
Depeche Mode (1984) Blasphemous Rumours [single]
Depeche Mode (1984) Master And Servant [single]
Depeche Mode (1984) People Are People [single]
Depeche Mode (1984) Some Great Reward
Depeche Mode (1985) It's Called A Heart [single]
Depeche Mode (1985) Shake The Desease [single]
Depeche Mode (1985) Singles 81-85
Depeche Mode (1986) A Question Of Lust [single]
Depeche Mode (1986) A Question Of Time [single]
Depeche Mode (1986) Black Celebration
Depeche Mode (1986) Stripped [single]
Depeche Mode (1987) Behind The Wheel [single]
Depeche Mode (1987) Music For Masses
Depeche Mode (1987) Never Let Me Down Again [single]
Depeche Mode (1987) Strangelove [single]
Depeche Mode (1988) Little 15 [single]
Depeche Mode (1989) 101 (Live 2CD) [live]
Depeche Mode (1989) Everything Counts [single]
Depeche Mode (1989) Personal Jesus [CD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1989) Personal Jesus [LCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1990) Enjoy The Silence [CD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1990) Enjoy The Silence [LCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1990) Enjoy The Silence [XLCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1990) Policy Of Truth [CD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1990) Policy Of Truth [LCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1990) Promotional & Rarities Vol 1
Depeche Mode (1990) Violator
Depeche Mode (1990) World In My Eyes [single]
Depeche Mode (1993) Condemnation [CD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1993) Condemnation [LCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1993) I Feel You [CD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1993) I Feel You [LCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1993) Songs Of Faith And Devotion
Depeche Mode (1993) Songs Of Faith And Devotion) Live [live]
Depeche Mode (1993) Walking In My Shoes [CD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1993) Walking In My Shoes [LCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1994) In Your Room [CD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1994) In Your Room [LCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1994) In Your Room [XLCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1996) Trancemode Express 1.01
Depeche Mode (1997) Barrel Of A Gun [CD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1997) Barrel Of A Gun [LCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1997) Home [CD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1997) Home [LCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1997) It's No Good [CD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1997) It's No Good [LCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1997) Trancemode Express 2.01 CD1
Depeche Mode (1997) Trancemode Express 2.01 CD2
Depeche Mode (1997) Ultra
Depeche Mode (1997) Useless [CD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1997) Useless [LCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1998) A Russian Tribute To Depeche Mode - Depesha (Депеша для Депеша)
Depeche Mode (1998) Acoustic Versions
Depeche Mode (1998) B-Sides
Depeche Mode (1998) Instrumentals
Depeche Mode (1998) Know How CD1
Depeche Mode (1998) Know How CD2
Depeche Mode (1998) Only When I Lose Myself [CD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1998) Only When I Lose Myself [LCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1998) Only When I Lose Myself [XLCD single] [single]
Depeche Mode (1998) Remixes
Depeche Mode (1998) The Singles 86-98) 2CD
Depeche Mode (1998) VA For The Masses [A Tribute To Depeche Mode]
Depeche Mode (2000) Cosmic Blues [remixes]
Depeche Mode (2000) Mode In Poland CD1 (A Tribute To Depeche Mode)
Depeche Mode (2000) Mode In Poland CD2 (A Tribute To Depeche Mode)
Depeche Mode (2000) Violator 2000 [remixed]
Depeche Mode (2001) Dream On (promo single)
Depeche Mode (2001) Exciter
Depeche Mode (2001) Exciter Remix
Depeche Mode (2001) Exciter Remixes
Depeche Mode (2001) Exciter Remixes (version 2.0)
Depeche Mode (2001) Free Love [single]
Depeche Mode (2001) Freelove Remix
Depeche Mode (2001) Freelove Remix (version 2)
Depeche Mode (2001) Gigamix
Depeche Mode (2001) I Feel Loved (promo single)
Depeche Mode (2001) Radio Interviews
Depeche Mode (2001) Sweetest Temptatiom [A Tribute To Depeche Mode]
Depeche Mode (2001) Symphonic [remixes]
Depeche Mode (2002) Goodnight Lovers [single]
Depeche Mode (2003) Negative Images II Bootleg
Depeche Mode (2004) Belarusian DEPECHE MODE Tribute - Personal DEPECHE (Second Edition)
Depeche Mode (2004) Depeche Mode Remixes 81-04 CD1
Depeche Mode (2004) Depeche Mode Remixes 81-04 CD2
Depeche Mode (2004) Depeche Mode Remixes 81-04 CD3
Depeche Mode (2004) Enjoy The Silence '04 (UK Promo Double 12'' Single)
Depeche Mode (2004) Enjoy The Silence '04 (UK Promo Radio Single)
Depeche Mode (2004) Enjoy The Silence '04 (UK Single #1 CD Bong 34)
Depeche Mode (2004) Enjoy The Silence '04 (UK Single #2) LCD Bong 34)
Depeche Mode (2004) Enjoy The Silence '04 (XLCD Bong 34)
Depeche Mode (2004) Oblivion [single]
Depeche Mode (2004) Personal Jesus 2004 [single]
Depeche Mode (2004) Remixes 1981-2004
Depeche Mode (2005) Classic Beats Vol 2
Depeche Mode (2005) One Night In Paris CD1
Depeche Mode (2005) One Night In Paris CD2
Depeche Mode (2005) Playing The Angel
Depeche Mode (2005) Playing The Angel (Instrumental)
Depeche Mode (2005) Precious [single]
Depeche Mode (2005) The Art Of Chill Mode
Depeche Mode (2006) Excited Mixes Volume 6 (Bootleg)
Depeche Mode (2006) John The Revelator Lilian CDM
Depeche Mode (2006) Speak And Spell (Remastered)
Depeche Mode (2006) Suffer Well [single]
Depeche Mode (2006) The Darkest Star (Vinyl)
De-Phazz (1999) Godsdog
De-Phazz (2000) The Best Of
De-Phazz (2001) Death By Chocolate
De-Phazz (2001) Detunized Gravity
De-Phazz (2002) Daily Lama
De-Phazz (2005) Backstage - A Retrospective
De-Phazz (2005) Natural Fake
Der Dritte Raum (1995) Mental Modulator
Der Dritte Raum (1998) Raumgleiter
Der Dritte Raum (2000) Distanz
Derek Sherinian (1999) Planet X
Derek Sherinian (2001) Inertia
Derek Sherinian (2003) Black Utopia
Desireless (1989) Francois
Desireless (1994) I Love You
Desireless (2003) Ses Plus Grands Succes
Despina Vandi (2001) Geia
Despina Vandi (2001) The Best CD1
Despina Vandi (2001) The Best CD2
Despina Vandi (2003) Gia [single]
Despina Vandi (2004) Ballads
Despina Vandi (2004) Dance
Despina Vandi (2004) Despina Vandi
Despina Vandi (2004) Opa Opa [single]
Despina Vandi (2004) Stin Avli Tou Paradisou
Despina Vandi (2005) Come Along Now
Des'ree (1994) I Ain't Moving'
Des'ree (1999) Supernatural
Des'Ree (2003) Dream Soldier
Destiny's Child (2001) 8 Days Of Christmas
Destiny's Child (2003) Best
Destiny's Child (2004) Destiny Fulfilled
Destiny's Child (2005) #1's
Destiny's Child (2005) Cater 2 U [single]
Destiny's Child (2005) Girl [single]
Deuter Kamal Anugama (2002) Reiki Wellness
Deuter (1975) Kundalini
Deuter (1981) Silence is the Answer CD1
Deuter (1981) Silence is the Answer CD2
Deuter (1985) Sun
Deuter (1989) Celebration
Deuter (1991) Ten Thousand Buddhas
Deuter (1992) Henon
Deuter (1995) Terra Magica - Planet of Light
Deuter (1995) Wind & Mountain
Deuter (1998) Reiki Hands Of Light
Deuter (2000) Dynamic Meditation
Deuter (2000) Garden of the Gods (feat Annete Cantor)
Deuter (2000) Nataraj Meditation (Osho)
Deuter (2000) Sun Spirit
Deuter (2001) Buddha Nature
Deuter (2002) Like The Wind In The Trees
Deuter (2003) Mandala
Deuter (2005) Tibet Nada Himalaya, Vol 2
Deuter (Nadabrahma) Meditations of Osho
Deuter (xxxx) Land of Enchantment
Deuter (xxxx) Nada Himalaya
Deuter (xxxx) Osho Whirling Meditation
Deutsch Nepal (1992) Deflagration Of Hell
Deutsch Nepal (1999) Erosion
Deva Premal (1998) The Essence
Deva Premal (xxxx) Love Is Space
Devendra Banhart (2005) Cripple Crow
Devin Townsend (2006) Synchestra
DeVision (2006) Subkutan
Devo (1978) Are We Not Men - A We Are Devo
Devo (1979) Duty Now For The Future
Devo (1979) Duty Now For The Future
Devo (1980) Freedom Of Choice
Devo (1981) New Traditionalists
Devo (1981) New Traditionalists
Devo (1982) Oh, No! It's Devo
Devo (1984) Shout
Devo (1984) Shout
Devo (1984) Shout (Extras)
Devo (1987) E - Z Listening Disc
Devo (1988) Total Devo
Devo (1989) Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12-09-1988)
Devo (1990) Greatest Hits
Devo (1990) Smooth Noodle Maps
Devo (1991) Hardcore Volume 1
Devo (1991) Hardcore Volume 2
Devo (1996) Adventures of the Smart Patrol
Devo (2000) Pioneers Who Got Scalped - The Anthology CD1
Devo (2000) Pioneers Who Got Scalped - The Anthology CD2
Dewa Che (xxxx) Universal Healing Power Of Tibetan Mantras
Diabolical Masquerade (1995) Ravendusk In My Heart
Diabolical Masquerade (1997) The Phantom Lodge
Diabolical Masquerade (1998) Nightwork
Diana Krall (1994) Only Trust Your Heart
Diana Krall (1995) All for You
Diana Krall (1997) Love Scenes
Diana Krall (1998) When I Look In Your Eyes
Diana Krall (2001) The Look of Love
Diana Krall (2005) Christmas Songs
Diana Ross (1983) The Very Best Of
Diana Ross (1993) One Woman - The Ultimate Collection
Diana Ross (2000) Millenium Collection (Best Of)
Diane Arkenstone (2002) Jewel In The Sun
Diane Schuur & Maynard Ferguson (2001) Swingin' For Schuur
Diary Of Dreams (1994) Cholymelan
Diary Of Dreams (1995) End Of Flowers
Diary Of Dreams (1997) Bird Without Wings
Diary Of Dreams (1998) Psychoma
Diary Of Dreams (1999) Moments Of Bloom
Diary Of Dreams (2000) One Of 18 Angels
Diary Of Dreams (2002) Freak Perfume
Diary Of Dreams (2002) Panik Manifesto
Diary Of Dreams (2003) Dream Collector
Dictators (1975) Go girl crazy
Dictators (1976) Demos And Rare Tracks
Dictators (1977) Manifest destiny
Dictators (1978) Bloodbrothers
Dictators (1981) Live new york new york
Dictators (2001) D.f.f.d.
Dictators (2005) Viva Dictators
Dido (1999) Odds & Ends
Dido (2001) Duets And Airplays
Dido (2001) No Angel
Dido (2002) One Step Too Far [compilation]
Dido (2002) Take My Hand [remixes]
Dido (2002) Worthless
Dido (2003) Life For Rent
Dido (2004) Life For Rent [the complete version]
Dido (2004) Yes roots [limited edition]
Dido (2005) Live At Brixton Academy
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (1997) Soft And Stronger
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (1999) Allegro Barbaro
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (2000) All you need is love
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (2003) Have A Nice Trip
Die Arzte (1984) Debil
Die Arzte (1985) Im Schatten Der Arzte
Die Arzte (1986) Die Arzte
Die Arzte (1987) Ab 18
Die Arzte (1987) Ist Das Alles
Die Arzte (1988) Das Ist Nicht Die Ganze Wahrheit
Die Arzte (1989) Der Ausverkauf Geht Weiter
Die Arzte (1989) Die Arzte Live Nach Uns Die Sinflut CD1 [live]
Die Arzte (1989) Die Arzte Live Nach Uns Die Sinflut CD2 [live]
Die Arzte (1993) Die Bestie in Menschengestalt
Die Arzte (1996) Le Frisur
Die Form (1982) Die Puppe
Die Form (1984) Some Experience With Shock
Die Form (1989) Photogrammes
Die Form (1990) Corpus Delicti
Die Form (1990) Poupee Mecanique
Die Form (1990) Savage Logic [single]
Die Form (1991) Archives & Documents II Lesson 1 - Fetish
Die Form (1991) Archives & Documents II Lesson 2 - Es Lebe Der Tod
Die Form (1991) Archives & Documents II Lesson 3 - Lustful Coll 2
Die Form (1991) Confessions
Die Form (1992) Tears Of Eros
Die Form (1993) Ad Infinitum
Die Form (1994) Remixes From Compilaions
Die Happy (2001) Supersonic Speed
Die Happy (2002) Beautiful Morning
Die Happy (2003) The Weight of the Circumstances
Die Happy (2005) Bitter to Better
Die Happy (2005) Bitter to Better - Live Unplugged (Bonus DVD)
Die Happy (2005) Four And More
Die Krupps (1981) Stahlwerkssinfonie & Wahre Arbeit - Wahrer Lohn
Die Krupps (1982) Volle Kraft Voraus!
Die Krupps (1985) Entering The Arena
Die Krupps (1991) Metall Maschinen Musik
Die Krupps (1992) I
Die Krupps (1993) A Tribute To Metallica
Die Krupps (1993) II - The Final Option
Die Krupps (1994) The Final Remixes
Die Krupps (1995) Die Zeit [single]
Die Krupps (1995) Rings of Steel
Die Krupps (1996) III - Odyssey Of The Mind
Die Krupps (1996) The Remix Wars- Strike 2 CDEP
Die Krupps (1997) Metalmorphosis Of Die Krupps '81-'92
Die Krupps (1997) Paradise Now
Die Krupps (2000) Bonus
Die Toten Hosen (1982) Reisefieber [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1982) Wir Sind Bereit [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1983) Bommerlunder-Opel Gang [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1983) Hip Hop Bommi Bop [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1983) Opel-Gang
Die Toten Hosen (1983) Schone Bescherung [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1984) Kriminaltango [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1984) Liebesspieler-John Peel Session [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1984) Unter Falscher Flagge
Die Toten Hosen (1985) Faust In Der Tasche [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1985) The Battle Of The Bands
Die Toten Hosen (1986) Damenwahl
Die Toten Hosen (1986) Das Altbierlied [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1987) Alle Madchen Wollen Kussen [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1987) Bis Zum Bitteren Ende [live]
Die Toten Hosen (1987) Im Wagen Vor Mir [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1987) Never Mind The Hosen Here's Die Roten Rosen
Die Toten Hosen (1988) Ein Kleines Bisschen Horrorschau
Die Toten Hosen (1988) Hier Kommt Alex [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1989) 1000 Gute Grunde [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1990) All Die Ganzen Jahre [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1990) Alles Wird Gut [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1990) Auf Dem Kreuzzug Ins Gluck CD1
Die Toten Hosen (1990) Auf Dem Kreuzzug Ins Gluck CD2
Die Toten Hosen (1990) Azzuro [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1991) Baby Baby [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1991) Carnival In Rio [Punk Was] [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1991) Learning English, Lesson 1
Die Toten Hosen (1992) Mehr Davon [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1992) Sascha… [Ein Aufrechter Deutscher] [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1992) Whole Wild World [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1993) Alles Aus Liebe [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1993) Kauf MICH!
Die Toten Hosen (1993) Reich & Sexy
Die Toten Hosen (1993) Wunsch Dir Was [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1994) Kauf MICH! [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1994) Love, Peace & Money [Japan]
Die Toten Hosen (1994) Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1994) Sexual [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1995) Nichts Bleibt Fur Die Ewigkeit [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1995) Tout Pour Sauver L'Amour [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1996) Bonnie & Clyde [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1996) Im Auftrag Des Herrn [live]
Die Toten Hosen (1996) Opium Furs Volk
Die Toten Hosen (1996) Paradies [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1996) Zehn Kleine Jagermeister [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1997) Alles Aus Liebe (live) [live]
Die Toten Hosen (1998) Pushed Again [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1998) Soul Therapy [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1998) Weihnachtsmann Vom Dach [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1998) Wir Warten Auf's Christkind
Die Toten Hosen (1999) Auld Lang Syne [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1999) Crash-Landing
Die Toten Hosen (1999) Pop 2000) Das Gibts Nur Einmal [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1999) Schon Sein [single]
Die Toten Hosen (1999) Unsterblich
Die Toten Hosen (1999) You're Dead [soundtrack]
Die Toten Hosen (2000) Bayern [single]
Die Toten Hosen (2000) Unsterblich [single]
Die Toten Hosen (2000) Warum Werde Ich Nicht Satt [single]
Die Toten Hosen (2001) En Mision Del Senor) Live In Buenos Aires [live]
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